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    These are nice football uniforms, but they don't really portray the Jaguars correctly. When going ultra simple, you need to have at least one color that "pops". Without gold, black makes teal( a vibrant color on it's own) appear very dull. They have a great design that could work very well with some different colorways , but here but it feels as if they stopped mid-process and decided to use an unfinished product. I've tried making a mock-up of what I mean. Original: My take: What I did: -Added outlines; -Made all Nike logos gold for better color balance; -Added a thin gold line between black and teal on socks and around the neck. I've changed nothing major. All of this still keeps the uniforms very traditional designwise( which is what I think is the thing they were going for), it's just that the colors here are used as the tool that makes them have character. They were a few quick fixes away from having a great uniform that is in line with how the fans view the Jaguars. I do think that they'll look great on the field and have already grown on me a bit, but like a lot of redesigns in the past few years it leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Hi! Not new here but it has been long since I finished my last concept... And now back with a NFL to NBA concept. First I want to thank @R3G for his amazing nike NBA template! Very user-friendly. The 1990s NBA jerseys seem to be controversial because of it's colors and details, and I would like to see how the NFL teams can fit into it. Since the Eagles unveiled their current set in 1990s so I decided to start with it. Inspired by the 1992-95 Hawks set and 1997-2011 Wizards set, which both have single-sided stripe and similar curved jersey logos. May back with the white/alt or I will start another new team. C&C is always appreciated!! Thanks for reading!! Edit: Lists: NFC East: #1 Eagles / #4 Giants / #21 Cowboys NFC West: #11 Seahawks / #17 Rams NFC South: #14 Falcons / #20 Panthers NFC North: #8 Vikings(v2) / #12 Lions / #19 Bears AFC East: #7 Patriots / #10 Dolphins / #13 Jets AFC West(finished): #5 Raiders / #16 Chargers / #24 Broncos / #25 Chiefs AFC South(finished): #3 Colts(v2) / #6 Jaguars / #22 Texans / #23 Titans AFC North(finished): #2 Ravens / #9 Steelers / #15 Browns #18 Bengals
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    Hey guys, while I had the chance I just wanted to show you guys some quick concepts I made to try and improve on two of the latest Nike redesigns in the Titans and Jaguars. I personally wasn't much of a fan of either redesign this time around, even though I generally like what Nike's done a little more than most. Anyway, here are the changes I would make. -For the Titans, I kept the sword-shaped shoulder yoke, I felt that was a nice-looking update to the overall style. I transferred that shape over to the pants stripe as well, and removed any "beveling" in the set, along with both shades of gray. Since the team apparently never even considered a white helmet, I decided columbia blue would be preferable over navy. I also used the much-beloved social media font, thanks to @Conrad.. The navy alt is shown with navy pants, but most of the time it would be worn with columbia pants. For the Jaguars, my design ended up looking really similar to @BucsBoy02's most recent design as well as the design on Reddit. It goes to show this most recent iteration has some good design ideas, but something just felt missing. So I went back to the previous number font, added gold back into the scheme more, and used sharp angles as a design motif. I didn't really mind the black numbers on the teal jersey, but since the intention for the Jags was to go back to tradition I used white numbers, and redesignated teal as home. I made the numbers teal on the black alt, I feel with outlines it could still work. Thanks for checking this out.
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    It is my opinion that powder blue road uniforms in baseball are very ugly are should not be worn even as throwbacks. To me, they are 70s Dinner Party.
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    i should correct some fake news. the number font i proposed wasn't Nagurski, it was another one i built around the same time called "Otto" that i used for my Browns concepts and renamed "Csonka" also, after going back through some things i found this slide that i thought was still interesting. i love all of these uniforms and felt this was a good space for the Dolphins to be in.
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    Pretty sure you just like being a troll...
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    There’s not enough teal on the white jersey. They are gonna try to wear teal pants with it and it’s gonna look goofy. There’s just not enough teal on that white jersey and it pisses me off. The all white pants look so stupid.
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    "Man from Vegas supports the only major sports team in Vegas! Read all about it!"
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    Tom, what did you think of the new Dolphins uniforms? Will you be doing those next or another team?
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    Well i did well on my exam! yay to that, and yes the symmetry is real: ALSO: Trust the Process eveyone.
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    Looking at this again after a day, I will give these minimal jerseys one positive: There's no stupid unnecessary design choice to highlight the Nike Swoosh!! Seattle has that stupid design element that draws the eye to the swoosh Minnesota has that weird curve on the white stripe to accentuate the swoosh Tennessee has the swoosh in red which is the ONLY PLACE RED APPEARS ON THE JERSEYS Tampa Bay is the Orange on Pewter so that's kind of a hard nitpick as it's a contrasting color, but considering how minimal the orange is on the jerseys aside from the weird triangles on the front, it can be part of this. (Jacksonville has kinda fallen into this due to the teal swoosh on the black jersey) So a minor blessing on that part. On a tangent of that, People blame Nike or blame the ownership. I feel there's a dual blame on a lot of these. Some of the overdesigns like the Titans and such may be Nike creating concepts that they've come up with and proposing them to ownership. yes ownership has the final say but Nike still has their own brand and agenda behind a lot of these designs too. This new one feels like they kept presenting more outlandish designs with Coughlin (or whomever) shooting them all down until they got fed up and just presented the blandest, boringest concept they could come up with and they just went with it. There has to be blame on all sides involved when these not-up-to-expectations designs are presented. There just isn't enough with these jerseys or pants. Gold highlights, Jaguar head on the pants. SOME FREAKEN STRIPES SOMEWHERE!!! Traditional shouldn't mean bland.
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    To Recap: Arizona: Brick Red, Sand, Black Atlanta: Red, Yellow, Black Dallas: Mavericks Blue, Black, Silver Boston/New England: Green, Red, White Cincinnati: Red-Orange, Black Minnesota: Purple, Yellow, White Pittsburgh: Black, Yellow (Duh) Philadelphia: Kelly Green, Orange/Maroon, Baby Blue Tampa Bay: Red, Black, Creamsicle Chicago: Black, Red, Sky Blue Cubs: Black, Red, White White Sox: Black, White, Sky Blue Wisconsin: Green, Gold, White Los Angeles 1 (Rams. Lakers, Kings, Dodgers, Galaxy): Blue, Yellow, White Los Angeles 2 (Chargers, Clippers, Ducks, Angels, LAFC): Eggplant, Orange, White Baltimore: Purple, Orange, Black Buffalo: Blue, Yellow, Gray Calgary: Red, Yellow Edmonton: Navy, Copper Toronto: Blue, Light Blue Washington, D.C.: Red, White, Blue, Silver Houston: Black, Orange St. Louis: Blue, Yellow, Red Ottawa: Red, Black, Gold Montreal: Red, Blue, Silver Denver/Colorado: Burgundy, Blue/Purple, Light Blue Seattle: Navy, Lime Green, Silver, White Detroit: Red, White, Silver Carolina: Purple, Carolina Blue Orlando, Purple, Silver, Black Miami: Aqua, Pink, Black Indiana: Blue, White, Silver Columbus: Blue, Yellow, Black New York 1 (Giants, Nets, Rangers, Yankees, Red Bulls): Navy Blue, Red, White New York 2 (Jets, Knicks, Islanders, Mets, NYCFC): Blue, Orange, White Utah: Purple. Green, Yellow Bay Area: San Jose: Teal, Silver, Black Oakland: Green, Black, White San Francisco: Crimson, Gold, Black Kansas City: Blue, Light Blue, Gold Cleveland: Red, Brown, White Portland: Green, Yellow, Red New Orleans: Purple, Green, Yellow Winnipeg: Navy Blue, Light Blue, Silver Tennessee: Navy Blue, Light Blue, Yellow Vancouver/British Columbia: Black, Reddish-Orange, Yellow, White
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    Next up is New Orleans, of course I decided on Mardi Gras colors. Nothing says New Orleans like Mardi Gras so I thought their sports teams should look the part with the purple, yellow, and green commonly seen during the event. As far as changes, the Saints make their black purple, their gold yellow, and add green into the mix. The Pelicans make their gold yellow, blue purple, and red green. Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated! Only Tennessee, Vancouver, and Winnipeg remaining
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    I like masks that look like the actual animal's head
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    Wow. Wow wow wow. I'm just kind of stunned. I mean, I knew this day was coming, but it still feels like it came out of left field. I always believed Wenger deserved to leave on his own terms, and at least on the surface, that appears to be what he is doing. Obviously the club has known about this for some time and probably has some succession plan in place, has leading candidates in mind for the job. But for now, I feel like we just need to celebrate what Wenger has done for and means to this club. There's a whole generation of Arsenal supporters -- Arsenal players, even -- who don't know anything else but Arsene Wenger as manager, myself included. He revolutionized the game in England, and it seemed he had a direct pipeline to the best French players, and even the rest of the continent. Around the time of the Invincibles, he was so far ahead of every other manager in the Premiership that didn't know whether to cry or wind their watches. But eventually everyone else caught up, and I believe that left Wenger flummoxed. The influx of super-wealthy owners coincided with lean years at Arsenal thanks to the construction of Emirates Stadium. But he still somehow managed to make it work, at least up until the past couple of years. I wonder about the timing of the announcement. Hopefully it motivates fans to come out and get behind him and the team down the homestretch here, and gives the players the motivation to push on in the league and in the Europa League. But I also worry what this means for some of the players. Many have expressed that playing under Wenger was a huge motivation for joining Arsenal, Ozil and Aubameyang specifically. Will they stick around? Will other players want to join? I suppose that all depends on who they have lined up as a replacement. I don't believe for one second that Wenger will ride off into the sunset. I fully expect him to take up another job in football after he leaves. He has lived and breathed and bled this game for so long, and sacrificed so much for it. Whatever he does next, I only wish him the very best.
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    No, it's not. That's a polo shirt. This is a baseball jersey template. Just trying to help you out.
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    Regarding the whole Vegas argument... I've probably said this before, but I've wanted pro sports in Vegas (NHL specifically, even) long before the Knights became a thing. I got my wish, and now they're having this kind of season. Forgive me for being satisfied with how things turned out. That being said, I understand this is very, very dumb and fully embrace the villain role here. At least I'm not stuck with the f-cking Islanders.
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    I hope Terry Stotts is renting, if not, he, his wife, or agent need to call a realtor on the off day. Blazers must be blown up (AGAIN) or at least try. GM Neil Olshey might need to go too as while their roster is one of the youngest, it's also barely under the tax threshold and cannot sign use a full Mid-Level Exemption. For 2018-19, they've got $119M contracted to just NINE guys. https://www.blazersedge.com/2018/2/12/17006484/blazers-salary-cap-faq-mid-level-exceptions-harkless-3-point-shooting-signing-veteran-luxury-tax
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    Concept #2: Atlantic Schooners (again). Not sure if I like this one either and was very hesitant to post it.
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    Imagine that. The Dolphins actually look like the Dolphins. Still prefer the aqua-orange-aqua stripe pattern over the orange-aqua-orange, but this is an improvement over the previous set. First time we’ve been able to say that about a NFL uniform change this offseason.
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    Nope, this would be a massive downgrade. One-color outlines? Sure. I'd prefer gold, but black would work. Two-color outlines are too busy; the Dolphins just showed us that.
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    In honor of today, I have a little bonus for you guys. 2 bonus logos, actually. I should have saved the Leafs for today, but hindsight is 20/20, so let's go with the next closest: the green team who eventually became the Leafs. Also, for those interested, here's a link to my entire Imgur album of these designs. Nothing extra that isn't here, as I update the album right before I post it here, but just a collection of all of them in one place.
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    Congrats, easily one of my favorite threads ever.
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    So I thought about posting this concept for about a week but held off until we saw the new uniforms. After seeing them unveiled, I'm extremely underwhelmed. They only have gold in the logo, no pants stripes, and number are single-colored. Quite frankly, I think they oversimplified. My concept uses some past parts of their uniforms that I really like. Let's talk about them. - Solid black helmet, which the team did, in fact, return to - Old number font that was used from 2000-2008. - Old pants stripes Now I didn't want to make a carbon copy of their old uniforms, so I went with IMO a criminally underused football jersey design with vertical shoulder stripes. It's a unique look that doesn't get used enough, but it makes these uniforms modern without going over the edge. Hope you guys enjoy. Let me know if you'd like to see more combinations too and I'll probably post them.
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    Thats my new favorite helmet in the league hands down.
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    Maybe the sword was hurled overhand toward the viewer and is tumbling through the air, with the handle being closest to the viewer. That solves the outline issue, but means the bottom of the sword must be massively wide.
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    I definitely see the wizards, and it looks really good. Could see this in a Philadelphia shop. What template is that, I really like it!
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    If it means keeping him away from NBC broadcasts I'm all for it - Go Whalers
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    I’m sorry, but to me the NFL schedule release is the most overhyped, overblown event in the NFL offseason. It doesn’t deserve anywhere near the attention it gets.
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    It is funny that pants are listed as part of the uniform in this regards. As far as I'm concerned, the NFL has never regulated pants. A team could ultimately have multiple pairs of pants and it not matter. I don't believe the Ravens' gold pants were in the league's style guide that season. And with that, the Rams were in fair territory to change their pants without delay on other changes. That's the way I've always understood, at least.
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    I was just looking at the LockerVision site - since the Statement uniforms were first allowed to be worn, the Magic wore their blue jerseys 9 times. Only 9 times for 3/4 of the season. Crazy.
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    Taking any emotion out of it, I think this is the best argument for why the whole Vegas situation is bad. I don't want any expansion city to go through quite the struggle that we did in Columbus, but that doesn't mean this is good, either.
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    Given all the Jags news/talk today I started messing around in Photoshop and this was the result. Essentially a modernization of the Jags' original jerseys mixed with elements of their most current set. Jerseys are lined up Home/Away/Third. Black pants for home and teal for away would be the most common combinations, but pants could be mixed and matched. Also minor modification to the logo where I removed the shading: it cuts down on extra colors and the logo looks better without it.
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    I'm sorry but these are a downgrade minus the helmet IMO. They overcorrected too much.
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    It’s an all around improvement. The new shade of orange looks fantastic with the aqua and I don’t think any of us will miss the navy outlines. Also, having two-color numbers makes the numeral font’s problems less obvious, which is good.
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    Can we get some photoshopped versions of these promotional photos with proper contrasting trims on the numbers?
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    Jags will have Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jason Aldean, and Kid Rock at the stadium on Labor Day Weekend. "HOLD MAH BEER" indeed
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    Contrast in and of itself isn't important. It is only important when it serves the purpose it's going for. Having blue and red touch for a team that doesn't have much use for purple is ugly.... But the blur between the red, yellow, and white in Calgary furthers the look by looking more fiery. Same goes for the color bleeding of the old Navy Oilers uniforms. The stripes weren't orange. They were copper with a thin red outline. Those colors bled, but it created an effect that isn't dissimilar to an overly sharpened jpeg or and HDR photograph. It subtly changed the tone of the stripe with color placement, to create a specific visual effect. That's what the flames did, imo. Intentionally or not, it worked. The yellow doesn't NEED to contrast because it isn't the star. The whole purpose of it is to add warmth and highlight to the primary red color. Not every color transition has to be stark and contrasted. Some can be gradual and subtle, if it achieves the aesthetic you desire. My 2 cents.
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    I dunno... a backwards S maybe?
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    SHAMELESS PLUG of something I whipped up in 5 minutes
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    How about we just go back to the Las Vegas Stars! That way Cosmo can stay as the mascot, and bring back vintage “Stars” gear!
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    I thought of it. The Las Vegas Caesars. Caesar's palace and Fallout reference. Does it suck? Yeah. Is it probably going to be better than whatever gimmicky name Brandiose pulls from the seventh circle of hell? Probably
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    Since Brandiose is involved, I see the finalists being Desert Frogs, Silver Vultures, and Buffets...because, well, Brandiose.
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    Yeah, I think they absolutely could. It's hardly an obscure reference.
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    Here is the Sixers logo with a little more maroon @MJD7
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