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    I'm guessing you're a new member because you couldn't be more wrong if you said 2+2=47 (except for Carolina.) Also, none of those teams have anything to do with this thread, so why would people be posting about them? This thread is for Jacksonville, and like all threads, Cleveland.
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    I think the current jags set is actually liked by more than 50% of the board - including a few of the “traditionalists”. There’s been tons of comments about how if they just fixed the helmet they’d be fine. It’s just the helmet that pulls them down to bottom 2 or 3. I certainly can’t prove that, but that’s my feelings based on reading all the posts since ever. I’m definitely in the camp that the current set is a mobstrocity regardless of helmet, but I think I’m either in the minority or a small majority.
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    We've all seen some sort of flaming spartan helmet concept for the Titans, but why would a powerful titan even need a helmet? Let those flaming locks and curly beard fly free. Tennessee Titans:
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    Here ya go, Simon... The Seattle Sea Lions I went with "Sea Lions" rather than "Seals" for no other reason than "Seals" has been used before, and is currently being used by the new NLL San Diego Seals (starting next year). The Seals name would work fine though with this identity/logo. There are many ways you could approach this identity, but I initially thought that I would come up with a design that referenced the City of Seattle's flag... Using the city's colours and flat clean wave-y shapes, I came up with this... I like it, but we already have another teal team...maybe too close to the Sharks' palette... Also, I like the trident shape: it's on the A-list for basic shapes IMHO. (think Maserati)... It suggests nautical supremacy and is just a cool shape. However, it seems that the Mariners may be reclaiming the trident "M"... (it's on their spring caps according to Chris). I don't know if that would be a problem or not. I'm gonna stick with it for now. If it's an issue, the trident could be swapped out for a hockey stick. That would also work. So, I kept the trident, but looked at trying some different colour combos... ...before deciding to go with the green and yellow/gold (I threw in a little grey-green on the logos)... I went super-traditional on the unis, with a basic North-Western-style striping... So...after doing all this, Liewicke states that the new Seattle NHL uniforms will NOT be green and gold... Back to the drawing board ?...
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    I agree the NHL should have a purple team but that colour wouldn't suit Seattle at all. Should have been the Kings but that ship sailed years ago.
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    This is so much better than the speculated set that it’s almost silly. This wasn’t hard, Jacksonville.
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    I like your thinking! Sadly, the Expos left us right at the peak of BFBS mania. This is how I figure they would've looked. Big thanks to @Victormrey for tracking down a version of the "Expos" wordmark with double outlines. NOTE: Because I'm not a fan of solid-colored alternates paired with pinstriped pants, any team that normally wears pinstripes (Expos, Cubs, Twins etc.) will get solid white pants with stripes from their road pants where applicable.
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    Member has been suspended for abusive behavior, belligerence towards the moderator team, and report button abuse.
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    It was just a season ticket campaign that made people think they were.
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    I'm in the "like them except for the helmet" camp . . . and there are posts where I've already committed my position to writing. They really grew on me after a year or two. I love the number font and think the color balance is good as long they limit the use of the monochrome black (which, of course, they didn't). I would be fine with a black helmet or a gold helmet. They look good from the front or the back . . . just not from anywhere else. . . . and I'm pretty much a "traditionalist".
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    All in good time but for now, I finally have Detroit ready: My biggest complaint with the Tigers current look is that their home jersey gives off the impression that they are a navy and white team and how orange could play a bigger role in their look. So that's what I did -Hats - For the normal rotation, one hat; Navy with a orange bill. Kept the Olde English D on the front, in one color. I tried adding an outline to it on the hats but it looked bad so I left it one color. Batting helmets match the hats. BP hats are just a flip of the hat; orange hat, navy bill. -Jerseys - The home jersey changes the most by far. I used the scripty Tigers on the front to match the existing away jersey's "DETROIT". For all jerseys I used the striping pattern from the '70s which I'm starting to notice was a very popular stripe. Kept the placket piping on the home and away jerseys as well as the front numbers under the scripts. Alternate jersey is orange, with the D on the chest along with no piping. BP jerseys continue the wild trend. Orange and navy, I used the striping found throughout on the collar and on the sleeves. -Pants - White pants would be the normal go to pants for the Tigers. Again, used the same stripes down the legs. I debated and debated if I should add the navy pants and I ended up adding them as an alternate set. I'm still not sure about them but I'll see what the consensus is. Socks are navy and orange and are striped as well. C&C welcome!
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    After marinating on all this for a few days, this is all really depressing. I’m in the minority here as usual, but I actually design and sell Nike/UA uniforms (team dealer) for a living, and I’m a fan of the current Jags set. They could’ve made a few tweaks to it to make it cleaner and give it an update, while fixing the helmet, and called it a day. This all black with limited teal and no gold is mind-boggling. Teal needed to be the primary. Unlike most of you I hate all previous Jags uniform designs and don’t dig the Mark Brunelle or Fred Taylor era uniforms, but agreed that teal was the way to go for the primary. The late 00’s set with no gold were atrocious and they’re repeating that error now. It’s wait and see for the official unveiling but this doesn’t feel good at all.
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    If the cap logos are more versatile, and are better in many applications, why shouldn't they be the primary logos? This iogo perfectly represents the Yankees. If they feel the need for something more elaborate, then they could use this as an alternate logo. Everything's on the table, does it really matter what they call that second logo?
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    They wouldn't have made the change if it wasn't relevant. Hat logos are better for small graphics that are seen on phone apps.
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    And all of a sudden there's renewed interest in Bryant's rape case. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming weeks.
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    There were times where it looked like they were composited in with 1980s technology. It's clear that this was about cramming as much white as possible into the Leafs' uniforms, rather than making them look good.
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    As if hockey wasn't white enough already.
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    I know it's a fad that reeks of the mid-to-late 90s. But, also in a guilty pleasure manner, I think these are brillant. Minority opinion?
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    I was just thinking, there isn’t too much Brown is the league. Brown & Blue? Maybe Green?
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    Exactly what I was thinking. Adding an area of teal between the gold and black on the pants will mirror how there is a small area of white between the gold and black stripes on the jersey.
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    The Nuggets have been a blue/yellow team with the occasional appearances of red for most of their history, the problem now is that if they use metallic gold they get too close to the Pelicans and if they use athletic gold to the Cavs. My hope has always been that they’d keep the same general idea of the 90’s color scheme but adapted in a Rapids-style powder blue, dark red and gold
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    Even the concept in @j'villejags icon is a million times better than this garbage
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    That's a shame. It seems like he got a bit more aggressive than the number of teams who wore teal in the 90's.
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    I don't share that sentiment. Just don't feel like baby blue and orange is a strong/attractive enough color combination.
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    I'm fine with the Green and Blue for Seattle, Hence why they are called the Evergreen State. I can see more green and less blue, like Hartford for example.
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    Add the Brewers to that. Id dont think ive EVER seen the Brewers in black.
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    It wasn’t intended to be a double-outline. The plan was a navy navy blue script with light blue outline, on both home and roads. (the cream was much, much subtler than this graphic indicates) The only thing I would change is the cap logo - instead of the overly-busy beaver/letter, I’d use the gorgeous, elegant P from the alternate. Navy cap, white letter, that’s the very definition of MLB-ready to my eyes. I’m so sorry I never picked up one of those road jerseys.
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    Certainly bland if that's the real thing - it really just reminds me of the 09-12 set. I don't understand changing number fonts again, as the numbers are probably the highlight of the current set. If these are it, let's just hope they don't overcorrect again in five years, and hit the sweet spot. I'd still say its an upgrade, fixing the worst helmets in NFL history makes a pretty big difference. Hopefully they stick to Black/Teal/White and Black/White/Teal for the most part.
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    actually good catch. ill update that soon. thank you
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    Giants fans are a trip. Seems like half of them are big loud dumb WFAN callers indistinguishable from Jets fans, which is good for me, because when I lament that New York is the vector of America's cultural elite, I remember that in sheer numbers they have even more of these dopes than Chicago does. But then you have the dorks who are always referring to ~MISTER~ Mara and ~MISTER~ Tisch and live under the misconception that football, at least as executed by The New York Football Giants, is some sort of gentleman's pursuit. I think those guys all live in Connecticut. I think I said once before that Redskins fans could be way more obnoxious than they are, given the Redskins won three Super Bowls in a decade and all, but Snyder's ineptitude and their third rail of a name has kind of cowed them into relative silence. It's like the Browns, but with a team that won its titles when people actually watched football.
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    The helmet is an upgrade. Everything else is a downgrade. This team really can’t figure their own out. It makes me appreciate the consistency of the Panthers all the more. The Jags had the perfect look once...
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    My team: Looks pretty true to me.
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    Dat font doe. At a glance it looks like a Steelers jersey. How the :censored: does this team screw it up every godsdam time. Other than the helmets its a downgrade. I really don’t think the black set will make it the whole season without spotters and announcers complaining until it gets altered. All we keep hearing about is how they acknowledged the fans love of teal, and then they unveil this set? Doesn’t make any sense. Dumb, stupid team.
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    I wasn't sold on the Evergreens and was about to suggest a one-color thing when you went and did it on your own. Now it looks fantastic. Going back a few posts, as convoluted as the meaning(s) behind Sawbucks is, I love the name purely on its own. It flows and is fun to say. The logos are great. Add the plaid to it, and you have a super-strong visual identity. I do agree that it skates right on the edge of minor league, but when it's as strong and grown-up as this overall package is, I don't think it matters.
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    I feel like the "VH" is backwards. We read left-to-right (at least in most Western cultures), so it seems to be the left leg of the "V" should be over the left leg of the "H," instead of behind it like it is. Doing it that way reads more "the Highlanders of Victoria" sort of thing.
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    My father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate is the equipment manager, and he showed me a prototype silver Bills helmet. They're definitely working on it.
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    Ummm... not sure this really counts as "news";
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    Up next we have the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards are a team that have historically resisted adding an alternate jersey to their rotation (other than their Sunday home throwback), so I decided to take a little more creative license with them. I had planned to just do a black version of their home jersey but didn’t like how that looked, so I ended up using their STL logo and went with a red crowned cap. A bit of navy remains on the cap logo and stirrups. P.S. I'll continue taking requests as long as you guys make them, otherwise I'll just post whichever team I feel like on a given day.
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    Wow! You brought the Evergreens from a stump to the treetop! Together with the Metropolitans, it's now the cleanest and most professional looking design IMHO. Would love to see the secondary version of this design.
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    According to the KING5 report, Leiweke said the organization ruled out green and gold "saying it would be reserved for a future NBA franchise and that 'we're extremely respectful.'" I don't understand what one has to do with the other. Is there a viable concern that the NHL taking those colors would be somehow usurping a future NBA team? I personally like it when teams in the same city share colors.
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    Thank god someone put this into words. It’s been the bane of my past month to see when the Jags thread had activity only to see it was another one of this guy’s <10 word comments about how excited he is when I usually expect activity to correlate to either news or interesting analysis. Sure, the ignore button is there, but I’m sure that everyone here could use less of this. This isn’t Reddit where comments are trifling and can be thrown around without trouble. There’s kind of an unwritten etiquette on forums like these to not speak up unless you have something productive to say.
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    Does this count? It was more noticeable when they wore gold/tan pants. However, they seem to be getting away from the gold altogether recently and switched to white helmets.
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    Tufts University uses those brown and blue tones to (what I think) is good effect.
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    “These are being unveiled in less than sixty days” and “they are still contemplating prototypes” are two phrases that don’t go together in sports merchandising... unless they’re not planning on selling any jerseys all summer.
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    He has been proven wrong countless times. Look at his posts on his account page. He claimed many things that are untrue and downright impossible. He claims that the Browns are getting white helmets. They are not allowed to change their look. He claimed the Jags would have uniforms close to those of UCLA’s. People in the know debunked this one too. Now, here he is, crapping on a great thread regarding the Titans changes with a bunch of BS. Oh, and if you think he is right about the Raiders adding gold, the Titans having red helmets, the Browns overhauling I cannot help you. We have gone on about this for a few pages now. You can get onto Teal about adding nothing. But the person who has REPEATEDLY POSTED POINTLESS CRAP is the real culprit. Anyone can post anything, it just gets annoying when you know it is fake.
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    The great base-stealing artist (before Rickey Henderson) Lou Brock was a coach for the Montreal Expos in 1993.
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