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    The white-horned helmet is a tribute to our rich heritage; our pants, a subtle nod to our passionate LA fanbase. The jersey remains unchanged.
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    Earlier this year, Northeastern University signed a multi-year apparel deal with Under Armour to begin this fall. With this process, the University and UA have vowed to look into the school's sports branding top to bottom. I have a bit of a soft spot for Northeastern. I like the school, I like the hockey team, and I like Matthews Arena. However, the possibility of a rebrand is like a dream come true. I absolutely hate Northeastern's branding. To me it screams 1930s High School. In particular team's signature husky logo reminds me of the oft-panned Detroit Tigers logo of the 1920s. Northeastern did try a rebrand in the 1990s that was pretty terrible and a rebrand in the 2000s that was better, before reverting to the classic look in 2007. So, I decided to take my stab at a rebrand. Most important to me was providing a look that retained the same basic elements, but more modern and fitting of a school whose athletic success has mostly occurred within the last half decade. The N: With the N, I wanted to take the generic two colored, static logo and make it bold and dynamic. Initially I was going to move away from the split color number, but everything looked too Nebraska for my taste, so the split-color letter returned. The Husky: As I said earlier, I despise the current husky logo, and I wanted to make a more modern take on the dog. Not much really to say other than it retains the iconic red eye and goes for a more simplified look. (Click to Enlarge (You might have to click again to be able to see it well enough)) BONUS CONTENT: I've always been a bit of a history nerd and I've always liked taking old logos I've designed and give them a refresh as I continue to develop and improve. In the past I've developed retrospectives of my work, including my MSU Brigade Designs and Personal Logo Development. I actually designed a concept for Northeastern back in 2014 when I was still towards the beginning of my logo designing foray (I had one or two back in 2011, but I rarely did logo designs before 2014), and really liked it and was proud of it. Now, not so much. But I do think it is an excellent example of how far I have developed in the past few years. The image below features the current logo, my 2014 concept, the concept above, and my 2016 Michigan Tech Huskies logo, which I included as avoiding making the logos look too simiar was an important part of this design process. I mostly show this as an example because I see a lot of people on the site who say things like "Go easy on me because I'm not a good artist," and that frustrates me. I myself believed that and looked up at the phenomenal designers on this website wondering how they could possibly draw like that, and assumed I wouldn't be able to. And clearly I wasn't able to for a long time. I'm not saying I'm some phenomenal artist or designer (I wouldn't say I'm close to the top tier of guys on this site), but I've absolutely improved to make some work I'm proud of that I never thought I'd be able to years ago. If you really love logo and uniform design and you really want to be involved, take the time and effort, even if you objectively aren't good right now.
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    Also, when the Marlins were heavier on the teal, you knew right away it was them when you saw them on TV. As they incorporated more black, they looked too much like the White Sox.
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    I grew up as a 49ers fan, and I liked this set much better once they switched to gold pants in 1998: Not only did the pants provide better balance with the helmet (which was the only significant gold element on the 1996-97 uniforms), but they fit in better with the dominant teams of the 80s and early 90s. However, the one caveat about bringing that back today would be that the 1998 pants were a magnificent, rich gold, and I don't know if Nike's current textiles (which lean more toward drab matte colors) could replicate them: The 1998 uniforms wouldn't look nearly as good with khaki-ish pants like the 49ers have in their current set.
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    The NHL - the league that accidentally handed a championship to a first year expansion team. This is stupid. You know what the Golden Knights are? They're when you stack a create-a-team in a video game, give them a name like Generals or Freeze or Knights with one of the clipart logo options and then you win the cup in your first year because you messed with the settings and picked whatever players you wanted.
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    Yes. Yes, yes. I've done a little math to try to assign percentages to how much blame the Rams deserve for their current uniform mess and how much falls on the NFL. I won't go into all the hard core calculations I did... it's pretty complicated, and I don't want to bore everybody. Anyway, the results are pretty interesting. Based on my pretty much flawless algorithm the Rams end up with (give or take a 1000th of a percentage point) 100% of the blame, while the NFL end up with 0%. Crazy, I know, but you can't argue with science.
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    The Rams should take a page from Tucker McElroy's playbook: "Well, suppose we leave our blue and gold St Louis jerseys in the locker room and go out there wearin' our 1973-99 uniforms anyway? Whatcha gonna do about that? You gonna stop us? Goodell? You're gonna look pretty funny tryin' to eat corn on the cob with no (censored) teeth."
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    Every uniform should be assessed in its context. The 1950s uniforms were fine-looking uniforms in an era where every uniform was relatively minimalist and had long sleeves. The Millen-era uniforms looked like somebody slapped random black trim onto the 1990s Lions uniform, which is exactly what happened. No, the 1950s uniforms shouldn't be brought back as a full-time uniform today (although they're great at Thanksgiving, as a reminder of the dominant Lions teams of the 50s), but the Millen-era uniforms were a joke design-wise.
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    II – New York Mets Orange Alternate Uniform I'm one of those baseball fans who've always been thinking that the New York Mets should get a permanent orange alternate uniform – simply because of New York's history (New Amsterdam) and Netherland's Oranje tradition. So, here it is...
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    Here's my idea to expose the NFL's horrible mismanagement of the Ram situation. Since I don't believe there are any uni rules regarding pants, I say they wear the throwback yellow pants so that the whole thing looks like a train wreck. Embarrass the NFL.
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    In my opinion, one of the best looks in baseball is an off-white home uniform. Because of this, I really liked the Cool Base Ivory fashion jerseys that were introduced a few years ago, despite not being a fan of every design. I recently stumbled upon '47 Brand's Two Tone Clean Up caps which were also off-white and featured retro team logos. I figured these caps would look good paired with uniform designs inspired by the Cool Base jerseys, which gave me the idea for this series. I took some creative liberty here and there (for instance, I was definitely not going to use the "cracked out" Tiger logo) and ended up pretty happy with the results. This will be a quick series, so I'll be positing each division at once. Let's start with the AL East! ORIOLES: RED SOX: YANKEES: RAYS: BLUE JAYS: C&C appreciated. AL Central is up next!
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    Best they ever looked. Never dug the vests.
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    I remember seeing speculation that it would be the 1966-67 "Batman" jersey. They're a little bit limited because they need to pick a uniform with black helmets, due to the one-helmet policy, which eliminates accurate throwbacks from the 1945-62 period. But even aside from that rule, the only truly distinct options are the 1963-65 jerseys with yellow numbers and arm stripes (which are essentially the same jerseys as the 1946-62 throwbacks with a yellow helmet that they wore from 2007-2011), the bumblebee throwbacks they're currently wearing, or the 1933 "shield" throwbacks that they wore in 1994. Since the Batman jerseys are the only throwbacks that haven't already been used, more or less, I think they're going to go with those.
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    Please, don't be another one of the NBA's red and black teams.
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    This might become a series of suggestions for MLB uniforms – or not. We'll see. I – Miami Marlins Blue Alternate Uniform The Miami Marlins of 2018 decided to not wear their orange alternate uniform – which, I guess to most people, was a bummer! When I and millions of other people think of the city of Miami, regardless whether we're baseball fans or not, we think of bright, loud and fresh colors. The ownership of the Marlins apparently not. So, all there's left for the Fish (this year) are a white, a black and a gray road uni. Okay. That's not for me! I have created my own MLB Authentic Uniform template completely in Adobe Illustrator, since Photoshop for some strange reasons isn't working anymore on my Mac. It ain't perfect, but I'm quite content with the result. So here's my blue alternate Marlins uniform – which I would prefer over the pretty decent orange (and probably for always and ever dumped) anytime.
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    Such a brutal logo. Rockets gotta do something about this too. ?
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    The thing is that it just isn’t the leagues fault that the Rams decided to make up their own rules as they went along to coincide with their move. These rules include: 1) They cannot rebrand fully until they open their new stadium. 2) They have to wear as little Vegas Gold as possible in the mean time because it is too reminiscent of St. Louis, the bad old city. This means wearing an interim uniform with as little gold as possible, but they can’t touch the jersey because of the big bad NFL will fine them if they do. The Rams are the ones that foisted all of these ridiculous parameters onto themselves while the league’s uniform rules have been known for years. It’s not the leagues fault that the Rams have to look ugly because the Rams should have known that they were going to have to look ugly. The Rams could have avoided this mess by either rebranding ASAP or waiting to rebrand while not touching the uniforms, but they just had to have both. I don’t know what the league is supposed to do when a team is acting this stupidly defiant. Heck, the Rams are lucky that there isn’t a legal manner to define ‘unsightliness’ because the league could’ve just fined them for that by now in lieu of letting them do whatever they want.
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    Block numbers on the current uni, and you have a fantastic throwback...
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    The Marlins’ old font/script (I use that term loosely, since it’s not cursive) has this whole “I can’t believe it’s not Matrix Condensed” look to it. It’s too tied to that early-mid 1990s wave of aesthetics to really escape from that period. Bringing in black made it a smidge too close to the White Sox, only to get closer with the 2003 tweaks. Had the team just used a darker teal from day one, it may never have been demoted in favor of the White Sox/Rockies clone look. I’ve never been keen on the 1993-2011 Marlins’ identity, especially not for a team playing in a city with such a rich architectural heritage (e.g., Art Deco) as Miami. That’s why I’d rather the team refine what they have now to emphasize that blue color and firmly demote black to an accent color. Having a better marlin logo than the toothpaste fish would also help. The “Florida” look fit for a team playing out in the suburbs. It may be the look in which they won two titles, but it’s also what they wore for the ‘98 and ‘06 fire sales. I would prefer that it remain a throwback item, not the primary.
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    Having lived through that era as a kid, things were very different then, and at the time, Birmingham WAS seen as one of the next southern sun-belt cities that would be moving up to the major leagues; "the next Atlanta". It was happening with all the bigger southern cities back then; the people all knew their cities were going to become "big league", and local officials and movers and shakers were jostling to be next in line, whatever it took. You've also got to think of the expansions and mergers that occurred in that time frame. With 3 mergers in about a decade, having a team in the 'challenging' league was seen as akin to being in a major league market. Coming in as an outside league team was a lot more accepted/common in those days Also, look at the MSA numbers in comparison for Birmingham and other now-big league southern sun belt cities (I am including OKC in this mix) between 1970 to 2000: 1970 1980 1990 2000 Birmingham 737,837 815,286 840,140 921,106 Charlotte 840,347 971,391 1,162,093 1,499,293 Jacksonville 612,277 722,252 1,100,491 1,173,051 Memphis 856,698 938,777 1,007,306 1,135,614 Nashville 699,142 850,505 985,026 1,231,311 Oklahoma City 717,825 860,969 958,839 1,120,081 Orlando 522,575 804,925 1,224,852 1,801,741 Raleigh-Durham 536,952 665,236 855,545 1,296,350 Tampa Bay 1,105,553 1,613,603 2,067,959 2,395,997 In the early 70s, Birmingham was bigger than Jacksonville and Nashville (which now have NFL teams) as well as Oklahoma City, Raleigh-Durham and Orlando, which are now major league markets. It wasn't far off from Memphis and Charlotte in size. As the table above shows, though, those other areas have all grown quite a bit, while Birmingham has grown much more slowly. It had a shot in the 70s, I think, it missed it. For context: Prior to 1960, you have NO big-league teams in the sun belt south. In 1960, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Oilers are added; Dallas and Houston become "big league". 1965 Braves move to Atlanta, Atlanta becomes "big league" 1966- Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins begin play; Miami becomes "big league". 1967 - New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Buccaneers (ABA) begin play; New Orleans becomes "big league". Kentucky Colonels(ABA) begin play; Louisville becomes "big league" (for quite a while). Dallas Chapparals and Houston Mavericks (ABA) begin play. 1968 - St. Louis Hawks (NBA) become Atlanta Hawks. 1969 - Houston Mavericks become Carolina Cougars, Charlotte becomes "big league" (for a while) 1970 - N.O. Buccaneers move to Memphis; Memphis becomes "big league" (for awhile); Washington Capitols (ABA) move to Tidewater area of Virginia, Virginia becomes "big league"(for a while). 1971 - San Diego Rockets (NBA) move to Houston; 1972 - Atlanta Flames (NHL); Houston Aeros (WHA) begin play. 1974 - New Orleans Jazz (NBA) begin play; the WFL begins; Birmingham, Orlando, and Jacksonville become "big league" (for a while). even Shreveport, LA is "Big League' for a short while. 1976 - Toronto Toros become Birmingham Bulls (WHA), Tampa Bay Buccaneers begin play. Tampa Bay becomes "big league". 1983-1985 - USFL begins play; Birmingham, Orlando, Jacksonville and Memphis return to "big leagues". 1988 - Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets enter NBA, Charlotte returns to "big leagues". 1989 - Orlando Magic begins play; Orlando returns to "big leagues". 1993 - Charlotte and Jacksonville awarded NFL franchises, Jacksonville returns to "big leagues". 1997 - Houston Oilers announce planned move to Nashville; Nashville awarded an NHL franchise; Nashville becomes "big league". Hartford Whalers move to Carolina; Raleigh-Durham market becomes "big-league" 2001 - Vancouver Grizzlies move to Memphis; Memphis returns to "big leagues". 2008 - Seattle Supersonics become Oklahoma City Thunder, Oklahoma City becomes "big league" The only southern-sun belt cities that had a 'taste' of the big leagues that have NOT ever made it in were Louisville, the Tidewater area of Virginia, Birmingham, and Shreveport. Shreveport was a kind of fluke, with WFL and later CFL teams and will never be major league; Louisville may one day have a shot with the NBA, though I doubt it. Tidewater had its best shot with the NHL, but is done; and of course, Birmingham is done.
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    Ugh, no thanks. Always hated that logo - the M is unbalanced because it was designed to anchor one end of a wordmark, not stand on its own.
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    Yeah, just to confirm, the Jackie Robinson patch identifies this game-worn jersey as 1997. They may not look teal to you in that video, but that's why videos are not a great reference for colors.
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    Birmingham would've moved within 20 years. It isn't a major-league market now, and it sure as hell wasn't back in the '70s. Where did people get this idea Birmingham can support an NFL team?
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    This is where the thread should start and end.
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    Niners are euthanizing their black alts and unveiling a new alt for next year. https://www.ninersnation.com/2018/5/17/17364882/49ers-new-alternate-uniforms-2018-replacing-black All white? All gold? Throwback? Anything's better than that black thing.
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    Just a quick mock-up of what it could look like.
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    Although I really hate gray jerseys, sleeves, and the dumb Adidas shoulder loops, I liked the rocket-block side panels of their alternate from a couple years ago. If they're going to work more black into the color scheme, as many of you seem to think, I hope they go in this direction.
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    So...nearly every primary in baseball?
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    They never won a championship in those unis though. They won two in the old red and gold set, and switched to the pj look immediately afterwards.
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    The league's partners would go nuts, having to update their graphics and possibly replace ads and other promotional materials. Think of all the neon beer signs that would have to be replaced every couple of years if teams could mod their logos that often. Also, the children. Won't anyone think of the children?
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    What's this, their fourth regular season throwback? Just bring back block numbers (ala the Steel Curtain days) and be done with it already.
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    Agreed.. It's also hurt by the lack of the double-outline that the F in the cap logo has.. But using a more balanced M, based on the left-half of the F from the cap logo could work (in fact, I started tinkering with that idea not long ago at work, just didn't get around to finishing it yet).. And could also be used as the basis for an updated wordmark font, if the original is viewed is "too 90's" (which it's kinda leaning that way a bit for me)..
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    I think long-time Rockets fans will always be attached to red and yellow. Fans born in the late 90s probably don't care. Red, black, and just a little bit of yellow still would be pretty awesome. Yellow was barely used in the championship years, but it was just enough.
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    Why is this only for one game? That's weirder to me than anything else. Groupers are a great name. better than the Miracle... grouper sandwich is delicious... and there probably is a cool identity to be had here... but why change at all if for just one game?
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    My nine-year-old self says, "Jurassic Park is still cool, so how about no, Scott?" Actually, Austin Powers wasn't a thing in 1993, so he doesn't say that second part.
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    To me, Willie Stargell (pictured here clean-shaven!) will be more associated with both of the Pirates' double-knit pullover jersey/beltless trouser combo sets of the 1970s and 80s (as he spent much of his career wearing them from 1970-82), than the traditional vest set pictured here (he spent his first 8 seasons, 1962-70 wearing them).
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    The thing is, the NFL isn’t the one mismanaging the situation, that fault goes on the Rams. They’re allowed to change uniforms right now if they want, but they want to align with the stadium opening. They requested they be allowed to wear throwbacks full time until then, but NFL rules say that counts as a change and resets the 5 year clock so they decided they’d rather just F-up their helmets and pants. The league isn’t telling them they can’t change uniforms, they’re telling them if they change now they have to wait 5 years before they do again and the Rams want to make 2 changes in a shorter time span. The NFL is just enforcing a rule that all the teams knew existed. They aren’t embarrassing the NFL by wearing mismatched sets, they’re embarrassing themselves.
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    I've always viewed the monument/star as an attempt to create the visual imagery of a wand, and even if it's not, the Orlando Magic have used stars to represent magic (along with the stars on sorcerer's apprentice Mickey's hat) that lend to "magic" imagery, which ties in very closely to the Wizards nickname.. Plus, of all the iconic monuments and buildings to use, they chose the Washington Monument, placed directly beneath a star, creating the image of a wand.. Too much of a coincidence to not be intentional..
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    Bring back yellow to go with red. No more BFBS.
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    The Royals makese sense, given the degree to which they look like the Dodgers, but I really like the blue and white Royals. I hope they don't focus more on gold, but if they do I can't complain. I'd love for the Phillies to go maroon and powder. But I hate when people tell me the Twins should change...the Phillies are a red team with the exception of a very non-traditional (across much of MLB) era. They should probably stay red but maroon and powder would be great. Orange and brown worked so, so well, particularly against the gray background of the road jersey. But either way, Padres, do SOMETHING. Brown/orange, bown/yellow, brown/powder, just brown, or even blue/yellow (like the temporary home uniform a couple of years ago) I like where the Rays are with color, but I agree with dumping the ray of light and sticking to the sea creature. Reds should definitely drop black. Brewers need to chuck this whole soul-less color scheme and go blue and yellow or even the 1990s era that included green. I'll add: Twins: Dump the gold. It's not working. Giants too.
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    Okay, so I already finished the next team... aaaaand I realized I spend way too much time doing this. I really need to get a job so I have something else to do... Anyway, I knocked out the Raiders, whose simple uniforms may play a big role in it being done so quick, now of Las Vegas rather than Oakland, and their new look is intended to signify just that. It isn’t too crazy, don’t worry. Colors: A color change??? GASP! No, it’s not as big as you may think, just a tiny accent color to outline some stripes and what more appropriate for a Las Vegas team than Vegas gold? Yes, I know someone got banned on here for suggesting that they would add it for their move, but I swear, I’m not claiming it as fact, it’s just a concept I did for fun But gold isn’t completely new to the Raiders and the color scheme of black and silver with gold accents has worked quite recently on another team as well, so I figured since this is just a concept, why not have a little fun? Logo: Obviously, a small change was made. I smoothed our some facial features, added a LAS*VEGAS script above the existing RAIDERS, the top of the shield now resembles the top of the famous Las Vegas sign, and the outline was changed to the new gold as a way to include the new color. Helmet: Can’t really do much to the classic silver dome. The face mask is now black and the updated logo is placed on the sides. A thin gold outline trims the classic black stripe down the middle. As another “touch of Vegas,” the stripe is broken up in the back by a 4 pointed star encasing the number. The star comes from the Las Vegas sign as well, but some points were dropped for simplicity. Jerseys: Black and white, no alternates. Silver numbers on the home jersey are now outlined in gold, as well as the black numbers on the away jersey. Pants: Silver, ‘nuff said. The same stripe as the helmet, with the star(I guess you could call it a secondary logo if you really wanna) on the hip. Almost included a set of black alternate pants, but decided against it. Adding gold was a big enough change, black pants may give the ultra-traditionalists a heart attack Combinations: If you can’t figure out what the primary combinations would be with only two jerseys and one set of pants, you may need more help than I can offer. And with all ofthat out of the way, here they are: And my personal favorite part, the player shots: So there y’all go, the Las Vegas Raiders which brings the AFC West to 3/4 of the way completed. As always, all comments are appreciated, so let me hear ya!
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    If its just a red and yellow version of the black alts, I'll be happy with that one. Though, I did like the original Adidas versions better than the Nike ones. I think we might see a logo that would combine the current and championship identities.
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    Turns out you're right...my memory was off. (I'm getting old fast...)
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    I love the lions 50s look. I love the way they look as throwbacks now. That is not the Lions worst set though, this was by far.
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