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    Best they ever looked. Never dug the vests.
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    I remember seeing speculation that it would be the 1966-67 "Batman" jersey. They're a little bit limited because they need to pick a uniform with black helmets, due to the one-helmet policy, which eliminates accurate throwbacks from the 1945-62 period. But even aside from that rule, the only truly distinct options are the 1963-65 jerseys with yellow numbers and arm stripes (which are essentially the same jerseys as the 1946-62 throwbacks with a yellow helmet that they wore from 2007-2011), the bumblebee throwbacks they're currently wearing, or the 1933 "shield" throwbacks that they wore in 1994. Since the Batman jerseys are the only throwbacks that haven't already been used, more or less, I think they're going to go with those.
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    Yeah, just to confirm, the Jackie Robinson patch identifies this game-worn jersey as 1997. They may not look teal to you in that video, but that's why videos are not a great reference for colors.
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    Birmingham would've moved within 20 years. It isn't a major-league market now, and it sure as hell wasn't back in the '70s. Where did people get this idea Birmingham can support an NFL team?
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    Thought I would take my shot at "fixing" the Jags, Titans and then maybe a few other NFL teams that just don't feel right to me. First up, the Jags. They want simple, so I give them a simple uniform but not so simple as to look like a Div-2 college. Teal is the primary, black the secondary, and if they feel they must, they can go unitard with all black or all white on a hot August day. I envision the primaries as White jersey-black pants and teal jersey-white pants. Note the angled stripes are on the sleeve cuff, pants and socks.
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    What's this, their fourth regular season throwback? Just bring back block numbers (ala the Steel Curtain days) and be done with it already.
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    Could we get a royal blue Brewers with the early 90's script
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    My nine-year-old self says, "Jurassic Park is still cool, so how about no, Scott?" Actually, Austin Powers wasn't a thing in 1993, so he doesn't say that second part.
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    I've always viewed the monument/star as an attempt to create the visual imagery of a wand, and even if it's not, the Orlando Magic have used stars to represent magic (along with the stars on sorcerer's apprentice Mickey's hat) that lend to "magic" imagery, which ties in very closely to the Wizards nickname.. Plus, of all the iconic monuments and buildings to use, they chose the Washington Monument, placed directly beneath a star, creating the image of a wand.. Too much of a coincidence to not be intentional..
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    The Royals makese sense, given the degree to which they look like the Dodgers, but I really like the blue and white Royals. I hope they don't focus more on gold, but if they do I can't complain. I'd love for the Phillies to go maroon and powder. But I hate when people tell me the Twins should change...the Phillies are a red team with the exception of a very non-traditional (across much of MLB) era. They should probably stay red but maroon and powder would be great. Orange and brown worked so, so well, particularly against the gray background of the road jersey. But either way, Padres, do SOMETHING. Brown/orange, bown/yellow, brown/powder, just brown, or even blue/yellow (like the temporary home uniform a couple of years ago) I like where the Rays are with color, but I agree with dumping the ray of light and sticking to the sea creature. Reds should definitely drop black. Brewers need to chuck this whole soul-less color scheme and go blue and yellow or even the 1990s era that included green. I'll add: Twins: Dump the gold. It's not working. Giants too.
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    Okay, so I already finished the next team... aaaaand I realized I spend way too much time doing this. I really need to get a job so I have something else to do... Anyway, I knocked out the Raiders, whose simple uniforms may play a big role in it being done so quick, now of Las Vegas rather than Oakland, and their new look is intended to signify just that. It isn’t too crazy, don’t worry. Colors: A color change??? GASP! No, it’s not as big as you may think, just a tiny accent color to outline some stripes and what more appropriate for a Las Vegas team than Vegas gold? Yes, I know someone got banned on here for suggesting that they would add it for their move, but I swear, I’m not claiming it as fact, it’s just a concept I did for fun But gold isn’t completely new to the Raiders and the color scheme of black and silver with gold accents has worked quite recently on another team as well, so I figured since this is just a concept, why not have a little fun? Logo: Obviously, a small change was made. I smoothed our some facial features, added a LAS*VEGAS script above the existing RAIDERS, the top of the shield now resembles the top of the famous Las Vegas sign, and the outline was changed to the new gold as a way to include the new color. Helmet: Can’t really do much to the classic silver dome. The face mask is now black and the updated logo is placed on the sides. A thin gold outline trims the classic black stripe down the middle. As another “touch of Vegas,” the stripe is broken up in the back by a 4 pointed star encasing the number. The star comes from the Las Vegas sign as well, but some points were dropped for simplicity. Jerseys: Black and white, no alternates. Silver numbers on the home jersey are now outlined in gold, as well as the black numbers on the away jersey. Pants: Silver, ‘nuff said. The same stripe as the helmet, with the star(I guess you could call it a secondary logo if you really wanna) on the hip. Almost included a set of black alternate pants, but decided against it. Adding gold was a big enough change, black pants may give the ultra-traditionalists a heart attack Combinations: If you can’t figure out what the primary combinations would be with only two jerseys and one set of pants, you may need more help than I can offer. And with all ofthat out of the way, here they are: And my personal favorite part, the player shots: So there y’all go, the Las Vegas Raiders which brings the AFC West to 3/4 of the way completed. As always, all comments are appreciated, so let me hear ya!
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    Turns out you're right...my memory was off. (I'm getting old fast...)
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    The 2006 BC Lions Grey Cup championship team had a hot mess for their look.
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    Manchester United won the Premier League in 2013 while wearing the tablecloths from the Trafford Pizza Hut.
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    Block numbers on the current uni, and you have a fantastic regular jersey.
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    Atletico away: New Zealand (that away!)
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    I'll chime in to agree with B-Rich here... up until as late as probably the mid-1990's, Birmingham was seen to be a market on the upswing in terms of population, business environment and so forth. It just didn't explode in the same way other southern cities did, in large part because it's never erased the redneck, racist image it earned well during the 1960's. Had they landed a team even as far back as the 1970's they'd still have it today, if only because the people of Alabama are absolutely bonkers about football, and they're also dumb enough to be willing to fork over large amounts of public money to build stadia instead of doing things like funding public education.
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    Yeah. Groupers is so much better than Miracle for a team name.
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    They were definitely teal... but the fact that they didn't always look teal is kinda why they were so good in a way... Here's a 1997 Renteria jersey up close... And Piazza in 1998 in teal, why would they be teal in 96 and in 98 but not in 97? They didn't go to black pinstripes until 2003
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    With CBS only airing week 1 and the championship game on terrestrial TV, I doubt they care much. Their "game of the week" is on unrated CBSSN, so AAF will have to pick up a portion of the cost of production, like CUSA does for their games airing on that network. This seems more and more like a brokered deal than CBS writing checks.
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    I love me a good fresh grouper sandwich, but that's a little too fresh. I don't want all of the scales and bones and assorted internal parts.
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    Basically means no uniform changes is what the article means. Color scheme might get tweaked but other than that..the owner likes the "serious" look of the current uniform. *Yawn* I'm sure the OKC,Brooklyn owner says the same thing.
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    And stranger still that they’re alphabetized that way. “Colorado Avalanche” comes between “Capitals” and “Coyotes”. “Blue Jackets” is the first item on our alphabetized list, and “Winnipeg Jets” the last.
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    This would rich if it was the league's fault at all. It would be even richer if it could lead to people tweeting "Wow I cannot believe that the NFL would have one its franchises dress itself this abhorrently on the field" instead of "wtf the rams look like s*** haha."
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    First up is Birmingham which will once again call Legion Field home. I wanted to make them stand out from the crowd and the best way to do that is bring the flames down to the field not just on the helmets and jerseys.
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    I’m not the biggest fan of the fourth jersey, but I’ve still gotta go with the Blues.
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    Here it is with the back fin moved up a little And here it is tilted like if it was jumping I personally prefer the original swimming position because walleye don't really jump like bass
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    Yellow just doesn't work for the Rockets as a dominant color. They've sparsely wore a couple of alts over the years that were red and featured more yellow than normal, but have never really attempted to be a "yellow" team. My guess is any new set is going to have a red jersey, a white jersey and a black jersey. I'd like to see a subtle yellow trim, though. Probably worth noting that new owner Tilman Fertitta loves wearing the color black and attends most games wearing a black shirt with black jacket.
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    To me, the Rockets are an odd case where they have never truly had a good identity over their entire history. While the red and yellow is classic, that set was really unspectacular and not deserving of being thrown back to in this new set. I'd like to see something totally new for them.
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    In a perfect world, this is what the Panthers should do... BRING BACK THE BLACK PANTS!!!
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    They still use old logos up to two years after they are replaced and we're the only ones who notice.
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    And I have to think part of that is so that fan jerseys don't become outdated too quickly. If I bought a Browns jersey year one and they switched from orange numbers to white for year two, I'd be kinda pissed. It would be bad PR.
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    I dig it. Needs more purple.
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    The fact that the Rams knowingly screwed themselves regarding their uniforms doesn't make the NFL's policy any less cumbersome and unnecessary. I can respect that they don't want to be like the NBA or college football where you barely even know who's playing. But there's a lot of room between that and what the NFL has done. There's absolutely no benefit to the league or the teams to stick them with a redesign that went over like a fart in church for 5 years.
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    ST Louis: AAF maybe? XFL 2.0? I love football.
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    If no one has anything to say about the Fire, I'll go ahead and post the next team: the Columbus Crew. First, I got rid of the "SC" from the name and logo. I kept yellow as primary, but made the checkerboard pattern more subdued, and added black and white striping over it. I used simple two colour names and numbers. Like Nashville in the NHL, I gave them a yellow helmet to wear at home. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    I like it, too. But the best they've ever looked? Not with this gem tucked away in their history;
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    Now change the navy to brown, and wear them full time
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    Next up are the Chicago Fire. I decided to replace grey with powder blue from the Chicago flag, which I added as a hanger effect. The striping also takes cues from the logo, whose six points represent the six pointed stars on the flag. Like my Atlanta concept, I kept the cuffs and hems red on both jerseys. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    The biggest issue is refusing to establish a primary logo to replace Wahoo that can stand out. In 1994 they had their strongest look with the cursive Indians and Cleveland scripts. Then they changed the aways completely and took the piping off the homes. Following that up with the Block C that could be used for any team with C in the name and you have a horrible look that will get even worse next year unless they completely change their uniforms to fit around that Block C or a new logo.
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    I’ve long proposed a way for MLB to diversify (for some teams): Red Sox: Forest Green/Red (simple color swap, no red caps after Bucky Dent killed them) Cleveland: Navy/Light Blue, Maroon/Orange, etc. Twins: Forest Green/Light Blue Rangers: Brick Red/Slate Blue Braves: Black/Red Phillies: Maroon/Light Blue accents Royals: Purple/Yellow Of course, a lot of these identities are too set in stone now to really change. The rest of the majors should have followed Charlie O’s example in the 1960s. If navy/red can’t go, color distribution, accent colors, and fonts will work well enough.
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    The overabundance of RW&B teams in the MLB borders on comical. I know many of those looks are considered untouchable but it doesn't make for a very interesting looking league. The NHL, on the other hand, has the ideal amount. While four franchises use the colours in some capacity, there's no overlap when it comes to identity. The Canadiens put red first resulting in the perfect visual-counterpart to the Rangers while the Capitals and Blue Jackets mirror them with Navy instead of royal.
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    I think it's making the most out of a difficult situation. Upgrade from the clipart hat and uber-bevel look that they had. I can't help but seeing the hat brim as an ocean wave when i first see it.
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    Cardiff FC The Cardiff Football Club was founded in 1912 by a group of friends who wanted to try their hand at this nascent sport. He has spent most of his history in the lower categories, interspersed with periods in the first division. The Welsh club appeared for the first time in the first division in 1960 where it remained until 1967. With the relegation in the second division occurred a financial and technical collapse that led the club to the fourth division. With patience the club returned to the second division in 1986 where he remained until 1996, when I returned for his second time in the first division. Since then the club has shuttled from second to first division. The clubs crest has undergone several changes throughout its history. In the beginning the Cardiff FC emblem was simply the red dragon symbol of Wales. In the 60s with the advent in the first division was created a new emblem that depicted inside the dragon and the initials of the club. The current logo was introduced in 2000 after a renewal of the club. Map Kits The Cardiff Football Club wears yellow jerseys and black shorts from the second half of the 30s. The club's first uniforms were in fact red like the symbolic dragon of Wales. In 1937 the then club president decided to adopt the colors of an important brewery industry of the city. Puma has been sponsoring the club since 2010, while Fun88 appears on the club's shirts since 2016.
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