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    As somebody who cares about aesthetics, and cares about the sport, I’m thrilled to see this go.
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    Yeah, I think they absolutely could. It's hardly an obscure reference.
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    Idk why they’d try to make a new logo when Ballin’ Ben is just sitting there largely unused
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    The angle of the script, which has been discussed a lot, is the only weird thing about these jerseys. But the script is a billion times better than the W, especially when the sleeve patch on all the jerseys is a W in a roundel.
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    Noteworthy that the article once again solely refers to Wells Fargo Center as "the Center". Remember this?
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    Up next: Minnesota If the mothership is to be trusted, and why shouldn't it be, then the Twins have a lot of uniforms. Too many uniforms for my liking. Also I am not a fan of the gold they use. Yes it separates them from all the other R/W/B teams but I just don't think that gold fits them. As I was designing these, I came across the powder blue era Twins, and that's when I got the idea to use double blue again. Plus in my head it makes sense because they play in Minnesota which is the Land of A Lot of Lakes and blue = water. Thats as close to NikeSpeak as I want to get . Hats - Hats, hats, hats. There's a lot of hats. The main hat is the navy/navy with the TC logo, and so is the matching helmet. The alternate hat is navy/red with the resurrected M-swoosh logo on the front. Matching helmet as well. BP hats are red/navy with TC logo and white front panel with the M logo. I'm not sure if I'd let those into the normal rotation. Jerseys - So I don't like the Twins in pinstripes. That's just me. I don't think it fits them. I like the new non-pinned home jersey and used those as the base. I borrowed the striping from the powder blue era and made them a little bigger. State outline with the two players is on the right sleeve on all jerseys. Drop shadowed numbers and scripts on all jerseys. Pants - White and powder blue pants. I considered a navy blue set, but it didn't fit so they hit the scrap heap. Triple stripe down the side of the pants. Socks have the jersey stripe on them. C&C welcome!
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    I'd say most of their success was due to Tom Coughlin rather than cartoonish expansion advantages. Mark Brunell, Jimmy Smith, Keenan McCardell, and Fred Taylor became Jaguars due to good front office moves, not "Your new market needs to be good" expansion advantages.
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    And yet the color rush look was perhaps the best the Rams have looked since they came home.
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    The Jaguars need gold to look great. Simply teal and black is too cold and dated looking to me. Outside of that, I really hope that the "distinctive" part of that tweet really shows through in the uniforms. That will be the key. Most Jaguars fans clearly want something more reserved, I just hope that they don't take it too far like those leaks may lead us to believe.
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    These come out in a week. Trust me when I say they are definitely done with the design process and have been for quite some time.
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    What in the everlasting gobstopping **** is this? Someone get the folks in Chester on the phone and tell the Union that the Sixers are hijacking their logo in a really, really weird way.
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    Marlins with an interesting poll this week... should they have a vest alternate jersey? It's interesting considering how few vests are still in baseball yet also considering the Marlins have a wonderful "vest history." I think it's tough to answer too because "it depends" could be a real choice. If it's something classic and timeless like the '97 vests then yea I'm all for it but if it's something useless like the Rockies black vests with black undershirts then I'd rather not have it. A lot of these uniform poll questions are tough to answer without knowing more information. But still thought it was worth bringing up here that a team might bring a vest back into MLB.
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    While the bold may make retaining the name more likely, it does not keep the name from being bad. It is unique, but unique is not, in itself, necessarily good. "NoCal Warriors" would be unique, as would "Bay Area Warriors." Admittedly, I have a fairly rigid preference that the "place" be a City and, failing that, an actual "place" in a "census" way (ruling out Carolina, Tampa Bay, and the like). Now, "Golden State" is a nickname for a place (the State of California) but "Big Apple" is a nickname for one, as well and I am glad we don't have the "Big Apple Knicks." That said, I appreciate the odd position this franchise is in. They have been "San Francisco" but the move to Oakland made keeping that name a bit odd since Oakland is not a suburb like Auburn Hills or something. "Oakland," not being the region's dominant or signature city does not make sense when the whole Bay Area has only one team. Other things like "Bay Area" are just as goofy. "California" would make sense if there were not other teams there. But then again "Golden State" represents California anyway, so its no less egregious. So, while in Oakland, it was tough. I'd have either stuck with SF or gone to California (like the Angels did despite the existence of four other teams). And there's one other thing that bugs me about Golden State: the cadence. California is the GOLDen state But we call them golden STATE The name has accidentally devolved into mimicking a college team. I don't know whether that was fan behavior or simply the fact that saying GOLDen state Warriors is difficult and does not roll off the tongue. Probably the latter but I'd still argue that the college-like sound of the name makes it worse. I actually have memories of thinking it was a college team when I was a little kid just getting into sports (also with no NBA in Minnesota, I saw more college basketball).
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    "The Lakers and Dudes on ESPN tonight!"
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    Now to make these beauts the primaries... with contrasting color pants, of course: The rest? Burn 'em.* * An exclusion may be made for the Giants' white Color Rush jerseys.
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    Hello all, I've been working the past few weeks on a new template for baseball uniforms in Photoshop. It was a painstaking effort to get everything on there but hopefully I've covered everything. I'd really like to thank @raysox for the inspiration from his Soccer and NuSoccer templates - I love the flat looks with thick outlines. I also want to thank @dsaline97 for critiquing the final product with Snapchat sketches. Here's some of the highlights: Traditional and "Taco Bell" style hats Traditional, Paneled, and "Taco Bell" helmets Gloss and Matte finishes Smart Object layers for helmet and hat logos Four Jersey Styles: Pullover (with round, v-neck, and one-button collar styles) Button down w/ undershirt Button down w/o undershirt Button down vest Each jersey style has raglan and traditional sleeves and pinstripes Three jersey piping options for placket, sleeves, and neck: One color (most teams) Two color (Nationals) Two color (Braves) Two pants styles Elastic waist (70s - 80s) Belted waist (traditional) Each pants style has pinstripe and pocket flap options Three pants piping options for outseam and belt loops Separate stirrup and sanitary sock layers Everything should be layered and grouped logically. Here's the deal - I only have Photoshop, so please don't ask me "When will this be available for Paint, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.?" because I won't doing that. However, if you think there is a critical piece missing from the template, please let me know and I'll see if it's worth adding. Please have fun with this and feel free to show of your concepts! TL;DR - Here's the link: Media Fire Link Bonus: If you can tell me individual and team referenced in the picture above, I'll give you a high five.
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    The guy who gave the info that they'd have red and silver jerseys, and that the jersey design would be that of armor and all heavily feature Columbia?
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    It's a Minnesota-Iowa-Dakotas-up-north-Wisconsin chain. Its authenticity makes Taco Bell look like a hole in the wall in East L.A.
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    I hadn't heard of the chrome possibility yet, just the metallic silver. It sounds like they really exhausted a lot of options over the design process. Also, just to set the record straight because this article gets it wrong, the new helmet features a metallic satin finish, NOT a matte one.
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    Not doubting you, but offering a 'yeah, but'. How does this retailer see where they are in the design process since they aren't done. Or maybe better still, WHY does a retailer see anything prior to the release date. I don't understand why or how that might happen.
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    It especially looks bad because it never matches the uniforms. chrome red is different than the red you would see on the pants, and that alone bothers me the most.
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    Noticed this again in the Stanley Cup playoffs newspost with all possible matchups. The logo has been crooked for years and I can't believe it hasn't been fixed yet.
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    The Jazz look like a well-oiled machine. They could be a serious dark horse. GS seems to be fading at the wrong time (or the right time if you`re anyone else). I truly believe Utah could take out any team in the league other than Houston in a 7 gamer, and even that would be a good series.
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    I'm making an assumption here - Based on this, coaches will be wearing white hats too, just like in '68.
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    I'm interested to see what the other "tweaks to the uniform policy" will be. I'm really hoping they'll finally eliminate the 1-helmet rule. Somehow I think they need to create more structure. Maybe give teams the options of 4 different uniforms and 2 helmets. Normal home, away, alternate and a throwback. The team can only use the alternate helmet with the throwback or alternate (formerly color rush) and those two alternates can only be worn twice during the regular season. Also keep the 5-year rule for only the home and away.
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    Just like the marlins and rays fans...Fair weather Ever since they moved into hard rock. I’m in Houston and it’s similar with everything but football. Astros were really bad expo bad when they were rebuilding.
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    If a team does go to Dallas, the perfect place is SMU's stadium. Cotton Bowl is ridiculously large and lacks any emphasis to buy tickets ahead of time. Also, it's been said earlier and many times over the neighborhood it's in isn't exactly the best. Frisco, at FC Dallas' stadium isn't really an option. As for Colorado, depending on potential stadium sizes they're looking for, and the season, Coors Field might be the option. Aside from that, if you want to go to the mountain states, Utah makes the most sense. There's three notable stadiums in the Wasatch range with Rio Tinto, Rice-Eccles, and BYU's stadium. Rice-Eccles would be the prime location.
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    Hahahahahaha! This is hilarious! What will you do for teams like Chicago
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    It's more like they respect themselves. We're kind of watching the team change how it views itself in front of our eyes. Paying attention to their Twitter presence, the choices they're making with these uniforms, etc. It all just feels like they're re-internalizing how they see themselves as an organization. Like, I don't think it was even possible for the Jaguars to have a sense of "tradition" in 2009 or 2013. It now feels like enough time has passed, this new success, fans expressing a desire for teal, that's made this sort of reevaluation possible.
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    The draft hats are nothing short of a disaster.
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    That's giving Hinkie all possible credit, and I'll grant it. I'll just add that what he sucked at is player development, and it's not fair that Okafor and Noel were thrown away like garbage. Instead of being able to learn how to play, they were forced to sit and their careers may never recover. One other reason that Hinkie may never work in the NBA again is because his resignation letter was bat :censored: crazy.
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    I should fix that when I update the set,then. Anyway,moving on to the Ravens... The two main jerseys and the "Franchise" alt all feature the same design: The sleeves feature a rather unique form of striping in stylized "raven wings". The pants also switch the plain stripe for a double stripe look similar to the helmet design. All black on these 3 sets is replaced by a colour adidas call "punjab". This colour is a strange,often shiny black that can turn to navy blue or dark purple when hit by certain lighting. Helmet stays black,though (on the field,the difference between black and "punjab" would be barely noticeable). The pants on the white set are purple to enable interchangeability. The alt features a rather conceptual design; the head-to-toe black look is meant to be inspired by an actual raven. Thus,the "raven wings" in this one become a subtle dark grey. The "Night Lights" alt is a flashy purple with neon yellow and black trim,with striping on the sleeves taken by the flag of Maryland. The pants and helmet have a neon yellow stripe to enhance that aspect of the uniform. (In case you come to me about consistency,the striping from the other 3 didn't really fit with the concept)
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    I see @Htown1141 was right after all; these boards are really that obsessed with S-T-R-I-P-I-N-G C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y! Jokes aside... Well the Atlanta striping is based off their mid 1980s look; I just - oh the irony - replaced the pants stripe with the 3 bar striping in order to keep the design somehow erm... consistent! The alts are meant to be fauxbacks based on their current throwbacks,with all striping changed to the 3 bar stripes for erm... S-T-R-I-P-I-N-G C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y throughout the set. I'm moving on to the next team later; If I ever decide to revisit these two,it will be after I finish all initial redesigns; I don't want the thread to pause on the first two teams for very long because of C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y I-S-S-U-E-S!
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    Stanton got a golden sombrero against Orioles pitching and got booed off to the dugout in the 8th. Beautiful.
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    The Bay Area is a unique market. There are three big cities and several other 100,000+ communities that make it up, all with distinctly different cultures. Many, if not most, who live in San Jose, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Fremont, Walnut Creek and the like don’t want to be labeled as San Francisco, when they’ve had a team for over 40 years represent the entire bay. Yes, they were the SF Warriors, but it was for less than a decade, and long, long before any of the younger Warriors fans were born. Golden State isn’t Bay Area specific, but it’s neutral and has a long history with this community. There is is an undercurrent of resentment between the bay communities, but at the same time a sort of sibling love and brothership. I am an avid sharks fan, but I have to admit, they move to SF and rebrand, I’m not watching as much or following as avidly. Likewise, when the Niners relocated to the South Bay, SF residents and those on the peninsula were pissed, and remain pissed (not all, but a lot. Many I’m related to or have known my whole life). What I’m getting at is they have been the Bay’s team for over 40 years, not San Francisco’s. Oracle (and the Coliseum before that) was often full before the current Warriors were around (when we were truly horrid!) and has always been a staple throughout the bay. It may sound really silly and trivial to non Bay Area people, but it is a real issue amongst the community.
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    I know the newer crest isn't universally popular but the old one was so embarrassing that almost any change was going to be a massive relief.. and anyway I like the new one, it's a bit generic but solid and potentially classic.
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    I’m as picky as it gets when it comes to spotting sloppiness, compositional errors, opportunities to improve clarity, proper rendering, etc. in a logo, so this is a really odd take for me to digest. I can count on one hand the parts of the old logo that could be cleaned up. I gave up when I got to twenty on the new one.
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    4-8 outfits for a 4-8 outfit.
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    Lil Wayne's label ripping off the interlocking NY Yankees logo
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    Same logo as before, but with an updated wordmark, a slightly tweaked version of the one above. I also changed the yellow to Process Yellow to make it less "volty", but still brighter than traditional athletic gold. The blue is the same blue the Chargers currently wear. The dark charcoal gray provides some contrast to the bright primary colors. The idea was to maintain the Chargers overall identity but to refresh the brand with new logos and colors to bring some excitement to the team in its new location and give the LA Chargers a distinct look from the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers had some of their best years wearing blue helmet, but they have never worn Powder Blue helmets,and the NFL has a surplus of boring white helmets. As you can see, I designed a new helmet bolt, matching the style of the new primary logo. The jersey bolts, traditionally placed on the shoulders are now on the sleeves, reaching across the chest of the jersey. The blue home jersey would be worn, primarily with white pants and the the white jersey would be worn primarily with blue pants and graphite socks. I'm not sure how visible the yellow numbers would be on the white jersey in practice, but blue numbers, with either a yellow or gray outline just didn't feel right. The alternate jersey is graphite gray, paired with matching pants and blue socks. It could also be worn with white or blue pants, but I just hadn't shown the gray pants yet and I don''t hate the mono-gray combo either. The color Rush uniform is just the standard blue jersey and pants, paired with solid blue socks. I toyed with the idea of a yellow color Rush uniform but it was way too bright. maybe a white uniform is worth looking at for Color Rush? I'm definitely open to any and all feed back on the Chargers so fire away. Thanks for having a look.
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    New logo for the Vikings: I got rid of all of the black in the logo, which makes the logo feel very dated. After I ditched the black, I beefed up all of the purple lines just a little bit, not a huge update, but an update I think the logo needed nonetheless. I also created a new secondary logo: It's a stylized MV monogram with the V doubling as the horns of the Viking helmet (which I know didn't really exist, but it's cool and its what people think of when they think of vikings.) The new uniforms are based on that really cool prototype illustration from UniWatch with awesome V stripes. They are pretty straightforward with a double stripe on the sleeves and single color numbers. The facemask is purple and the black outline is gone from the helmet horns. I also continued the V stripes on the socks. I thought it was a cool idea but I'm not sure how it would work in practice. The alternate uniform is the standard Vikings throwback because a yellow, black or gray jersey just doesn't fit the Vikings' identity. The Color Rush uniform is the same idea as the current Color Rush, but I continued the yellow/gold onto the horn to complete the white-less uniform. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and as always, your feedback is more than welcome, especially for the new secondary logo.
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    based off Graphik (Super Italic) from CommercialType. looks like most of the characters were modified
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    LOVE the name, not sure I see what the logo is supposed to be though.
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    Remember the 1956 Cardinals' plan to use their "StL" crest on the road uniforms? Well, now we have color pictures of some of the prototypes! Yeah, getting cold feet was a good idea.
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