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    LOL. We haven't been this happy since the Blue Jays.
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    You joined this site yesterday and managed to be a dick in less than 10 posts. Congrats.
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    Nope, this would be a massive downgrade. One-color outlines? Sure. I'd prefer gold, but black would work. Two-color outlines are too busy; the Dolphins just showed us that.
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    They need to wear teal pants with the black and white jerseys, and then black or white with the teal. There's a disturbing lack of teal in every uniform element besides the teal jersey and pants - kinda makes you wonder why they stressed "TEAL!!!" if four of their new combos will have zero teal.
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    One minor tweak I'd like would be for the white jersey to have teal accents rather than black. This way the accents and numbers are always two different colors same way as the teal and black jersey. Confession: this set is really growing on me.
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    And include almost no teal on home or away uni's.
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    Yea the Seahawks uniforms that the numbers were on didn’t SUCK!!!!
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    It’s an all around improvement. The new shade of orange looks fantastic with the aqua and I don’t think any of us will miss the navy outlines. Also, having two-color numbers makes the numeral font’s problems less obvious, which is good.
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    Bookmark the link for future "this board has never liked a new uniform ever!" posts.
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    Contrast in and of itself isn't important. It is only important when it serves the purpose it's going for. Having blue and red touch for a team that doesn't have much use for purple is ugly.... But the blur between the red, yellow, and white in Calgary furthers the look by looking more fiery. Same goes for the color bleeding of the old Navy Oilers uniforms. The stripes weren't orange. They were copper with a thin red outline. Those colors bled, but it created an effect that isn't dissimilar to an overly sharpened jpeg or and HDR photograph. It subtly changed the tone of the stripe with color placement, to create a specific visual effect. That's what the flames did, imo. Intentionally or not, it worked. The yellow doesn't NEED to contrast because it isn't the star. The whole purpose of it is to add warmth and highlight to the primary red color. Not every color transition has to be stark and contrasted. Some can be gradual and subtle, if it achieves the aesthetic you desire. My 2 cents.
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    I honestly think this is the best they've ever looked. But I'm one of the weirdos that thinks the current logo is their best.
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    Taking any emotion out of it, I think this is the best argument for why the whole Vegas situation is bad. I don't want any expansion city to go through quite the struggle that we did in Columbus, but that doesn't mean this is good, either.
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    100x better than the uninspired dumpster fire the Jags unveiled today.
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    I can just imagine Nike begging Tom to let them do that
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    Yo people are wild. These uniforms are GOOD. You truly cannot please anybody.
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    There’s not enough teal on the white jersey. They are gonna try to wear teal pants with it and it’s gonna look goofy. There’s just not enough teal on that white jersey and it pisses me off. The all white pants look so stupid.
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    Clearly these unis were designed in a bubble. People didn't like the 2009 rebrand, and the 2013 one was even worse. Instead of learning from the fan backlash in both cases, they went out and made a uniform so bland it defies common sense. No pants stripes, no borders to the numbers...no better than practice uniforms. I don't see these selling very well, there's absolutely nothing unique about them. The 95-08 throwbacks will outsell these. Maybe Coughlin & his cronies will learn from that in 2023 when they do the next rebrand.
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    I'm sorry but these are a downgrade minus the helmet IMO. They overcorrected too much.
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    It was really REALLY strange listening to Sexton hype up teal while he was pointing out aspects of the uniform that forsake teal completely. Other teams do do this. At least the Raiders and Browns to my knowledge, likely more. I don't know why they pointed it out as a feature because its moreso of just a matter of construction.
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    Count me in too, I like them. Simple, not over designed. It's essentially what we've seen in the leaks so I don't get the shock everyone has. Do I wish they had a stripe down the pants? Yes, but hey, what can you do, maybe one day they'll add them.
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    Since Brandiose is involved, I see the finalists being Desert Frogs, Silver Vultures, and Buffets...because, well, Brandiose.
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    So I thought about posting this concept for about a week but held off until we saw the new uniforms. After seeing them unveiled, I'm extremely underwhelmed. They only have gold in the logo, no pants stripes, and number are single-colored. Quite frankly, I think they oversimplified. My concept uses some past parts of their uniforms that I really like. Let's talk about them. - Solid black helmet, which the team did, in fact, return to - Old number font that was used from 2000-2008. - Old pants stripes Now I didn't want to make a carbon copy of their old uniforms, so I went with IMO a criminally underused football jersey design with vertical shoulder stripes. It's a unique look that doesn't get used enough, but it makes these uniforms modern without going over the edge. Hope you guys enjoy. Let me know if you'd like to see more combinations too and I'll probably post them.
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    Pretty sure you just like being a troll...
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    And that person is saying it's a downgrade, but then complains about the white face mask, which hasn't changed. I think I understand what the second person is saying, as I didn't mind Detroit's old look (but before they changed the fonts) with black. It never bothered me. Now, their home jersey numbers are completely illegible with the grey numbers and grey outline against the light blue. But, he's wrong. The orange really stands out now, and while I still prefer the older greener aqua color, it's not a big complaint with the darker, thicker orange.
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    The Jags’ double-outlined numbers have been uniformly hideous in the past. A single-outline would improve this set, a douple-outline is worse than none at all.
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    Good job Dolphins....something so minor looks so right. Message to my Buccaneers, simplify the jersey numbers. Font doesn't have to change, unless you want to, just get rid of the digital clock lines.
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    Amazing how such a minor change can have such a drastic improvement! Well done Dolphins. You look more like how you should at this point!
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    I'm assuming they want to keep the throwbacks as their own entity, so in lieu of that, this is as good an upgrade as we could have hoped for...
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    I don't love them...and I don't hate them. I believe someone said yesterday that this has the potential to be an "over correction" of the current "Power Rangers" uniform sets we've been seeing in redesigns. I would have to say that I agree....they are easy on the eyes...but almost too easy.
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    Plain glossy is the most boring and least creative of all helmet finishes. This plain uniform could at least use some form of 20th century style
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    How about we just go back to the Las Vegas Stars! That way Cosmo can stay as the mascot, and bring back vintage “Stars” gear!
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    Lions - A I loved this set from the day I saw it. A great job of referencing the past while still keeping it current and interesting. Vikings - A Another great redesign from Nike. A true modern classic in my opinion. Seahawks - A I love the Seahawks' look. They're flashy and modern without being overly garish. They're one of the few exceptions of teams that look good in monochrome. Dolphins 2.0 - A A simple, yet much needed update. I never knew just how muddled the previous color scheme was until I saw these. Dolphins 1.0- B- This set was solid and provided a needed refresh of the previous set. The use of navy was ok (but obviously unecessary) and personally I think the new logo is solid. The font is ok, but could definitely be improved. Titans - C+ There's a lot I genuinely like about this set. The helmet is fantastic and the sword yoke is cool. The set's biggest downfalls for me are the side panels and pants. The font has characters that need to be reworked as well. Jaguars 1.0 - C+ This set has always received way too much hate IMO. People couldn't look past the admittedly garish helmets to see that the rest of the set was really nice. I'll miss the gold. Jaguars 2.0 - D+ The Jags listened to criticism, but overcorrected greatly. To me, dullness is equal to tackiness, and this set is astronomically dull. Helmets are the only thing I like. Browns - D+ In typical Browns fashion, this entire unveiling was the joke of the league. I like the brighter colors and stripes, but that's about it. The contrast stitching looks terrible and the team name down the leg doesn't work here at all. They still desperately need to get a real logo. Buccaneers - D- This set is obviously very flawed. I do love the helmets with the larger logo, but that's it. The digital clock font is a misstep too great to overlook, and as a result, they are my least favorite Nike NFL redesign.
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    Yeah, that definitely works, but I meant emphasizing something like this:
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    Bucs are eligible for a change in 2019. Ravens unis aren't bad, but a tad dated. The Color Rush purple is better than the regular purple. I think a refresh on the helmet stripes would be cool (using purple and gold). Cardinals need a new, traditional look. I really wouldn't be surprised if the Jets brought back green helmets in the next couple of years. Bengals need a refresh.
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    That font makes things a little more interesting than in the previous mockups, so at least there’s that. And the helmet’s a win. But like I said previously, these really lack character and charm. I see what they were trying to do - a simple, classic look - but that’s just not the right route for them. They are in desperate need of something to give it some life, whether that be a touch of gold, a pants stripe, or even the full-body jaguar on the sleeve (in which case the chest logo would need to go). As it is, it’s lacking a bit too much and doesn’t have the history behind it to justify or empower such a plain look, unlike the Raiders or Alabama or Penn State.
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    I like a good counter-factual history, provided that it’s done within the bounds of the real world and takes into account the different biases and personalities of the historical actors. Alternate history fiction goes into zany-land far too often. The whole discussion of the “Brooklyn” label got me wondering about what would have happened if the Dodgers had not run into the Robert Moses problem when building a stadium on the future Barclays Center site (unlikely, given his power) and if Horace Stoneham had built on the west side of Manhattan (private-funded, of course) or left for Minnesota.
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    Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but @BrandMooreArt I know you work heavily with marketing materials/social/etc with the Dolphins, so I'm curious, were you involved much with this change, or was it more of a "here's what we came up with, now you present it" type of situation? Did your creative team have much input, or was it mostly ownership/Nike putting this together?
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    Noooooo. This thread is a work of CCSLC art. If you were going to put one thread into a time capsule, it'd be this one.
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    We held a survey over at the Uni Watch Fans Facebook page regading Nike era uniforms and here were the results.
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    Here's my tweaked WNBA logo - New York Liberty, inspired by the Knicks with some Liberty Green to help them stand out --
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    I really didn't think I would like teal pants a few weeks ago. But I think they'll make for some really cool combinations. I'm most excited about those for sure.
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    I thought of it. The Las Vegas Caesars. Caesar's palace and Fallout reference. Does it suck? Yeah. Is it probably going to be better than whatever gimmicky name Brandiose pulls from the seventh circle of hell? Probably
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    @raysox, thank you so much. I hope all these requests are showing you how delightful we find your project, and how excited we are to see you continue.
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    I don't get the love for the Picasso Coyote, either. And, the reality is, they didn't go from the original set to what they have now. This was the Coyotes best uniform and most certainly an upgrade over the original uniform. It's been a downgrade since, from losing the hem stripes to what they got now.
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    The US Women debuted the new home kits tonight: I thought they looked pretty sharp in action. I personally feel like the white kits are a much more cohesive and complete look than the navy away kits, although I know some of you disagree with that.
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