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    This is it! Time to end the series with San Francisco. For the Giants I brought back their 1994/99 wordmarks for the main set, keeping the current script on the home alt, and using their alternative wordmark for the road alt. I decided to use the current home style for the whole set. Also, suggested by @coco1997 I made a fauxback design, inspired by the New York era. I made a mix: -"S F" on the front, inspired by the 1905 uniforms -Pinstripes and both placket and sleeve pipping, based on the 1932 home design -As for the lettering, I decided to use an edited version of the 1983/93 "SF" logo, since I think it'd fit the style
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    Yeah, I think they absolutely could. It's hardly an obscure reference.
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    These come out in a week. Trust me when I say they are definitely done with the design process and have been for quite some time.
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    OAKLAND (Idfk what y'all think, Oakland's the best looking team in the league) Sacramento Pacifica Daytona
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    I’d allow a non-throwback alternate helmet, but only for preseason games so no one would see it.
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    The third biggest offender (IMHO) are the Edmonton Eskimos unis. Black accents in the logo and black drop shadows on the numbers are confusing and don't fit with the rest of the design. I brought back some elements from the team I grew up hating plus streamlined the arm striping a bit and updated the logo. The points I added suggest icicles and add a bit of a 3D pop. Also made gold numbers for the visitor unis and added and all gold alternate.
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    These suck. It’s a shame how they treat this league aesthetically. Template, sponsors in the place where the team name should be, and he oversized sponsor logos. There is no individual team style here at all. Who is who? Im glad my hometown Aces look ok. Their name is on the jersey where it should be, and the sponsor logo is off to the side where it should be (if we have to have them that is). Not good overall though.
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    I also live in the Portland area, and this speculation is usually just the knee-jerk analysts looking at which TV markets don't host more than one team in the Big Four leagues. Baseball, though, is a far more legitimate option here than I think many (myself included) have thought previously. But football? Not happening.
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    Something I'm sure many members of this community have thought when they realized they were stuck forever with the name they thought up in 10 seconds while signing up here.
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    This design definitely fits better with their logo and font than the old UCLA stripes, which never looked quite right on them anyway. They need to ditch the helmet stripes, though.
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    Up next: Minnesota If the mothership is to be trusted, and why shouldn't it be, then the Twins have a lot of uniforms. Too many uniforms for my liking. Also I am not a fan of the gold they use. Yes it separates them from all the other R/W/B teams but I just don't think that gold fits them. As I was designing these, I came across the powder blue era Twins, and that's when I got the idea to use double blue again. Plus in my head it makes sense because they play in Minnesota which is the Land of A Lot of Lakes and blue = water. Thats as close to NikeSpeak as I want to get . Hats - Hats, hats, hats. There's a lot of hats. The main hat is the navy/navy with the TC logo, and so is the matching helmet. The alternate hat is navy/red with the resurrected M-swoosh logo on the front. Matching helmet as well. BP hats are red/navy with TC logo and white front panel with the M logo. I'm not sure if I'd let those into the normal rotation. Jerseys - So I don't like the Twins in pinstripes. That's just me. I don't think it fits them. I like the new non-pinned home jersey and used those as the base. I borrowed the striping from the powder blue era and made them a little bigger. State outline with the two players is on the right sleeve on all jerseys. Drop shadowed numbers and scripts on all jerseys. Pants - White and powder blue pants. I considered a navy blue set, but it didn't fit so they hit the scrap heap. Triple stripe down the side of the pants. Socks have the jersey stripe on them. C&C welcome!
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    And yet the color rush look was perhaps the best the Rams have looked since they came home.
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    As a jets fan, i would love that jersey. Helmet rocks too
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    You nailed it. That's exactly how a modern day Bucs uniform should look. Great job.
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    I feel like this day and age it’s almost impossible not to have something leak.
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    I actually liked the outline on the red jersey numbers better when its pewter then orange then white, more like the original 90's and 2000's look
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    We've seen them wear their road cap with the navy patriotic jerseys already. Some people don't like a lighter colored cap with a darker colored jersey. I think it looks great here, especially with the navy brim. Perfect, distinct look for the Nats.
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    Honestly, if I just saw some of the jerseys by themselves, I wouldn't be able to tell which team it was.
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    Thank God. The one-helmet rule is a gift to everyone that wants the NFL to avoid the horrific state of college football. Well, if that's true (and obviously those teams don't think so... for that matter, neither do I) then they need to just switch. If your primary uniform isn't your best look, then it shouldn't be your primary.
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    So the Winnipeg Whiteout happened tonight and yet the players on the ice had to wear their navys. The Jets really need to get permission from the NHL to swap so they could wear their whites at home. Don't the Dallas Cowboys wear their road white like 80-85% of the time? If they can do it, so can the Jets for this occasion only.
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    Noteworthy that the article once again solely refers to Wells Fargo Center as "the Center". Remember this?
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    The guy who gave the info that they'd have red and silver jerseys, and that the jersey design would be that of armor and all heavily feature Columbia?
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    It's a Minnesota-Iowa-Dakotas-up-north-Wisconsin chain. Its authenticity makes Taco Bell look like a hole in the wall in East L.A.
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    Idk why they’d try to make a new logo when Ballin’ Ben is just sitting there largely unused
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    I remember a report that the NFL didn't like Jacksonville at all, but did like Wayne Weaver himself. They did indeed want him to take over the St. Louis bid, and would give him the team, but he had worked for years with the Jacksonville bid, and didn't feel he could leave now.
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    I get it and normally I would despise this sort of thing, but they`ve had it so long. It`s part of their brand.
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    I'm making an assumption here - Based on this, coaches will be wearing white hats too, just like in '68.
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    Now to make these beauts the primaries... with contrasting color pants, of course: The rest? Burn 'em.* * An exclusion may be made for the Giants' white Color Rush jerseys.
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    These uniforms forever have a soft spot for me, I just love the look of the powder blue. If the uniform was symmetrical and the ATLANTA text wasn't present I think we're talking some really good uniforms here The away set wasn't bad either Wish I could say the same for the Red Alt, Yikes.
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    Hmmmmm not really seeing the “awesome” part of that. But yes very ugly
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    Don't write them off yet. The A11FL had some pretty sweet logos...and the league never even took the field!
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    Thanks! Sorry for the late post today, but hopefully it's worth it. Up next we have the Brewers! I wasn't a big fan of the Brewers' Players Weekend design, so I decided to take a different approach, embracing their throwback look. Blue and gold return, as well as their arched block wordmark and the BiG cap logo. C&C appreciated! Twins are up tomorrow! P.S. I went back and added numbers to the Dodgers.
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    Or they could just do Rush Rush with each team's logo replaced by a picture of Geddy Lee.
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    I feel like I'd have a legitimate case in front of any decent judge.
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    I like it too, but I think the current balance is good. Smiling bird for the caps and most everything, but the ornithologically correct bird for the primary logo. Wish they'd sell more merchandise with it though.
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    So here's what the rest of the set looks like with gold added in: Only differences worth mentioning here is all the thin stripes become gold, the drop shadow becomes gold, and the hat logo gets a gold outline as well. C&C welcome!
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    Maybe the Warriors and Sharks should have gone halfsies on a new arena in the parking lot of the Cow Palace (if it's possible -- I haven't analyzed the terrain) circa 1993 instead of building the arena in San Jose and renovating the Coliseum Arena. Then we could have had the San Francisco Sharks and the San Francisco Warriors for a long while and kept "Golden State" to a relatively brief aberration. Of course, they still wouldn't be in San Francisco city limits, but hey, who can be these days?
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    Thank you guys for the feedback! Time to start with the NL West, the first team are the Diamondbacks. While I wanted to keep their current logos and wordmarks (except for the "D-Backs" one), but changing their uniform style: the home and road unis are based on the team first alternate design. And for the alts I decided to use a Native American-inspired pattern on the front and back. I wanted to keep the current colours, but tweaking them a little bit, in order to make them close to those used for Navajo's fabrics. I also decided to get rid of the dark grey as road colour, using a sand-ish shade instead. Thanks to @Carolingian Steamroller @coco1997 and @Paul Lucas (who suggested the Southwestern theme for the alts) for giving me ideas and helping me with the designs!
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    Wow, from the front at least, that's a fairly decent uniform.
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    I was hoping he would be the new CEO lol
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    All this because their former CEO was rejected as Labor Secretary.
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