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    Good thing the Seahawks don't play there; WRs would hate to play in a place with lots of drops and poor reception. (ducks)
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    "Earned. Not given." Coming February 2019, new NBA Given jerseys, for the 14 teams who didn't make the playoffs.
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    I've been working on painting logo blocks for an MLS standings board. I had created an NFL version of this a few years back, and since Minnesota United is now in the MLS, I thought it was time to make an MLS one. I underestimated the detail on these logos and the difficulty of painting them with acrylic. NFL logos aren't as detailed as MLS logos. I fact that didn't cross my mind until I started painting. The blocks are 5.125" x 2.5". In hindsight, I wish I had used oil paints as I think it may have been easier to get more precise colors when mixing and easier to work with the fine detail. All in all I'm pretty happy with them, though. Up to this point, I think I've spent about 50 hours on this project. Next step is to stain the board, paint the MLS logo, and get magnets attached to the board.
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    Game jerseys in practice? Bold move ?
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    So I’ve been noticing a new version of my Birds' cap logo being circulated, mainly on TV displays, and also on the banners and big screens at Busch. Here’s their "current" emblem... and here's the one I’ve been seeing... I kinda like it. I like the new serifs on the letters, and that the T is no longer bumping up against the top of the S. I hope they switch to this for real, but what are your thoughts on this?
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    And that GD swollen talon and squat wings...I frankly hate that thing. They could’ve done a much better job of updating the original (and the original did need updating, yes). For example, I love this concept by @LogoFan . It’s my favorite attempt at updating the original I’ve seen yet: I might have “swooped” it a little more to give it some speed, but this is still just about everything I wish Atlanta had done instead of energy drink bird.
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    You're doing something wrong in your life if you have this many confrontations over sports-logos.
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    If they were going to go the diagonal nickname route they really missed the boat.
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    So, just to clarify. The Warriors have the city jersey, but that isn't the city jersey, the city jersey is the town jersey which represents the city they left for the city represented by the city jersey which isn't the city jersey.
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    Half of MLB was formerly an "alternative baseball league". The American League is the most successful alternative league ever. It just happened to start 108 years ago.
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    Hey, look, it's every single Cardinals concept ever made on these boards!
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    Continued to be wildly baffled by how bad this looks
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! If I have time later on in the series, I'll do a creamsicle version of this Bucs set. Tried the stylized horns look for the Rams. I think the simplicity of that concept is what makes it pop, and the extra detail kinda bogs it down. Stripes and numbers on the Bucs unis would use the same material as the currents. Next up, the New York Jets! Now that the Sam Darnold Era has officially begun, the Jets need a bold new look to complement the revitalized franchise. Since the Jets are due for new uniforms next year, this concept doubles as a prediction. I'm going for a combination of eras here. Kelly Green makes its long-anticipated return, along with a revamped version of their sleek 80's & 90's logo. The logo is reinforced on the sleeves, similar to oldschoolvikings' Jets concept. The form of the jet happens to cradle the swoosh quite nicely, so I could totally see Nike going in this direction. The helmet is inspired by their color rush look, complete with a metallic helmet decal. A distinct yet traditional custom block font takes cues from the logo. C+C is appreciated!
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    More Warriors alternates leaking
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    I think even if they just made the collar green it would look better. Quick and dirty fix of that and adding white trim as most people have mentioned.
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    The 90s Cavs logo is the best Nets logo ever created.
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    I reserved the right to be cryptic about a concept series, right? Every year I go to the NASCAR race at Homestead-Miami Speedway, and the exit we use to get there passes right by an unused spring training facility. The city of Homestead built an entirely new ballpark and field for the Indians to move there, only to be damaged by Hurricane Andrew causing the Indians to move elsewhere. Florida is covered with old minor league and spring training stadiums. Enough to make a league out of. This is going to be an Out of the Park sim league. This will be a mix of minor league baseball fun, the Senior Professional Baseball Association, and my old Continental Baseball League. The CBL was a sim league I ran, where I took free agent MLB players, drafted teams, and posted the results. I'm still looking at the logistics of doing this. It will involve manually drafting free agents to the teams, some tricky contract settings. The tests I ran last year lead to players getting scooped by MLB teams before the season began. It should work better after the changes I'm thinking of making! But first I need some brands. I had a few names kicking around. The logic puzzle of connecting a town to a team name to a unique brand was so much fun. I'm going to get weird with it all. I took to twitter asking for random team names and got some great results. This is the first. Sun League team 1 of 10: Cocoa Beach ChocoSox
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    Since finishing my NFL Redesign I haven't taken on any large projects. With baseball season gone I've found myself missing it, and missing the best designed league in the world. Iconic logos abound, near perfect designs, and more history than anyone would know what to do with... ...so why not redesign the whole league? First up: Oakland Athletics The A's have had at least as many cap logos as they've had cities, and they've not yet perfected it. Time to lean into the green and yellow. Time to endear themselves to Oakland (before they find yet another home field).
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    Gold is the only colour pants the Saints need.
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    Wrong. The new Jets uni is clearly a blatant rip-off of the Farmingdale High School football team of Long Island, NY. Shame on the Jets for stealing these kids' uniforms. Sad.
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    Man...Utah's throwback is cold as the top of the mountains!!! Even the ad patch works!! (UTAH'S patch design and coloring is easily tops in the league)
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    Orioles breaking out the 1969 throwbacks:
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    Forget alternate, I’d make a whole set out of that. Yes please.
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    This is what I have done so far for the 2019 season. There are a couple of minor changes I need to make but this year I have had the ability to stay on top of the new uniforms.
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    Looks like he's being chased by the ghosts of former Bengals.
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    T-Mobile Park is a fitting name since the M’s have been phoning it in since 2004
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    Script logo football helmets are underrated
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    It's a better logo than anything else they've worn.
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    But black is already Carolina’s primary color...
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    With the Spurs, I wanted to really push the black and silver color scheme. For that reason, the only white you'll see in this set is the Association uniforms. The wordmark is simplified, but has a modern twist on a classic aesthetic. The side stripes on the Association and Icon edition uniforms form a 'spur' on the shorts and the inline stripes echo the wordmark and the numbers. The statement uniform is a bit more wild. It incorporates the first custom logo I've added to a set so far with the state of Texas on the shorts. The different color shorts and jersey are something that people see as a "throwback", but its a look that I wish was more common in the modern game. I know it feels a bit bizarre, but it is a design element I"m planning on bringing back for a few different teams in this series. The stripes at the hem and waistband are supposed to call back to the inline design of the wordmark and numbers on the Icon and Association uniforms. I'd love some feedback on this set in particular! Thanks y'all.
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    Or maybe a red beak, since that's what Cardinals have. If they wanted a gold beak, they could have used the Desert Cardinal: And hey, look! Very marketable gray as a secondary color.
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    "...and that's the story of how I showed those jerks on the sports logo message boards that I'm as real as it comes." "OK, sir, but like I said before, we can't serve you at the drive-thru window if you aren't in a vehicle."
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    Really think they could have added a teal color to the logo, kinda like the Miami Heat's Vice uniform.
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    The Supersonics were arguably the most "established" team to relocate since the Brooklyn Dodgers. They won a world championship in the '70s (a dark night of the soul for the NBA but a championship nevertheless), had Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp in the '90s, and were generally a contending team with a passionate and savvy fanbase. Anyone could see that the Supersonics were righteously screwed when the team was sold to the businessmen who were underwriting the Hornets' visit to Oklahoma City, David Stern not allowing George Shinn to sell the Hornets to them when he wanted to. Crewcut Clay and his goons demanded a free arena in Renton that would have been exorbitantly costly to taxpayers and a logistical nightmare, and then bailed because they claimed they technically tried, even though it was an obvious fox-in-the-henhouse scenario from the outset. Sonicsgate says it all better than I can. Whaler nostalgia is mostly about how idiosyncratic the whole team was, with its clever logo, goofy theme song, losing nature, dumpy arena, grim city, and that they were the only team in town, the NHL having a lot of those until killing off three of them in a row. I know that as an NHL fan, I love the league's weirdness -- God knows there's a lot that frustrates me about the league, but deep in my heart I dig the insularity and just-below-the-mainstream feel relative to the other three. And of course, the Whalers were another team that was done dirty by ill-intentioned owners and a league that didn't want them: a group of local bidders was turned away in favor of Michigan businessmen who wanted to move the team to suburban Detroit to stick it to Mike Ilitch. The fanbase was challenged to buy a sufficient number of season tickets to save the team, they did, and then that still wasn't enough. So that certainly engenders sympathy. But I think most of us romanticize the NHL as a tightly-knit, mostly regional league where everyone hates everyone else, and having Hartford tucked in there with New York, Long Island, Newark, Boston, Buffalo, Montreal, and Quebec City helps with that. I was even listening to "Rhiannon" while I wrote all that, just like that scene early in Slap Shot.
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    I still think the 90’s pinstripes were better, but this is still a very nice alternative. Well done, Bulls.
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    I love the shift. And this is the perfect rebuttal to any complaints about it - don’t like the shift? Then hit it where they ain’t.
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    On a side note, I'll never understand the appeal/popularity of this place. Overpriced, mediocre chain food. Any locally owned sports bar has better wings and beer on game days.
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