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    The Titans' trolling continues... They're really on to us guys.
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    still using the old logo on the folding chairs
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    I've seen Seven. That's Gwyneth Paltrow's head in there.
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    You guys tell me if I'm picking at straws here.... buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut July 4th is for the Declaration of Independence..... "We The People" is the Constitution. I can already see someone saying its just an America thing don't take it so literally.. but i think its much more likely everyone just didn't know the difference.
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    It'd be hilarious if he looked at the uniforms and said 'Amy, these really suck.'
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    That little movie was kind of weird... "We're gonna drop in on Manhatta...sike! We're going to Queens!"
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    I don't want them to lose the white helmets, honestly. That would weird me the hell out.
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    Haven’t seen this posted yet, but this site is sick. Shows all uni matchups for the entire season https://lockervision.nba.com/
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    They were never a "black/gold team". Also, they should never be a "teal/gold team". They should be what they were: a black/teal team with gold accents. All 3 colors with gold being the tertiary.
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    Now to get all the olive drab out of Memorial Day. Baseball players aren't The Troops. It's ugly and stupid.
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    Thought process: okay, so, drop shadow looks cool, therefore, WE SHALLNT USE IT
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    The Final Solution! Wait, I've just been handed a note, excuse me, the Ultimate Solution.
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    That Panthers concept is the best one I've ever seen.
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    She's been through far too much to hand it over to Taylor Lewan's dumb ass.
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    I don't think it's too great, but it's infinitely better than the hot mess they've been using for way too long: Flames and a early 2000s bank logo swoosh!
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    And then at the end, "we're going to focus in on Arthur Ashe Stadium... actually let's go out to Nassau County and fade to a blur!" Strange... and that logo could not look more generic if it tried. Downgrade, TBH.
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    Seed #3: Toronto Maple Leafs Seed #4: Florida Panthers
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    I wonder if there were Jaguars and Dolphins uniforms in that box, too.
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    "1776" in a patriotic/colonial font wouldn't be a bad alternative for the underbrim.
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    That’s almost certainly true. People already don’t know the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day (and treat both as a celebration of active-duty military).
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    Another new football league, called the Alliance Of American Football, being created to compete with the XFL. Supposedly will start in Feb 2019. Has some big names behind it like Charlie Ebersol, Bill Polian, and Troy Polamalu, and unlike the XFL, already has a TV deal with CBS to show the games on CBS Sports Network. Eight teams will be announced in the next 3 months. I know that its hard to come up with an original name for the league since there's been a couple failed leagues, but Alliance of American Football is a terrible name. Logo is not bad.
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    New logo coming for Moes http://www.nrn.com/marketing/new-look-moe-s-southwest-grill
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    With a new exciting Formula 1 season starting this weekend, I've created a template for MS Paint based on the 2018 cars which includes the new and (in)famous halo. This what I've done: And here's a livery example: What do you think? C&C is appreciated! If I see you like it, I will create a whole series redesigning the 10 liveries from the starting season.
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    What. A. Series. Disappointed not many people followed this. You have incredible potential. One of my favorite concept series on here. Your attention to detail and hard work did not go unnoticed. I don’t think any specific words do this series justice. So I’ll just settle for “outstanding work”! Too bad not as many people followed this. I know some people (like me) comment once in a while and just silently enjoy this. But I clicked on this every update. Great job!!
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    Seems like NBA teams do this all the time. I'd almost bet there are more teams in the NBA that have undergone a color (or even complete identity) change than not.
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    The logo and jersey screeeeam 90’s.
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    They're going to rely on cuts to 53 for their rosters that are set the following February, at which time futures contracts have already been signed for ... wait for it ... all those guys who were cut at the cutdown to 53. Yeah, I'm taking the under on number of games played.
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    It went public yesterday.
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    So I guess the era smashing attempt didn't quite work out like I wanted to, so here's another approach to the Astros I really want to keep the tequila sunrise motif as best as I can, considering it is the most unique look the Astros have ever sported. I got rid of the shooting star and went back to a normal five-point star. I didn't really see any other changes to make, so if you guys have any suggestions let me know!
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    I worked at a local Toys R Us this past Christmas (long story short: helped out a friend who is the manager). They used that logo on a lot of stationary. They brought in a Geoffrey costume and made a staff member wear it a couple of Saturdays, apparently the goal was to bring him back. I'm not sure if this just applied to stores in the Toronto area, all of Canada, or otherwise. I just remember my buddy saying that management hoped that bring back Geoffrey would help increase sales.....which may explain a lot, lol. Also, the head of that costume (neck and up) was stored in the lunch room and creeped me out, lol.
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    original comment retracted, as I realized I misread. The W in We the People on a red hat with a navy outline? And maybe incorporate "parchment khaki" into the design? Yeah, that'd be pretty cool.
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    ^ yea, those will be unveiled on Friday, but images may leak sooner than that.
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    I actually own and wear this....
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    I know I've had a blast on this series. Great opportunities to break out of conventional molds.
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    No 90's uniform conversation would be complete without these... Or these...
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    One name: Jorge Campos
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    No the boards and the ads would remain, but instead of glass you have a 100% transparent, science-fiction forcefield that extends to the ceiling. All it needs is someone to invent the technology.
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    This just in from a friend of a friend who’s brother’s neighbor’s sister works for Reebok, and has a former boss who now works for Nike. Word on the streets (and it would explain the gray color) is that the Titans will use actual fenders from a 2015 Nissan Titan (they had to start the design process at least three years out for this one, so it makes sense) on their new set. It’s definitely something that’s never been done before, and the hope is that the powder coat will stay shiny while also allowing for an extra layer of protection. Some pretty innovative :censored: Nike has in the works, I tell you what.
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    For me, the discussion about the most 90s uniform starts and ends here.
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