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    Sure to be an unpopular opinion, but I preferred the original silver helmets.
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    As is usual for NFL uniforms these days, with only a few minutes of effort the guys on this forum have greatly improved on the real thing.
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    Unique doesn’t necessarily equal good. The Lightning came out of that redesign with better, more versatile marks and a stronger overall brand based on how they’ve built around it. They’re two or three minor changes/additions from excellence, which wasn’t always true of their previous looks.
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    I am preparing for some heat, but first thing that comes to mind: From: To: Take a 90's team with a unique identity and strip it of everything unique and attempt to create an ugly marriage of Leafs and Red Wings.
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    My inside sources have confirmed that the NFL's Nashville-based franchise will in fact be called the Tennessee Titans. You heard it here first!
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    I'm telling you. Dark indigo is the way to go.
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    I don’t mind it if the Lightning want to have a dignified look. I would just rather they not have my team’s dignified look
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    I got a lot for you guys: to to And of course, the one that was bad for everyone involved: to and Can't forget about this one: to And it's going to get even worse. Finally: to
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    I actually think their current look is an upgrade. I liked the original Caps unis way better than their mid-90's change.
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    Y'all better cool it with all this UT talk before the gods - i mean *mods*- shut this thing down.. Lions, Volunteers, even Titans jerseys.. Come on guys, this is a TITANS HELMETS thread!!!
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    Judging by that leaked jersey being held up, it shouldn’t be that hard to do.
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    If this is indeed it, then I feel compelled to wait. Completely disappointed as I thought the Titans were about to develop something coherent with their identity. All the stuff they've used on social media, consistent font, greek meander pattern isn't even being used. Amazing.
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    VGK: You more or less perfected their identity. Love the striping on the pants. SJS: A big departure from their sets of the past, but works well. No complaints on this one. ANA: The pattern looks great on the home jersey, but the beige on orange doesn’t work on the away jersey. LAK: Perfection.
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    As a lifelong Astros fan I was so happy when Jim Crane bought the team and restored the H-Star logo. It means even more seeing it on a World Series Championship ring.
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    I have always wanted to see light Gray/Cream uniforms in the NFL. We saw the Seahawks do it and honestly I thought it looks pretty good. I actually just did a Buc's concept where I replaced white with a off White/Cream color I'm in love with. lol
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    I'd argue that it just means that something is a thing that exists. Anything can be straight fire. Monochrome? Straight fire! Chrome? Straight fire! Retro? Straight fire! Alternatively, fire emojis may also be used.
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    Tonight is the Night that many Houston Astro fans have been waiting for a lifetime and also a night that Championship Ring fans look forward to as well. Here is a link to a story of the company who came in second to whoever got the ring contract and their ring design is very very good. Not sure how they can be assured they came in second or runner up to the company who won the contract as I would guess its a guarded secret. Not sure how they lost out but you all should check out the video and I hope whoever did make the real rings that they are just as nice. http://abc13.com/sports/astros-world-series-ring-shrouded-in-mystery-ahead-of-ceremony/3297915/
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    Bruh... unreal finds!! FWIW, I own a Rob Johnson game-used jersey that I can barely squeeze into, and I'm the same size as Doug Flutie... some players wear their jerseys skin-tight. I wouldn't be surprised if each is legit game-issued. EDIT: There are two game-worn Elliot jerseys on eBay - both size 40.
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    I don't like it when teams just have logos on sleeve and the old pewter was ugly, so I agree. But I also go even further to LIKING the current look. Other than the numbers the new set is an upgrade IMO, which I've posted before. The larger logo is awesome, all the logos are improved, and the pants stripes are cool rather than boring. Chrome facemask is pointless but facemasks are one of those details that people go nuts about that I don't care about at all (for instance, the Browns have been white, gray, and brown and I've liked them all). I also don't mind the Jags current look. It's maybe my favorite look of theirs but they need to balance their colors better and get rid of the stupid helmet (that's the only egregious part of the look, which I totally get hating relentlessly). I wish they focused on their "teal" like many others. Also, the JAGS shield is awesome. Shields are great (ironically, not a fan of the Cavs shield, but that's because of the use of black).
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    Thats on me, I left myself wide open on that one. totally spaced out the dong.
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    "I'm going to wake up today and announce the most unpopular opinion in the entire world".
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    Wow... thats... thats so bad
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    Looks like they are going all-in on the sword. Both of those holes in the 8 look inspired by the sword. Ugh. Regarding leaking, I would not be surprised if teams start doing really early leaks and if the reaction is bad, they'll say it was a hoax and go back to the drawing board. (But not by leaking the day before).
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    I share your opinion and am reserving judgement. I'm a Chiefs fan, but right now, I'm kinda tempted to own this Mariota jersey. I'm still hoping there are 3 red stars on the sleeves but I don't think that's in play based on the leak. Excited to see the helmet and the rest of the set.
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    I listened to AM radio yesterday. My chief issue with this league is starting a football league in this day and age seems like a risky venture unto itself. Add on all the other obstacles they'll have to overcome and it feels doomed to fail. I could see the NFL going the way of boxing if they don't correct the inherent dangers of the sport and if the NFL has a shelf-life so would any other leagues playing the sport. I think the only chance for a hypothetical minor league to survive would be to become a viable alternative as a developmental league for younger players to the NCAA, but the NCAA's slave labor and decades of history with fanbases it feels like that's an even tougher hill to climb than taking on the NFL.
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    Seed #3: Anaheim Ducks Seed #4: Los Angeles Kings
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    Group I: Princeton AFC, Buena Vista United Group J: Olympique Detroit, Islanders SC Group K: East Harlem SC, Hartford City Group L: St. Johns Brigade, Austin Republic
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    Nothing wrong with burnt toast Jesus. He's part of a well balanced breakfast. But none of you get my tinfoil hats if I'm right.
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    I said nothing about the spring league being competition so idk where that came from. Kiss is a pretty bad example as they had money behind them as did the Sabercats. Since then, no team hav been popped up there and that is due to the labor laws. Going even further back was the Avengers but the league was in a different financial state then.
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    Your masters already got an ugly all-dark gray uniform for the Lions... no one needs to see another one. Hell, we didn't need to see that one. And WHF do you mean by "both" Anthracite and Dark Steel Gray? Is that just some weird joke? That's like saying they need to use both navy blue and really really dark blue.
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    Only in a world where "underrated" means "eww yuck gross barf". 1) it looks like two separate words: "Diamond" "Backs", not "Diamondbacks" 2) stacked emblems have never looked good on a baseball uniform (possibly not on any uniform) 3) the shadows and extra white outline against the pinstripe backdrop is a bit much.
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    Here's what's going to happen, Sparky. If the Seattle NHL Franchise announces a name/logo package that's not any of these, I'm going to get disproportionately upset. Love the plaid jersey.
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    Yeah, of all the places in the world I could look for a good opinion about uniform details, Madden would be one of the last.
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    Wish more schools would do this. Wisconsin uses the same number font for football and basketball, but not all sports. Hockey is very close, but seems slightly off and then baseball just does its own thing entirely. Really helps tie together a brand.
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    If anybody ever dogs you for being a uniform nerd, just remind them that it teaches valuable life lessons, just like regular sports. Specifically, that life is filled with anticipation that is usually met with crippling disappointment. But we never give up hope, and we find the continuing will to live in those small moments of glory. Though it is still mostly just disappointment and failure.
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    Here's a mock up made by a random Titans twitter account that I think may actually do a pretty good job of predicting what we'll see on Wednesday- It shows a sword-inspired yoke similarly to what @eRay made in his mock up in the last thread, which I feel is definitely likely based on the teaser videos. One of the Nike designer's mentioned something about it being "an evolution" while also "balancing the key design principles of the Titans", which to me would definitely indicate keeping a shoulder yoke of some kind. We haven't seen or heard very much at all still (they've really done a crazy good job of keeping this under wraps) but so far I think that everything sounds pretty good. My prediction of what could go wrong for this set will be color balance. I like the colors that are being worked with, but it's unclear how they will be used still. With what looks like a promoted use of silver, it will be interesting to see how much columbia blue and red will be used.
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    The earliest rumblings of the neo-retro movement in baseball also happened in the 1990s. Take the Giants, who adjusted their cap and wordmark logos to "update" their 1947-1976 wordmarks and cap logo: Compare that to their bulbous 1983-93 look, as seen in this late 1993 image (a fun case of branding overlap): The White Sox started this push towards neo-retro designs in the 1990's (after being part of the "1987" wave): Many others following suit. The Phillies created an odd modernization of their "Whiz Kids" design, the Expos redid their uniforms in a traditional style, the Cardinals eschewed uniform stripes and added a road cap, the Reds revived vests and pinstripes, Cleveland brought back the 1940s-'50s scripts in an "uncanny valley" fashion, and the Angels revived their 1960s aesthetic for a brief period. Also, the 1993 teams both came out with modern spins on "traditional" (White Sox ripoff) designs. Neo-retro was an underrated part of 1990s design, one that would gain traction in the following decade.
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    the drop shadow niners were the best niners and anyone who disagrees can meet me in the pit
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    For me, the discussion about the most 90s uniform starts and ends here.
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    Silly Victor, BFBS does not concern itself with such trivial matters as "contrast" or "not looking terrible".
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    Next team Arizona Coyotes The Coyotes current set has really grown on me so my goal was to take its basic essence and make it bolder. The most important change was to implement real hem-stripes and fix the weird inconsistencies with the cuff stripes. 'Sand' is now a prominent part of the striping configuration to make things more cohesive with the primary crest and I added a sublimated flag-pattern to the upper sleeves for some added personality. I replaced the shoulder patches with a logo that hints at the inaugural look to honor the teams history and demoted the 'paw print' to the helmets. For the alternate, I drew inspiration from the alternate class of 1996 but opted against tacky gradients and asymmetries. The sublimated flag-design takes center-stage on a dual-colored jersey, reigned in with traditional striping on the hem and sleeves. C & C is very much appreciated, thanks for looking!
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    Well, as you say... And a good one. I recall the floating yellow stripe from the Lemieux days and was never a fan...it mad the Penguings a team with a pretty big gap between their home and road jerseys. Not a fan of the laces...but I never am. Seems like change for change's sake. I can deal with the steel pattern. It's not necessary. I suppose I can deal with the alternate having that mid-1990s logo. The jersey itself is a solid alt look. I'm always weary of teams appearing to almost have primary alternates, though. Therefore, I'd go with the skating penguin on the helmets.
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