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    I'd like to put this one up for consideration:
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    Let's move right along and go with the Leafs' current opponent...
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    To eliminate the possibility of a team winning a championship wearing a black t-shirt and thus completely altering their aesthetic legacy in a kind of way.
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    Yeah...it's a pretty basic template that I use for experimenting with colour combos...I can tweak it later. I'll give the purp a shot, jd... Thank you Smashmode...welcome to the Boards! I'll try that, BL. Thanks... OK...I'm liking the "plaid-cut" sweater design. I think it's very Seattle-ish. I think Seattle should take ownership of the "plaid thing", in the way that the "RedBlacks" have done in the CFL. It would be a great tool for marketing purposes, and plaid, just says "hockey", IMO!.. So, I've kicked around a couple of concepts that would suit the plaid look. The Seattle Beavers A good name, but maybe not realistic because of the OSU Beavers living almost next door...I gave it a shot anyway, with an old logo of mine... The Seattle Nor'Westers You can't get much more north and west, than Seattle (Alaska says hi, though)...The name also has a "regional" twang to it. I did up a very "Whaler-ish" logo to go with this concept...
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    Jacksonville NBC affiliate, Jaguars beat writer: We should have some fun things to talk about during lunch next week!
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    Several of them have absolutely nothing that indicates the team aside from the colors.
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    When Adidas took over the CFL uniforms in 2016, they hit home runs with a few, most notably the Toronto Argonauts and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Unfortunately there were a few real duds like Montreal and Calgary. One thing I really dislike is that so many teams use the same template with the arm striping (BC, Calgary, Sask, Ottawa) and side panels (Calgary, Sask, Ottawa). When will this idiotic trend go away! My first submission is Montreal. Right now they possibly have the worst uniform design of all time, especially combined with a really bad cartoon logo. My fix here is pretty simple: new logo with clean design based on their glory days in the 70's. To me this seems like a real easy fix.
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    At long last I decided to do New York. First up we have the red white and blue side of town. With the Giants, Rangers, Yankees and Red Bulls using red white and blue it was an easy choice, I decided on navy blue to keep the Yankees history, and red. As far as changes the Giants just darken their blue. The Nets replace black with navy and add red stripes. The Rangers just darken their red and blue. The Yankees are mostly unchanged, slightly more red is used now however (like batters gloves and such). The Red Bulls drop yellow, darken their blue and make their look more balanced. The other side of NYC reps the cities official colors of blue range and white. With all the teams here besides the Jets already using a version of this it was an easy pick. As far as changes go the Jets had the biggest change by far replacing their iconic green and white for their new colors, the helmet stripes are alternating to look like the city flag. The Knicks drop silver. Isles remain the same, so do the Mets. NYCFC drops their lighter blue and makes orange and white more present. Let me know what you think CC is appreciated!
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    Oh, no this thread has been in utter chaos for MONTHS ...
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    We are in the home stretch now. In 1 week this thread will be total and utter chaos.
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    I agree 100% with your sentiment. Next up are the Oakland Athletics! The A's design stays pretty much the same, except for one big difference: I decided to embrace the retro Kelly green and gold they brought back this year. C&C appreciated! The Phillies and Pirates will be up tomorrow!
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    And no, I don't think they particularly noticed or cared what the Blue Jackets are using.
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    The fact that people still need this to be deconfirmed is an affront to my sanity.
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    I like Baltimore's ornithologically correct logo. I think the main reason why it gets so much hate is because the team was terrible during that era. The logo itself is fine.
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    Guys, thank you very much for the support and feedback you've given me throughout the whole series! I'm really sorry for halting it for so long, but I'm glad to have been able to finish it Now, I'll make a couple of tweaks/requests I got. For the moment, this is the list: @simtek34 - Twins in their tradtional colours @marlins2017 - Marlins black alt @coco1997 - Rockies Colorado-themed uniform If you have any other suggestion, just ask for it!
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    This is it! Time to end the series with San Francisco. For the Giants I brought back their 1994/99 wordmarks for the main set, keeping the current script on the home alt, and using their alternative wordmark for the road alt. I decided to use the current home style for the whole set. Also, suggested by @coco1997 I made a fauxback design, inspired by the New York era. I made a mix: -"S F" on the front, inspired by the 1905 uniforms -Pinstripes and both placket and sleeve pipping, based on the 1932 home design -As for the lettering, I decided to use an edited version of the 1983/93 "SF" logo, since I think it'd fit the style
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    Nope. Even before the fig-leaf "Safety!" one-helmet rule, the NFL was smart enough to ban alternate helmets. Bad enough they're diluting teams' looks with any number of alternate mix-and-match pants, alternate helmets would be awful.
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    Here's an update to the Lions secondary logo, per some suggestions by @JViking5 and @LogoMark. I made the ears a little bigger and defined the forehead a little more. I also fixed the bottom point of the mane and I think it's a big improvement after seeing the change. I also tweaked the nose just a little bit because the more I looked at it, the less I liked it. I've also got some new logos and uniforms for the New Orleans Saints. My two biggest gripes with the Saints are the dull khaki gold they use and the logo with a dozen outlines, so I fixed those problems. I simplified the outlining on the logo to one bold outline and changed the gold back to the original, rich old-gold the Saints used to sport. I also designed a new wordmark with some wrought iron inspired detailing. As for the uniforms themselves, the current jerseys are good enough, but kind of boring, and the black pants are dumb, especially with no stripes, and there's no reason for the striping on the gold pants not to match the striping on the gold helmet. My goal was to give the uniforms a little more life and use a more consistent striping system. The most iconic piece of the Saints' uniforms has to be the gold helmet with the fleur-de-lis and traditional stripe. I based by whole uniform design on that idea. The helmet logo is a little bigger and I decided to keep the logo on the sleeves because I think it looks good there. The collar an cuffs have a new three stripe pattern that I think compliments the helmet and pants well and gives the jersey a little more flair. I have always loved the gold numbers on the Saints vintage uniforms and the Color Rush jersey, so I used gold numbers in my design. I decided to stay away from black pants an go with a pair of white alternate pants instead, which could be a nice change of pace and could be worn with any of the three jerseys every once in a while. So, since the news broke that Color Rush may not necessarily mean head-to-toe monochrome, I decided to pair the alternate/Color Rush gold jersey with some white pants, which is a look that is more befitting of an NFL franchise, and the Saints would still have a mono-gold uniform is they really 'needed' to wear it. Well that's it for today. Thanks for taking a look and feel free to let me know what you think.
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    I agree. I also liked the Saints white CR jerseys (and the other black throwback jerseys) better than either of their standard jerseys. And the Saints' CR numbers were great. I'd prefer they adopted those jerseys and use the gold pants they've worn with throwbacks in the past.
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    Just as a historical curiosity, I would like to see the Browns change their name and maybe colors. It would be really interesting to see an identity that was fought for so damn hard, and then what had to happen in between that made said identity "worthless" in only about 20 years. Not that I want it to happen; I just think it would be funny.
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    3 Stanley Cup playoff games - 0 fights A baseball Wednesday in April - 2 brawls We truly live in bizarro world
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    Understandable. However, my main idea with this series was just to replace textual elements with comic sans, so re-doing the entire logo in cases where the entire logo isn't text somewhat defeats the purpose if you ask me. However, I do still like that idea and am very open to doing this after the semester ends and I have some more time to myself. As of now this is just something fun and quick I can do during my breaks or during class when I'm bored, as I admit it involves little thought and creativity and not much of a requirement for neatness either. As a quick little bonus for you guys since it's not much different, here's Toronto's old logo.
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    At what point is the NFL going to step in and stop letting these teams put out designs with god-awful number fonts? It makes the whole league look bad.
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    Classic and traditional aren't inherently boring.. Illinois and Wazzu are boring.. Heck, you could argue that Alabama and Penn State are boring.. But USC, UCLA, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Kansas State, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, etc all have great uniforms with vibrant details that are aesthetic signatures for their respective brands, all while maintaining classic looks, and none of which would be considered boring by most of the members of these boards.. Don't get the terms confused - they have very different meanings..
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    Yeah, I think they absolutely could. It's hardly an obscure reference.
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    I can confirm all these bullet points. Can't say much more than that...sorry, gents.
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    Remember back in December when I spoke with a local Jacksonville retailer? I went and spoke to a different location of the same company, and I've got a lot more details to share. Teal and black will undoubtedly be emphasized over anything else. Gold is not gone entirely, but in little use I showed a photo of the leaks and they immediately said that's not what they saw. They saw a design about a month ago, but has seen many different editions since. But they were adamant the leak was not correct. I got the impression the logo is not changing, so no snow leopard uniforms. The gold jerseys are just about gone. Don't think Jacksonville nor the retailers were fond of them. They sold terribly. This is the craziest of them: Not this upcoming season, but eventually apparently, the Jaguars will have throwback uniforms. They specifically mentioned the full body sleeve logo, so the original uniforms could very well be back for a game or two in the coming seasons. Never thought we'd see that. They truly believe Coughlin will keep simple, a la the Giants. Nothing too crazy. I ended up spending an hour talking with the person, with the uniform stuff the minority of what was discussed.
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    Completely disagree. The Saints' white pants are leaps and bounds better than the black leotard pants they wear much too often.
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    Overall, I wasn't much of a fan of the promotion. But, I'm glad that I was able to add all of these goodies to my closet:
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    Well like I said in the first post, I can really only redesign teams whose logo makes use of text or a letterform, but fortunately every team has at some point or another in their history used some sort of letter-based logo, so while I won't be doing every teams primary logo, every team will still be involved in some way. The only team I have to reach for a bit is Carolina, where I'll need to use their not often seen (and possibly obsolete) wordmark. Thanks for all the feedback guys! Let's move on with the next installment in the series by ruining enriching yet another classic look.
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    I'm sure most of you are aware of the reputation that Comic Sans has in the design community, but for those who are unaware, it's regarded as one of the worst, most amateur fonts you can use. I'm sure less of you are aware of its usage in memes and s**tposting, often being used ironically to create humor by intentionally using it to mock it. With my combined interest in both of those, I one day had the bright idea of redesigning NHL logos that make use of text or a letterform, but use Comic Sans. Let's start out with a bang.
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    Hey everyone, welcome to my first post! I've been visiting these boards for a while now, I found them around the time the Buccaneers unveiled their new uniforms and finally registered a few months back and now after all that time I've finally decided to start contributing lol. Now to the concept. First off, I'm not great with computers. These are hand drawn. If that's a turn off for you, I apologize, but you can feel free to leave if that's not what you like. The background on this is simple, I'm a freshman at UNO and I love football, but we don't have a team. I got bored during lecture in class and instead of taking notes, I started doodling (like a good student) and came up with a helmet I kinda liked and later designed a full uniform around it. The helmet is red and features the horns of the maverick logo on the sides instead of a logo, similar to how the Eagles use the wings. The jersey's sleeves have a traditional style striping, but with a modern twist in the word mark featured in the middle stripe, heavily inspired by the Detroit Lions. The number font is the same one used across all sports. The pants are red and have the same striping pattern as the jersey, minus the word mark. On the other side, I designed a uniform for Creighton, another school in town without football, simply for the sake of creating a hypothetical "Battle of Omaha" rivalry series. For Creighton, I used an all-white uniform. The top of the Jay logo is used on the sleeve caps and at the top of the pant stripes. the logo transitions into the silver-navy-royal-navy-silver stripe featured on the pants and helmets. Without further ado, here they are:
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    With the new Miami Dolphins set a mere week away the time is running out to get concepts of what they could do in before it becomes what they should've done. I personally am a fan of the Dolphins current logo and unis, it's undeniable the fanbase longs for a return to the former set. I made the colors a blend of the 1974, 1996 and current logo to keep the colors lighter. The original plan was to keep the lineless look of the current logo and apply the '96 shape but the logo needs an outline to push the motion and tie down the teal. The script retains a retro/deco flow that I think is vital for any Miami team look. The shell returns to pure white with a teal facemask. The uniforms keep similar pant striping to the current set but I pull striping from the popular throwbacks. For the alt uniforms I use the dark blue rather than the orange as a matter of preference through I may draft up an orange version later since it is definitely more "Miami". Insert NikeSpeak about new era, and fusion of past legacy and future success.
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    The helmet needs stripes, and the helmet on the dolphin should reverse the colors of the stripes.. Apart from that and that number font, I like em
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    My next biggest beef is the Calgary Stampeders. For years they were known as the Red and White. Hell they even have a club called that in the stadium end zone. Too bad they got caught up in the black trend some time in the late 90's and have been stuck with some form of it ever since. They actually look more like they should be called the Red Blacks. My fixes include removing all black except for the horse logo outline and returning to classic striping. The "outlaw" number font adds a modern update and adding red pants adds some home and away options.
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    I always feel like these threads are chaos until a design is released. Then the discussion actually becomes quite focused.
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    The San Antonio Stars relocated to Vegas, and are now called the Las Vegas Aces.
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    They've teased a bit (the player video, for example) but the way the organization is running right now, I am not sure. I think it won't leak. Too tight a ship. Tom Coughlin would hunt down green dong guy.
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    When corporate logos are skunking team logos 3-0 on a jersey, there's a problem. WNBA has some great logos as well.
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    Don't kill me, but... The Devils look better in red and black than red and green.
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    Unless the NFL decides to save that idea promotion for their 100th anniversary next season.
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    It depends what you see as the goal of an NFL football business. If the goal is to strengthen your own brand and build a solid aesthetic foundation that has the potential to grow and evolve, then yes, you may want to consider wearing the same uniforms every week, more or less (or find an innovative position for not doing so, like Oregon did a decade ago). If the goal is simply to sell merchandise (or help the official league outfitters sell merchandise), then wearing several uniforms is probably the way to go, at least until you figure out that your business has no identity and you inevitably revert to the first approach. You’d be amazed what can be accomplished with one home, one road, and one fun alternate (to be worn for no more than 10% of your games).
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    I just think he was making up a bunch of stuff lol.
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    Looks like I'm hitting my 1000th post! Another team whose identity is a little bland currently is the LA Kings, I got rid of their drab black and replaced it with a double purple colour scheme with grey accents. The light purple used as primary is taken from their inaugural jerseys, the darker from their early 2000's look. I used a simple pattern inspired by their previous look, but added white to the home jersey pattern to make it pop. I used their crown logo as primary, and added their old shield to the shoulders. On the sleeves, I used the simplified crown from the shield. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    No. In fact, you're doing the diametric opposite of "doing it right," if there is such a thing.
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    Now they just need to remove football from Thursdays completely.
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    First one that comes to mind -- I mean, c'mmon folks... these mismatched abominations; And the hat? Hang on I'm gonna be sick... Thankfully, back to...
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