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    Well the objective fact really is that the Browns franchise entity was moved to Baltimore and surrendered its IP related to the Cleveland Browns brand to the NFL in exchange for relocating the franchise. The league then sold an expansion franchise to Al Lerner along with the Browns IP to relaunch the Browns brand and market it as a historical franchise. To me the the objective fact is that the new browns are not the old browns. They are an expansion team doing business as the Cleveland Browns.
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    Commitment to Excellence and Contractually Obligated 700 Club Telecasts
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    Not trying to pick on you but Joe Buck just said something along these lines during the broadcast and it brings up something that really bugs the hell out of me. This tendency to count Super Bowl victories only when talking NFL championship totals by team is a tendency that needs to stop. NFL championships won prior to 1966 are still championships. It's not those teams faults that the NFL Championship was called something different. So, with all due respect to New England and Pittsburgh (Christ what an awful sentence), their six or soon-to-be six Super Bowls still don't get them even close to Green Bay's NFL-leading 13 championships. Counting championships by Super Bowl era-only would be like counting World Series wins since 1961, or Stanley Cup's since 1967 (or NBA championships since...ABA/NBA merger). It's something that literally no one in those sports does, and we shouldn't do it in the NFL either.
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    Mark Long of the AP commenting on the upcoming changes:
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    I'm being a bit of a jerk, but fans don't give a rat's behind about franchise certificates. If a "franchise" is ever brought up, it's as an identifier that means the same team in multiple cities. You can put your faith in the certificate, but I'd rather count the owner, players, coaches, and staff as the "franchise".
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    Having Sea Lions, but with a cat lion would be extremely weird. SeaWolves, IceHogs, etc. are different because those animals don't actually exist. I wouldn't expect the Seattle Seahorses to have Mister Ed on water skis as their logo (but I would buy a hat).
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    I honestly would have preferred the Jaguars getting blown out from the start instead of teasing us with false hope.
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    I like how the cheerleaders are rocking throwbacks, too.
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    Lol looks like NFL already decided the Super Bowl
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    Man, I really love the looks of these: Seeing them on a player, my only gripe is that the plaid pattern should’ve been centered a bit better, but that’s probably something that varies between each individual uniform. But anyways, I really can’t wait to see ‘em debuted on the court on the 31st.
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    Worst possible Super Bowl. Usually I have team to pull for, or against. Not this year
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    Lol there is no way the browns would wear white helmets besides he says he has the inside access on 6 different teams
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    This'll be the Eagles first Super Bowl in white.
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    AFL championships should count too! Back-2-Back AFL champs 60'-61' baby!! #OilerUp #57YearsAgoIsBetterThanNeverAtAll #Legit
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    Last time the Eagles went to the Super Bowl, they faced New England. Along the way they, as the NFC #1 seed, won home games against the Vikings and Falcons. So this is a little familiar.
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    Baseball season is almost around the corner, and the winners the last few years have been: 2010: Giants 2011: Cardinals 2012: Giants 2013: Red Sox 2014: Giants 2015: Royals 2016: Cubs 2017: Astros
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    Alright, welp, I was hoping I'd be posting this along with the elation that my Vikings would be going to the Super Bowl in their home stadium, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen at this point. Before we get to that though, here are the Miami Dolphins: Logos -Unpopular opinion, but I love a lot of the Dolphins' redesign, especially the logo and the bright new aqua. The one major flaw I believe it had was the switch to the barely prominent tangerine orange, which belongs to the Buccaneers. I went back to the more saturated, red-orange shade, and will be using it more prominently. -For the wordmarks, I modernized the original Dolphins wordmark, as it's my favorite that they've had. Uniforms -I love the Dolphins' current uniforms, they're sleek, modern, and fit Miami well with the bright colors.. The main adjustment I made was to thicken all the orange outlines throughout the set to keep the color prominent in the Dolphins' brand. There's also an orange alternate option. -I'd love to see the all-white look often as an away option, as I'm always a sucker for that combo. -Aqua is the color the Dolphins are most known for, so it becomes the Color Rush. Now onto my ever-disappointing Vikings: Logos -I cannot overstate how happy I was when I saw the Vikings' 2013 redesign, especially considering what it replaced. Pretty much everything stays the same, other than a new helmet logo for Color Rush. Uniforms -Only small adjustments for what might very well be my favorite uniforms in the NFL: the black facemask is replaced with the satin purple, and the stripes on the white pants are recolored for consistency. -I love the all purple with yellow for the Color Rush, only changes being the recolored helmet logo and that the wordmark says "Minnesota" for some state pride. I'd love to hear what anyone thinks, any C&C is always appreciated.
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    To be honest, I don’t know when the piece of paper was no longer physically required. But the principle remains the same - “franchise” has a very specific meaning, that being the right to field a team. The Cleveland Browns franchise was left behind and Modell was granted a new franchise for his Baltimore team. You can can make an argument that the organization moved. Or that the team moved. But the franchise? It is an objective fact that it’s the same franchise, and that franchise always remained in Cleveland.
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    Isn’t there a whole thread?
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    And the Eagles are gonna win this because the worst possible outcome always happens in this godforsaken league no matter what. I guess at least it's not the Packers or Cowboys.
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    I wish the team in Baltimore was called the Baltimore Browns.
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    The Falcons and Seahawks didn't lay down. They just utterly failed to finish their games properly. They couldn't conserve their leads. Both times the Patriots were trailing. Tom Brady goes into Super Cena mode late in the game, as he usually does. Then it's lights out for the opponent.
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    I honestly think this is the last hurrah for the Pats and the vaunted dynasty ends after this year. With both coordinators leaving (again) and both Brady and Belichick looking older there isnt much magic left in the tank. Brady likely has one or two years left at most and even that is pushing it. I don’t want it to end but I expect it any day now. As a Pats fan it’s been interesting to see the team go from underdog back in 2001 to hated juggernaut. i will say it’s scary how much this second half run has paralleled the first run: XXXVI/XLIX - Beat a team from NFC West XXXVIII/LI - 2 years later, beat a team from the NFC South XXXIX/LII - going for 3 of last 4, both coordinators leaving (possibly against Eagles) its eerie
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    That's true. But I think it's interesting that if the Tennessee Oilers had remained the Oilers for one more season, they could have gone to the Super Bowl as the Oilers instead of as the Titans. Actually, the Tennessee Oilers used the white uniform as their home uniform. So this would have been the matchup in Super Bowl XXXIV (sort of... the Tennessee Oilers also wore white pants)
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    Yes, and the objective fact of history is that the franchise itself stayed in Cleveland. Modell intended to take it with him but didn’t. The new Browns are the old Browns franchise just as surely as the Rams were founded in 1936. i don’t disagree that it has led to distasteful shenanigans elsewhere. But that does not change the objective facts of this particular case.
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    That's a separate question. The relocated team could have taken the name "Ravens" without screwing with the records, just as the L.A. Clippers' records include the time spent under the name "Buffalo Braves". What's more, the 1999 expansion team could even have been called the Browns without the record-book-altering shenanigans, as shown by the two Washington Senators teams, by the recent case of the new Winnipeg Jets, and by the NFL's own example of two separate Baltimore Colts franchises.
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    Why is anyone even watching this game? It's a complete waste of time to think the Pats aren't going to win this.
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    Thanks for the correction. I think Sea Lions could work if the team opted to be a bit more creative with the interpretation...ie lions of the sea. I realize the discussion has primarily been about the names the team has registered, but I feel like Sea Wolves could have checked a lot of boxes. I know it's already in use by the University of Alaska Anchorage, but in light of all the other suggestions it doesn't seem like they're concerned about pre-existing trademarks (are they putting something in the water at the NHL council offices?).
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    The core subject of the forum in whole is sports logos and sports logo design. While championship rings fall under this umbrella, the business of buying and selling rings does not. With that said, keep the discussion directed at championship rings and ring design.
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    A&M wore 1969 throwbacks yesterday against Mizzou.
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    Seattle Cougars No major issues with this, other than its kind of generic. Seattle Eagles See above Seattle Emeralds A bit too out there for me. It just does not feel like a sports team name, at least not a hockey name. Feels more fitting for a rugby team if anything. Seattle Evergreens I like this, but I could see some identity issues arise as it could be similar in theming to the wild. Seattle Firebirds *cringe* Seattle Kraken Awful Seattle Rainiers A bit weird. Same with emeralds. Rolls off the tongue well but like emeralds doesn't feel like a hockey team. More fitting for the baseball team in Tacoma. Seattle Renegades Is this a long lost 90s expansion team from the XTREME Hockey League everyone forgot about until now? Seattle Sea Lions Not terrible, Seals is better. Seattle Seals Decent name, don't care about the past teams from the Bay Area. A little weird though naming your team after prey of the logos of your two most immediate geographic rivals though. Seattle Sockeyes Not bad, see above though. Seattle Totems Hands down my personal favourite. Unique, local to the area, but not just weird like Rainiers or Emeralds. It rolls off the tongue well and you could craft a fantastic identity from it. Not to mention there is local history to the name. Seattle Whales A bit clunky but not terrible. Part of me actually hopes they pick this because it might incentivize the Canucks to finally drop the Orca. Overall it feels like the names on this list are either just weird or going after old NHL history. They're almost all better than 'Metropolitans' though.
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    Wow, one silver and one blue, HAIL TO THE MAKER OF THE PERFECT COWBOYS UNIFORM! Why has no one ever thought of this ground breaking idea. Sweet concept I can really see the thought process that went into making this
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    Actually you actually gave the current number font new life - it looks refreshed and improved! It looks more intimidating with the Rams' traditional colours and without the outline.
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    Like him, it's day-to-day for the next 3 years.
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    Internationally renowned synchronized swimming team.
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    I kinda wonder if in 30 years or so if one team will open up an outdoor facility with 20,000 seats and play all of its games outdoors. Seems like it could work in Toronto or something.
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    This is either great news or terrible news, depending on your perspective.
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    But unfortunately we've seen this go too far in the other direction, where a team picks their alt and plays in it for 7 games. The Indians basically just wore navy in their WS run that included multiple blue v blue matchups.
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    This MSU thing is starting to look even worse than the Penn State thing...not to mention USA gymnastics. https://deadspin.com/report-more-than-a-dozen-msu-staffers-were-told-about-1822188495?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow&__twitter_impression=true&__twitter_impression=true Forget what I think the NCAA should have done to Penn State...this is just another sad case in the reality that organizations (and the people within) frequently (always?) choose Bystandarism/Money/Reputation/NotRockingTheBoat/Ignorace/Denial/TheEasyWay/WhateverOtherMotivation over protecting the vulnerable from horrible acts. And this will likely be another case where the perpetrator goes to prison, everyone feels good, and the culture does not change. It makes no intuitive sense that someone like Nasser or Sandusky could do these things for so long without being caught and I think that contributes to the denial. But many of the perpetrators are sociopathic criminal geniuses. The testimony from one of the victims was that she told her parents and when they confronted Nasser, he convinced them she was lying. You could argue the parents should have done better there, but that still points to a very persuasive criminal genius. And still, I bet some people will say "why, if this happened so long ago, is she just talking about it now." That kind of ignorance leads to, even if inadvertantly, victim-blaming and not believing anyone. The thing that keeps me depressed is not that monsters like Sandusky and Nasser exist. But that so many people find ways to let them keep on going....and it's not simply that they're not being punished for past acts, but that they're able to continue ruining the lives of others. It makes me think about my place within an organization and how I hope (and, in fact, need to believe) that I would have the courage to go against the grain if something like this was happening...I think I would, but it's amazing how so many otherwise decent people don't. I don't really know what can be done about this but I do wish we didn't just high-five when the perpetrator goes to prison and then move on without addressing the problem that enabled it to go on for so long.
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    Some 80s style fields. Imagine how much more awesome these would be with a decent Super Bowl logo.
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    its true. there won't be a "One Florida" decal on the helmets in 2018.
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    That they feel the need to specify that this is Tennessee Titans football is so football of them.
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    A return to this set, but keeping the current Jags head logo, shield, & wordmark could be an interesting look. Sort of like a marriage of the 2 identity brand eras. What should happen is a return of the gloss black helmet shell with metallic teal flakes.
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    Black looks horrible in matte. Gloss finish is your friend.
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    And i don't get any preference for matte helmets, ESPECIALLY black ones. Something about this, while it may seem cool and stylish on paper and in a vacuum, just looks so cheap and unprofessional in practice, especially when matched up against regular glossy helmets, and that's before you get to the fact that they look straight up gray in the sunlight. A glossy Jag head on one of these is a no-go for me. There was something rather beautiful to me about how the gold Jag head looked on a glossy black helmet with no keyline. It kind of blended in with the surface yet was at the same time strikingly distinguishable (notwithstanding the fact that the old Jag was somewhat of an antiquated blob).
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    That's the color scheme I wish would've come to fruition as the Tennessee Copperheads (now Titans)! I've actually had a Tennessee team concept in that colorway in the works for quite some time... ...That said, that scheme makes me think more "southwest" (i.e. Arizona/New Mexico), but if the Jags are smart about it, they can make it work.
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