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    Yes! Welcome to the couch, Steelers fans. Just kidding. Steelers fans aren't allowed in my house.
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    The dream of a Case Keenum vs. Blake Bortles Super Bowl is still alive!
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    Dallas Cowboys: and the league so far:
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    Like SBXL wasn't handed to the Steelers by the referees? Seriously - that's the most blatantly referee-engineered game in the modern history of pro sports - I didn't see the first half of the Patriots game, but a Steelers fan has no room to complain about referees, and should literally get on his knees and suck off any referee of any sport that's in the union in exchange for XL.
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    Everyone froze because they were all expecting Diggs to step out of bounds, with seconds left to give the kicker a decent FG shot. With an open field in front of him, he had the 6th sense reflex to hit the brakes, make a left, and go for the game winning TD instead. Regarless of how you feel about either team or who you were rooting for, you gotta admit that was genius.
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    Seems so dumb 11 random Saints had to come back there.
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    Anyone else think the gradients on the NHL shield are aging gracelessly and should be replaced by a flat grey/silver? They've bugged me from day one -- I don't see the other league logos usin' no gradients -- but as we've moved further into a minimalist era of design that we were emphatically not in 13 years ago, it looks worse than ever.
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    I agree that it needs an update, but the current "N" on the helmet is great, and when i've mocked up the block N on the helmets, it looks tacky. Overall i think the uniforms look very dated due to how broad the stripes are. Thin 'em out a bit, get larger numbers with a thinner stroke, and wear black socks/shoes/accessories every time and you have a top ten look. EDIT: (very) Rough mockup of what i'd like nebraska to look like (obviously with consistent striping, etc.)
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    Pittsburgh Steelers: Turned the Steelers' current logo into a P, removed white from their scheme, and switched black for a nice coal grey.
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    Hell, just buy the damn team if they wanted to be a pain. Junior hockey, even in Canada, is not a huge money business. A study paid for by lawyers suing the league (with incentive to make franchise values as high as possible) put the London Knights at $23M CAD. Throw $25M at them and call it a day.
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    One foot in the air or two feet, it only counts as over-excitement if he comes down with it on both feet maintaining possession of his excitement with no bobbling at any point. At least I think that's the rule, they're giving it a replay review so who knows.
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    They aren't supposed to seem realistic. They're supposed to seem minimalistic.
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    I think the AFC needs some Talent Communism.
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    I know this probably isn't a popular opinion, but all the Jags need to do is make the helmet all black and make the numbers on the teal jersey white w/ black outlines (and make it the primary), and it'd be great.
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    its true. there won't be a "One Florida" decal on the helmets in 2018.
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    Agreed that Tennessee never had a shot, but I'd still like to see an evenly officiated game. NE is good enough to crush poor competition without phantom calls.
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    *Sigh* I don't know. Was it? They added detail and color and attitude to the logo, but they also moved from a fantastic uniform set (1997-2002 Falcons had one of my favorite looks in NFL history) to "ooh, look how 2003 we are with our piping and our overly busy design!"
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    EDIT: A gif of all teams: I've posted two of these already, and I've got a few more. Instead of making a new thread for each of these I'll transition to one thread for all of them. Of course, I'd love C&C for all of this. Chicago Bears Indianapolis Colts Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
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    Marcus Williams has to be Steve Bartman in a parallel universe,has to be.4 hours later in my wine and brandy State of Sunday I keep asking myself.How did he miss that tackle?Tackle him and the Saints win.Almost like he missed the tackle to go for the hit instead.Wtf?
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    I never thought to do this before. You're right, this is great! Haven't gotten to the Saints yet but the Vikings fans going from swearing off their team (for good reason) to joy is pretty awesome.
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    No you don't, not at all. Now, had you jumped two feet in the air, that'd be a different story... One of my absolute favorite things to do after games like that is go to each team's SB Nation blogs and find the point of the comments section where "the play" happened. I'm absolutely looking forward to doing that for both the Saints and Vikings on this one.
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    Dilly Dilly! The Vikings are going to Philly.
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    Oddly enough, Vikings were one of my favorite teams growing up (before I really started watching Football). Something about Helmets, the logo, and The Color Purple(not the film) always appealed to me. I always wanted a Viking-Patriots matchup, now we're so close to getting one. I'd be happy for them even if The Vikings win. They're a franchise that does deserve it after all the heartbreak they endured. Plus the whole, playing at home in the Super Bowl aspect too. That's one of the first things I noticed on the replay, such an underrated part of that play. 9/10 receivers would have just instinctively ran out of bounds. Great on him for having that awareness and going all the way for it.
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    The Patriots just won the Super Bowl.
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    As a fan of some choker franchises (see: Liverpool, 2014; Capitals, all postseasons), I’d love to see the Vikes make a super bowl and exorcise some of those demons.
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    Funny story here: KMOX used to have billboards around St. Louis that just said "1120 KMOX" if even that much, may have just been the calls. No taglines or calls to action, just these ambient reminders to the community that the station existed. A cost-cutting CBS Radio executive demanded they come down because they served no purpose, then called a staff meeting, noticed too many people worked for him, and fired a bunch of them so there wouldn't be so many people on staff. And that's how some anonymous beancounter casually fired Bob Costas. I have nothing to prove this but I feel as if the 50,000-watt clear channels were a lot clearer back in the day than they are now. WBBM sounds like crap now.
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    http://www.nba.com/heat/1718-heat-vice-uniform-collection Decent video hyping up the Vice uniforms, nothing actually shown
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    No. I just want unpredictability when it comes to the teams playing in the playoffs and Super Bowl. It's boring picking the Pats every year, which I have done since 2002. Hell, I am going to pick them again to go back to next year's Super Bowl. It's too predictable when it comes to the playoffs in the AFC: Pats win.
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    Oh there's also a special event uniform that'll be unveiled next month I believe.
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    Illustrator also existed at the time, albeit with fewer abilities. Envelope distort and "text on path" would have been in a pretty primitive state at the time.
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    If I were to hand you a big sheet of material, it would not be loose or tight.. Material itself can't be loose or tight.. That's like saying a towel can be tight.. It can't because it's just a sheet of material.. Material has nothing to do with being tight or loose.. That has to do with sizing and cut.. And they absolutely do have a cut.. Anytime something is made by sewing together pieces of material, it will have a cut.. The torso is somewhat of a seamless tube, but the overall fit is predicated primarily in the upper part of the jersey, which is covered with seams.. There are cuff seams, front yoke seams, back yoke seams, collar seams, and even a mid-yoke seam on the back.. Yes, the material is made with the textured designs knit directly into it, but the panels of the jersey are still sewn together similar to any other jersey, especially in the part that matters - chest/shoulder pad area..
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    I'm curious how this is all done. They announced the time slots before the playoffs even started, so the Eagles knew they were the Sat afternoon slot the entire time, and same with the other teams. I would assume that Sat night is the lowest rated of the 4 slots, and they'd want to put whatever game might be the least competitive there, but announcing it ahead of time kinda kills that thought (unless they just figured that the game would be uncompetitive regardless of who played the Patriots.)
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    I hadn't even thought of the horror that would be monochrome Jaguars versus white over black Saints. The horror!
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    The London Knights have no power here. The Lethbridge Hurricanes existed almost 10 years before the Carolina Hurricanes did.
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    It'd be the All-Criminal's Bowl if they played the Steelers while the Steelers are wearing these duds:
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    Probably justifies its own thread, but legendary announcer Keith Jackson passed away last night. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/1/13/16888002/keith-jackson-college-football-announcer edit: His last game was the 2006 Rose Bowl and I think his call of Vince Young's TD was perfect.
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    Let's keep rolling! I'm actually going to watch the Tampa Cricket League tomorrow, so that's cool! Let's do DC. So there's a lot of fields between DC and Baltimore, so I thought it'd be better to combine the region. It'd be cool if anyone wanted to try to do a DC plus Baltimore flag concept. Also open to patriotic colors cause it's DC, obviously. Also are there any other names other than Beltway? Just covering our bases! Also for fun I made a baseball stadium on stadium builder
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    I wonder which city the name Rogues would fit best. Maybe Marvel can own that team.
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    A 2-fer! Josh & Juwan Howard wearing #5 for the Dallas Mavericks... ....and for the Washington Wizards
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    Hmmm...hard to come up with names that don't fall back in to the same hole as XFL 1.0. Chicago...Crusaders? I dunno, just trying to think of something other than Enforcers. Texas...Rattlesnakes? I dunno about LA having a team now that the Rams and Chargers are trying to share the market, well, mainly the Rams trying to be the big brother over there. - Hollywood Blockbusters? - Hollywood Superstars? - Hollywood Moguls? - LA Avengers (I know, I know, old Arena league team name, but I still like that one). New York...Gargoyles? I dunno. Maybe the uniforms can have an Art Deco approach?
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    London Knights: We may or may not take issue with a pro team named the Knights, but if you ask us nicely - Foley: What's that? We can't be just the Knights? Oh well! I guess we'll have to name ourselves the Golden Knights instead! London Knights: Wait, we haven't even - Foley: GOLDEN KNIGHTS!
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    Bringing back the Broncos' old color scheme is an awesome idea. It looks great.
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    Guess I'll be going down this research rabbit-hole for the next couple weeks. Here are the first ones I could find where pictures of both were available: Phil & Alton Ford wearing #1 for the Houston Rockets. Gus & Shammond Williams wearing #1 for the Seattle Sonics Marcus & Terrence Williams wearing #1 for the New Jersey Nets Joe & Wesley Johnson wearing #2 for the Phoenix Suns
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    Reggie Bush and Rafael Bush both wore #25 on the Saints:
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    Yessss! That is amazing! Thank you so much! Great work! Only thing I would say is to have kept the yellow in the feathers, but honestly it looks great without.
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    Richmond Webb, a 7x Pro Bowler and 4x All Pro for the Miami Dolphins, played with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2001-2002
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    The embarrassing thing about the Hickory jerseys is that they were part of the classic edition. I’m not a huge fan of the Pacers using them but as a city uniform it would have made sense, that we missed a real throwback so that the Pacers could wear a fictional teams jersey is annoying
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    Ah ha! That logo makes an appearance on an official ball and on what appears to be a current jersey.
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