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    These are nice football uniforms, but they don't really portray the Jaguars correctly. When going ultra simple, you need to have at least one color that "pops". Without gold, black makes teal( a vibrant color on it's own) appear very dull. They have a great design that could work very well with some different colorways , but here but it feels as if they stopped mid-process and decided to use an unfinished product. I've tried making a mock-up of what I mean. Original: My take: What I did: -Added outlines; -Made all Nike logos gold for better color balance; -Added a thin gold line between black and teal on socks and around the neck. I've changed nothing major. All of this still keeps the uniforms very traditional designwise( which is what I think is the thing they were going for), it's just that the colors here are used as the tool that makes them have character. They were a few quick fixes away from having a great uniform that is in line with how the fans view the Jaguars. I do think that they'll look great on the field and have already grown on me a bit, but like a lot of redesigns in the past few years it leaves a lot to be desired.
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    KingKongTom is a poster to watch in 2018.
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    Did I think about college football? Oh, Lord, I completely forgot to think about college football!! Holy crap! Thank God you're here, Mr. Brown1. I'm going to go think about college football for a while. I'll probably be gone for a bit, but I really need to spend some time thinking about college football.
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    The previous logo with current colors is more appealing than I thought it would be. I feel like the blue works better than the navy in this case.
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    Great. These uniforms are for a team that plays in the NFL. The NFL and college football have a different visual aesthetic and that's true regardless of the apparel company they use. They should look like an NFL team and not Coastal Carolina's practice uniform.
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    We've had a few complaints recently about the continued use of Photobucket on the forums. Many members are still attempting to link images directly from Photobucket; however, a few months ago, Photobucket made third-party hosting a feature available only to premium, paid accounts. This has resulted in images from free accounts, which seem to be the majority here on the forums, being replaced by placeholder images that are often much larger than the original intended file encouraging the user to upgrade his/her Photobucket account. What we as a moderating team would ask every member to do is review the content he/she has posted to the boards -- especially (but not limited to) signatures -- and, if it is affected by this issue, move it to another image-hosting site. Imgur is the one I would personally recommend, but I'm certain there are others out there. And if you could refrain from using Photobucket as your hosting site in the future, it would save a lot of headaches for everyone involved. Any questions, please feel free to ask them here.
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    Ngl, the jerseys look really good in this video. REALLY good. I’ll always wish that they used a little more gold, but I can’t take away from the fact that these are some very high class jerseys. However, they better be supplying loads of teal and gold accessories to go with those road whites to keep them from looking devoid. If they choose to go white/white but still run out the tunnel in black gloves, cleats, arm bands, etc., there will be hell to pay.
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    At this point, I think I'm convinced you're a troll...
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    Little update. Bored at work so I photoshopped the Rangers jersey to this. Did the best I could so please excuse the choppiness in some spots.
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    You've been given a warning point on the matter. You've been told to cut it off a few times by mods publicly. So maybe keep that in mind.
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    New York Giants anyone? Tom Coughlin sure loved his old team's unis. When they said that he was going to share his input, I didn't think that he was going to repaint the giants uniform
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    Yep. Everything about these uniforms, and the Jaguars whole approach to this unveil, has been centered around being taken seriously as a franchise. That's why I don't mind how plain these are. To the Jaguars, they aren't "plain," they're simply not a distraction. They're functional. They're serious. I love that a team has surprised in this way. I think it's honestly good for the NFL.
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    The grey version is so much nicer.
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    I just cant get over how well done the helmets are. The helmet was the worst thing about the last design and now they have what I would say is the best one yet. JAX is so much better than "JAGS". I'm guilty of using the nickname but I don't prefer it and didn't like that it was everywhere after 2013. Also hoping this stops any JAC nonsense.
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    The Bruins and/or Boston definitely do not need another championship. Go Leafs!
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    Oh my god. That is legitimately hilarious.
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    With teal pants these actually look damn good
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    Going to have to admit that after seeing that video these arent as bad as I originally thought. The all white sucks but the Black with Teal elements looks really good and the Teal top and bottom both look vibrant. If they pair the Teal pants with the white top these might turn out to be just fine. Also, the helmet is top 10 in league
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    Once again I'll spam https://imgur.com. There's no reason to use anything else.
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    Still haven't had time to work on any requests, so let's move on with another playoff team I had complete.
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    Not a fair comparison, since the Dolphins were more of a tweak vs a total redesign. The dolphins design has been in place for years, they simply replaced one color (blue) with more of another (orange.) YOu can't compare them with Texas, Penn State, and the Lions throwbacks because those other teams had only one (Texas or Penn State) or two (Lions) non-white colors, so simple options made sense. The jags use black, teal, and gold as non-white colors, so any option that rivals the ones you mentioned would leave a major color out, which renders what they went with a failure. There's no problem with single color numbers, just like there's no prob with double or triple color numbers. It all depends on the stiuation. To hate all single-color-number uniforms is absolutely stupid. In many ways, a plain single-colored number can actually accentuate a jersey. A plain number draws attention to other design elements (like Steelers sleeve strips). In this case, it's a poor choice, but in general there's nothing wrong wtih single color numbers. It doesn't throw anything out the window. THey could have filed two years prior, and only gotten to the one phase once Tom C joined. I bet they were already into the design prior to that, but even if not, it doesn't mean they started after the two-year mandate. This is stupid. It's easy to say after seeing what they revealed, but you weren't the one dealing with the team and trying to meet everything they wanted (whatever that was.) It's so easy to say stuff like this after something is unveiled, but the bottom line is you didn't come up with this. You're just a guy on a message board like 99% of the rest of us. Dude, I love your style, but come on. We're obv not discussing college here. In fact, many of us have compared these to college unis in a derogatory manner. It's clear that unless someone specifically mentions anything about college, the comments are restricted to NFL.
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    "The primary set is black, a teal jersey is listed as the alternate" YOU'RE A FLORIDA TEAM. YOU PRIDE YOURSELF ON TEAL. WEAR TEAL. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THIS?
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    Hi! Not new here but it has been long since I finished my last concept... And now back with a NFL to NBA concept. First I want to thank @R3G for his amazing nike NBA template! Very user-friendly. The 1990s NBA jerseys seem to be controversial because of it's colors and details, and I would like to see how the NFL teams can fit into it. Since the Eagles unveiled their current set in 1990s so I decided to start with it. Inspired by the 1992-95 Hawks set and 1997-2011 Wizards set, which both have single-sided stripe and similar curved jersey logos. May back with the white/alt or I will start another new team. C&C is always appreciated!! Thanks for reading!! Edit: Lists: NFC East: #1 Eagles / #4 Giants / #21 Cowboys NFC West: #11 Seahawks / #17 Rams NFC South: #14 Falcons / #20 Panthers NFC North: #8 Vikings(v2) / #12 Lions / #19 Bears AFC East: #7 Patriots / #10 Dolphins / #13 Jets AFC West(finished): #5 Raiders / #16 Chargers / #24 Broncos / #25 Chiefs AFC South(finished): #3 Colts(v2) / #6 Jaguars / #22 Texans / #23 Titans AFC North(finished): #2 Ravens / #9 Steelers / #15 Browns #18 Bengals
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    Hey guys, while I had the chance I just wanted to show you guys some quick concepts I made to try and improve on two of the latest Nike redesigns in the Titans and Jaguars. I personally wasn't much of a fan of either redesign this time around, even though I generally like what Nike's done a little more than most. Anyway, here are the changes I would make. -For the Titans, I kept the sword-shaped shoulder yoke, I felt that was a nice-looking update to the overall style. I transferred that shape over to the pants stripe as well, and removed any "beveling" in the set, along with both shades of gray. Since the team apparently never even considered a white helmet, I decided columbia blue would be preferable over navy. I also used the much-beloved social media font, thanks to @Conrad.. The navy alt is shown with navy pants, but most of the time it would be worn with columbia pants. For the Jaguars, my design ended up looking really similar to @BucsBoy02's most recent design as well as the design on Reddit. It goes to show this most recent iteration has some good design ideas, but something just felt missing. So I went back to the previous number font, added gold back into the scheme more, and used sharp angles as a design motif. I didn't really mind the black numbers on the teal jersey, but since the intention for the Jags was to go back to tradition I used white numbers, and redesignated teal as home. I made the numbers teal on the black alt, I feel with outlines it could still work. Thanks for checking this out.
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    Yeah I've really warmed up to them using what I'll call a vintage look. It's such a fresh take on the current climate of flashy, swaggy, ??????? uniform drops made for social media. They could really start a revolution in the uniform biz if they keep winning and showing up on national tv with their no-nonsense attitude and duds. They've jumped from a 6 or 7 to an 8 in the last day for me. If they made these tweaks, I'd happily call them a 10: TEAL. PRIMARY. Teal numbers on the road (which makes sense because the numbers and accents are different colors on the other jerseys). Keep the teal cuffs on the black and the black cuffs on the white and teal, but make the little part that extends from them gold as a nod to the inaugural striping. Teal socks to go with the black pants. OPTIONAL: One gold stripe (Raiders width) on the pants, though that probably wouldn't even be necessary. Do that and they'd look clean any day of the week in any combo. Love ya, Tom.
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    You know, I think the dolphins would look really nice if they just wore a t-shirt
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    In the video the player remarks about the helmet "They're not going to be playing with us no more". I have to imagine the players got a lot of :censored: for having to play for a team with the two toned helmets and didn't like wearing them.
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    It is my opinion that powder blue road uniforms in baseball are very ugly are should not be worn even as throwbacks. To me, they are 70s Dinner Party.
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    i should correct some fake news. the number font i proposed wasn't Nagurski, it was another one i built around the same time called "Otto" that i used for my Browns concepts and renamed "Csonka" also, after going back through some things i found this slide that i thought was still interesting. i love all of these uniforms and felt this was a good space for the Dolphins to be in.
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    I like the sail evocation a lot. It actually looks like that. Same with the numbers (if they were fully executed). Uniform sponsor logos are going to be on the jersey. Might as well do something with them.
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    Teal jerseys are the best, and all teal is a fine look. Weird how Fournette's white jersey didn't have the swooshes (obviously not sewn on prior to testing, but still weird). The white jersey is really weak without teal numbers.
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    It shows that you don't need a complete overhaul to correct a flawed uniform design. Like the majority of designs that come from this community. Small tweak here, small tweak there, fixed. I really believe that's exactly what will happen in Jacksonville in 2023. They'll see the fans reaction to the original Jags uniforms when they use their throwbacks, they'll add striping to the pants, add double borders to numbers (single at least), and hopefully fix those stupid socks.
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    I know right!, “who would quote themselves not only once but twice in an online post?”- krzybdgrz
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    Funny, I hate the Dallas stars’ use of single color #s. The old browns were another example of it working really well. That jersey would have been downgraded by an outline.
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    Bill Veeck would've put 'em in shorts.
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    It's eye-opening to see how much better these uniforms got by making relatively minor tweaks.
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    Pretty sure you just like being a troll...
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    Stop being so confrontational and pedantic (I'm sorry to be redundant just now).
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    There’s not enough teal on the white jersey. They are gonna try to wear teal pants with it and it’s gonna look goofy. There’s just not enough teal on that white jersey and it pisses me off. The all white pants look so stupid.
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    As spectacular as the Dolphins update. These minor changes would make this set absolutely stunning.
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    Would have liked to have seen the accents in gold with a black collar. It would have been reminiscent of their first uniforms with the black cuff and gold stripe. Also instead of having the neck stripes end abruptly and been pointed off would have better matched the cuff stripes. I have no problems with the helmets, they are fine the way they are now. As for pants they could have done something to match the striping pattern. I think the single color numbers is fine, it kind of reminds me of way back when most team had white numbers on colorful templates. Also going back to a lighter shade of gold to me fits better. Here is a quick mock up of what I would have done with this set.
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