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    well, even here, you have people on all sides of every issue. nothing is so black and white that everyone loves something new or old or whatever. but generally, the majority of people will resist change; at least at first. i think asking everyone to express their thoughts and feelings in a well laid out design critique is a bit unfair, though. i mean, im not a plumber; all i can do is tell you my faucet leaks, you know? just speaking to the Titans for now, i disagree that any of the elements actually look appealing but moreover there is a lack of consistency in the shapes and how they're used in every piece of the uniform. each sword element is a variation on the idea and that ends up looking chaotic and the peices (helmet, jersye, pants) have a lack of visual unity— the shapes divide the uniform instead of tying it together. this was the major issue with the previous uniform as well. theres also a practical element here where the numbers are probably going to be hard to read because they're so wide they curve around the players body a bit, and because they're so. . . unique? they're more an expression of "swords" or whatever than they are actual numbers. theres this sense of some kind of "brand story" being told in all the details yet its like different people worked on all of those details without consulting with one another. personally, i think the uniform lacks taste— i love a sating helmet shell and like the metallic facemask as an option but put them together? i think thats the tackiest ive ever seen and theres nothing "professional" about the way that looks. and NFL players can be near 40 years old, you have to think about how these apply to grown men with some gray hairs as well. if Adam Vinatieri played for the Titans, i think he'd look ridiculous. if there is intent to make the uniforms short-lived and have a constant change, trendy, experimental uniforms can work. it works great for Oregon because they keep changing. but theres something to be said for longevity and timeless (or as close as you can get to it) design. i just saw a picture of the 49ers as i write this and you know what, that uniform looks freaking great. the colors, helmet finish, logos, numbers, every detail about that is beautiful and it has nothing to do with Montana, Rice, or 5 Super Bowl victories. there is an approach and philosophy to that uniform that just works perfectly, so when the Titans break all of those rules and try so hard to do something unique and original? it shows. and i am not at all against new ideas, but you have to execute them well and have some sort of taste. Nike and NFL teams are struggling with that right now. but for what its worth? i really like Jacksonville. but thats for another time "when you're young, you just want to break the box but as you get older you realize, that was a pretty good box" — Steven Heller, designer.
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    I liked the update when it first showed up, but since then I've gotten kind of tired of it. I agree with pretty much everything Icecap said. I miss the more direct connection to northwest Indian art and the idea that logos need to look intimidating is pretty silly, and ultimately kind of embarrassing. More than anything else, though, I miss those colors. Royal blue and kelly green is my favorite sports color scheme.
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    Great examples. I like the use of the art comparison. The overall impression of a work is often more important than any one detail. It's why Rothko paintings have the effect they do.
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    The Raptors trying to close that 4th quarter like...
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    I can smell the confirmation bias oozing off of your soul.
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    Well considering Shad Khan outright said “they still scream Jagaurs” yes it matters. And like you as a redskins fan has anything to talk about ‘speaking in an indoor voice’ the redskins look are loud and proud My issue is these don’t fit the jagaurs franchise at all. They’re the second youngest nfl team (third if you count the expansion browns as a seperate team) but are trying to harken back to the 60s? It’s like the Bears making their uniforms ultra modern. Just look at the jags old uniforms and tell me they are super ‘traditional’? you don’t have to be bland and boring to be taken seriously. What makes teams take you seriously is the way you play. People took the Jags seriously when they wore this and honestly if the jags won the super bowl with their two tone helmet people would be saying that it was amazing why? Because they were a force to be reckoned with and nearly had a perfect season in their fourth year (:censored: the :censored:) The problem is jags fans is how Khan and TC seemingly outright lied about their new look. They said it would be more traditional (wrong), have more teal (wrong) and be bold and unique (wrong). The only truth is that they’re simple. The jagaurs should embrace their crazy colors and theme yet FO acts like it’s a shame and they want more ‘normal’ colors. Jackosnville is the bold city. How are these bold at all? Bold means adventurous, daring and risk taking. What about these new uniforms is any of that? I saw someone describe the new set perfectly. The old uniforms were a spoiled child but these uniforms are the overly strict parented no fun sheltered child. Even the logo and helmets don’t fit at all because of how detailed it is and the helmets being shiny. Honestly I’d rather have awful and unique instead of good and bland btw yes they look amateurish. The plain pants, no outline and logo on the chest do look like a colliegate uniform and that is a valid criticism. If I make a painting and you say it looks amateurish and I say it’s suppose to look that way does that negate the criticism? Saying it’s suppose to be that way is not a valid rebuttal
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    No offense dude but it feels like you’ll praise these for anything first off the previous number font fit perfectly with the Jaguars branding and wordmark. The change was completely unnecessary and uncalled for next without colored trim it just looks flat and dull. having trim will do wonders and make it really pop. I don’t even think out last set looked bad outside of the helmet. Slap the new helmet over the old jerseys and they’d look golden theres a fine line between blandness and minimalist and these are bland. What about them scream Jaguars? What is unique about them? The Vikings are a perfect example of this and what the jags should’ve followed. They have a very minimal and simplistic look but small tweaks make it unique. The number font is blocked but also rounded like their horns, the striping is meant to look like a Viking sail and the pant striping replicates the sleeve striping. Here there is just nothing and even the little features feel half assed. Like for one what’s the point of the stripes at the bottom of the pants? Next nuking the gold is a huge mistake. It’s a big part of our identity and yet they remove it? What logic is that? the problem is Khan and TC talked about tradition but these aren’t traditional at least for the Jags. Look at their first set and they are very unorthadox. All they had to do was update that set not go with a generic template. Say what you want about the last set they at least had an identity this is is a very quick edit I made in Gimps to their set. It’s not perfect but imo the trim is already a huge improvement
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    The B logo is so stupid, especially since making a "C" or even a "CB" would be just as easy. A tiger head would be better than any letter would. Have they ever used CINCINNATI in the end zone?
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    The original isn't perfect by any means. Some of the lines could be thickened. However I think the new ones are a little too stylized and veer too far away from the original Kwakwaka'wakw design.
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    Hey guys, check out my latest project, a concept jersey series featuring Arsenal FC. Please like on Behance if you enjoyed it. Here's the link https://www.behance.net/gallery/65013305/Arsenal-FC-Nike-Concept-Kits-2019-2020.
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    On a similar note, I was wearing the curly-W hat and someone start talking about how much they love Seattle and whether I'm a Seahawks fan as well. It took me a bit, I finally figured they thought the Washington Nationals were in Washington State. After correcting them, they argued the point that they should be called the DC Nationals to avoid confusion. Whatever.
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    Y'know what? My outrage about the Knights has wrapped around to the other side. I'm perfectly okay with the Knights winning the Cup in year one. The way I now see it, anything that adds to the NHL's status as a joke league and further accelerates its decline is perfectly fine in my mind.
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    It looks like those will be the logos! I’ll have some uniform options up soon hopefully. In the meantime I’m working on a better presentation for my work, any opinions?
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    Definitely disagree here. The new look is miles ahead of the old one, especially the logo.
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    This may actually be the biggest upgrade in history. to
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    I guess I have two: When the T-Wolves came out with their first Wolf Among the Trees logo, I bought a T-shirt. At a bar in Madison, a friend thought it was the independent minor league Madison Black Wolf. When I was a kid in the 1980s, the local Dairy Queen sold sundaes in MLB helmets and I was trying to collect as many as I could. So I get up the the window and order my sundae asking which teams are available. The young woman behind the counter looks down and starts naming teams, including the Cardinals. I did not have the Cardinals yet, so I asked for that one. She makes the sundae and pushes it across to me and it's the Reds, which I already had. I was kinda upset (you know, since I still remember it like 30 years later) but did not say anything.
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    You're doing something wrong in your life if you have this many confrontations over sports-logos.
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    This new Titans uniform would have looked dated ten years ago.
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    As much as I want to hate it, there's something about that GIANTS helmet that just feels right to me.. I still prefer the current ny helmet, but I love the alt look in the current alt capacity.. It was a well done color rush uniform for sure.. The endzone wordmarks would look infinitely better flipped (white with black stroke)
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    I'm surprised anyone on the Raptors is allowed eat solid food with how much they choke.
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    I have to admit that I'm a fan of GIANTS - maybe it's just because I grew up with it, or because the bold all-caps letters just screamed... well, "GIANTS" to me. Either way, that one you posted is probably my favorite. i wouldn't want it full time, but for a throwback it's great.
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    You need to first upload your image to an image-hosting website like Flickr or Imgur. You can't just copy and paste directly from your computer or hard drive.
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    this is awesome. its the things like this that can make concepts so great, when there is tons of thought and time going into it. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work!
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    The original Seahawks logo evokes local Haida imagery much more precisely that any of the pants and sleeve details in the current set. Indeed much better than any logo currently available in the 4 major leagues.
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    I think there's a fundamental question at the heart of the matter: Where does gold fit into the identity of Jaguars fans? How you answer than question, more so than questions of blandness or tradition, marks out how one reacts to the new Jaguars uniforms. Gold had a limited role in the original set, no role in the 2009 set, and a "complicated" role in the 2013 set. Clearly, Khan and Coughlin did not feel that gold was a necessary piece of the Jaguars identity. I can understand why one Jaguars fan would feel insulted by this while another might agree on black and teal being the only necessary elements. I'm sure that the debate will go on and probably come up again the next time the Jaguars alter their uniforms.
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    In the Dolphins thread Sec19Row53 pointed out that the golds were flipped on the new helmet logo. I don't remember this being mentioned here.
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    I think I like helmet A best, but I'd like to see it in white. I feel like a Florida team would want white more than black just for the heat factor. Plus I like like black being an accent color and not a primary. I like option B for the sleeves, maybe with a yellow stripe instead of black though.
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    Because the truth of the matter is not that "they could barely make their teams last year". Most of these guys would be playing heavy minutes if they were still on their old teams. The Blue Jackets would've gladly held onto William Karlsson if they weren't made to give him away.
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    No it’s not I never claimed I could make a better uniform set than a multi million dollar company. There’s a fine line with abstract art. It’s one thing to do something artistic like this https://m.imgur.com/RObPd but another to just do scribbles like this similarly there’s simplicity and then theres straight up bland. See the difference? I don’t get why people hate crazy uniforms. Like do you want every team to just be a pallet swap of each other? Like what about these jags uniforms even so much as *whisper* Jagaurs?
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/2018-Jacksonville-Jaguars-All-Black-Speed-Mini-Football-Helmet-New/362303338957?hash=item545af639cd:g:lMIAAOSwKOJa4PJ9 They are selling the new mini w/ the old light gold on top, dark gold on bottom. Did riddell not even notice? If they are getting them wrong anyway I might as well take that 2017 logo and slap it on a black helmet and call it done.
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    That number font. Looks amazing. I'm not sold on no serif at the top left of the 1 but wow those other names are fantastic. a mix of sharp edges and curves that really flow, especially in the middle of the numbers. fantastic. someone send this to tampa bay
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    I agree with everything you said, but I don't think the uniforms follow that.. I don't really mind the simplicity of the jerseys.. I have a few issues with the color choices (would've gone teal numbers on white jersey and made teal jersey the primary), but I can live with the jerseys.. The area were they missed big time is the pants.. Like the Giants, they have a very simple jersey, essentially one solid color with one-color block numbers.. Nothing wrong with that.. But unlike the Giants, they have basically solid, one-color pants.. That's very collegiate.. That's what all these flashy, Oregon-wannabe schools are doing.. Even though they're simple, they send the wrong message.. The Giants' pants are strictly business.. They're pretty simple as well, but they look professional.. They tie the entire look together, as each piece can't completely stand on its own (and that's ok - since the entire uniform is designed to be worn together).. So, I'm ok that the jerseys don't SCREAM JAGUARS, but I'm not ok that they went with Bush League pants that leave the overall uniform looking empty, cheap, stock, and, at the moment - "trendy".. Something simple, clean, and classic on the pants would've done wonders for the uniform set as a whole.. But as it stands, the pants miss the mark..
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    This proposed logo for the Hampton Roads Rhinos is bad, but in all the right, 90-ist way possible: You got the "rough" looking trinagle & trim around the Rhinos font, with a puck for the O cause it's kewl, the Rhinos is snarling cause he has attitude & it's also why he's missing a tooth.
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    The Dolphins first three logos were pretty lateral IMO. The several uniform tweaks were as well.
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    If there should be one team that is definitely changing its look this coming season, it's Ottawa. How they (and, to an extent, Calgary) are not is comical. There's one undeniable truth: Standing pat with your uniforms dooms you to the bottom 3 designs in the entire league, and it's not like you've had oodles of recent success associated with the sweater. Ducks/Sens/Flames should all be coming out of the gate HOT with new jerseys this fall. Massive fail by all three franchises, which probably make up the ugliest troika of jerseys in the league. Am I understanding, too, that the Sens may not have a third as well? Oy vey. If nothing else, you changed your center-ice logo...don't you HAVE to have the "O" on the sweater somewhere? #CommonSENSe
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    On to the team I've followed my entire life, the St. Cloud State University Huskies. CURRENT UNIFORMS Home: Striping from the 80's and early 90's, red shoulders, CST logo on the front, husky logo on shoulders. Away: Red version of the home, striping meant to look similar to the current red without being a Blackhawks copy, script logo on front, CST on shoulders. Alt: Throwback to the 50's that they also brought back for Hockey Day MN in 2009, old St. Cloud script on front, big stripes. Alt 2: Throwback to the 30's and 40's that they also brought back for a one time game in 2013, a different old St. Cloud script on front with big stripes, red shoulders.
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    Staying in Colorado we have the University of Denver Pioneers. CURRENT UNIFORMS Home: Same as their current classic home, only no more US flag on front. Away: Same as their current classic away, except white and gold swap in the striping, and no more US flag on front. Alt: Fauxback based on the jersey they wore in their outdoor game, gold base with script Denver on front, 8 stripes on sleeves and socks for their 8 national championships. Alt 2: Throwback to when they were red and yellow, Denver Boone on front with arched Denver.
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    I Have a red version of this Ohio State hat. For some reason people always question me for wearing it and get it wrong.
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    About 4 years ago, I wore a navy Predators t-shirt on a trip to Arkansas. The logo was mistaken for LSU, Mizzou & the Jacksonville Jaguars all in the same day.
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    I think the Patriots going from their original Flying Elvis look to their true 90's look was a HUGE FANTASTIC upgrade. to I think this was a huge upgrade. It went from a boring, no personality uniform to a uniform that was bold, and rich in personality.
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    I was at the Draft Party/Uniform Reveal last night. And every time I saw the uniforms, saw a retail version, whatever, it grew on me tremendously. I liked them the more I saw them. The mannequins looked good. They're not perfect, but they're really nice. The Vapor Untouchable template should never be replaced. The helmet - oh my the helmet - is beautiful. The sleeve and pants trim is much more prevalent than the promo images led me to believe They had a really cool "uniforms through the years" locker set up. Easily could've been more thorough, but I enjoyed it. The "documentary" of the uniform design process was pretty insightful. Not a lot of Nike Speak, but some slipped in at the end. I think the black and teal combo is a good look. It'll look really good for a noon Sunday game under the Florida sun. Calais Campbell said he wants all teal for the Sunday Night Football game against the Steelers. That was probably an easy prediction for that game, too.
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    thats something ive thought about as well; how much does it all really matter? hardcore fans will always buy whatever the team is wearing. but what is it about the Colts, Yankees, Celtics, etc that is so cherished? why do uniforms become sort of untouchable? first, its a proven record of success. Championships and Hall of Fame players build up the folklore of the team and what they wear matters. positive experiences tied to certain visuals makes those visuals important, makes them valuable. there are teams that won't (or shouldnt) change things drastically because they already have that equity— this is where i think the Packers and Steelers despite their hacked sleeve stripes should just leave things as they are. If they do they can never have a perfect uniform, but no on else can have theirs and thats more important theres also a legacy and nostalgia aspect to it. its the same reason people buy old things at antique stores; we like things that are older than ourselves. it ties us to the past and helps define who we are. the fact that Manning wore the same uniform as Unitas, or i wear the same logo as my grandfather, makes a powerful, emotional connection. and al of this is emotional, theres nothing rational about wearing a jersey with someone elses name on it and paying thousands of dollars for tickets to 8 games. and if teams change every 5 years? theres nothing emotional about that, it takes time to build it. its all for a cash grab or just not knowing who you are as a team/brand and people see through it.
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    Awesome concept and even better drawings. THAT is talent, right there.
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    This might be the best upgrade of all time. They went from a forgettable, generic look that was poorly designed to a unique and well developed identity that has stood the test of time. The identity utilizes unique colors and has a clear theme, but has never been over the top or gimmicky. It's actually kind of surprising to see something that timeless come out of the 90's. It's a modern classic that appeared just before the merchandise craze and has proven to be a strong identity for years.
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    This is no different from any other "this is what I would do" concept thread for existing teams. Carry on.
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    My basketball career was so short that I forgot that the jerseys get tucked in. All the jerseys except the black one, since the claw was never on the stripe to begin with, get the claw moved to the shorts.
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