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    I've ranted about this enough already. Not even a Stanley Cup win could magically erase my frustrations at this rebrand.
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    I feel like if they wanted to incorporate more Columbia Blue they should have kept the full yoke including collar in Columbia Blue and then had the Silver sword shape overlay that. It would have balanced out the colors more and not feel as forced. Also thickening the numbers and getting rid of the serifs. Maybe even getting rid of white all together and going for silver numbers also. Something along the lines of this:
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    I absolutely LOVED this uniform! The pewter/white/pewter combo... the "pop" of the numbers and pant-stripes... the pirate ship as secondary logo... the overall clean simplicity of the look. It all worked for me.
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    Recently mildly triggered by the Lincoln Saltdogs headscratcher of a logo change, whose spiffy new dog enjoys maniacally staring into my soul, I got to wondering what some of the worst brand changes ever have been. And watching the Sox play the lowly Marlins I was reminded of this now infamous downgrade: What are some of your (least) favorites?
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    Never understood why they decided to add so much grey to their identity.
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    Sure to be an unpopular opinion, but I preferred the original silver helmets.
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    Just to remind us of just who we are... I just clicked an ESPN story of the NFL investigating the leak. The story included the photo. One of the reader comments was that he'd never have realized it was not the old jersey if the story did not tell him so.
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    Sonics to Thunder. No pics are necessary on that one, I wouldn’t do that to you guys.
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    As is usual for NFL uniforms these days, with only a few minutes of effort the guys on this forum have greatly improved on the real thing.
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    The bottom one, but with their recent social medial number font instead, is all they really needed to do for a perfect upgrade.
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    The number looks awkwardly thin and the Columbia Blue side/underarm area looks really out of place. Get rid of the under arm things and it wouldn't look so bad I suppose. Not figuring in the two different shades of silver if that is really a thing. Had they kept the same kind of color layout and updated the template and numbers it would look way better IMO.
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    That was a great uniform that the Bucs had no business tampering with. Really stupid! ?
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    One for old times sake. Wow, i'm loving everything that I am hearing so far! Not long to go now......
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    Unique doesn’t necessarily equal good. The Lightning came out of that redesign with better, more versatile marks and a stronger overall brand based on how they’ve built around it. They’re two or three minor changes/additions from excellence, which wasn’t always true of their previous looks.
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    The red rocks Jazz uniforms have grown on me, they are just fun. Remind me a lot of the tequila sunrise Astros or the rainbow skyline Nuggets But talk about a team without a color identity. I wonder how Jazz fans feel about what exactly their identity is? They had phases where they were green, then purple, then the 90s teal gold and purple craziness, THEN another trend-driven two tone blue during the 00's, THEN back to retro look while still totally changing the colors with the navy-green-yellow combination, THEN another total curveball with the red-orange-yellow uniform. (That must be one of the only examples in sports where a team wears basically every color on the ROYGBIV spectrum in their history, right? I guess you cant say whether the current City ones are red or orange, but they cover every single other color. Crazy.)
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    Without the light blue panels, very Claymores-ian.
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    The downgrade that defines the phenomenon: → A crisp and brilliant look full of character was traded for an awkward and unsightly mess. Nothing was left undamaged, as the colours, the wordmark, the numbers, and the cap logo all got significantly worse. The tragic part is that this happened right after the team's high point, its first appearance on the national stage, an achievement which should have cemented the basic elements of the team's identity for all time. Their look has never recovered.
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    I sent a a screenshot of it to a friend of mine and he said, "Looks the same." So yeah, we're a bunch of dorks.
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    Connie Mack with a few of his shrewd advisors.
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    i actually really like the brown and orange padres (love the hat and the wordmark)... someone point me in the direction of the unpopular opinion thread?
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