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    Would have liked to have seen the accents in gold with a black collar. It would have been reminiscent of their first uniforms with the black cuff and gold stripe. Also instead of having the neck stripes end abruptly and been pointed off would have better matched the cuff stripes. I have no problems with the helmets, they are fine the way they are now. As for pants they could have done something to match the striping pattern. I think the single color numbers is fine, it kind of reminds me of way back when most team had white numbers on colorful templates. Also going back to a lighter shade of gold to me fits better. Here is a quick mock up of what I would have done with this set.
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    You guys have no idea how happy I am to see this. It's not matte, it's not satin, it's not teal flake, it's not semi-gloss, it's not that black the steelers use, it's not some textured "carbon fiber" nonsense. It doesn't have a stripe or a gold chrome facemask. It's a gloss black dome with the logo on the sides, like their original helmets. They didn't botch the easiest thing about this redesign. Even the eastbay catalog logo looks good on this lid. SHARP.
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    It's truly amazing to me how ... all it would take would be maybe two board members from here, drawn from a hat, a room, and 2 hours, and the great uniforms we could think up and have thought up for years. Yet the people getting paid at Nike and the decision makers for the respective teams literally never know what they want, or what looks good. Jacksonville has given us both ends of the spectrum and I'm laughing my damn ass off
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    Why must they hype up how many times they are able to wear teal as if they're being forced at gunpoint to wear black for every other game? They aren't. Just wear teal.
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    Where does, “snaps of some dudes puttin’ vinyls up on the windas” rank in terms of the weirdest ways a uniform has been officially leaked? Like, how disappointed is the person who suggested, “I got it. We won’t put them up for sale until *the following week* so the stores don’t leak the design!
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    Chris Negron (twitter name) posted this photoshop on the Jags' tweet. So simple and would have made these a lot less plain Jane looking. I still would have hated the yoga pants but this would have had much more life to them.
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    Why are you putting outlines around the numbers if the outline is always the same color as the background? What's wrong with you?
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    I really really dig these: The road white is a little bit too blah for me, but it's still a very good look. It's boring, but oh well. Boring is better than tacky.
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    "They didn't try" is a too-common critique of simple designs. As though simple designs don't actually involve any time, research, experimentation, drafting, or review process. It's ironic, because "they didn't try" is itself a very easy and lazy critique.
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    Quoting rather than simply liking. This is exactly right. Also, had t never existed, that Fred taylor unit could have been unveiled tonight and would have been universally praised, and nobody would have said “looks like it was designed in the 90s”. That’s a classic.
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    man, count it as unpopular opinion? these unis are damn good! Raider-esque and anti-Pro Combat that many Nike/NFL unis have been. the number font is great, works on all 3 colors and each jersey/pants combo works without being mismatched due to stripes or some other kind of out of place element. ignoring the logo, i give them an A
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    We need to have a conversation on hyperbole here. These aren't awful. These aren't the worst in the league. These aren't hideous. These aren't an abomination. They're boring, yes. Quite boring. The worst that you can refer to these as? Mediocre or "meh."
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    Didn’t want to be the one that leaked it, but now that it’s out.... Had this since February. Only change was the number colors going to white on the dark jerseys.
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    not a jags fan just a uniform fan like i suspect most of us on here...seen this mock on reddit...would it have killed them to just use these?
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    This board baffles me. This set is only a few strands of unnecessary piping away from being previous Jaguars uniforms that, unless I'm recalling it differently, were universally loathed.
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    My last comment on these and I am moving on... How in god's name can you claim how much the fans love teal and then go essentially black/white on home and road primaries?? I really hope they decide to wear the Teal pants a bunch this year.
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    LOL. We haven't been this happy since the Blue Jays.
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    Poor Jags. They were all excited for this reveal and their neighbor in Miami just blew them out of the water
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    If you need “20th century style,” look no further than the glossy finish. Look, glossy finishes aren’t “boring” just because they’ve been used for so long. They are THE football helmet, and they look the part damn well. I feel as though this age of pushing out these fire emoji-evoking matte and chrome domes for Instagram likes and Twitter clout has distracted from the fact that a glossy finish with a little bit of metallic fleck in it is truly a timeless finish that just looks just stunning with the sun reflecting off of it. The Jaguars all-black kids exemplify this, exuding class with the gold and black logo that marries perfectly to the shiny surface. It isn’t plain at all, which it may seem to you simply because we’ve seen it for so long. Matte black lids (which I assume you’re referring to when you mention “so many better options”)? They just look cheesey and undignified to me, like a toy version of real football equipment (which I suppose makes sense because all of the kids are rocking them in college ball). Not to mention that matte black just flat out looks grey to me in the sunlight. Personally, it doesn’t look dynamic to me at all and I don’t think it’ll last. Keep it. Tommy’s got the right call here.
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    We goin' to the Super Bowl and we gonna win that bitch!
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    My thing with Vegas fans is that they've been pretty smug from the start ("See! We did deserve a team! Not only did we deserve a team, we deserved the best team! We're such good fans! We deserve it all! The House always wins!"), and there's been nothing, nothing, to knock them down a peg and show them what the NHL is actually like. The NHL is pain. The NHL is misery. The NHL is agony. The NHL is getting swept on the Golf Channel. I'd say there hasn't been an OITGDNHL moment for Vegas yet, but Vegas is an OITGDNHL moment.
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    *sigh* Do you ever wish that you could just complain little things into existence?
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    1) Both "too busy" and "too bland" are very legitimate criticisms and can both operate in the same, rational world. I think most members on this forum like to see well-designed uniforms, with well-placed elements included. Somewhere in between is optimal (which is what's happened with the Vikings set, for example -- it is unique, but well-designed). 2) All the college teams you've cited are all dark/light color pair teams. Alabama is crimson and white; Penn State is navy and white; Texas is burnt orange and white; USC is cardinal and gold. The Jets are green and white. The only possible jersey out of that entire crew that could feasibly be outlined is USC's away jersey. The Jaguars are a teal and black team whose primary home jersey will be black and white and feature almost no teal. That's bad. 3) Talking in absolutes about design is never a good idea. Traditional, plain jerseys work well in some cases -- I think Penn State's jerseys work really well despite being really plain. Single-color numbers work well in some cases -- I think they're great on the Vikings set, which contains an appropriate amount of flair and gold to make it all work. I think what the membership is saying here is that this specific set of design doesn't work well. The jersey doesn't look "traditional," it looks bland (because the Jaguars are a '90s expansion team that has teal as its primary jersey color). The numbers, without an outline, help contribute to the overall blandness. Alabama's jerseys are bland, sure. They're also well-designed and fit a team that has a long history of tradition, and a long history in those jerseys. They work. The same design principles don't work very well here because they don't fit the team.
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    i started working with the Dolphins in February of 2016 and things were just kicking off then. during my first week, i got briefed into "Project Mayhem" and we did a lot of internal research and concepts. this was driven by our CEO and Creative Director; they wanted to do something different because neither of them were there in 2013 when the uniforms/logos were designed. in the end, its still Mr Ross's team/brand and we didn't want to hit him with too much as if to say "you got it all wrong! lets change it all!". the final direction to "remove blue" was our CEO's idea and we worked with Nike to make the perfect choice of orange; something unique to the league even though its still very close to browns, broncos, and old orange. this was probably a very unique approach to the uniform design where we (team) made teh decisions and Nike more or less filled teh order on to schedule release. will be back on this evening
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    You joined this site yesterday and managed to be a dick in less than 10 posts. Congrats.
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    Nope, this would be a massive downgrade. One-color outlines? Sure. I'd prefer gold, but black would work. Two-color outlines are too busy; the Dolphins just showed us that.
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    No bias: This helmet right here in that finish right there is easily in the top tier of NFL helmets. Matte could never do this beauty justice. I'm so stoked to finally see this come to fruition after five long, dark years. EDIT: Not gonna lie, I'm kinda stunned that there's more gold in that warning sticker than there is in the entire uniform if you throw the logos aside.
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    hi I think this uniform set is top-10 in the NFL. I also have faith they’ll be wearing teal primarily by next season. The helmet is gorgeous. Look these uniforms scream “we just signed Blake Bortles to an extension because it’s the right thing for the franchise’s on field success.” Idk how to explain it but these uniforms just feel so right for the franchise at this moment. The opposite of Blackmon-introduced over-designed garbage for a garbage franchise in 2013. If the Jags succeed this coming year, these uniforms will become extremely popular. They’ll be seen as a model in people’s minds. I guarantee you that If the Jags stay relevant, fans of the Bucs will clamor for something similar.
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    Helmets look way better now. The jerseys are just bland. And Shad really needs to stop focusing on the black. It's a Teal Team. Emphasize it!
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    Teal over black should be the primary. Its not hard
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    The good: Dropping the two-tone helmet. A readable, not-to-goofy number font. The Bad: Just about everything else. The loss of the two-tone helmet, all by itself, makes this an upgrade. I also did not really like them from the neck down either so I won't miss anything about that look. But, my goodness, did they swing and miss here. Do SOMETHING to set this apart from training camp wear. Stripes on the pants? Outlines on the numbers? I like the original double-outline look..Add those outlines and some pants stripes and we have a winner.
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    Amazing. Dolphins now have one of the best looks in the league
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    I’d say this is more than the “most fans wouldn’t even notice” that we were told. While it’s technicallh a small change, it has a major impact. I think even the most uni-apathetic dolphins fans would notice that something changed.
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    The navy being removed from the uniform feels like when you brush your teeth and a piece of food that had been stuck somewhere for a week finally pops loose. Maybe you didn't notice it most of the time but now that its gone you finally feel free and clean.
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    Absolutely. Nothing is off-limits. Your tie is ugly too.
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    All in all I think these are pretty good. I'd like to see a contrasting outline on the numbers but I think it works ok as is. Somehow I get the feeling that if they slapped the "stalking Jaguar" logo on the sleeve nobody would be complaining at all.
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    I know this isn't a new idea but, the previous set with an all black helmet woulda been fine. Hell, the previous set with an all gold helmet woulda been fine
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    Dang, I can’t even believe that these got leaked three whole years ago and no one said a thing...
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    They need to wear teal pants with the black and white jerseys, and then black or white with the teal. There's a disturbing lack of teal in every uniform element besides the teal jersey and pants - kinda makes you wonder why they stressed "TEAL!!!" if four of their new combos will have zero teal.
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