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    Figured out why there's a star in the roundel!
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    Story time: Meeting discussing new logos: Designer-"So what should our alternate be?" And remember, it has to include a basketball too." Person 1-"Let's have the Denver skyline for the logo." Designer-"Okay. Anything else?" Person 2-"Let's have mountains since Denver is called the mile high city for the logo." Designer-"Okay okay. But I still feel it needs something else." Person 3-"Let's include the star that no one knows and put the skyline and the mountains on the logo." Designer-"PERSON 3 YOU'RE A GENIUS!!! We'll do that!!!" ... And that kids is how this logo was made.
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    I've mentioned it about 1,000 times on here before, but dark green and light blue.
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    Hey guys, I haven't really had the time (or patience) for the big logo redesigning kind of stuff lately, and the third jersey predictions I made in my other thread kind of inspired me to stick with that very to-the-point designing. While I do have a dormant (for now) OHL rebrand thread, this is a chance for me to just focus on jerseys. Gonna start with my hometown (and too-often neglected) QMJHL. #1: QMJHL - Maritime Division Bathurst (Memorial Cup Champions) did a lot right with their redesign, but I stripped the script from their logo and simplified their stripes away from the Jets template. For the Eagles, I added a gold stripe to the shoulders and went with a roundel instead of their very busy primary. For Charlottetown I scrapped their whole ugly, muted colour pallet and gave them the only royal blue jersey in the league. Halifax, admittedly my hometown team, got sharper striping and removed the phantom yoke. Moncton scrapped the inexplicable royal blue, simplified the logo, and gave them arm striping. Finally, St John simplified the Sabres template they use now into something a little more striking. C&C appreciated as always.
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    A catch so great, it was called "The Catch". Godspeed, Mr. Dwight Clark.
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    Hi! Not new here but it has been long since I finished my last concept... And now back with a NFL to NBA concept. First I want to thank @R3G for his amazing nike NBA template! Very user-friendly. The 1990s NBA jerseys seem to be controversial because of it's colors and details, and I would like to see how the NFL teams can fit into it. Since the Eagles unveiled their current set in 1990s so I decided to start with it. Inspired by the 1992-95 Hawks set and 1997-2011 Wizards set, which both have single-sided stripe and similar curved jersey logos. May back with the white/alt or I will start another new team. C&C is always appreciated!! Thanks for reading!! Edit: Lists: NFC East: #1 Eagles / #4 Giants / #21 Cowboys NFC West: #11 Seahawks / #17 Rams NFC South: #14 Falcons / #20 Panthers NFC North: #8 Vikings(v2) / #12 Lions / #19 Bears AFC East: #7 Patriots / #10 Dolphins / #13 Jets AFC West(finished): #5 Raiders / #16 Chargers / #24 Broncos / #25 Chiefs AFC South(finished): #3 Colts(v2) / #6 Jaguars / #22 Texans / #23 Titans AFC North(finished): #2 Ravens / #9 Steelers / #15 Browns #18 Bengals
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    Because the league indicated their preference for a winner before the season even started.
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    Sidenote: I love this term and will be using it more often in design critiques.
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    Yeah, Wild is by far the dumbest name in the NHL. Just think about it, how terrible of a name that really is. Luckily the uniforms and logo saves it all. The main logo is fantastic, simply fantastic. Modern classic. The only bad logo the Wild have ever put out it that roundel logo with the strange “wild” script in it. Oh and how the roundel also includes NHL Hockey in it. As if we didn’t already know the Wild are in the NHL. The jerseys are great too. Whether they use a red, white or green it seems to always work.
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    in a "worst of the '90s" promotion. That logo is trash from the top down. Lightning bell, in-you-face puck, TEAL, demon wings, ridiculous font with shadows, awkward shape, the list goes on. If you think that could be utilised today, I'd love to know where. Because that would be stupid, and Ed Snider didn't do stupid things (with the exception of making his son the GM for a few years.)
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    Log in and see the Preds 20th anniversary logo which reminded me strongly of Wise Chips
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    Rams should have went back to the Eric Dickerson uniforms the moment they moved back to LA. They wanted to wait until they open their new stadium, so now they look terrible for 5 years.
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    Got busy these days and decided to finish Raiders first... Tried to make it clean, just want to see what will happen if they ditch the block font lol
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    Have just finished the full set. The alt is inspired by the Chris Webber era Kings set (because of similar wordmark, lol), so changed the design a little bit. C&C appreciated! Edit: Add a 1970s throwback. To be honest I don't know much about the uniform history of Eagles... Since I have seen many kelly green and silver/grey concept on the board, decided to finish one. Nothing too fancy just want to keep a clean look for them.
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    Just read this on the local news site. Hard to comment without it crossing over into political territory, but I'm very glad that they're not going, and glad that he embarrassed himself yet again by disinviting them on the night before. Jeff Lurie, a Clinton donor, called the presidency a disaster, and most players weren't going anyway.
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    Here's the catch with the article, a football logo, much like a baseball crest, is nothing outside of the context of the helmet. The Browns logo may look boring off the field but seen on field, it a classic. Same goes for the Chargers bolt, the Packer "G," and Colts' horseshoe.
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    Miami reminds me of the Flint Tropics
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    <MOD EDIT> Anyway, Wizards is a bad team name that doesn't really tie with the city (please correct me if I'm wrong anyone). Diamondbacks is kinda long but I like it. Not a huge fan of shortening it to D-Backs though. I also don't find that uniform to be amazing, as I am usually anti-vest and I hate most uses of pin stripes.
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    I know the post being referenced, mentions O6, but at the risk of speaking for the poster, it's possible we're talking about throwing back to old identities, minimization, etc. While I agree that the poster that said the only team truly playing O6 dress-up is Tampa Bay, A lot of teams have eitehr become more traditional or thrown back to old looks, often at the expense of well liked looks. These include (over an admittedly long period of time): Arizona, as most people like the picasyote Buffalo, though I think most people are happy with them Carolina going more basic Dallas being on the outer-fringe of O6 dress-up Edmonton going back to the old look (before replacing blue with orange). Florida going with the Habs stripe The Kings toning down their look The Wild going with a traditional look 1970s Flyers look. The Isles going with their original look. I think they are a mixed bag. Buffalo went back to what they should be (tone of blue notwithstanding). Minnesota looks their best, in my opinion. I personally think the Flyers looked MUCH better in the 1980s than the 1970s and the nameplate blocks and sleeve number bleeding over the edge of the yoke(or whatever) belongs in the past. I liked the late 1990s Oilers and thought it was a rare great use of darker blue and a metallic color.
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    Even though your “I can’t explain why I know; I just do” evidence is very thorough and convincing ?, I’m still skeptical of your viewpoint because, while the circle of a roundel may a common place for filler ornaments, the side of an illustrated hill/mountain is not a place one would put filler ornaments.
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    The only people that complain about officiating more than fans are unfortunately 2 of the people calling the game.
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    Watching the ESPN Post Game is a drag. The NBA Finals makes me miss the TNT guys but I enjoy the confrontational nature of Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson on commentary.
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    That uniform actually looks good there. Try this
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    So where will the Warriors stand among the all-time teams if they keep this up? I’m not gonna look too far ahead because 2016 taught me how dumb that is, but this feels WAY different. This feels as over as any series I’ve ever seen. And it’s not necessarily that the Cavs are a terrible team. It’s just that the Warriors are head and shoulders above, well, everyone right now. I’d be surprised if Cleveland snagged even one here the way this is shaking out. This team is basically (and again still potentially) a bad quarter away from four straight titles. That’s crazy.
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    Wow, that is just laughably bad. Its like 4 different logos mashed together without any cohesion what-so-ever. Adding a lighter blue to this logo and not the primary mark was a particularly bone-headed decision.
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    Y'all act like NBA refs have never fxcked up before, when they legit miss one in every three calls. Cry more.
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    Green with a side of green and a splash of green.
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    I think people don't complain about them because they are throwbacks (or were... they haven't been worn since 2010) and are therefore held to different standards. All the things that are kind of wonky about them... the mismatched helmet color, the trimmed stripes but untrimmed numbers, the gray facemask... people appreciate these things because they are accurate to the uniform being recreated, not because they are necessarily aesthetically pleasing. I'm pretty sure that if the Vikings never had this uniform in the past and simply debut it as a new look, it would get skewered. By me, included. You're interested in whether there are any new designs that are liked more then previous ones... I get the feeling you think some people (which, as a resident grumpy old traditionalist, would definitely include me) like things better simply because they're older. I don't think that's true, and it's kind of insulting to denigrate someones opinion as being "just about tradition". For myself, I think the Vikings current uniform is the second best they've ever looked. I'd rank their uniforms in this order; Best - 1960's The original uni differs from the throwback you posted in the slightly larger horn, and the trimmed numbers. This to me is, without question, the definitive Vikings. Perfect... not damn near, just perfect. I also prefer the road jersey with the northwestern stripes to the popular, but over rated ucla stripes that came later; Extra points for the striped road socks. Second Best - Current IMO, an excellent modern uniform. It gets some complaints around here for the overly clever number font, and left-field black mask, but my only real problem with it is the leotard-inducing road socks. White socks with stripes worn with the purple pants would make this look push the original for my top favorite. Third best - 1990's Worked very well at the time, but feels really dated to me now. I've especially soured on the road UCLA stripes... between the shoulder numbers, shoulder stripes, and logo, it's all to crowded. Fourth - 1970s - 1980's Very popular with Viking fans, but again, very dated IMO. Especially the white mask helmet... ick. I've already mentioned the inconsistencies when discussing the throwback to this look. Worst... by far - 00's You know, I'd really just rather not talk about it. As for "I don't get why you are acting like your opinion is right and better than mine"... it's because I was kind of being a jerk, I guess. Good on you to call me out on it.
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    Today's reminder that Milwaukee's city flag is so, so terrible. MKE, please make the People's Flag official already.
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    And the Royals (currently 16 games under .500) won it all. Cubs and Indians fans, brace yourselves for a plummet.
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    One time my friends and I created a new sport spontaneously. We were staying at a camp ground near Wildwood, New Jersey. The camp ground had a game room in the ground floor of a little stone house. And for some reason no one but my group was on hand this particular week, so we had the room to ourselves. It consisted of two ping pong tables in the centre of the room, sitting next to one another in the orientation opposite to the room. (Meaning that the tables were placed such that their long direction ran east-to-west, while the room was a rectangle that was longer north-to-south.) There was a door in the middle of one far wall, and a fireplace in the middle of the opposite wall. We began by playing ping pong. Then we got silly, progressing to playing a deluxe ping pong over the two tables. Finally, I started dribbling the ball upwards on my paddle and running around the room, evading the obstacles that were the tables. One guy instinctively chased me as if playing defence, and a third guy took up a position on the far side of the room. I passed the ball to that guy, and he charged at either the door or the fireplace (I forget which), and took a shot. And thus was born goalball! We stopped playing ping pong and commenced playing a spirited round of goalball, finding that the need to dribble a ping pong ball upwards while running was quite a challenge, as was cutting around the tables. We played 2 vs. 2 with no goalkeeper. Passes could be bounced of off one of the tables. It was part ping pong, part basketball, part lacrosse; and it was a total blast. In a better world this could be big hit! Alas, the situation never again presented itself, as we failed to find another location set up just right, a room with two ping pong tables in the middle of it, and with goals at the centre of the room's two short walls. But on one hot summer day in 1985, the glorious sport of goalball entered ... and exited ... the Universe.
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    This is The most fascinating thing I've witnessed in The time I've spend on The site. I've asked The obvious question of The poster, as to why The The get capitalized all The time, but The answer remains elusive. I'm quickly losing The annoyance I've been dealing with, and now The best way to describe The way I feel is admiration. all The extra time it takes to constantly remember to use The caps key to capitalize The The makes The feat all the more impressive. I've pretty much lost The thread of The moronic argument, just getting lost in The hypnotic swirl of all The The's. The well The done, sir. The.
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    Oh, no. This would look tacky, plus the Cavs have already been using that on their court.
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    The current logo might seem a bit dated because some of its elements were fads of the early 2000's, but a league full of logos that omit every "dated" design element would be extremely boring.. A logo can have a drop shadow without being a bad logo.. The beer-script styled M with wheat underline fits the brewers nickname and identity very well imo.. In fact, I think it's vastly superior to the BiG logo, which is only popular for nostalgic reasons.. Their current identity isn't executed perfectly, but it's a few tweaks away from being great
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    That Bengals helmet is fire, I love the gradient.
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    That guy shows up every year when the last Canadian team is eliminated to conspiracize how the league is rigged against the Canadian teams. Nevermind that Edmonton had 4 lottery wins in 6 years, Toronto got Auston Matthews instead of his hometown Coyotes, who Bettman would've rigged the draft for if he was rigging drafts, that Canadian born players 9 times out of 10 don't sign free agent deals with Canadian teams, or the last relocation was from a huge American market to a small Canadian city. Nevermind all of that.
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    First thing I thought was that it's a Denver Nuggets logo recolored in Cleveland Cavaliers colors.
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    Back with this experimental Vikings concept. We know that the Vikings have a great clean look, and it is regarded as one of the best updates (maybe along with the Lions and Dolphins) in the NFL in the nike era. But since I want to express something 90s in this concept, so I didn't simply translate it into a basketball uniform. Decided to put the Viking horn logo on the jersey, to make it look like "the big logo" jerseys in the 90s. Also tried to use a serif number font to match their wordmark logo(Don't want to use block fonts). Also used the pinstripe. I think they might be crazy ideas... So looking for C&Cs... Thanks for reading!
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    Memphis Grizzlies Had these done for a while now, but never posted bc they never seemed right.. messed around with outlines on name and #'s, but i believe this set looks best. let me know what you all think Association Icon Community Athlete Also, i am considering making edits to former concepts posted in this forum. small tweaks like the pistons font size is fairly big, amongst other minor tweaks. let me know if anyone objects and believes they should remain untouched. Thank you for viewing!
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