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    Except their school colors are crimson and gray, not crimson and white. And they should always feature both of their colors prominently when playing their biggest rival.
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    Kings just posted this on their online store calling it the "Hyperlocal" basketball. I'm betting they will use this logo on the community uniform.
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    Obviously, as a uniform nut and complete Viking homer, this article is fascinating to me, but I thought it would also be interesting to the community at large; http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21409647/the-full-story-how-viking-uniforms-came-minnesota Check out this original sketch from 1961; " Hubenthal's original design concept called for diagonally crossed stripes on the socks, evoking the leather straps or leggings worn by real Vikings. That seems like something Nike or Under Armour might come up with nowadays, but it was unheard of back in 1961. In addition, Hubenthal's original jersey design featured gold sleeve striping with a V-shaped pattern. That design element, along with the sock concept, didn't make it to the final on-field product." What interesting to me is that road uniform design, with the UCLA stripes. The Vikings didn't start wearing that until 68. Apparently, someone kept that in the back of their head for 7 years, before giving it a go.
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    The tweaks to the buffalo and sabers are really well done. It’s such a huge improvement over the current logo. I really hope they make this the primary next year.
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    Did you just completely ignore the “with their current sets” part of my comment?
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    Since they're smartypants college boys, maybe they could be the Hannibal Lectors.
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    Chicago just got an old-school hip-hop station. They play "Lose Yourself" and "Yeah." I wanted to die.
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    There. Is. Still. No. Jaguars. News. It’s fine if we talk about other things if that’s where the conversation goes.
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    Fascinating story. As another Viking fan, I'm not sure how interested the rest of us will be, but I thought this was really interesting and I knew none of it. It's really amazing that this one link to this history hung on the designer's wall for decades while the rest of the world had no idea. I'm glad the daughter ended up sharing it with the Vikings. Almost nobody had any idea that the University of Washington inspired the colors. And that the horns may (there seems to be no confirmation either way) have been inspired by a Rams fan.
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    Full uniform. I can't believe how good these look. This needs to be their new full time set.
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    My Lord, how are we still talking about this? You do realize that professional players get to choose the model of helmet they want to wear, right? In college, the a-holes running the show can just throw boxes of helmets at the players and tell them to shut up and put it on. But in the NFL, Tom Brady can (and does) get to wear a discontinued model, and the people in charge of the NFL (smartly) don't want to open up the legal can of worms involved in telling their million dollar cash cows how to best protect their brains, especially since they've spent decades lying to them about the dangers. I love the one helmet rule. It's the first line of defense against the NFL looking like the aesthetic dumpster fire we have going in college football.
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    The new circular ends of the sword handles look splendid, the slashes are now of correct proportion, the details of the revised buffalo silhouette have been fixed. A+ job tweeking up a classic logo into the current era. So much better than this...
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    Oh my bad sorry if that violates terms or something, just edited it.
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    I also entered Event 3, the goal of which was to create an alternate uniform for the Pacific Coast League. This was my first foray into baseball uniform design, and I was ultimately satisfied with the result. I earned two gold, two silver, and one bronze vote. I chose the recently rebranded Nashville Sounds. I started with a red jersey, and replaced all the logos' red with white. I put their "Music City" logo in front, and based the striping on the type. On the shoulders, I sublimated six guitar strings, although that may have failed to come across with the 2D template. C&C appreciated for both entries!
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    I just want brown leather gear for the Rangers
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    I disagree. It IS a good matchup. Different strokes for different folks.
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    The Chargers kinda look like the Cowboys if you left them out in the sun too long. Navy vs powder is NOT a good matchup.
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    I accidentally played a game of Madden where I went brown vs. aqua, which suddenly doesn't seem so stupid.
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    What if the Jaguars never change their uniforms and have half black half gold helmets in 2027
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    When they announced last year's game in Pitt, they said the plan was always to have Philly host the matchup the following year outside (in honour of both teams' 50th anniversaries). Not sure why they didn't do it this season though. I'm still surprised the NHL hasn't tried to capitalize on last year's playoffs by having the Preds play outside at Nissan Stadium, especially when the Blackhawks would be the most logical opponent.
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    Lakers are in white on the road against Sacramento, who is in purple. It's the exact opposite of what it should be.
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    They did it not once but twice. 2002 and 2010. Note the blue facemask. That day also brought us this incredible matchup.
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    I hope we bring back the UCLA stripes on the road uniform. And drop the damn purple pants on the road while we are at it.
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    I don't know if you guys remember this but awhile back the Lions and Patriots had a color vs color game on Thanksgiving
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    In fact, it's been 20 years since Sixers drop that uniforms so ouch...... I propose to called it a Mid-school, it sounds younger.
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    That away..... Its almost like he knew it was coming!!
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    I wouldn't mind a crimson decal with white facemask(or vice versa). But the white decals with the white facemasks leave a lot to be desired.
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    I saw this this morning on uni-watch. I couldn't believe the prototype was something that was designed in the 60's. Way ahead of its time. The V sleeve stripes and "strap" socks do seem like something right out of Nike's playbook. I really like the mockup though. The final product was much more traditional, obviously. I wonder who nixed the v stripes? I think those could have been something special.
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    To kids who were less than 5 years old during that era, yes it is. (I work with college students and anything that happened prior to 2010 is decidedly old school/throwback in their eyes).
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    Very, very interesting. It would’ve been fascinating to see how the V-stripes would turn out on the real thing. Thanks for sharing!
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    Full release and they're gorgeous.
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    The Titans logo is terrific. What if you somehow turned the flames into the female titan's hair?
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    If you have to ask, it's probably fake.
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    Thank you for saying this because I think it every time someone says 'Dolphins' and 'teal' in the same breath. As a uni fan, I hate nearly everything about what the Jaguars have chosen to be aesthetically and want to forget that these uniforms ever existed. However, as a Jags fan, if someone told me that the Jags could only be allowed to win the Super Bowl if the team showed up in full color rush, then they could catch me in February in Minnesota with my brand new mustard #5 jersey on.
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    They should name the next Pacific Northwest NHL franchise the Portland Buckaroos.
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    This photo is everything What a fantastic career and an even better man. Only fitting he has a Budweiser in his hand. Cheers.
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    Thanks for the comments guys. On to the next team ATLANTA HAWKS DESIGN: -Triangle pattern all around. But toned down to just in the stripes -Stripes match the short stripes -White jersey numbers now match the font color HELMET: -Red satin helmet -Big hawk logo that connects in the back (I know the last 2 helmets have had big logos but I promise they won't all have that) -Stripe ends where the hawk is JERSEYS: -Stripes outline the sleeve caps -Triangle pattern in the sleeve caps PANTS: -Red, white, and black pants -Stripes with the triangle pattern on each THROWBACK I know this is not the throwback they unveiled for this season, but this is my favorite Hawks throwback. I tried to recreate the unique stripe on the jersey and this is the best I could come up with. It still looks old but with a twist, just like the real jerseys. Thanks for looking guys and C&C is appreciated like always!
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it!! Los Angeles Chargers:
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    So a longggg time ago (2010) I ran across a couple threads to try to figure out what team names I should use in the EA NCAA Team Builder. This is their NCAA audio list of names with a couple of my revisions. Maybe they could help in ideas. This is an extremely long list and I tried to shrink it as much as possible. Since this is a thread for ideas, I hope these team names will help in gathering ideas. (Sorry for they Typos also). I did read the spread sheet in the OP and saw a couple of names in my list. I do apologize for that, but I do hope this helps anyways. A: Admirals, Aggies, All-Americans, Alligators, All Stars, Alouettes, Ambassadors, Anchor Men, Angels, Anteaters, Antelopes, Argonauts, Armadillos, Avengers, Aztecs, Aardvarks, Aces, Acolytes, Acorns, Aliens, Alligators, Amazons, Ambush, American eagles, Americans, Amigos, Anacondas, Andies, Angoras, Annihilators, Antlers, Appleknockers, Applemen, Archers, Arcs, Agents, Argyles, Arrows, Arsenal, Artesians, Astros, Athenas, Athenians, Atlas, Athletics, Atoms, Adams, Auctioneers, Auggies, Avalanche, Avalanches, Aviators, Attack, B: Badgers, Bald Eagles, Bandits, Bearcats, Bears, Beavers, Bees, Bengals, Big Green, Big Red, Bills, Bison, Black Bears, Black Bolts, Black Knights, Blackbirds, Blazers, Blitz, Blueberries, Blue Bombers, Blue Devils, Bluedevils, Blue Raiders, Bluejays, Bobcats, Boilermakers, Bolts, Bombers, Braves, Breakers, Brewers, Broncos, Busters, Broncs, Bruins, Buccaneers, Buckeyes, Buffaloes, Bulldogs, Bullets, Bulls, Butch, Badboys, Badnews, Bambies, Bananas, Bantams, Barbs, Barnstormers, Barrons, Baracudas, Barristers, Bats, Battlers, Battlin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Bishops, Beacons, Bells, Berries, Beware, Big (INSERT TEAM NAME), Billie goats, Biscuits, Bisons, Black (INSERT TEAM NAME), Blackwidows, Blackout, Blades, Blasts, Blasters, Blaze, Blink, Blitzkrieg, Blizzards, Blood hounds, Blue (INSERT TEAM NAME), Boa constrictors, Bombsquad, Bonackers, Bonnies, Boomerangs, Boomers, Bowmen, Boxers, Brahmas, Brickies, Bridgemen, Bridgers, Brigade, Britains, Browns, Bruisers, Bumblebees, Bubblers, Buckaroos, Buckin elks, Bucks, Bulldozers, Bunnies, Burgers, Burgundy (INSERT TEAM NAME), Burn, Butterflies C: Cadets, Camels, Captains, Cardinals, Cavaliers, Chargers, Cherokee, Chiefs, Chippewas, Claymores, Clippers, Clowns, Cobras, Colonels, Colts, Comets, Commandoes, Commodores, Conquerors, Cornhuskers, Cougars, Cowboys, Coyotes, Crimson (INSERT TEAM NAME), Crocodiles, Crusaders, Cubs, Cyclones, Canalmen, Canaries, Canners, Cannonballs, Canoneers, Capitals, Capitols, Caravan, Castleguards, Caterpillars, Cavalry, Cavemen, Cedars, Ceebees, Celtics, Celts, Centaurs, Chaos, Chameleons, Chaparrals, Charmanders, Cheesemakers, Cheetahs, Chemists,, Cherrybombs, Chilipeppers, Chipmunks, Choctaws, Clash, Clerks, Cliffhangers, Clockers, Clovers, Coalers, Cobbers, Cobblers, Cogs, Commandos, Condors, Conquistadors, Continentals, Copper kings, Copperheads, Cornjerkers, Corporels, Corsairs, Cosmos, Crabbers, Cranes, Crescents, Crazy (INSERT TEAM NAME), Crickets, Criminals, Crossfire, Cruisers, Crush, Crushers, Cutters, Cyclones, Chicks, Corps, Cows, D: Delta Devils, Demons, Deacons, Desperados, Destroyers, Devils, Dogs, Dolphins, Dragons, Ducks, Dutchess, Dukes, Daggers, Daisies, Dalmations, Daredevils, Dark (INSERT TEAM NAME), Darkhorses, Darts, Deacons, Defenders, Deltaforce, Democrats, Desert, Desert shield, Desert storm, Devastators, Devildogs, Devilrays, Devilpups, Diamondbacks, Diamonds, Diggers, Dinos, Dinosaurs, Diplomats, Dirt devils, Dirtbags, Disaster, Discoverers, Divers, Dobermen, Dodgers, Dogies, Dominators, Dons, Doughboys, Dragonslayers, Dragonflies, Dreadnaughts, Drifters, Drillers, Drive, Drovers, Dusters, Dutchmen, Dynamite, Dynamos, Dazzle, Ducks, E: Eagles, Eels, Enforcers, Eskimos, Explorers, Express, Extreme, Earthquakes, Eclipse, Electric Eels, Electrics, Electrons, Eliminators, Elite, Elks, Emeralds, Engineers, Evangels, Evergreen, Executives, Explosion, Exporters, Exterminators, Extreme (INSERT TEAM NAME), Elves, F: Falcons, Federals, Fighters, Fighting (INSERT TEAM NAME), Fire, Firebirds, Flames, Flyers, Freedom, Frogs, Fury, Flys, Fire Flies, Flashes, Fusion, Forts, Farmers, Fear, Feet, Fireants, Fireballs, Firebolts, Firestorms, Fishermen, Flame thrower, Flamin or Flaming (INSERT TEAM NAME), Floridians, Flyin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Fleet, Foothillers, Force, Forest rangers, Foresters, Friars, Fugitives, Furys, Fusion G: Galaxy, Gamblers, Gamecocks, Gators, Generals, Giants, Gladiators, Gold, Golden (INSERT TEAM NAME), Gophers, Gorillas, Green Wave, Green (INSERT TEAM NAME), Greyhounds, Grey (INSERT TEAM NAME), Grizzlies, Gunslingers, Golden (INSERT TEAM NAME), Geese, Galaxies, Galloping (INSERT TEAM NAME), Gangsters, Geckos, Gentlemen, Ghostriders, Glaciers, G-men, Goats, Gobblers, Godzillas, Goblins, Gorlocks, Gothic Knights, Governors, Granite diggers, Grass rats, Grasshoppers, Grave diggers, Gray (INSERT TEAM NAME), Great Danes, Great whites, Greenies, Gremlins, Grenadiers, Grinches, Gryphons, Griffins, Gulls, Gunners H: Hatchets, Hawkeyes, Hawks, Highlanders, Hilltoppers, Hitmen, Hogs, Hokies, Hoosiers, Horned Frogs, Hornets, Hurricanes, Huskies, Hens, Hoppers, Hammerheads, Harbormen, Hardrockers, Harpooners, Harriers, Harvesters, Hatters, Haybalers, Haymakers, Heartbreakers, Heat, Heatwave, Herders, Hermits, Heroes, Herons, Herrons, Highclimbers, High voltage, Highwaymen, Hi-liners, Hillbillies, Hillcats, Hillclimbers, Hillers, Hippos, Hoboes, Honeybears, Honeybees, Honkers, Hooters, Horned toads, Horsemen, Hotshots, Howlers, Hoyas, Huffin' puffins, Humpback Whales, Huntsmen, Hurricane, Hustlers, Hustling or Hustlin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Hyperactive, Hyper (INSERT TEAM NAME) I: Indians, Invaders, Ice (INSERT TEAM NAME) Ice breakers, Icestorms, Icemen, Iguanas, Illusion, Impact, Impalas, Imperials, Infection, Inferno, Inflictios, Ingots, Ink spot, Insanity, Inventors, Ironheads, Iron (INSERT TEAM NAME), Irrigators, Islanders J: Jackets, Jaguars, Jayhawks, Jets, Jesters, Jokers, Juggernaughts, Jack Hammers, Jack rabbits, Jade tigers, Jaguar, Jaspers, Javelinas, Jazz, Jeeps, Judges, Jumbos, Junior, Justice, Junglemen, Jungle Cats, K: Kangaroos, Kings, Knights, Kickin mules, Kiwis, Killer bees, Killer whales, King cobras, Kingsmen, Knicks, Knightriders, Koalas, Komodo dragons, Kryptonite L: Lakers, Lancers, Leopards, Liberty, Lions, Lobos, Longhorns, Lumberjacks, Lynx, Leathernecks, Lasers, Larvre, Labradors, Lady (INSERT TEAM NAME), Ladybugs, Lava (INSERT TEAM NAME), Lawmen, Lawyers, Lawless, Leaping (INSERT TEAM NAME), Legends, Lemmings, Lemondrops, Leopard tigers, Leopard Cats, Leprechauns, Lethal, Lizards, Lobsters, Locomotives, Loggers, Lords, Lucky, Luckycharms, Labrador Retrievers, M: Magic, Magicians, Mammoths, Masked Men, Maniacs, Marauders, Mariners, Marines, Marksmen, Marshals, Moon Men, Maulers, Mavericks, Midshipmen, Miners, Minutemen, Moccasins, Mohawks, Monarchs, Monsters, Mountain Lions, Mountaineers, Mummies, Musketeers, Muskets, Muskies, Mustangs, Mystic, Machs, Maples, Mapleleaves, Mean Green, Machine, Musty (INSERT TEAM NAME), Mighty (INSERT TEAM NAME), Maccabees, Maddogs, Mad hatters, Mages, Magics, Maidens, Majors, Manatees, Manta rays, Mantis, Maple Leaves, Marauding or Maraudin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Marcos, Marlins, Maroon (INSERT TEAM NAME), Madness, Monkeys, Marshmen, Martians, Mastodons, Matadors, Mean (INSERT TEAM NAME), Machinists, Mechanics, Medics, Mercenaries, Mercury, Meteors, Mets, Midgets, Midnight express, Midnight madness, Midnight rage, Mighty (INSERT TEAM NAME), Millennium, Millionaires, Milkmen, Missionaries, Moguls, Mongooses, Monks, Monsoons, Moundbuilders, Mounders, Mountain (INSERT TEAM NAME), Muddogs, Mudbugs, Mules, Mystic knights, Mutants, Mystics N: Nittany Lions, Norsemen, Nasties, Nasty, New (INSERT TEAM NAME), Nanooks, Nationals, Navy, Nighthawks, Nets, Nightmare, Nimrods, Ninjas, Norse, Nuggets, Northman, North Pole, O: Oilers, Orangemen, Outlaws, Orangatangs, Owls, Oranges, Orange (INSERT TEAM NAME)Oakers, Oaks, Olympians, Oracles, Ore dockers, Orioles, Orphans , Ospreys, Otters, Operators, P: Pacers, Panthers, Patriots, Peacocks, Peecocks, Penguins, Phantoms, Pilgrims, Pink (INSERT TEAM NAME), Pioneers, Pirates, Polar Bears, Polar Express, Polars, Prarie Dogs, Predators, Pride, Pumas, Purple (INSERT TEAM NAME), Paladins, Phoenix, Peaches, Plums, Power, Ponys, Planets, Pythons, Packers, Pandas, Papermakers, Peach, Peasants, Pelicans, Pharaohs, Pheasants, Phillies, Pied pipers, Pilots, Pink (INSERT TEAM NAME), Piranhas, Pistons, Plainsmen, Players, Plowboys, Poets, Pods, Pointers, Poison ivy, Polars, Popes, Porcupines, Potters, Power, Punks, Prairie (INSERT TEAM NAME), Praying mantis, Preachers, Prayers, Preppers, Presidents, Pretzels, Privateers, Professors, Prophets, Profits, Pros, Prowlers, Psychos, Pulverizers, Pugs (DOG), Punchers, Punishers, Purple (INSERT TEAM NAME), Pounders, Pigs, Q: Quakers, Queens, Quakes, Quarriers, Quick silvers, Quails, Quick (INSERT TEAM NAME), Questors, R: Racers, Rage, Ragin Cajuns, Ragin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Raiders, Rampage, Rams, Rangers, Raptors, Rattlers, Ravens, Razorbacks, Rebels, Red (INSERT TEAM NAME), Red Devils, Red Dragons, Redbirds, Redhawks, Redmen, Redskins, Renegades, Roadrunners, Rockets, Roughriders, Royals, Rush, Robins, Rubies, Roccons, Rabbits, Radicals, Radioactive, Radiowaves, Railmen, Ramblin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Ranchers, Rapids, Rattle snakes, Razors, Reapers, Riot, Racers, Regals, Reindeer, Resorters, Retrievers, Revolution, Rhinos, Ridgerunners, Riots, Riptides, Rippin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Riptide rush, River (INSERT TEAM NAME), Riverhawks, Roadkill, Roar, Roarin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Robins, Robots, Rockcrushers, Rockers, Rocket power, Rockies, Rockin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Rocks, Ropers, Roughnecks, Rovers, Rowdy (INSERT TEAM NAME), Royal (INSERT TEAM NAME), Runnin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Rustlers S: Sabercats, Sabres, Saints, Scarlet (INSERT TEAM NAME), Scorpions, Seagulls, Seahawks,Seahorses, Seals, Seawolves, Seminoles, Senators, Sharks, Shockers, Showboats, Skyhawks, Soldiers, Sea (INSERT TEAM NAME), Sooners, Spartans, Spiders, Spirit, Squirrels, Stallions, Stampeders, Stars, Statesmen, Storm, Sugardaddys, Sun Devils, Sunbirds, Suns, Salukis, Sycamores, Scorpions, Sharks, Sonics, Streaks, Stringrays, Squad, Squadron, Sprouts, Stinky (INSERT TEAM NAME), Strikers, Sparks, Sabotage, Satellites, Sailfish, Shellfish, Sailors, Sails, Sand (INSERT TEAM NAME), Savages, Scoopers, Scrappers, Screamin' eagles, Seasiders, Sentinels, Serpents, Setters, Shamrocks, Sheep, She-(INSERT TEAM NAME), Sheep herders, Sheiks, Shiners, Shipbuilders, Shootin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Side Winders, Silver (INSERT TEAM NAME), Strikers, Sioux, Skeeters, Skiers, Skippers, Skylights, Slammers, Slaters, Slayers, Slicers, Smashmouths, Smashers, Smashing (INSERT TEAM NAME), Snails, Snakes, Shoemakers, Snow (INSERT TEAM NAME), Soarin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Soul, Soultakers, Space Monkeys, Sparks, Speed Demons, Splash, Spoilers, Spuds, Stags, Stampede, Starbursts, Starfish, Stateliners, Stealth bombers, Steamers, Steamrollers, Steelers, Steel heads, Steel men, Steers, Sting, Stone crushers, Strike force, Strikers, Subzero, Sugar plums, Sultans, Sun, Sun dragons, Superstars, Super sonics, Surge, Swamp foxes, Swamp Rats, Swamp Gators, Swordsmen T: Tarheels, Terrapins, Terriers, Texans, Thoroughbreds, Thunder, Thunderbirds, Thunderbolts, Thundering Herd, Tiger Cats, Tiger Kats, Tigers, Timberwolves, Titans, Tom Cats, Tornadoes, Toros, Tribe, Trojans, Turtles, Thunder, Tidal, Tidal Waves, Tsunamis, Tadpoles, Tailhawks, Terminators, T-birds, T-rex, Tarantulas, Tarpons, Tars, Tazmaniacs, Tazmanian devils, Technicians, Templars, Termites, Terrific tigers, Terror, Terrorizers, Thunder (INSERT TEAM NAME), Ticks, Tidalwave, T-N-T, Tractors, Trailblazers, Transformers, Trappers, Travellers, Triggers, Trollers, Trolls, Tropics, Tropical storm, Truckers, Tsunami, Tulips, Turbo chargers, Turkeys, Turfdogs, Typhoon U: Utes, Ultra violets, Unicorns, Urchins, Uniformed (INSERT TEAM NAME), V: Vandals, Vikings, Volunteers, Vulcans, Venom, Vipers, Vultures, Voyage, Voyagers, Valkyries, Vanguards, Venom, Ventures, Villians, Violets, Vixens, Volcano blasters, Volcanoes, Voodoo, Vultures W: Warriors, Wasps, Waves, Wildcats, Wolfpack, Wolverines, Wolves, Wranglers, Warhawks, Whales, Wizards, Wardens, Wardogs, Warpigs, Warhorses, Watchdogs, Watchmen, Waveriders, Waverunners, Westerners, Whalers, White Sox, White (INSERT TEAM NAME), Wildebeasts, Winged beavers, Witches, Wizards, Woodchuckers, Woodsmen, Wreckers X: Xtreme, Xplosion, Y: Yellow (INSERT TEAM NAME) Yellowjackets, Yachtsmen, Yankees, Yanks, Yeomen Z: Zips, Zebras, Zapoos, Zebras, Zephyrs, Zizzers, Zombies, Zippers,
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