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    "Dolphins fans are going to be blindsided" LMFAO, no.
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    Series finale today with the Yankees from @Paul Lucas. New York is called the Empire State and combined with the epithet of the Yankees as the "Evil Empire" we came up with idea for "EMPIRE" to be the front of the jersey. The font is taken from the finer version of the "NEW YORK" script of 1918-1926. Subtle pinstripes are present on the midnight blue uniform with grey outlined in white as the main color for the cap, jersey, and numbers. The sleeves feature a Yankee Stadium facade motif. The sleeve patch is a version of the terracotta medallions that adorned the original Yankee Stadium.
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    what i would consider a major change is if they look like a different team. the uniforms will certainly be new, there are new elements, but how much change there is i can't say for certain. it just wouldnt surprise me if its a Lions-like shift
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    nah it just looks like something you would see in a coloring book.
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    New logo for the Vikings: I got rid of all of the black in the logo, which makes the logo feel very dated. After I ditched the black, I beefed up all of the purple lines just a little bit, not a huge update, but an update I think the logo needed nonetheless. I also created a new secondary logo: It's a stylized MV monogram with the V doubling as the horns of the Viking helmet (which I know didn't really exist, but it's cool and its what people think of when they think of vikings.) The new uniforms are based on that really cool prototype illustration from UniWatch with awesome V stripes. They are pretty straightforward with a double stripe on the sleeves and single color numbers. The facemask is purple and the black outline is gone from the helmet horns. I also continued the V stripes on the socks. I thought it was a cool idea but I'm not sure how it would work in practice. The alternate uniform is the standard Vikings throwback because a yellow, black or gray jersey just doesn't fit the Vikings' identity. The Color Rush uniform is the same idea as the current Color Rush, but I continued the yellow/gold onto the horn to complete the white-less uniform. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and as always, your feedback is more than welcome, especially for the new secondary logo.
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    I appreciate the feedback, guys! Appreciate it! I tweaked it slightly. There is an emphasis on red more than navy blue. Next up, are the Colorado Rockies. One of two expansion teams added by MLB in 1993. Logo package: The Rockies' uniform set and logos have basically been the same (with the exception of road uniform changes) since their inaugural season. I think it is a bit dated, and not very cohesive with a black vested jersey (horrible), and a purple alternate that has no piping on it. I definitely wanted to change that. I wanted to clean up their look a bit, so I dropped black from the color scheme, and rolled with just purple and silver. The primary logo got updated with the new font, and new color scheme. The secondary logo is simply the new cap logo. The Rockies' cap color goes to purple, and will be worn with all their uniforms.The home uniforms retain "Rockies" across the front. Purple pinstripes will stay. That is a uniform feature that is unique to Colorado. The road greys retain their current placket and sleeve piping, but have "Colorado" updated in the new font across the front. The home alternates are something the Rockies have never worn: A white home jersey sans pinstripes! This is a very, very clean look. This jersey will be worn during Sunday home games. Colorado will retain their purple alternates, however it will feature silver placket piping (unlike the current which feature no piping) which ties the uniform in to the rest of their new uniform set. These will be worn both on the road, at home--at home they will be paired with the home alternate pants. The Rockie,s with these new uniforms will definitely own the color purple in Major League Baseball. I wanted to freshen up their current uniform set, and I feel like I did just that.
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    So, like a Tide Pod alternate?
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    Unconventional colors, but a timeless design.
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    THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of my alma mater right now. First tourny win ever, and by 21 points no less. Time to punch a ticket to the sweet 16
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    Strangely enough, I think I prefer the larger Marlins logo, yet also prefer the smaller Tigers logo.
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    I stumbled on these two styles of NBA hats made by '47 Brand, most of which have logos I hadn't seen before (and don't seem to appear on most teams' pages on the mothership): https://www.lids.com/47-brand/style_nba-mash-up-47-mvp-cap?page=1 https://www.lids.com/47-brand/style_nba-mash-up-47-clean-up-cap I'm wondering where these logos came from - the league, the teams, the manufacturer? Are they non-canonical? Some of them I kind of like, and they all seem to at least be executed well and with an understanding of the team's overall branding.
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    Houston Texans For whatever reason I always associated color orange with Texas. It's a prevalent color in the palette of many western movies and it just seemed to catch the vibe of the state's wilderness perfectly. This, coupled with the fact I generally dislike the use of navy in pro sports, is why in this concept I decided to change the colors of the Houston Texans to orange and black. In my eyes it fits them much better, however I do realize that the resemblance to Texas Longhorns is notable and I am open to some other color scheme suggestions. The main logo is composed of interlocking letters H and T, where the letter T has horns resembling those of the longhorn cattle, which are a symbol of Texas. Moreover, the Texans already use a bull as their main logo, so this wouldn't be straying too far away from what they already do. This is the main logo: And this is how the logo would behave on different colored backgrounds along with the new wordmark: Originally, I had started this project with the idea of the logo being a head of a longhorn and the interlocking H and T being the secondary logos. However the longhorn ended up having a look more appropriate for a college mascot logo,rather than the one of a primary mark of a NFL team. On the other side I really liked the horned H and T logo, and it looked fitting for the main logo. I still like the bull logo but I don't feel like it fits in with the main logo and the uniform, so I taught that it could maybe be used as a logo for a fan section of the stadium, kind of how the Browns use the bulldog logo for the Dawg Pound. This could add some character to the brand without devaluing the main identity marks. Here is the logo. The most prominent design element on the uniforms are the helmet horns, whereas the rest of the uniform is pretty traditional, with a custom font being used as a way to bring it a more modern feel ( similar to what the Vikings did). C&C wanted and appreciated.
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    "Somebody ought to build a town that works!" "SOMEBODY DID." Read the whole thing, it's a stream-of-consciousness romp, but here's the crux:
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    I will say, some of these things sound plausible based on the teaser photos. There seems to be an odd red color appearing behind the mesh collar area. There are definitely silver and grey color blocks that could be side panels, sleeves, or some type of striping. But there's no chance that "remember the titans is a thing" It's also possible these are all made up by the user after seeing the teaser images...so...
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    1) You've made a concept for the 2020 Final Four logo, not the Final Four logo that will be used, as you're intimating. As such, this topic should be in Concepts, not Sports Logos. 2) If you're going to post a concept, post the image directly by copying the URL of the image file (make sure it ends in .jpg or another raster file format) and pasting it in your post. Please don't make people go to a blog, especially if you're not going to provide a link to said blog that people can easily click on. 3) Even when I get to your blog (by copying that URL and pasting it in my browser's address bar), your logo or any sort of blog post about it is nowhere to be seen. For all these reasons, this thread is getting locked.
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    I would say thats just the "one color" simplified version of the logo which happens to silver/grey for aesthetic reasons in whatever room that is.
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    So that’s from a year ago. I’m a jags fan and follow them on instagram. Did some looking back at the social media post this year and most of if not all during the season were lacking gold. Teal, black, and white. That’s it. Never really noticed or paid attention to the lack of gold. But seeing the rumored jerseys plus the social media stuff from this year then difference in score board graphics from a year ago is pretty telling. I highly doubt the jaguar logo will be all white but I’m getting more and more of a feeling gold will only be on the logo.
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    Thanks Brian...I saw that colour scheme over in the Sports Logos section. I think that Thaumatrope posted this picture... You're right, it could look pretty good!...I think I'll give that a try with the next "Sockeyes" concept. Also, the "anchor" logo does look mis-matched as you mentioned. The trident symbol is strong enough on its own...Good advice. I've been staying away from the blue and green, only because the Canucks are just up the highway, sporting the same colours....But heck, the Pens and Bruins both rock the same colours, and I think if the blues and greens were 'reversed', there'd be enough of a difference...I gave it a shot... Yep...here ya go... OK...I"ve got 6 primary logos finalized so far (the Sea Lions may end up being a different colour...I'll come back to them later). Before I move on to the 'Sockeyes', here's what I have so far...
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    This is not a design concept they should pursue.
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    Aside from it looking like a snow leopard, I think it's a much better design than what they have now. The flatness and lack or pseudo realistic coloring makes it an actual logo, rather than a cartoon.
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Next up, are the Minnesota Twins--a mainstay in the American League since 1961 after they moved from Washington. Logo package: The color scheme often gets changed, because the Indians, a division rival have the same color scheme. I like navy and red for the Twins, a lot. It has too much tradition behind it to change it. To me, anyways. The color scheme has been used for almost 60 years, now.They recently added "Kasota Gold" to their home uniforms and red home alternate, and I am not a fan of it. So that is dropped... I get that it ties in with Target Field, but it just muddies up their look. Also dropped that road cap they added a few years back with the red squatchee and red brim--another Indians-esque element is dropped.The home whites go back to what they recently wore. A lot of people see this uniform, and think of the Metrodome--which is understandable. However, I seen a uniform that made a seamless transition from under the "Teflon Sky," to under the natural light, outdoors. The road greys retain the cursive "Minnesota" across the front. But in a nod to their previous road uniforms, the script is now red and outlined in navy. No road pinstripes, here--but I heavily considered it. The home alternates are the gorgeous throwbacks they have been wearing since moving in to Target Field. To me, the cream color of this jersey ties in to the use of Limestone way better than "Kasota Gold," any day. Just a terrific uniform. The last alternate, is a navy jersey, with red piping and has "Twins" across the front. This is to be worn both on the road, and also at home. Always was a fan of their old navy alternates.
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    The Canucks were the first to come to mind. Thank god these posters exist...saved me some googlin'.
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    All those bright colors from a AA minor league team, and it could have gotten really wacky (and it has, if you look at some their alts).
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    Hey guys, just decided to show off some of my concepts I have been working on for quite some time! Link to each team (Completed teams in bold): NL: Cardinals, Cubs, Brewers, Reds, Pirates | Mets, Braves, Nationals, Marlins, Phillies | Dodgers, Giants, Padres, Rockies, Diamondbacks AL: Royals, White Sox, Twins, Tigers, Indians | Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, Stingrays | Mariners, Rangers, Astros, Athletics, Angels I'm a fan of classic uniforms and respecting tradition, but I definitely feel like modern elements have their own niche in uniform design. Modern can look great if done well, and not over-designed! To get started... First team up, the St. Louis Cardinals! Here is the logo package: The home uniforms are true classics, and are untouched--hands down one of my favorite uniforms in the big leagues. The away uniforms are slightly changed, with "St. Louis" being on the front of the road greys, and a navy cap with a red button and bill--harkening back to the 1940's and 1950's. The throwback uniforms are those worn by the very successful Cardinals teams of the "Gas House Gang" era. These will be worn on Sunday afternoons.
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    I'm still pissed off that the Hawks and Bruins get another outdoor game, but they might as well look good doing it. Here's a logo and some unis I designed for the NHL's next outdoor event.
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    I had missed this: https://sports.yahoo.com/trending-topics-hurricanes-shakeup-leaves-plenty-questions-174510190.html There's your answer, fishbulb: writers like Lambert and Wyshynski loved Ron Francis because he hired their friends.
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    Football is just as slow and dull as baseball is. There's a ton of downtime, constant penalties that nobody understands, and a replay system that's just as laborious. There's really not much difference between waiting 40 seconds for the next snap, or 20 seconds for the next pitch, and a handoff for a two yard gain is just about as exciting as a groundout to second. People just don't notice because football Sundays feel like events and you can flip between multiple games. Combine that with a 16 game schedule compared to 162, fantasy teams, and gambling. Basically hockey and soccer and the only sports that can actually deliver consistent action without constant stoppages, and of course they're the two least popular sports. We can pontificate about how today's society needs everything to be fast, but is that really what we want in sports?
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    Willis United SC “The Spires” Chicago, IL League: Midwestern Soccer League Kits: Nike Colors: Red and White Sponsor: State Farm Year Founded: 1950 USSL Titles: 1 League Finish: 2
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    The same way I do anything here: arbitrarily and stupidly
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    Getting kind of sick of Nashville's cultural appropriation.
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    They lasted over 70 years and have been one of the most recognizable retailers on the planet. I wouldn't call that an association with failure.
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    You’ve ignored every attempt on my end to take you up on your offer to show your “insider info” with a mod. You’ve ignored two public requests and one request made over PM. Either put up or shut up.
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    The gold's not totally gone yet; all the free agent signings the Jags had in the building today were wearing a cap with a gold bill on it.
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    Angels are up today. The symbolism from this set comes mostly from the colors. The periwinkle base comes from Disneyland being a main attraction in Anaheim, the orange comes from Orange County, and pastel yellow is used as an accent. Overall the combo creates a very angelic scheme, inspired by @Bruins‘ set for the Angels. The sleeves have the PCL Angels’ unique striping, the jersey reads “Anaheim” across the front to accomodate for the removal of it from the official name. The cap has @SFGiants58‘s Orange County logo, and the sleeves have the classic California logo.
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    Five internet dollars to anyone that has the balls to refer them to the megathread...
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    The Chicago Cubs circle logo is an iconic mark, iconic in its simplicity, so the change I made here is very subtle. Yet, I think it improves the overall look of it. The Cubs have been using an either custom-made font or some 1960's-1970's typeface for the letters "UBS" in their primary logo. I thought that replacing this very font with their current wordmark typeface, namely ITC Franklin Gothic, which the club has been using since 1937, would suit that mark even better. The typo is now rounder, and therefore harmonizes better with the equally round "C" and the blue outer circle, plus ITC Franklin Gothic Heavy also improves readability. Normally, one would update the wordmark by using the font of the primary. But in this case, it's also working vice versa, making the logo look even cleaner. Chicago Cubs primary mark, before and after Chicago Cubs wordmark logo since 1937
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    I really like the updated logo for the Vikings without black.
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    I could be wrong but you're using a once a season special event to say that there's no point in different numbers the rest of the season? I don't get that. I get why some people don't like the Jackie Robinson thing but I absolutely understand the point of it and the message it's trying to send... that we're all equal and every one is on the same level and on that specific day, and on that day only, they're literally showing it through the use of Jackie's number on everyone. It makes perfect sense to me.
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    Missed opportunity (building on @truepg's design):
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    I prefer the elf. Totally unique look in all of sports, but not without precedence.
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