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    Sorry a bit of self promo here but I'll leave this here in case anyone's interested...
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    To me the worst part of this update is that it's brought out so many people who now want to claim that the previous nightmare of a uniform was "fine, except for the helmet." Stop that. You don't like this new look? OK... but that old garbage still needed to be dragged to the curb. Oh... IMO.
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    I like the more aggressive logo but I also like the old colors. I did a quick color change a while back and I think it looks great.
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    well, even here, you have people on all sides of every issue. nothing is so black and white that everyone loves something new or old or whatever. but generally, the majority of people will resist change; at least at first. i think asking everyone to express their thoughts and feelings in a well laid out design critique is a bit unfair, though. i mean, im not a plumber; all i can do is tell you my faucet leaks, you know? just speaking to the Titans for now, i disagree that any of the elements actually look appealing but moreover there is a lack of consistency in the shapes and how they're used in every piece of the uniform. each sword element is a variation on the idea and that ends up looking chaotic and the peices (helmet, jersye, pants) have a lack of visual unity— the shapes divide the uniform instead of tying it together. this was the major issue with the previous uniform as well. theres also a practical element here where the numbers are probably going to be hard to read because they're so wide they curve around the players body a bit, and because they're so. . . unique? they're more an expression of "swords" or whatever than they are actual numbers. theres this sense of some kind of "brand story" being told in all the details yet its like different people worked on all of those details without consulting with one another. personally, i think the uniform lacks taste— i love a sating helmet shell and like the metallic facemask as an option but put them together? i think thats the tackiest ive ever seen and theres nothing "professional" about the way that looks. and NFL players can be near 40 years old, you have to think about how these apply to grown men with some gray hairs as well. if Adam Vinatieri played for the Titans, i think he'd look ridiculous. if there is intent to make the uniforms short-lived and have a constant change, trendy, experimental uniforms can work. it works great for Oregon because they keep changing. but theres something to be said for longevity and timeless (or as close as you can get to it) design. i just saw a picture of the 49ers as i write this and you know what, that uniform looks freaking great. the colors, helmet finish, logos, numbers, every detail about that is beautiful and it has nothing to do with Montana, Rice, or 5 Super Bowl victories. there is an approach and philosophy to that uniform that just works perfectly, so when the Titans break all of those rules and try so hard to do something unique and original? it shows. and i am not at all against new ideas, but you have to execute them well and have some sort of taste. Nike and NFL teams are struggling with that right now. but for what its worth? i really like Jacksonville. but thats for another time "when you're young, you just want to break the box but as you get older you realize, that was a pretty good box" — Steven Heller, designer.
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    I'm new here. Explain yourselves.
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    That flag is actually what inspired the cape in this version of the centurion. It may be my favorite part; a shining example showing how to incorporate a local design element without forcing it.
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    If that's what you think the problem is, then you really don't understand at all. I think you may have better luck responding to individual comments when you find them, rather than creating a new thread to tilt at ridiculous straw men.
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    Why does Cincy even put a wordmark in their endzones? Just having the tigers stripes would be an upgrade to me.
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    One time I wore a Cubs hat in Bridgeport and a guy called me a f-cking f-ggot. Classic misunderstanding: I'm not gay.
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    In closing, let me sum this up: You like what you like, and that's ok. Others like what they like, and that's ok too. You and Other may not like the same things and that's ok as well. On that note:
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    I'm sorry, that's mean. But I couldn't resist. Yes, I absolutely can tell you that.. The original Seahawks logo is a fitting tribute to the First Nations history of the Pacific Northwest. It's a good logo, with local relevance, well rendered in a unique and fitting color scheme.
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    After an admitted swing-and-miss on the Eagles, I’m back with the Jacksonville Jaguars. They recently redesigned their uniforms and, personally, I like them. They aren’t perfect and could use some gold, but they’re solid. However, this is a concept series, so I did my own take on what I’d do if I was given the chance to design the Jags. Helmet: A solid satin black helmet with the logo on the side. I considered a stripe, but it didn’t look right, the Jags have never had a helmet stripe and, honestly, a solid black helmet is perfect for them. One new element I used here which has never been used in team history is a teal facemask. I felt it added just enough pop without being too distracting. Jerseys: Three jerseys in three colors: teal, black, and white with the primary home being (drumroll)… teal! That’s gotta be obvious, right? How they can’t get that right is beyond me. As for the design, I wanted something unique, but without using jaguar spots, which in my opinion, look terrible on any concept I’ve seen with them. I looked at the leaks from a while back that were proven false and built off those stripes, but used a three color pattern and extended them further, slightly past the sleeve caps and a couple inches onto the chest. For the number font, I struggled. I love both the new font and the now-old font. In the end, I decided there was another team that could use the new font and it would fit their brand better, so I used the old font on the Jags’ numbers. Pants: Again, three colors, black, white, teal. The stripes from the jerseys are carried onto the pants, adjusted as needed. Not much else to say about the pants, they’re pretty simple to describe. Combinations: Primary home would be teal over black, road would be white over black, but all pants are interchangeable with all jerseys. Teal socks are used with the black pants and white pants, black socks with the teal pants and can be worn when the black jersey is worn with white pants. In my mind I would prefer them to wear white pants very sparingly, maybe a couple early season games in high temperatures, but primarily the black and teal pants should be used. And the uniforms in action, featuring Jalen Ramsey, Yannick Ngakoue, Leonard Fournette, and the BOAT (Best of all time), Blake Bortles: As for the process/progression pictures, I'll likely have that up sometime this afternoon. Thanks for looking, don't hesitate to let me know what you think!
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    And that’s why I prefer the original. That and the bright color scheme. The updates are all trying too hard to be tough and “kewl”. The harder they strain, the less effective they are.
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    I’m of the opinion that something doesn’t need to look intimidating to work as a sports logo. I view the original Seahawks logo much like I view the original Dolphins logo. An accurate reflection of the area’s art style, warts and all. They both have a bit of kitsch and whimsy that, in my opinion, are lacking from the NFL these days.
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    Okay, that's enough. This thread is not going anywhere productive, so I'm shutting it down. We keep going around and around in circles here. @Dboi2001, you can't seem to grasp that people have opinions about uniforms and logos that are different than yours. They do, and they're free to express them. You're free to disagree, but it has to be done in a civil manner, and it feels like you've gone past the point of civility.
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    Worst Logo? Really? These two logos are 1000x worse than the original Seahawks logo:
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    OK... sorry to spout such nonsense. I did say it was just my opinion, but since you're asking, here's my list of dislikes; 1. Not a fan of the patch... it's awkwardly shaped for where it's placed, and I don't care for nickname abbreviations showing up on the actual uniform. 2. Shiny shoulder spikes are only noticeable enough to be annoying... one of those "too clever" touches that seem added just because they can. 3. Empty contrast-color shoulder caps... again, why? Seems like a "fill tool" decision. 4. The black numbers on the teal jersey muddied up an already over-complicated look. 5. Truncated pants stripes that just sort of float... just personally not a fan. For myself, I need the pants stripe to attach at the top or bottom, minimum... I'd prefer it to travel the length of the pants. 5. The stubborn insistence on the monochrome combinations. Sure, if you like that sort of thing, you can say I'm just a grump about it, but as I've said close to 1000 times on this board, monochrome football uniforms make me think of high school and lower tier colleges, and look out of place in the NFL. 6. Black socks with black pants. Hate. Ugly. Must die. 7. The worst helmet in the history of the NFL. 8. The worst helmet in the history of the NFL. That's just off the top of my head. And my complaints for numbers 5 and 6 will no doubt be carried over in the new uniform, but that's not really the question, here. As always, this is just my nonsense spouting opinion.
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    Wait a second, are those..... pants stripes?! I didn’t know those things were allowed in new designs. That’s refreshing.
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    Would you look at that, the mostly dark and colored logo seems to stand out on a lighter helmet. Who'd of thunk it? Nah, just slap it on a boring, extremely dull navy helmet
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    absolutely. heres another example i like to use
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    Buddy, you specifically cited the current Seahawks shoulder details evoking indigenous imagery as a point in their favor. Gothamite literally put a picture of the old logo side by side with an actual piece of indigenous art showing they're nearly identical.
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    If you change about ten individual things on it, then yeah, I can see what you’re saying, but otherwise, anyone could flip this nonsense back on you: Why do you prefer flashy, theatrical, and over designed uniforms that frankly look pretty questionable on most grown adults? Answer: that’s your personal taste. Stop lighting people up for having different tastes than you like it’s unfathomable for people to still have that opinion in 2018. This is internet fashion, not women’s suffrage or civil rights. My opinion: the old uniform wasn’t great. It was too complex and colorful; an over correction from the set previous. It suffered from the “lets jam every color into every element” design philosophy, something that feels very formulaic, easy, and dated to me. However, (looking at the teal uniform) take the black from those sleeve caps and move it out to the collar and cuffs to sit against the gold sliver, run the pant stripe to full length, take some or all the trim off the numbers (those are far too complex to work on an already complex uniform), go with white numbers, white pants, and a solid black helmet, and I think the coals are really heating up. *Most* of the numbers in the previous set are nice and worth building on. You chose the 3 and 4 to illustrate your point, which are the two absolute worst examples, in my opinion. That 3 is an affront to typographic design, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find many who disagree. The new uniform is a solid, decent uniform. It’s also undercooked and bland, and the combinations we’re likely to see most often will emphasize the more generic potential it has rather than the more unique potential it has, but it’s not missing much. It’s a heck of a lot closer to a great uniform than the previous one was, in my very humble opinion.
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    From what I can tell, the problem isn't necessarily a uniform being "unique", it's more or less the problem that Nike tries to cram too much symbolism into a uniform that already has too much going on. Many of us here like simplicity; we want something that has visual appeal without the gimmicks. "Nike-speak" does get a bad rep, but I have no problem with symbolism and imagery in uniforms, as long as said uniform is more simple and clean. The Titans packed WAY too many things into a cluttered uniform, but say the Dolphins and Jags were simpler and cleaner. Does this necessarily mean that they are perfect? No, not at all. I think that the Jags may be too generic. But most of the positive feedback about them is for the elimination of the dual-tone helmet of the previous set. I think that someone's preference comes down to you. I think that sometimes people love nostalgia because they were more familiar with that era. But, I would like to here what you think. The site shouldn't discriminate against someone who likes a particular set. Not everyone thinks the same, so don't feel angry or alienated that other people think a certain way. Just know that some people like things you don't Just make sure to have fun on the boards and engage in healthy discussion.
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    Member has been suspended for two weeks for personal attacks against other members. This suspension may increase as more votes come in.
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    Something that came up on another thread but I feel it needs to be stated: Uniforms are complete sets and must be viewed in their totality. A uniform is not limited to the jersey or cap or the helmet. It's not just the red jersey for the Niners. It's a red jersey sandwiched between rich gold pants and helmets with crisp red and white stripes. When you see that in motion, on a football player, especially on a sunny Sunday afternoon, it really makes a statement.
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    That makes two NBA teams that don't miss Hayward this season.
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    Supporting @oldschoolvikings with this response. I'm sorry that you seem to take it personally that many people think the old Jaguars uniforms sucked all sorts of donkey balls. Somewhere in the old thread I'm sure I ran through the same litany of dislikes that he just ran through. No, it's not just the helmet. Much like "D'backs", a nickname of a nickname should never appear on a uniform. Spiking things and shiny strips are only there because someone at Nike wanted to make a name or something. Evven though we've already bashed the helmet, could someone at Nike have come up with better Nike-speak than saying it was the Jaguar hunting from out ofthe shadows, because if it's coming out of the shadows, the shadow should be at the back of the helmet, NOT THE FRONT! [get off my lawn]
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    Why would I? I hated every single bit about the last uniform from the moment they were revealed, and not just the easy-to-hate parts like the helmet, either. They were the second worst uniform of the Super Bowl era and probably my least favorite overall for reasons that I've ranted about at embarrassing length. I'm not going to just blindly accept whatever I'm being fed by the franchise here. I wouldn't say that I'm any more brainwashed than someone who claims to understand whatever the heck was going on with the 2013 design. It's not like these are my ideal vision of the Jaguars uniform, but I just like a lot that they decided to follow up the previous mess with something that is subdued and meant to emulate teams who always had a no nonsense approach to their uniforms. It's different than what a lot of teams are doing, but that's cool to me, a lot cooler than tossing together a mess of "cutting edge (literally)" features like the Titans did. I think the current state of football uniforms has led people to thinking that uniforms always have to have extra unique features, but I don't think that has to be the case for a uniform to be good. For instance, the Lions tried to make their uniforms scream "LIONS!" by literally adding the word LIONS to their simple Northwestern stripes, and while I still like the jersey, I'm sure we can all agree that that is something that we can live without. The Titans tried to make something unique and, *boom*, we ended up with the first team to wear giant swords on their jerseys. Ouch. Meanwhile, teams like the Colts and Chiefs have been using simple jerseys for their whole history and people have no problem identifying them. You could argue, then, that the Jags may be a little late to that party but I'll say that it's better late than never. Are they, in some ways, a little too simplistic? Sure, I would've perhaps done something a bit different with the pants, or maybe taken the slightest hint of gold elsewhere than the logo (Although not too much, since it's a very loud color and I almost feel as though Nike can't be trusted with it). Do I wish they'd gone with teal for the primary? Hell yeah, I do. Is this the greatest that the Jaguars have ever looked? Nah, wouldn't say so. The simple direction is just something that I appreciate, though, especially as long as they're going to be a team that changes uniforms often, which is key here and appears to be the case. I can accept these because I like how there are no extraneous features, I can take the gold present in the logos for what it is, I really like the font and the crispness of no outlines (although the last font was probably the only part of the last set that I liked), and I really, REALLY like having a helmet that is all black with just the Jag head on the sides. That is what screams "JAGUARS!" to me. IMO, of course.
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    It's funny.... this logo is round enough to work with a barberpole setup, and it also plays homage to the 1st logo they ever wore. The fact they won't even consider using it as the primary makes my blood boil.
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    The original feels like lazy, shallow re-appropriation of native art. I strongly prefer the modernized version, which captures the essence of the original while adding some much-needed polish & modern functionality.
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    I liked the update when it first showed up, but since then I've gotten kind of tired of it. I agree with pretty much everything Icecap said. I miss the more direct connection to northwest Indian art and the idea that logos need to look intimidating is pretty silly, and ultimately kind of embarrassing. More than anything else, though, I miss those colors. Royal blue and kelly green is my favorite sports color scheme.
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    So, since we can't seem to keep the discussion civil as mentioned earlier today, this discussion is ovah.
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    Great examples. I like the use of the art comparison. The overall impression of a work is often more important than any one detail. It's why Rothko paintings have the effect they do.
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    The jersey is great. The helmet is foul. The Giants have a perfect helmet logo; they should not ever bring back that awkward wordmark. The only throwback helmet logo that the Giants should wear once in a while is the bold 1975 version.
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    I was once wearing the navy St Louis Cardinals cap and someone asked me if the cap was of Grand Theft Auto... I was like what? He said "The video game, GTA" I was like WHAT? To this day I don't know what happened in that moment. I still occasionally wake up in a cold sweat over it.
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    What's practically a zero is not an effective primary logo. Why won't they understand this?
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    They're thicker and they've corrected the key issue with the B that so many people mess up - the holes are supposed to be filled in. That the team themselves got their own logo wrong is so Bengals and one of my many issues with that mark. They're supposed to be filled in with white. Glad that's finally corrected, though the real fix would be to go back to the leaping tiger logo.
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    Here’s one that helped me out. When I was a kid, I was wearing the Brewers BiG hat and a neighborhood kid who didn’t follow baseball took it off me head and said “it looks like a B and am M.” Me:?
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    Dogs definitely tried doing too much at once. It's very Rosemont of them to force "CHICAGO" into the uniform at every opportunity, though. I'm surprised it isn't printed down the sides of the pants.
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    TBH, your concept has a MLB look to it. This just screams "independent league."
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    You lose me when you prefer the Titans new gear over the Jags, #1 I question your taste and #2 just on GP being a Jags fan lol.
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    You follow a statement like this with one of the most solid examples of an upgrade in the Edge era .
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    Why not stick the Peace Tower in ani “O,” like several people have done here? (by @hockey week) (by @mcrosby) (by me) It's a crest design that combines the nickname, the history of hockey in Ottawa, and adds a little modern flair.
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