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    None of these photos are taken outdoors under the sun. Wait until then I suppose.
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    Minnesota Lynx - Inspired by but not completely copying the Timberwolves
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    I still think the Columbia pit stains are the absolute worst thing about these. This angle helps my argument.
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    It's the equivalent of the 2000's Bills nightmare.
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    Though while searching, I found him in 87 with maroon. This is now the biggest mystery I need to solve.
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    Just atrocious, the old set becomes the classic Titans fans will beg to return.
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    Well, because then we'd end up with a "________ Missouri State" situation on our hands... Back to the garments...I finally got an up-close look at the new stuff over to the team shop at the stadium the other day. Just for comparo's sake (& because they still had some old stock in there), I hung a (now old) jersey next to the newer ones and.... You can see how much...brighter...the old jersey is compared to the newer ones. (And the NOBs on the new ones are actually outlined...guess just another way to get some columbia blue in there.) That two-tone gray yoke really drabs down the look, to me. Also, I also got a good look at the new helmets...setting aside the fact that the helmets seem to be the only place where the primary logo has a silver/gray outline, I find it puzzling the rest of the uniform uses two-tone gray on the yokes and pants...stripes...yet on the helmet the two-tone stripe is white and gray?? Its little things like that--and the fact that the number font matches nothing else in the brand identity--that just bug me. Speaking of that number font...I've seen many remark of how the now-former number font was "bad" or how they didn't like it; yet in all that time I've yet to come across a single half-intelligible reason as to why they're supposedly "bad". I happened to like them personally, as they somewhat matched with the TITANS wordmark pretty well. A simple cleanup is all I believe they really needed and they'd have been good another 20 years. I don't know that I've ever shown this, but I concocted this about a year ago...it shows my stab at tastefully updating the branding package and numbers some (along with infusing a bit more red since at the time that was a prevalent rumor).
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    Mitt Romney's instantly iconic custom Jazz jersey inspired this thread (as did this infamous thread from a few years back). As a general rule, the most dignified fashion choice for most politicians is the baseball bullpen jacket. But occasionally, a politician gives us a gift. Feel free to post pics of politicians wearing sports gear. Holding up a commemorative jersey (without wearing it) isn't enough. I'd pass on jerseys from non-professional leagues (although Christie's NYPD jersey is still a classic). First pitches will do it. Extra points for jerseys tucked into jeans, worn under blazers, or over Van Heusen dress shirts with rolled-up sleeves. (and yeah, feel free to throw in pics of Bill Bradley, Jack Kemp, Jim Bunning, and this glorious silver fox, Rep. Tom McMillen (D-MD))
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    Liz : You could've burned the place down. Dennis : I wish I had burned the place down. There's no reason to live anymore. Liz : What happened? Dennis : The Islanders lost tonight. Liz : Doesn't that happen a lot? Dennis : I knew you wouldn't understand.
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    It helps if you view his posts as performance art.
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    If I was a betting man I would say you will see black on black & white on white most of the time except when wearing the teal which will be the only time you will see the teal pants...
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    I can't wait until this Houston-Minnesota series is over. It's probably the ugliest matchup in the playoffs thus far. Games 3 and 4 were better than 1 and 2, but not by much. Really think it would've been a good time for the Wolves to roll out the green set for at least one of the home games. Would've looked better going against Houston's red road set.
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    UNIFORMS: http://i.imgur.com/9V9LgSG.jpg The jerseys are a mixture between the modern St. Louis jerseys and the LA/GSOT throwbacks. There are two pant options that can be mixed/matched: white/blue or yellow/blue. Home: Yellow is reintroduced as the primary home color. The pant design is kept traditional with a blue stripe. The new wordmark is implemented into the front of the jersey. Away: The jersey + pant combo is meant as a callback to the LA/GSOT unis, in which the Rams won their first super bowl in. Alternate Navy: The color matchups would be kept traditional against Seattle and San Francisco in their two home games per season. COLOR RUSH: For color rush, I wanted to try something fun, unique, and different. In Cleveland they first utilized Navy and Red for their unis, and for a short period of time in LA they utilized red and yellow. Since the 60s Blue and white uniforms were already beat to death in the Rams current unis, I wanted to pay homage to the Rams' early usage of navy/red/yellow with this uniform set. The helmet isn't completely changed to red due to the NFL one-shell rule, so a red facemask is implemented as a compromise.
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    I actually think that's a downgrade after seeing them side by side.
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    Judging by the rest of your threads this is definitely not the case.
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    And the award for investigative photojournalism in the world of sports uniforms goes to...Buc! I haven't been too hard on this change. I kinda considered the jersey an upgrade. Both number fonts are tolerable if not great and I liked the idea of the sword yoke. But they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is a terrific example of that. Side-by-side with the old uniform, the new one just looks drab. The extra light blue, as opposed to gray is a huge difference maker. The old uniform shows their two colors nicely. The new one adds a third color and drabness. In hindsight, they should have ditched the under-arm blue and just made the sword yokes blue. I know they'd look less like swords, but I think the jersey would be far more vivid. I never did like the old yoke, but color-balance-wise, they've taken a huge step backwards.
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    The Raiders still have their numbers on their sleeves. It's doable. But the cap sleeve design of jerseys these days doesn't leave a lot of room, especially when Nike has to put the Swoosh there, per the NFL (a move I agree with). They're paying a lot of money to have that contract and they deserve to market their product. The Chiefs moved their numbers from the sleeves to the shoulders when Nike came in, and I'm super thankful...it allowed Nike to make the sleeve stripes much larger, instead of being just on the sleeve band, which is a much better look and the jersey overall just looks better. Also, numbers are more visible when on shoulders than sleeves for much of the stadium, especially the TV folk in the press box, so there's that to consider. At eye level sleeve numbers are more visible, but none of us are watching the game from the sideline...
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    First off, that new logo is MILES better than the old one. If it were me, I'd not turn the tusks inward quite so much, but other than that, huge improvement.
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    Looks like a green dolphin named "Jets" at SeaWorld pooping.
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    While there's a part of me that wouldn't mind the Texans ditching navy for Columbia, the other part me of associates that color with the enemy. As an alternate, Columbia blue would be a nice bridge between the old team and the new. But a primary? No. Texans just need switch to their Battle Reds as the primary with some red facemasks. And bring back their red pants (inverse of their Color Rush pants) for away games with the blue socks. As for the Jets, 80-90's logo on white helmet with current uniforms in Kelly Green. or switch to their Color Rush unis.
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    Yes, none of the photos were taken outdoors and they shined blue lights on them. You can see some of the reflections on their helmets, arms, faces and any white parts of the uniform. Definitely not a good way to judge the color.
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    That is what he said. That is why he used parentheses. Thanks for adding value to this discussion on the Jags uniforms. Going back to his original point. I totally agree, if the manufacturer or advertisement is going to be there I would rather it look like it was a designed aspect of the uniform than something that was tacked on afterwards.
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    What's the plan with the hat as is? If the status quo is never wearing it again because of the dirt, I'm not sure there's much risk in flattening the bill.
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    The most interesting thing about Penguins/Capitals is the inevitable Urinatingtree video.
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    It's an exclamation point on a piece of redesign. How about you incorporate that color into a proper redesign, rather than being a bunch of lazy self serving MFAH
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    As a Tampa fan, I approve of the Leafs and Bruins wearing each other out in a 7-game series. Now make this even better and win on Wednesday, Leafs.
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    Another example of Nike making their logo part of the actual design. It's basically the sleeve logo, and on the white jersey, the only bit of teal that's really visible. Along with the Titans, who made the swoosh red and therefore also an intrical part of the design (the look of the uniform changes pretty noticeably when that red is removed), Nike has finally totally intertwined their brand with the team's. It's way worse than the ReeBox, which still at least made the RBK logo look like an ad and not a design element.
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    The Jaguars uniforms will only become more popular. They're fantastic.
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    The Draft just became worth watching.
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    No one can negotiate until the current affiliations end, but the leading candidates to end up in Las Vegas are the A's and the D'Backs.
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    No Dom was definitely not who I was thinking of, but appreciate the try. This is more like it. What a beauty.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I've gone ahead and thickened the side striping for the Sixers, as well as modified the piping around the arm. For Portland, the diagonal striping was lowered and the name on the chestmark enlarged on each (you were correct about the thinness of the numbers being their font, and I decided not to mess with that). I also made the NOB larger on every jersey, I hadn't noticed how tiny they looked until you mentioned it! Also, I noticed an oversight I had made on each jersey; the NBA logo underneath the collar. So I've gone back and replaced every final version (thus far) with the correct version fixing this mistake. Now for a rush of designs. I have not one, two, or three teams ready, but FOUR all at once. Bear with me. First up are the Bucks. I kept the main concept of the uniforms intact with only slight changes. These include taking the bottom of the side striping of the shirt and matching the base color. I then took the stripe on the shirt and flipped it upside down onto the shorts for a balanced feel. The names on the back are now below the number simply because "Antetokounmpo" is a NIGHTMARE to fit between the shoulder blades. Then on the Statement uniform, I decided to replace the deer head on the chest with "MKE", as I felt it made the front number too small. The main change is to the City Edition jersey, which features "Cream City" around the front number on a cream base with the team's many shades of green from the late '80s. The next team I've got ready are Canada's own Toronto Raptors. The team returns purple to the rotation and uses the chevrons on the sides to cap a contrasting side panel. The City Edition uniform is more of a Country Edition, as it goes with the player numbers enclosed in dark red maple leaves on a red base. After the Raptors come the San Antonio Spurs in all their black-and-silver glory. Contrary to every other Spurs concept I come across, the old fiesta colors are nowhere to be seen with this concept. The only real change to the primary uniforms comes in simplified piping and the side striping being capped by the shape of the top of the Alamo. The City Edition now limits the digital camo to the side striping and neck/arm piping, while featuring "Alamo City" around the front number. The last team I have ready for now are the Houston Rockets. This is where the biggest changes take place. The team removes silver from their colors and reinstates gold. The hoop piping is now a thing of the past, as the side striping is now the trail of a rocket blasting off. The City Edition of the Rockets is where I really came unhinged, giving the shirt a gradient from black to red. Within that gradient are stars and the Houston skyline around the upper torso of the body. The rocket trail is then placed starting on the player's right thigh and works its way up to the chest, where the rocket "R" logo is blasting off to begin the "Rockets" wordmark. C&C welcome, especially if you're looking to help restore sanity over the Rockets' City Edition uniform.
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    I couldnt disagree more. Lazy is what the Jags 2013 uniforms were. Just throw a bunch of unncecessary, thoughtless components together for the sake of making noise. People keep posting the 2013-2017 teal jersey... the gold collar looks horrendous. I’ll take a uniform that is thoughtfully restrained over that idiotic gold-on-teal collar slash every time. This “practice jerseys” criticism is so unfounded. The uniforms are simple. Practice jerseys are simple. But unlike practice jerseys, these uniforms will be worn... with pads... in an NFL stadium... with on field materials... not next to a red QB jersey... I promise you nobody is going to mistake the Jaguars uniform for a practice jersey when they’re playing NFL games next year.
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    Here is the new look MLS. There are no cities with no change because of being the only team from that city.
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    Dallas Wings - got rid of the royal blue and red, they only served to distract from the otherwise really tight color scheme. Also made a new "Dallas" wordmark to match the "Wings" and a modified version of the Hornets number font.
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    Can’t wait for the swingin’ hooker logo.
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    Concept #2: Atlantic Schooners (again). Not sure if I like this one either and was very hesitant to post it.
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    Next up is New Orleans, of course I decided on Mardi Gras colors. Nothing says New Orleans like Mardi Gras so I thought their sports teams should look the part with the purple, yellow, and green commonly seen during the event. As far as changes, the Saints make their black purple, their gold yellow, and add green into the mix. The Pelicans make their gold yellow, blue purple, and red green. Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated! Only Tennessee, Vancouver, and Winnipeg remaining
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    I've been reading a lot on this thread about this "trend"... can we discuss this? So, by my count, there are now 10 teams with single color numbers. They are; Packers, Giants, Steelers, Colts, Jets, Cowboys, Raiders, 49ers, Vikings, and now, Jaguars. 5 of those 10 have been wearing single color numbers forever... the Pack (1925), the Steelers (1933), the Cowboys (1962), the Raiders (1962), and the Colts (1953). It's safe to say that none of these teams are a part of any new "single color number trend." Another 3 of those 10 have been wearing their current uniforms with single numbers for less time, but are wearing uniforms that recreate older uniforms that had single color numbers... the 49ers (1957 originally), the Giants (1937 originally), and the Jets (1962 originally). Since these teams are each following an older tradition, I would say they, also, are not part of any "single color number trend." That just leaves 2... the Vikings (2013) and the Jaguars (2018) as a part of this "trend." 2 teams is not much of a trend IMO... I think were safe.
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    No. It's minor league looking. And @GFB put it best here: Quoting from that thread: I guess this is an unpopular opinion, but I like the Greek Fire shield much more than the T-sword. The T-sword has a messed-up perspective. Either sword is SUPER short OR it's a HUGE SWORD that's flying right at the viewer with a little tiny shield that happens to be a perfectly parallel (yet still in front in front of the giant flying sword?). And if the second perspective is the accepted view, then the outline should be thickest at the bottom of the logo because that is the part that is closest to the viewer. But nope, of course that's the thinnest part of the outline and results in this really stupid optical illusion.
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    Here's my tweaked WNBA logo - New York Liberty, inspired by the Knicks with some Liberty Green to help them stand out --
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    I dunno... a backwards S maybe?
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    The US Women debuted the new home kits tonight: I thought they looked pretty sharp in action. I personally feel like the white kits are a much more cohesive and complete look than the navy away kits, although I know some of you disagree with that.
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    One of the more universally liked City Edition uniforms - and certainly one of my personal favorites - belongs to the Miami Heat. The Miami Vice theme along with the neon colors is pretty much the most Miami thing you can legally do to a uniform, and it's perfect in every single way right down to the throwback single-leg shorts trim. With that being said, the first thing myself and many others on this board and elsewhere thought was that it could work very well in black too. Something about the city's neon lights at night creates a perfect tie-in. With City Edition uniforms anticipated to change every year, I wouldn't be surprised to see a black version sooner than later. I've seen a few mock-ups of black versions that more or less just flip the base colors and call it a day, and those look just as nice as expected. However, I think the white base needs the full-color wordmarks and numerals as well as the black accents to make it work; I don't know that this is necessarily true for the black base, though. For my black version, I maintained the basic template of their current City Edition jersey while revisiting the LeBron-era "Back in Black" alternates for the wordmarks and numerals. The black letters and numerals on the black background creates a perfect amount of contrast with the neon strokes while also affording room for a glow effect similar to my Minnesota Timberwolves Northern Lights alternate jersey a few pages back. It's clean, simple, and very Miami. Please let me know your thoughts on this version....thanks! Miami Heat City Edition Jerseys
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