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    Both the Jaguars and the CCSLC mods are about to release the Teal...not long now...
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    If you ever wonder who the idiot of a group is, it's always the guy in the orange Brian Urlacher jersey.
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    There’s also a certain what-if historical resonance. Frederick Miller, heir to the brewery, was instrumental in helping lure the Braves from Boston. He died in a plane crash in 1955, but the consensus is that had he lived he would have bought the club when Perini decided to sell. So they would have stayed in town, and it’s very likely County Stadium’s replacement would have had the exact same name as it does in our timeline. Plus “Miller Park” just doesn’t sound corporate. It sounds like it was named after a man, not his company. Like Busch or Wrigley. So I think a lot of people are willing to cut it some slack.
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    This makes the Bears look like the Broncos, the Bears should look like the Bears, what is wrong with you people
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    This would be a gorgeous look. We've talked about this before, but what the heck. I think the jerseys looked much better before they added the white outline. Theres enough contrast between the royal and gold, rendering the white unnecessary.
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    Just read this thread from page one. Wow. I hope the Jags never wear a black jersey or pants ever again
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    I think this is why NFL teams need to take a Ohio State / Oklahoma / Nebraska route with uniforms. A team can have a classic look, but try something different once or twice a year to sell more jerseys. Not that those are the best design examples, but the idea behind is smarter than trying to fix a classic look that isn't broken. Color Rush is a step in the right direction. But I think they can be a little bit more creative and flexible. As long as the uniform is only worn a few times a year.
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    as a dallas stars and tennessee titans fan, who has both acquired a team from another market and lost my team from my state to another (but remained a fan), these discussions always just exhaust me. being a fan of a team like this is like a constant decades long child custody dispute. houston and tennessee both share the oilers legacy... you can't strip it completely from either, so just let it be what it is. the texans are a great identity. the titans are a unique identity. just sorta... cherish the oilers in your own way... in your memories. the team identity isn't around anymore, and we're just not GOING to do a hornets/pelicans thing, nor should we. let's stop wasting keystrokes pretending it might, or should, happen. and navy has ALWAYS been a titans color, the primary for the majority of their existence... ditching a white helmet for a navy helmet has literally zero bearing on the texans existence at all. the exact same number of NFL teams are going to have navy as their primary color in 2018 as in 2017. i'm pretty sure the titans aren't going to look like the texans at the unveiling, so there's nothing at all to worry about here.
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    That very same world also has the often forgotten "Oriole Park"..
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    Agreed. The Texans, even without much success on the football field, have established their brand. They also have one of the best helmet logos in football. Given how much the Oilers meant to that city, there should be a compromise that brings the past & present identities together. It could be as simple as the Texans keeping their logo and existing colors, but adding Columbia Blue to the color palette along with an Oilers-esqe jersey template. This old concept (not by me) bridges the identities.
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    The earliest rumblings of the neo-retro movement in baseball also happened in the 1990s. Take the Giants, who adjusted their cap and wordmark logos to "update" their 1947-1976 wordmarks and cap logo: Compare that to their bulbous 1983-93 look, as seen in this late 1993 image (a fun case of branding overlap): The White Sox started this push towards neo-retro designs in the 1990's (after being part of the "1987" wave): Many others following suit. The Phillies created an odd modernization of their "Whiz Kids" design, the Expos redid their uniforms in a traditional style, the Cardinals eschewed uniform stripes and added a road cap, the Reds revived vests and pinstripes, Cleveland brought back the 1940s-'50s scripts in an "uncanny valley" fashion, and the Angels revived their 1960s aesthetic for a brief period. Also, the 1993 teams both came out with modern spins on "traditional" (White Sox ripoff) designs. Neo-retro was an underrated part of 1990s design, one that would gain traction in the following decade.
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    Maybe I can whip those up, but they just wouldn't go with the current packages, you know? But we'll see! The next team up, the San Francisco Giants. A team that recently won the World Series Championship in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Logo package: A couple of changes to the logos: The interlocking "SF" becomes the primary logo. Their secondary logo is their old primary with some tweaks: The gold color and shading is gone from the logo--going with just basic black, orange, and white. Always loved their color scheme of black and orange. Always thought of the Giants as a black-first team, contrary to the Orioles, who I consider as an orange-first team. So that's the way I differentiate them from one another. Gold is removed from the logos, and is also removed from the jersey scripts, numbers, and name on back on the road jersey. No more gold dropshadows for the Giants, anymore.The home uniform remains cream--basically the same. The sleeve patch is also removed--more is less. A modern classic of a uniform, not much needs to be changed. The road uniform features Under Armour's faux-flannel look. They will be the last team to feature this uniform feature. This is sure to make the older Giant fans think of the uniforms worn by Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. The black placket piping is removed, and the collar trim makes a return, and the sleeve trim goes back on the end of the sleeves. The alternate black road uniform is a nod to the 1980's-1990's Giants road uniforms that featured the interlocking "SF" on the chest. I really like the Giants' current uniforms, a lot--they would be perfect if they removed the gold from all uniforms, and went back to their previous away uniforms, which is essentially what I did with my own twist (the faux-flannel look).
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    Agreed! I think it's a wise branding strategy. Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England, & Washington have rolled out a bunch of throwbacks/alternates without changing their main look in decades. Nobody seems to mind as much when teams bust out crazy alternates... teams like Houston, Buffalo, the Giants, etc. could keep their current look for a long time & work in some alternates instead.
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    I was basing it on the fact that Baltimore were on the road during Players' Weekend last year and hence wore gray pants. Maybe for the sake of presentation I'll go back and make the Orioles' pants white, because I'd really like to keep the white front paneled cap. Today's team is the White Sox: I really liked that the Sox Players' Weekend jerseys were sort of a combination of eras, mixing the block "SOX" wordmark from their '80s set with the color combo they wore in the '50s. However, one thing that bugged the hell out of me was how the "X" on the jersey wordmark was inconsistent with their actual '80s wordmark "X," so I've fixed that. I also went with a white front paneled cap, using their current Spring Training cap logo, and color corrected the red. C&C appreciated! Cleveland and Cincinnati are up next!
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    Cascades wouldn't be bad. If we can have three bird teams, if we can have two teams named after fish or two teams named after hosiery, then I think we can have two teams named after mountain ranges.
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    Back again! This time I've got two concepts for you as well as some updates. I have went back and added strings to the front of all the team's shorts. First up is the Charlotte Hornets. I had to use the old logo on the front as it fits perfectly on the front of the jersey for this type of series. The jersey s coated with a teal honeycomb pattern as well as some bold stripes at the bottom of the shorts that come from the stinger of the hornet logo. The second concept is for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I went with a very large logo on the side with the weird swoosh from the logo going across the jersey and down through the shorts as well. Also here is some small updates
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    It's more tasteless than anything. This thread has veered off topic long enough. We're done.
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    The Oilers are dead. Let them rest In peace.
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    That soccer ball-poker chip-spade combo is fantastic.
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    It was nice to see a rare day game with the roof open at Marlins Park. That combined with the different camera angle and the different colored backstop and I felt like I was watching a different ballpark that I had never seen before.
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    Here's my beef with the Hickory jerseys ... 1) It's fictional. 2) The jersey has 'Hickory' and not 'Indiana' or 'Pacers' on it. 3) It's designated as a throwback jersey. #1 negates both #2 and #3. Now, I wouldn't have problem if the jersey honored Indiana basketball with the same style and 'Indiana' on it. PLUS, them designating it as their city jersey instead of throwback. That way the FloJos can make a comeback.
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    In a world where we have Guaranteed Rate Field and Globe Life Park, I appreciate the simplicity of the name Nationals Park.
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    Yikes. I bet you just sent half the members of this board into a sputtering conniption. The original red and pewter Bucs' uniform is a beloved sacred cow around this parts, and the current version, even if they removed the terrible numbers, would still be considered one of the biggest downgrades in sports uniform history by most. An opinion I share, by the way. The ridiculous number font is just a turd cherry on the all around steaming pile that is the current Bucs' look.
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    Washington Capitals Never been a fan of the Caps jerseys since the Edge turnover, so we've got a complete overhaul here. Weagle takes center stage and navy is promoted to the primary (with all the talk about the Russians' involvement in Washington, its best to stay away from another Red Scare if possible). Home takes cues from this years ASG jerseys with the side paneling covering only half the sleeve. DC pride runs clean through the striping pattern with the DC Flag serving as the inspiration for the pattern on the home and away. Stadium Series W finds its home on the pants and I'll leave the rest for you guys to dissect in the comments.
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    No and no. In particular, the orange is perfect just the way it is.
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    My initiation to this site was basically reading back the entire thread that encompassed the upcoming changes for the Jags, Vikes, and Phins at the time. Long, but worth it. Hey, at least it keeps people from asking the same questions over and over.
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    Strong economic development can't really happen if there aren't people with money to burn. A lot of correlation between the two.
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    When a thread topic about the Tennessee Titans veers to other teams and poor taste pictures, is a warning really necessary? If people can’t stay on topic, that topic should close. My apologies if that bothers you. I would hope that members understand this reasoning.
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    This was a quick Georgetown redesign I put together. I tried to combine their bulldog mascot with the classic G primary. C and C much appreciated
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    I’ve suggested this multiple times elsewhere. They should at least TRY the look.
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    I speak for the majority of Pacer fans when I say that the Hickory uniforms were cool at first, but we want flo-jos or pinstripes.... At least if they're gonna shove Hickory Pacers down our throats, have a hickory themed court based on the gym.
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    The Angels look sharp. Wouldn’t mind seeing a red alternate tho. Great work as always.
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    Report: New Gastropub Will Probably Be Named Hook & Barley or Something like That
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    Y'all whenever someone mentions the thought of not using greek elements on a titans uni: CLICK HERE
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    36 year old accountant by day emergency backup by night Scott Foster makes seven saves on seven shots in 14:01 for Chicago in a 6-2 win over the Jets.
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    Park, Field, and Stadium all feel wrong for the edifice in which the Marlins play. El Marlinería?
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    Pacers make me sick to my stomach. Why don't they just do a twist on the Hoosiers uniform with deep blue jersey and gold shorts??!! @Conrad. can you do a mockup of that?? "Indiana" instead of "Hickory" across the chest and replace the red with blue? Please??!?
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    i miss watching the Cubs on WGN (also the Braves on TBS).
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    New NPSL expansion team for Atlantic City NJ
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    Call me crazy, but if you’re prioritizing the curb appeal and TV shots of your stadium over the views for the people who actually pay to go inside, you might be doing it wrong.
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    These are some paintings I've done in school this past year. I've just started painting recently, but I really love it and hope to continue to learn & improve with time.
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    I love white helmets for the most part but if they were gonna change they shoulda went with powder blue instead.
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    Yes! I've missed these jerseys. I'm actually sick of their throwback jerseys and I hope these orange ones will replace them.
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    Just give it a rest. You've had plenty of opportunities to prove you have insider knowledge and haven't done so.
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