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    I could not agree more. Over-saturation has taken the NFL from one or two cant-miss events each week to a confusing glut. It’s just background noise. And as you skip some of it, you realize that you can skip more without noticing. I’d add that the NFL is also a victim of its greatest success. Fantasy football, which originally drove so much interest to the games, has proven a double-edged sword as the elevation of stats and highlights has made the games themselves superfluous. The minute the NFL introduced a channel where you could only watch the last few plays of a scoring drive is the day they de-valued their own product. Who cares about long, sustained drives or tracking the flow of a single game when you can bounce around from one touchdown to another, divorced from any context? Why bother to watch two-plus hours of commercials and some football in between when you can watch or stream the very best plays, all the while receiving on your phone updates for the players you “own”? In trying to find a reason to make fans watch every game, the NFL has instead found a way to encourage fans to not watch any games.
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    Yeah, you’re right. Trying to minimize long-term brain injuries is for fragile snowflakes. Real men don’t want to live past fifty anyway.
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    So before we go too much further on uniforms, I'd like to nail down logos and fonts before the uniforms get adjusted: I took @MJD7's suggestion of the "purple mountain's majesty" and used that as the basis for the logos identity. The Mountains should remain purple in most if not all applications. I also added a stroke around the letters in the semi-circle. For the C-Mountains, the mountains now get a stroke around them on colored applications. The single color C works well for white and purple backgrounds IMO but the grey needs an outline on the C. The wordmarks don't really change much from the jerseys but I added them here for everyone to see. I wasn't nuts about the idea of a pointed number font but after putting it together, I think that it works much better than not pointed numbers. The 4 doesn't have any points because it didn't look good with the points on it and I couldn't find a usable workaround so at least for the moment, it remains pointless. Comments welcome, suggestions welcome and hopefully these can get nailed down to get the uniforms nailed down.
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    In fairness, the Venn diagram of both groups would almost be one circle.
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    What does Oregon have to do with this thread?
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    In keeping with the food theme sweeping the minors, I would re-brand the Tri-City ValleyCats as the Albany Steamed Hams.
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    Really? Seems to me, a gorilla has a ton of different ways you could go with it;
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    Oh cool, the Giants are going to pair a white front paneled cap with their cream jerseys. Thats’s gonna look AWESOME!
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    You guys are being mean to the Lakers fans who were there over the past five years. Those were some rough times, and I personally watched a ton of :censored:ty Lakers games that had way more people in the stands than good Houston Rockets teams. Say what you will, but Lakers fans at least show up.
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    He is a better player. Galchenyuk has been miscast here because management. Bergevin has been making bad deals after bad deals, ever since the Subban backlash eventually got to him. This is the same GM who signed a injury proned, declined Carey Price to an 8 year, 10,5 million per year contract, making him virtually untradeable for the next decade. Marc-André Fleury makes half of what Price makes.
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    Maybe this is where Russell makes their comeback.
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    I like that solid green alt for Brazil! Canada, well I'm less than sold on it. I'm not keen on the black being there (I get that plenty of their national teams use it as a secondary color, but still). A no-black version of the White Sox template could look better. I do like the Maple Leaf alternate, although I kind of wish there was a blue French Canadian set, if only for a little variation. Still, good work.
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    I don't disagree with that assessment. If you're going to have kickoffs, have runbacks as well. In fact, go full CFL and essentially make the runback occur by awarding a single point to the kicking team for touchbacks in kick and punt situations. I was just saying that if you're arguing that player safety is the reason for making the change? The NFL has made rule changes based on far lower (in my opinion) prioritized criteria. I think fans may be (operative words there, "may be") losing interest in the NFL due to a lot of factors, but individual rule changes aren't among them. No one took such umbrage with the addition of the 2 point conversion that in 1994 fans were rumbling about boycotting the league. Same with the defensive return/one-point safety additions a few years ago, nor with the relocation of kickoff spots or extra point kick placement. The NFL's biggest problem is that its overexposed, the product of decades of self-important, self-generating hype and an on-air product quantity that expanded from a relatively confined but dependable 3-game a week schedule fans could watch (i.e., one or two terrestrial networks airing a 1:00 Sunday game, followed by a 4:00 game that created a doubleheader for one of the two networks; with ABC's Monday Night Football wrapping up the week within a nice, tight, 36 hour time frame, tops... to a 24/7 content delivery platform (NFL Network), a Thursday night game, occasional Sunday morning games from London or Saturday afternoon games once college football season ends, then the 1:00/4:00 network doubleheader/single game games, then a Sunday night national game for NBC, and then the Monday Night game on ESPN. That's up to 7 games to choose from (out of 16) each week and the ability to watch six during a five day span... and that's presuming you don't have NFL Sunday Ticket, in which case you could theoretically catch all 16 games every week. It's simply too much exposure for a league that since the days of Pete Rozelle has touted itself as being as American as mom, Chevrolet and apple pie. That exposure has to some degree resulted in other American traits being exposed: domestic violence, selfishness and lack of humility, occasional hypocrisy and blatant, unending greed. And when people see that - even though they themselves may be guilty of some of it - they're turned off. The NFL can't control its own messaging like it used to be able to, meanwhile they've expanded their exposure in ways that help that messaging get out of control on them.
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    About a year ago, I made a similar thread leading up to the NHL's major Adidas reveal....so I figured I would make a similar thread for concepts (predictions and wishlists) for the upcoming reveal of alternate uniforms. (here is a link to the old thread): A few weeks ago, an image was leaked showing that 19 teams will be donning new third unis this upcoming season. I'll be posting each concept in the order from the leaked Adidas catalogue...Here it is for reference: First up.... Columbus Blue Jackets Prediction: It is rumored they will be bringing back their cannon jersey, which I am a big fan of. It's a nice change of pace from the simple piping, red/white/blue color scheme, and fits in nicely with the team's Union Army identity. Wish List: While it is rumored that they will be at least bringing back that same color scheme, if they went a different way, I wouldn't be disappointed. I think it may be time for a light blue jersey base to be used. C&C appreciated!
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    For an executive making seven figures, it seems like throwing in a full-time translator for $50-$100K per year wouldn't be a big deal. The fans would still get their contact with the GM (that is worthless 99% of the time, anyway).
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     Agreed, though sometimes revolution rather than evolution is necessary. The NFL took 36 years to adopt the 2-point conversion after the NCAA, and just added the concept of the Defensive Return and one-point Safety within the past two or three. Those are minor, but in their own way, revolutionary changes. I'm not sure if eliminating kickoffs is good or bad to tell the truth, but at least it isn't nibbling around the edges (which the NFL is doing with their recent change to kickoff rules). The only issue I have with what either is doing is that in most games, punts outnumber kickoffs and are, save one minor factor (the running, unimpeded start vs. impediment at the LOS) just as dangerous. Radical suggestion: get rid of punts, too, as well as extra points. On 4th down, teams would have to go for it or try a field goal. And, after each touchdown (worth 7), the other team would just start from the 20. At first I imagined eliminating field goals as well (and just living with the snarky comments about football no longer having anything to do with the foot). But leaving only one way to score (apart from the rare safety) would produce too many tie games. I think plenty of people would enjoy a game that consisted almost entirely of plays from scrimmage, even on 4th-and-long when outside of field-goal range. And you could make those plays from scrimmage a lot safer by adopting the CFL's one-yard buffer, and also by outlawing the three-point stance.
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    I know a company in Japan that did something kinda cool using a gorilla
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    They will rise from the ashes (literally) and make a comeback by supplying the CFL with unis.
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    I think that is true in the host city every year, but outside the host city how many fans are buy the ASG specific gear for their team every year?
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    Eat a LOT of mushrooms, and play GM mode in 2K.
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    The scripts are nice, but the whole exercise is pointless. Somebody must be buying this garbage, but I don’t know who or why.
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    It's also something various NFL teams have chanted for years and not really something the Eagles can claim ownership of. (skip to the end)
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    Thanks for the feedback! Here's our redesign of the set, following @SFGiants58's and @chapper's suggestions: At first we tried @Carolingian Steamroller's idea, but the black on red numbers weren't really visible, so we decided to drop the black altogether. Maybe we could keep the red uni with the Mapple leaf as road, using a blue alt with a Fleur de Lis, what do you think?
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    As a Lakers fan, I can’t refute this. As much as I’d like to.
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    The Warriors are now the heel and the Lakers are the face. Dipsy doo dunkaroo. ?
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    They were with Reebok, but Reebok stopped manufacturing sports uniforms and started focusing more on athletic clothing. Hence why CFL and NHL are now supplied by Adidas, the parent company of Reebok.
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    The over merchandising of the All-Star Game just comes off as trying too hard. It really is a one city/team event (the host team). I ask the purveyors of this board, does anyone buy ASG merchandise and why do you?
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    I've never really liked the pinwheel caps to begin with. Feels very bro slow pitch softball league to me and it doesn't work with every logo/color combo. I'd like to see the All Star Game caps just be the teams' regular caps with gold stars around the eyelets. I think maybe they have done that in the past? Go crazy for the Homerun Derby and change that design every year according to the host team if you must. I don't think that's a bad idea really, but I'd like the game caps to be a little more subdued.
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    Next up is the other LA team, the Los Angeles HC. I changed "Football" in their logo to "Hockey", and used a simple striping pattern matching the shield. I went with all-gold striping on the home jersey, and added white to the numbers. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    This is of no fault of your own, but seeing your Cavs concept reminds me why I hated their new logo package. They gotta stick with either black or navy. Having them both is just insane to me. The series has been great so far though. I like how you mirrored the LA Kings banner shape for the Lakers
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    Minor nitpick but I'd make the numbers on the back black. Otherwise it blends a little too well into the stripe.
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    I don't know the specific issues that Under Armour faced beyond simple financial stress, but the CFL is an objectively smaller undertaking than MLB. I wouldn't cout Under Armour out just yet.
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    Does no one ever take in to consideration what the other team will be wearing when they schedule these games.
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    That's right. I completely forgot that 48 teams will be in the 2026 so they'll definitely deserve to be there in 2026. It's kind of impressive that they didn't qualify this time. Even if they change nothing about the awful way the program operates now they could still probably back into one of the spots just due to the rest of our competition. A lot had to go wrong all at once to not qualify.
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    Principles of championship ring design: 1. Find an empty space and fill it with something, anything you can think of that’s even tangentially relevant to the accomplishment. 2. Refer back to Principle #1.
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    Up next.... Arizona Coyotes Prediction: KACHINA! Wish List: A little more modern version of the Kachina jerseys, I think this would fit in well with their current primary set. New Jersey Devils Prediction: I feel like the Devils always have a reason to bring this uniform back in some way. It'd make sense if they did as a full-time alt. Wish List: Something new. A black jersey! It's simple, somewhat minimalist like the team's main uniforms, but definitely screams "THE DEVILS!!!" C&C appreciated
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    Brace yourselves, posts about Florida's striping consistency are coming
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    Nope, most people have not said that any of those years. 02, 10, and 14 were all very good performances. A world cup in the US is a huge benefit that could really help propel the team through a few knock out games. No, not that crew. Pulisic will probably be the only player that figured in 2017 that will make the WC roster. We've already fired our manager, president, etc. I would be shocked if even 10% of US Soccer from 2017 has ANY presence in the 2026 organization. It's so en vogue to ridicule US Soccer right now. How trendy! Most of these comments won't matter because people like Cujo only pay attention long enough to mock their own country and watch a few WC matches. US Soccer will turn it around, we have never had more talent or resources to do it. If they aren't serious contenders by 2026 they certainly will be shortly after. We are the sleeping giant of the world's game. If we ever decide to get our heads out of our asses, make soccer accessible to kids, and provide a better pipeline we will consistently be a WC contender.
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    I'd rebrand the Bucks as the Brew City Hops. "Hops" of course having the double meaning of a player who jumps high and one of the main ingredients in the adult beverage Milwaukee is most known for. #FearTheDeer would easily become #FearTheBeer
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    Colorado took me a little while to finish, and you'll soon see why: I found the issue with Colorado's logo wasn't in the construction, but in the font. Changing the font went a long way in improving the logo, along with a few changes here and there. Also the big change here is purple and grey become the focus, with black not being phased out completely just minimized compared to how it is now. Hats - One hat, purple on purple, with the new C logo being the focus of the hat. Helmets match the hats. Jerseys - 3 jerseys, white, purple and grey. Each jersey gets a mountain pattern design on the sleeves. New wordmarks on the front of all the jerseys. The matching number font did not look good, so I kept the same number font from the existing jerseys. Also because I know this is gonna get brought up, I kept the mountains purple on the purple jersey because it just looked better than doing it in grey or white. Pants - Pants are by far the most simple of the group. Originally there was gonna be a similar mountain style design, but after working on Arizona's design with the short pants, I went a simpler route with a simple stripe. BP - BP gear is a little wild, but nothing too off the wall. Normal BP hat is black with the big flying ball mountain logo. Jersey really doesn't deviate from the base design. Mountains on the sleeves, logo on the chest, number on the upper left chest. And because all the cool Colorado teams are doing it, (hey Colorado State, 28-3. Love Boise State ?), a state pride based BP set based on the new BP hat from this season. Here's the new logos I came up with: For the main logo, I got rid of some of the extemporaneous lines, I kept black in the mountains as I felt it looked better than the grey in this case and I used the new font and built it up very similar. For the hat logos, I tried to go for a CR logo like they have now, but in the end nothing worked in a way I could add a mountain. So as I came to call it the Hiding Mountain logo was just a C with a hiding mountain. I also came up with a symmetrical mountain logo which is what I used for the sleeves. Lot to process, C&C welcome!
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    Up next... Vancouver Canucks Prediction: Pretty much a green version of their past alternate. It is rumored that the stick-in-rink logo will be making a return in some fashion. Wish List: Johnny Canuck! This is essentially a green version of their 40th anniversary jerseys, but I will say that it is real sharp. Washington Capitals Prediction: I can't really see the Caps bringing anything but their red throwbacks back as an alternate Wish List: Not gonna lie, I really like the simplified word mark they used for the Stadium Series uniforms - most probably will want the Weagle to be the main crest, but I'll defer to the "caps" word mark here. Colorado Avalanche Prediction: This just makes too much sense, right? I feel like the Avs and Reebok had the Adidas redesign in mind when they came out with their navy alts. So I think there's a 99% chance they go this route. Wish List: A classic, powder blue jersey to go along with their maroon-heavy mountain striped jerseys. I think it fits in well with their current set, but also is different enough to be considered a strong third option. C&C appreciated! I'll be posting two teams a day from here till the draft so that they all get posted before the reveal
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    What an absolute JOKE of a trade. Galchenyuk is going to thrive in Arizona. I wish him well. Bergevin is an ass-clown. Keeps guys he should trade, trades guys he should keep. Lars Eller and DSP were both HUGE for the Caps these playoffs. Andrighetto was one of Colorado's best players. The list goes on.
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    There’s a saying about death being a better option than seeing yourself become the villain that seems to fit here.
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    Laker fans have had no problems being mean to Clippers fans throughout our franchise's whole :censored:ty history, so screw 'em.
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