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    I would have taken points off just for wearing the wrong Raptors jersey.
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    Clips need to change their entire identity to this scheme.
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    No. The Dolphins don't need GFGS, and animal mascots don't need to be the color of the real animal. Plus the gray gets lost on the white.
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    No ads on the jerseys for All-Star Saturday Night!
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    Usually, people try to use the Raiders wordmark font for the numbers if they want to go "off-the-wall," and it always looks like crap!
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    Let’s continue with the second team from the NLC, time for the Big Red Machine. While I kept the current Reds logos, getting rid of the black shadows, the uniforms have changed, making a combination of eras. The home uniform blends the current style with the sleeveless era, while the road remains almost the same, only changing the piping. The Sunday alt is inspired by the 1936 home alt design, and the red alt, to be used both as home and road, is inspired by the current batting practice jersey. For these last two I used the XIXth Century “C” as cap logo. All the designs feature pinstriped socks, inspired by the 1956 uniforms.
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    I enjoy the camo but, fiesta would be cool for next season. How about this? Bring back this jersey for classic also
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    Next up are a few teasers for the Chicago Windstorm including a teaser banner, a color scheme piece which I'll include for each team from now on, and an early part of my process for the Character logo which will tie the entire design together. What do you think?
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    Let's do the world champs today, the Astros. For the Astros we went with a Saturn V rocket theme with vertical navy stripes with "HOUSTON" running vertically in a gap. We found that spaceman design for the sleeve patch someone online but I'm sure where. (EDIT: Credit for that terrific logo belongs to @McCarthy and thank you for his permission to reproduce it here.)
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    While the gray dolphin isn't bad on its own, it doesn't work for the Dolphins. You'd lose the great color balance and tropical feel they have now.
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    Another idea I've been holding on to for a while. Since the Ducks logo is a D shaped around a webbed foot, I thought it would be natural to swap the foot for a pitchfork, and adjust the D to fit the shape. For the shoulder logo, I tweaked the new Binghamton Devils logo and laid it over the Mighty Ducks crossed sticks. For the uniform, I stripped down the Ducks’ busy pattern to fit a two colour scheme, and kept the Devils red as primary. C&C is appreciated for this newest installment along with the others!
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    Here's the new Dawg Pound as of 2017. It's gotta be the coolest stadium wall in the league.
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    Yeah, so, does this work? or are y'all going to yell at me again?
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    There’s a similar story about the Blue Jays. They were originally owned by Labatt, the beer company. Their flagship beer is Labatt Blue, and they wanted to call the team the Toronto Blues. MLB said no, so they went with Blue Jays.
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    Anyone else notice Fox NASCAR using the old themesong and not the NFL theme song?
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    Mmmmm YES, I can F E E L the T R A D I T I O N just O O Z I N G from this work of ART.
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    The jet accent stripe on the shoulders and pants is too unique and fun and interesting and therefore tacky. Now ask yourself, did the blameless design masters of yore ever make things "unique"? No, they didn't. Their blandness was enriching and good, and your blasphemy is disgusting. Give me 50 Hail Marys on your knuckles.
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    2018 Daytona 500 infield grass
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    The old Tigers cap looked so much better. To be honest, that new cap looks like it has an oversized "D" on it, a la the Marlins' (old) oversized "M" logo. I don't know if that's my eyes playing tricks on me, seeing the two side-by-side, or if the new "D" is honestly bigger than the average ML cap logo. If Under Armour ever even thinks about 'standardizing' the interlocking NYs on the Yankees' cap and jersey, I will go down to Baltimore and personally destroy every single one of those jerseys Chris Sale style. Each one works best in its own respective format, and I think the same was true of the Tigers' logos (to a lesser degree). Granted, the Yankees' logos are less 'mismatched' than the Tigers' old D logos - the chest "NY" is really a bolded version of the cap "NY" (with some slight differences in the serifs, but that's the general idea). But still, there is too much history and tradition wrapped up in the Yankees' and Tigers' logos to needlessly throw them away in the name of standardization.
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    No they do! Jaguars aren’t teal!
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    Sun Devil's went with the fauxback(?) Yesterday for the opening game. Solid look
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    Yeah, a mix of these two would be ideal.
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    The translation of the 87 unis is great but I must admit that losing the bright red takes something away. In such a plain and traditional uniform, the bold red really helps. So its interesting to see how the black/silver scheme might work against it.
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    You musta been captain of the debate team.
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    Why wouldn’t you? If you’re the brand-new owner of a struggling club, wouldn’t you think you could change things to make the club perform better? A new manager can improve results on the field. A new badge can improve merchandise sales. Now, sometimes these changes are more about flexing the new owner’s ego. And any changes must be weighed in light of what is lost in turn; the old manager might be popular, an old badge has sentimental attachment for the fans. And I’m certainly not suggesting this owner is right in what he’s trying to do. But the general concept is not unsound.
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    I'm kinda surprised they didn't have the ASG event sponsor logos on the jerseys like years past.
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    I actively dislike everything about what the Sharks are using for their identity. They could so easily have such a cool, distinctly iconic set yet they have chosen to mash together a bunch of cartoon logos with a weak jersey design, not to mention the totally useless addition of orange. I'd say them and Ottawa are the two teams that are totally missing the mark on what is a strong foundation that they could build a solid identity around.
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    And now I am watching the '96 All-Star Game on YouTube... Despite wearing game specific uniforms, the players used their team's warmup jacket and pants. Made for a nice contrast.
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    Here are the St. Louis Cardinals today. This set is inspired by St. Louis’ flag, which shares a similar scheme to the Cardinals. The sleeves and socks feature the wavy stripe pattern, which already has similar coloring to the Cards’ current sock pattern. The right sleeve features a fleur-de-lis patch from the flag, and the birds-on-bat is replaced for this one-off uniform by the Gateway to the West, the St. Louis arch.
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    The images aren't showing up for me
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    Here's a swap between two of the newest NHL identities, the Winnipeg Jets and the Vegas Golden Knights. For the primary crest, I replaced the jet with a golden sword, and the maple leaf with the Vegas star. I applied that to a recoloured Jets template. C&C Appreciated!
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    Minor update on Sacramento Republic. I pretty much fully expected to lose my job with the recent ownership change over, but instead it worked out extremely well for me personally. One of the the people who left during the switch over was one of their long time merch guys who specialized in heat pressing all of their game kits and fan jerseys. I made a mention in passing to our head merchandise guy that I had quite a bit of experience doing that kind of stuff, and he asked if I would be interested in taking over that position. So, I'm now officially the uniform guy for Sacramento Republic. The best part? Sacramento Republic is releasing all new uniforms sometime in the next week, and they're doing the same basic thing most teams do by trying to keep it under wraps. I got to see the entire new set yesterday and will be working this weekend on getting them all heat pressed for the release party and the season.
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    Legitimate opinion: those Giants jerseys are PERFECT. What they have now is so boring and plain. Less serious: TAN PANTS?? What is this, Harvard?
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    Flying Elvis is a far better logo than Pat Patriot. It's sleek and clean, while Pat's far too detailed to effectively work as a football logo. I have the same issue with the pre-1996 Eagles logo.
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    Striping consistency is only good when it’s T R A D I T I O N A L
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    Looks like a fashion cap or a Chinese knockoff...
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    The Brooklyn Knights are named for what I felt like the Nets could've done when they moved to Brooklyn, a play on the word "Brooklynite".
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    Maybe this for the LAFC primary? Wouldn't be bad at all, though I hope the tonal pattern is an original design pattern...
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    The new logos that were released last year will be used more But the best (and most important news) this logo will be on a jersey next year
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