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    If you don't follow me on twitter(which you should) you may have missed this. It all started as a fun little joke tweet I made while stuck in a car coming back from Tennessee. All it was was a fun little joke, and then I got to thinking about a concept using that Orioles logo style. Then what would a flamingo look like? What about a chicken? Duck? Sunday night I made the mistake of following through on these thoughts and created the twitter @smilingbirdlogo, and well the topic is exactly how it sounds. I figured someone would have brought it up here but it seems like something you all would enjoy the hell out of. Thanks!
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    You could say the upgrade was pretty gaudy but at least the Bengals finally had a look they could call their own.
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    First one that comes to mind -- I mean, c'mmon folks... these mismatched abominations; And the hat? Hang on I'm gonna be sick... Thankfully, back to...
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    The number's really bother me in how thin they are. Also looking at the number set it seems like some of the numbers just don't fit in with each other. Like there is no common theme tying each number to the look of the next. IDK exactly what I'm trying to say, but the numbers need work, they don't look like they should be on a sports uniform. He is my take on it. I thickened them and then reworked them with a common theme. Also while I was at it I was playing around with maybe styling them to look "Greek" or whatever. (Not totally done, still have some tinkering to to as seen in the number 1. lol) What it might look like on the uniform. (Also with toning down the silver on the back half of the shoulder "sword". Plus Columbia Blue should be the primary.) I'm starting to think maybe Nike should run their design's past us on this board before they decide to go forward with things. I've seen so many great concepts and heard so many good ideas here that are so much better than what Nike has shown.
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    The departure from the white helmet is truly depressing. I always felt like the Titans had a great look. Clean, colorful, solid. The color rush and leotard looks were horrible, but these? These combos were so pleasing to the eye on Sunday.
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    This just landed on the doorstep of some Denver homes this morning...
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    Creamsicles are retro cool these days but the switch to pewter and red was seen as a upgrade if I'm correct.
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    I'm convinced we will look back at those Titans uniforms as one of the most classic looks in NFL history. Give it 5-10 years even. They were unique, iconic, colorful and little simplicities like the helmet logo NOT having extra strokes, those shoulder panels and the funky but good number font. The uniform was bold from head to toe, and man...every combination with white pants was gorgeous. RIP
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    That's terrible reasoning lol. "We haven't changed this in over 40 years, so therefore it has to change because reasons."
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    I don't think anybody doubts that is a possibility But that would still be
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    Syracuse is that you? Laughable at best, fits the product on the field.
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    You know you’re doing bad at designing uniforms when a comment like this appears.
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    I have the feeling that most of the biggest upgrades will be "returns to former identity" or "rolling back the downgrade"
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    I’m thrilled. The Oilers fetish is one of my least-favorite CCSLC tropes.
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    A lot of the ones I’ve done are ones that are recognizable by their face, so red tailed hawk would just look like a normal hawk. I notice all the suggestions and have a few ones that I have in mind to do soon while the iron is hot but then again I got weird and did an egg last night
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    Nike no doubt came up with many concepts on their own and cull them down to a few recommendations. all those on the wall are close to the final design (does look like they were playing with a fire theme). from there, NFL and the team gets to put their 2 cents in. this is actually one of the better videos that show the process and how many people are involved. you usually get just Nike people talking about the thing, but this is a nice behind the scenes look. (as an aside, Shandon is a great dude. i got to meet him and some other NFL Creative people a few weeks ago.)
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    Seems like no one’s looked over the Nike behind the scenes vid for this yet. They’re usually full of interesting unused concepts that are never revealed anywhere else. This one shows that they were originally supposed to be wearing columbia socks with the navy pants, which is a shame, but wearing colored pants with different colored socks is simply a lost art in this league. There’s also some really odd recolors of the logo back there, including ones that feature more red, and... gold???
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    Dear Titans fans, welcome to the club. signed, a Buccaneers fan.
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    This one came immediately to mind. In a ranking of team aesthetics how high would the Bruins have fared in 2007? Top 15, maybe? Not the case after the Edge re-design when they became, arguably, the best looking team in the league.
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    The Oilers IN TENNESSEE fetish is one of the funniest and infuriating tropes I've seen on here
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    What the drawing looks like in my head VS What the drawing looks like on paper
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    I get the Titans new look isn’t popular, but that’s far from the worse downgrade EVER.
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    This new uniform is weird one for me. I remember feeling strongly negative towards the Browns and Buccaneers immediately after seeing them debuted. Like instant dislike, and that sort of low level internet outrage we do so well here. But this... I can't build up any real emotion over it. Oh, it sucks, don't get me wrong. The helmet is cluttered, the font is complete garbage, the shoulder swords are sort of beginner-concept embarrassing, the pants are silly, it's all pretty bad. By any objective reasoning, it's every bit as bad as Cleveland or Tampa. But for some reason, I can't seem to make myself care too much. It's like they threw together all these mismatched bad ideas and still somehow made it dull. If you verbally described this uniform to me (which would probably take at least a few minutes) I think I'd say it's got to be a complete nightmare. But when I look at it I just kind of yawn. I know when I see it on the field, the main thing I'm going to gripe over is the high school style monochrome. It's like, yeah, it's a nightmare, but it's somehow a boring nightmare.
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    https://www.nhl.com/news/philadelphia-flyers-florida-panthers-could-need-play-in-game/c-297737130 Basically, if the Flyers lose by 2 goals to the Rangers tomorrow, and Florida wins both of their last 2 games in the shootout, they would be tied for the final wildcard spot in points and all 3 tiebreakers, necessitating a tiebreaker game like in baseball, something as far as I can see has never happened in the NHL's history.
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    I am sure all of us here have experienced that same stare.
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    1997 Tampa Bay Bucs (farewell winking pirate, hello cannonball buccos, salvaged franchise dignity) 1998 Seton Hall Pirates (finally got a design budget) 2000 New England Patriots (graduated from hokey 90s poop cartoon into businesslike navy) 2008 Tampa Bay Rays (90s gradient miscarriage traded up for a lovely, self-respecting look) 2009 Philadelphia Flyers (hated the black, emo Flyers, & they did the right thing by remembering color exists) 2010 Edmonton Oilers (going back to the basics after years of navy 00's sadness) 2011 Buffalo Bills (grey-navy abomination to timeless football-proud franchise) 2012 Toronto Blue Jays (return to form after years of being miscast in pewter for reasons known only to Lucifer) 2012 Los Angeles Kings (remembering their identity after some purple whoopsy years) 2013 Creighton Blue Jays (massive upgrade) 2013 Oregon State Beavers (one of my favorite logos in college sports) 2013 Dallas Stars (the black no-logo stars were worst looking team in all of hockey) 2013 Houston Astros (abandoned brick & brooding days for heritage-led, vivid orange & no frills; perfect) 2013 Minnesota Vikings (overdone modernity abortion becomes one of NFL's best overnight) 2016 Florida Panthers (aching for an upgrade for years and they pulled it off very nicely) 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars (it's by default going to be such a huge upgrade over the dual-tone helmet disgraces that it must be featured)
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    Going way back for this one, with the A’s 1960-63 updates. The A’s went from a generic look to a super-austere set (which has a bit of charm to it, even if it’s a little Yankee-like - which fit with their “unofficial farm team” status), before going crazy with navy/red and finally settling into a color scheme that they could call there own in baseball. I only wish more teams had followed Charlie O.’s example in the 1960s and embraced new color schemes.
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    This one gets a double credit as one of the worst downgrades. Not only was it bad in its own right, but it started a trend of terrible design, one whose ill effects are still very much with us. So this is a uniform disaster of historic magnitude.
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    Not sure if this has been touched on, but Paul Lukas brings up a very interesting point over on Uni-Watch, and that is; ""...it’s pretty obvious from the press photos that certain numeral combinations will work better than others. Like, if , what are they going to do with 33?" I lost a lot of sleep last night over this whole issue of what 33 will look like for the Titans. A lot of sleep. Perhaps one of you has an educated guess as to how they will tackle it..
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    Falcons should change their stale black helmet for more vibrant red.
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    I’ve always wished the Warriors, if anything, used a more Bay Area themed moniker such as “Golden Gate” or even “Bay Area”. Golden State is fine and I like it because it’s relatively unique in American sports, but it’s kind of weird as it represents the ENTIRE state rather than just the region. You could be a Warriors fan in LA who claims that the team is trying to represent you, and you wouldn’t really be wrong. It’s the same issue we had with the California Angels. Not a bad sounding name and kind of different, but you’re stretching further than you probably should.
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    Everyone loved the Blue Jays coming to their senses in the winter before the 2012 season.
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    One that's near and dear to my heart: While the 1998 set went a bit overboard compared to 1997 with the black stripes on the helmets and collars, nothing could prepare BYU and college football fans in general for what would hit us in 1999. 1997 1998 1999
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    Never understood why they decided to add so much grey to their identity.
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