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    No love for Boston? Well let's move on then. In honor of game 2 tonight, here's the inferior Pennsylvanian team, the Flyers. From here on out I think I'll just keep going with playoff teams unless I get any requests.
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    I did a few other sport mashup concepts before, but thought i would get into the MLB and do some hockey uniforms for those teams. I got a few done already, just wanted to see what you all thought. Hoping to slowly make my way through the whole MLB. I am hoping to do a home/away and possible alternate for each. I like doing the alternate where it is influenced by a throwback look. So far I have done the Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers and 1 throwback idea for the Pittsburgh Pirates. For the Brewers I did 2 versions, one with the older Navy/Yellow look and one with their Navy/Metalllic gold look. Also, let me know if these images work. Had an issue last time i posted some stuff. Blue Jays Pittsburgh Pirates Milwaukee Brewers
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    "Just as the fin on the mighty dolphin helps to navigate the animal through the depths of the ocean, the fins on the new numbers represent the Dolphins navigating their way to the top of the NFL." - Nike
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    I'm still a sucker for these draft hats ...
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    Well its been promised for years and I finally finished the league last night! I will post two teams today then the rest next week. The concept behind this for those that have not followed my fictional league MLF, is that the MLF decided they needed a developmental league but did not want to brand it as such. They came up with MLF Spring League as a branding. There are eight teams one for every 4 teams in the MLF. The design of the league would be to name a managing partner that each club could agree on with equal investments coming from each team. The results have been pretty good so far. Here is the league logo.
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    I'm excited for the uniform unveiling obviously, but the construction/design nerd in me is hoping for Shipyards and Lot J news as well!
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    While I quite like your new basketball, I'm not sure why you got rid of the windows. They're a cool nod to New York's buildings.
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    I agree, I made them Red and just kind of forgot about it. Here is an updated version.
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    After 7 pages of banter I won't lie ... I wish we still had the Bay State Patriots.
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    While the bold may make retaining the name more likely, it does not keep the name from being bad. It is unique, but unique is not, in itself, necessarily good. "NoCal Warriors" would be unique, as would "Bay Area Warriors." Admittedly, I have a fairly rigid preference that the "place" be a City and, failing that, an actual "place" in a "census" way (ruling out Carolina, Tampa Bay, and the like). Now, "Golden State" is a nickname for a place (the State of California) but "Big Apple" is a nickname for one, as well and I am glad we don't have the "Big Apple Knicks." That said, I appreciate the odd position this franchise is in. They have been "San Francisco" but the move to Oakland made keeping that name a bit odd since Oakland is not a suburb like Auburn Hills or something. "Oakland," not being the region's dominant or signature city does not make sense when the whole Bay Area has only one team. Other things like "Bay Area" are just as goofy. "California" would make sense if there were not other teams there. But then again "Golden State" represents California anyway, so its no less egregious. So, while in Oakland, it was tough. I'd have either stuck with SF or gone to California (like the Angels did despite the existence of four other teams). And there's one other thing that bugs me about Golden State: the cadence. California is the GOLDen state But we call them golden STATE The name has accidentally devolved into mimicking a college team. I don't know whether that was fan behavior or simply the fact that saying GOLDen state Warriors is difficult and does not roll off the tongue. Probably the latter but I'd still argue that the college-like sound of the name makes it worse. I actually have memories of thinking it was a college team when I was a little kid just getting into sports (also with no NBA in Minnesota, I saw more college basketball).
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    Every one of these looks is better than what the CFL currently has. Every. Single. One. And this Alouettes logo is truly inspired. The ONLY beef I have is with the Esks. You can't mess with the Double E, even to put icicles on them. That's a touch sacreligious.
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    There it is. Thanks for the inspiration @Conrad. Hope this does you justice.
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    I know they do, I hate it so much!!! And I'm Canadian.
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    I love this idea. It's difficult to come up with new ways to show games won in a tournament, but I think you've found an amazing new way to show that. Great work.
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    They're ALL OVER in North Carolina (Which makes sense, considering it was founded in Rocky Mount)...I'll be sure to be on the lookout to see if any stores around here rebrand (and to get a sourdough thickburger, those are addicting).
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    Dropping blue and adding gray seems like a really drastic change. And I'm pretty sure they aren't changing the logo all that much based on the draft hats for sale. Shade adjustments and maybe adjustments to the stripes and outlines would be my guess.
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    A fair enough idea, but I think you need to sell it better. Given that we're in a modern era, I would expect there to be a little more effort out into transitioning those logos to fit each teams logo timeline. For example, I would expect to see more flourishes on the New Orleans logo (maybe use the pelicans font?) and would expect a similar transition for the Stars (maybe current jazz colors? Or adding a Utah element?). Just some thoughts.
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    The 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9 only have one rounded corner, with the other corners being block. The 0 and 8 have four rounded corners. All the block corners of the fist group should be rounded, so that the set is consistent with itself and with the wordmark. And the 1 and 7 should have the right side rounded instead of the left, although I don't find the 1 as bad as the others.
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    I feel like people think the Sharks fanbase and franchise (Tampa also) is like all the other forced SunBelt markets Bettman has insisted will work. San Jose deserves to have a team and takes a great deal of pride in the Sharks. Also as anyone else that’s been a warriors fan since the 80’s realized how weird it is to have a “Bandwagon”????? Most of us assumed they would just always be bad!
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    The lower jaw of a snake looks nothing like that (almost has a horse head look to it). The body has thickness inconsistency issues as well. It needs to look like a snake in the shape of a D rather than a D that happens to resemble a snake. Sorry - not an improvement on the current logo for me.
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    Love it so far -- big CFL fan here, so it's nice to see some classic looks with a modern edge.
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    Besides the wonk a donk piping, I always liked these templates since teams could customize it somewhat with the sides. Not all of them were good but it gave a little life to the teams that did
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    Not sure what you mean. Are you referring just to the Nats concept or the whole series in general? Anyway, the next team up is the Cleveland Indians: I decided on a black version of the Indians' off-white alternate. Speaking of which, the main site claims the off-white alternates are still in use, however the Tribe stopped wearing them last season. C&C appreciated! Only one team left! I'll try to have the Angels up soon.
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    We've seen them wear their road cap with the navy patriotic jerseys already. Some people don't like a lighter colored cap with a darker colored jersey. I think it looks great here, especially with the navy brim. Perfect, distinct look for the Nats.
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    The San Antonio Stars relocated to Vegas, and are now called the Las Vegas Aces.
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    I also live in the Portland area, and this speculation is usually just the knee-jerk analysts looking at which TV markets don't host more than one team in the Big Four leagues. Baseball, though, is a far more legitimate option here than I think many (myself included) have thought previously. But football? Not happening.
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    Something I'm sure many members of this community have thought when they realized they were stuck forever with the name they thought up in 10 seconds while signing up here.
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    This design definitely fits better with their logo and font than the old UCLA stripes, which never looked quite right on them anyway. They need to ditch the helmet stripes, though.
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    More likely than not we're looking at the Phoenix Colts. IIRC Irsay was basically choosing between Indy and Phoenix (and maybe a third city) to move the Colts to.
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    Idk why they’d try to make a new logo when Ballin’ Ben is just sitting there largely unused
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    This is awesome! I love the imagery and it makes me kinda want other teams to have "playoff logos" that aren't simply the team logo with a catchphrase. Right now it's unclear how many segments there are, curious on the choice there.
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    What in the everlasting gobstopping **** is this? Someone get the folks in Chester on the phone and tell the Union that the Sixers are hijacking their logo in a really, really weird way.
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    Marlins with an interesting poll this week... should they have a vest alternate jersey? It's interesting considering how few vests are still in baseball yet also considering the Marlins have a wonderful "vest history." I think it's tough to answer too because "it depends" could be a real choice. If it's something classic and timeless like the '97 vests then yea I'm all for it but if it's something useless like the Rockies black vests with black undershirts then I'd rather not have it. A lot of these uniform poll questions are tough to answer without knowing more information. But still thought it was worth bringing up here that a team might bring a vest back into MLB.
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    Good idea, horribly executed.
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    I get it and normally I would despise this sort of thing, but they`ve had it so long. It`s part of their brand.
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    The angle of the script, which has been discussed a lot, is the only weird thing about these jerseys. But the script is a billion times better than the W, especially when the sleeve patch on all the jerseys is a W in a roundel.
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    Always loved the sleeve-star, triple-collar and addition of red. The idea of a constellation forming a bull was also pretty clever, just executed horribly. Make a primary crest that doesn't resemble a uterus and you could do worse for an alternate.
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    Now they just need to remove football from Thursdays completely.
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    I found a pic of all the draft hats together
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    Squatting on this absurd take 20 years in advance In all seriousness, this is probably how we'll nostalgize the early-Nike era several years from now. I tried to pick photos that highlight the best part of the area: bright, bold color choices. We probably won't remember the washed-out Dolphins update for that reason. We'll probably remember the Bucs Color Rush more than the normal home uniform because it was at once better looking and more unique. I promise you that one day we'll look back on 2012-2018 with the same fondness we do now for 1992-1998.
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    John Kruk, during the Phillies/Mets game that was horribly broadcast only on Facebook, admits to wacking off during rain delays back in his playing days. It wasn't explicitly stated here, but follow up by writers confirmed that's what he meant.
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    Never heard of Checker's or Rally's but had the sign not said burgers • fries • colas i would have put money down that they specialized in auto parts.
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    I believe that would be true of a league with HS grads, but not one that is mostly college players (juniors & higher) and "grads" who could not make the NFL. If you build a fantasy element, as the league wants to do, and you have enough players who were starters at local schools (fan favorite if not All-Americans) you can garner support. I do think a late March or April start would help because it provides enough gap after the Super Bowl for people to miss football (I am itching for it already) and because the weather in most parts of the country is not horrible. But, on the player side, I think you could get 20k a game to attend if the league is on TV, has good marketing and branding and has local college stars such as: 1) an Orlando team stocked from Miami, Florida, Florida State, UCF, USF, etc. 2) A Birmingham team full of Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss St. and Georgia players 3) A San Antonio team with Texas, A&M, Tech, Houston, SMU, etc. 4) A San Diego team with SDSU, USC, UCLA, Fresno, etc. 5) A Portland team with Oregon, OSU, UW, WSU, Boise St. 6) A SLC team with BYU, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, ASU, etc. 7) A Raleigh team with Duke, Wake, UNC, NCST, ECU, So. Carolina and Clemson 8) A St. Louis team with Oklahoma, OSU, Mizzou, Arkansas, LSU and Iowa players You need to tap into those folks who miss pro football by April and those folks who love college football. That provides the in-stadium crowd, and then the quality of play and the quality of broadcast (internet or TV) will go a long way to pushing viewership. I say this as someone who loved the USFL, watched the WLAF and now watches the CFL just to get a football fix earlier in the year.
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    Gretzky’s numbers are so far ahead of second place that it could be a century before anyone capable of even approaching his numbers comes along. Check out Gretzky’s numbers in relation to everyone else. That’s why I’m ok with his number being retried league-wide. There’s a legitimate argument to be made that he’s the greatest hockey player who will ever live.
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