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    I figured as much. The wording is still clunky, though. It's like when you buy some kitchen knives from China and the label says, 'keep out of children. "
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    So the club I work for, Sacramento Republic FC, just released their new “fifth anniversary” third kits today. https://www.sacrepublicfc.com/news_article/show/930292 Pretty basic black third kit, but it’s cool because I was actually heavily involved in the design process and creation of these. I started pretty early this year brainstorming with the graphic design department and we decided that out of a lot of crazy ideas we had, a black third kit was probably the easiest and had the best chance of selling quickly. A bit BFBS, but I’m actually really glad how it turned out. I made the suggestion that we should simplify the color scheme for the crest and my boss took that idea and ran with it. We got the initial crest samples in and I was blown away by how good they turned out. I was the first to create and see these, and I have been keeping them under wraps from just about everyone for nearly three months now. I spent a ton of hours behind a makeshift wall and putting in time after hours to guarantee these wouldn’t leak. Even most of our ownership group hadn’t seen these till today. This has been an absolutely awesome experience I’ve had with this club and it’s still a trip they’re actually paying me to do these kinds of things for them. I’ll post some pictures of the whole process. Here are a few more looks at the crest. Oh! I just noticed. One odd thing, though. This interesting hangar effect right here, doesn't exist. I remember this being a part of our earliest design process, but it got scrapped pretty quickly. Unless something changed in the four hours in between the last time I saw these and the release, this is an error on the part of the design team. Or, I'll get an e mail from my boss sometime tomorrow saying that I need to add this to the thousand or so jerseys we have. EDIT: Yup. That’s it.
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    I liked the St. Louis/Phoenix uniforms that had sleeve stripes and black trim on the road uniforms but none at home. The best was when they had the Arizona flag, striping, AND bird head all at once: I'd love to see that again.
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    NEW YORK (BASEBALL) GIANTS, PT. 1 - Gotto Makes a Giant Contribution Ah yes, it's time to do my favorite team in the previous incarnation! When trying to assess why the Giants left New York City, one can point to a variety of factors. These factors included, but were not limited to: 1. The poor condition of the Polo Grounds, due to a lack of funds (the team and stadium rentals were Horace Stoneham's only asset) and hasty construction of the building. 2. Changes in transportation necessitated the need for larger parking lots. Unfortunately for the Giants, much of the land was taken up by Robert Moses' (I have yet to read Power Broker, which I'm hoping to rectify soon) housing projects and other plans. Moses eventually planned to tear down the Polo Grounds in 1962 (one the Giants' lease was up), with speculation about moving them into Yankee Stadium (the Flushing Meadows site wasn't in the works just yet).1 3. The team spent the post-WWII period in a bit of a freefall, with many poor finishes throughout the time (aside from the 1951 pennant and 1954 World Series). 4 (and the biggest one, IMHO). Demographic changes in Harlem, the Polo Grounds' Manhattan neighborhood, ensured that the Giants would not be viable in the long run. The Depression and World War II had a marked impact on the area, with many wealthy white residents leaving the area (for both economic and racist reasons - "White Flight"). Due to the increasingly poor conditions of the neighborhood (due to neglect from government programs and a lack of legitimate employment options for many of the African-American and Latin American residents), crime increased.2 With fewer local fans having disposable income for games or a willingness to walk within the "sketchy" area (one created by both racism and apathy), attendance declined. This is the factor that drove the other ones (renovations, transport, competition, etc.). Stoneham believed that fans would feel safer if they could drive from the suburbs to the stadium, but the lack of parking prevented that. TL;DR: This .gif, but with Son Goku as socio-economic/competitive factors and Frieza as the New York Baseball Giants. However, what if the move didn't go through? What if the team became the Yankees' tenants or found a way to build a Manhattan stadium, set up shop at Flushing Meadows (in the unlikely event that the Dodgers stayed in Brooklyn), or pre-empted the Football Giants by heading to New Jersey? What would these baseball Giants look like? When setting out on this project, I figured that the baseball Giants would not look all that different from the current San Francisco squad. I tried to approach their New York incarnation from the same angle as the team's 2000 redesign, tastefully updating the 1950s/60s uniform set. However, I wanted to incorporate a bit of the Mets' fantastic identity into the design (outside of the "NY," sourced from my previous Mets concept). So, I reasoned that the baseball Giants would want a new primary logo to celebrate a "revival" of sorts, one designed by a very certain Ray Gotto. The new primary is pretty much be the same as the Mets' classic logo, albeit with the Brooklyn elements obscured (e.g., the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building no longer features, done by using the post-digitization version of the logo) and the bridge being a general suspension bridge (maybe the George Washington Bridge?). The Giants' one-color wordmark is at the center. The tertiary minimizes the primary to a smaller design, with both the cap insignia and the 1883 establishment date. The wordmark font is Ocean Beach Major with modifications, as it's a fantastic modernization of the Giants/Pirates' font style. The uniforms are pretty much the same as my San Francisco Giants concept, but with some notable differences. The number font and the NOB's/white-base home uniforms are off of my Seals/retro Giants concept, while the new primary logo resides on the sleeves. I kept arched wordmarks, as the logo implied that the Giants are named after the giant skyscrapers of the city. Arching does a better job of invoking that compared to arc-ed wordmarks (which work in San Francisco, with the Giants referring to the "giant" bridges of the city - my flimsy rationalization of the name). The alternates bear a great similarity to my old Giants concept as well, with an orange-billed cap paired with an orange top and a black alternate that has the cap logo as an insignia. The second set of alternates pairs the orange-billed cap with the home uniform and contains the throwback to 1933 from my previous concept (featuring @Gothamite's preferred "NY"). It's "different enough" from the current set that it'd work. The dugout jacket is an update of my SF Giants jacket, albeit with the new primary logo and the "NY" on the back. I just love that vintage cursive script. It's a pretty simple concept, emulating the Giants' 2000 redesign while incorporating a few Mets-like elements. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, let's take that Mets influence a little further. 1Robert F. Garratt, Home Team: The Turbulent History of the San Francisco Giants (Lincoln: U of Nebraska Press, 2017), 3-9; Stew Thornley, “Polo Grounds (New York) | Society for American Baseball Research,” Society for American Baseball Research, accessed June 27, 2018, https://sabr.org/bioproj/park/58d80eca. 2 Michael Javen Fortner, Black Silent Majority: The Rockefeller Drug Laws and the Politics of Punishment (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2015), 24-27; Federico Ribes Tovar, Lolita Lebrón, la prisionera (New York: Plus Ultra Educational Publishers, 1974), 93.
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    Like the jersey, not the logo. Looks like the "storm" has a fat lip
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    The dumbest name for a hockey team; Miami Heat --
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    Sure to be an unpopular opinion, but I preferred the original silver helmets.
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    Yeah, I’ve been pretty aggressive with stolen work, but not sure this one rises to that level. For all the reasons you mention.
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    Well, congrats to my alma mater Oregon State. Brutal way to lose a championship for Arkansas after last night's 9th inning.
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    If you make the Finals you're championship-calibre. Stop being silly. The Celtics with Kyrie and Heyward would have beat the 2018 Cavs. I don't have many doubts about that.
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    I don't get what level of this is playing mental gymnastics. Your comment was that the Celtics were "just shy" of being a championship-calibre team this year, then backed it up by saying they were within one win of the Finals, indicating that you believe the Cavaliers were championship-calibre, as they reached the Finals. I do not believe the Cavaliers were a championship-calibre team, nor do I believe they were "just shy" of being one.
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    Loving the Kings concepts! A couple recommendations: I agree with vtgco on the use of gold...however, instead of eliminating it or changing it back to "yellow" or a similar shade to what they had at the advent of the Second Six - perhaps just go with a lighter shade of true gold than either Vegas or Anaheim use. Second recommendation: Drop the primary from the helmets. Use a wordmark instead. It's the small things that count! Keep up the great work.
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    IMO, the navy/black just isn't Croatia. (nevermind the fact that those 2 colors should never be used together anyway) They should have used royal/black checkers on the away kit and it would look way better.
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    What about the back end after the playing days? The years of struggle with life due to the pre-existing conditions and the medical burden placed upon loved ones. Issues such as addiction to painkillers or the lack of mental health support are two of the issues which football turns a blind eye to.
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    Knew that was coming. The whole "Football was the GI Bill before the GI Bill" concept. You might as well add, "if it wasn't for football, the FRD's Works Progress Administration would've built all those stadiums, along with dams, bridges, and roads and put people to work"... Well tobacco is a crop which farmers can grow, yet that does not make it a proper way to earn a living.
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    Came here to post this. Hate the fried egg combination for Brazil, and now I know I hate it for Colombia as well.
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    I can only assume they want to get the most of it before it's lost to history
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    Get rid of the pant stripes as they don't really match up with the rest of the jersey, otherwise a beauty.
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    So I found a bonanza of finds today: A 1989 UW Freedom Bowl (a long-defunct bowl game held @ Anaheim Stadium) jersey with the #11 and "MARTINSON" on the back, a 1980s Minnesota Vikings jersey w/the name "BUCHER" and the number 00 on it, an early 1980s NFC Pro Bowl jersey w/the #7, and a Tamarick Vanover Chiefs jersey.
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    Kinda defeats the purpose from my point of view
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    The warning stickers are required. The warranty or whatever on the helmet is actually void without. Teams have had custom colored stickers for a while now. Special shapes were just the next step. Also, the American Flag decal is not a 3D Bumper, it's "EmbossTech" and Green Gridiron has started selling them recently: https://www.greengridiron.com/collections/accessories/products/copy-of-chrome-us-flag-helmet-decal?variant=3393973944333
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    I still hold that floating stripes are ugly, except as basketball trim. I wish Florida would commit to the blue/white/blue on orange, o/b/w/b/w on blue, and o/w/b/w/o on white. It’s more colorful and just more impactful.
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    Looks more like a track and field logo to me. I'd use either eagle in the crest. For the uniforms, you should make each one have it's own look instead of using the same design across all three.
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    I'd consider a lawsuit, might be worth settling for some monetary option.
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    A strange idea to begin with that became fairly iconic in certain circles. A strange idea to drop it after it had became so iconic.
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    this is the one that immediately came to mind when i saw the thread title
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    Loving this series!! It’s pretty cool seeing how well the NBA brands transfer to hockey uniforms
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    Nothing special for the Colts. The uniform has been classic for so long it needs to stay relatively the same. From Unitas to Manning it still looks great. I basically just added striped socks and threw in alternate white socks if they ever wanna go full white. Also thought about adding blue pants and a blue facemask but the colts are another team that works great with the gray mask.
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    I decided to go the throwback route with the Dolphins because of their great throwbacks. I also prefer the old logo even though the new one is growing on me. I like the look of the white mask too and most teams need striped socks.
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    As opposed to the rest of this thread?
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    I might get some guff for this one, but I enjoyed the template of the "Wimbledon" set (top) far more than its successor (bottom). In fact, I think I would've been okay with a green and red version of it.
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    FROM THIS: TO THIS: (The gold numbers/NOB aren't working is all I mean.)
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    I can't believe I'm saying this, because I loved the Orange Crush uniforms and still miss them to this day, but...that was more of a lateral move than a true downgrade. The new look wasn't as aesthetically pleasing to my eyes or many others, but it looked sharp and modern. It still works well enough today too. Now, as for the redesigns it has inspired, yes, a lot of them are awful at worst and totally unnecessary at best.
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    And to top it all off, the first one you posted was already a downgrade from the earlier version with the shield logo. The crown is weirdly designed and all I could see was a frightened pair of eyes staring back. Even now I can't unsee it. But yeah, minus the script this was a much better look for them. I'll never understand why they swapped the logos around.
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    I actually LOVE the Super Bowl-winning look of Tampa Bay by itself, but when compared to the creamsicles...they're an abomination!
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    I got a lot for you guys: to to And of course, the one that was bad for everyone involved: to and Can't forget about this one: to And it's going to get even worse. Finally: to
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    I actually think their current look is an upgrade. I liked the original Caps unis way better than their mid-90's change.
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    Unique doesn’t necessarily equal good. The Lightning came out of that redesign with better, more versatile marks and a stronger overall brand based on how they’ve built around it. They’re two or three minor changes/additions from excellence, which wasn’t always true of their previous looks.
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    There are a few challenges with doing this. I have to add more than two colors to really give it the Vancouver feel, which makes it a bit disjointed. Also, the "M" and "T" get a bit lost in translation if I rename the city to Vancouver. I suppose we could consider this year one of the Memphis Grizzlies. The results ain't pretty. lol. It definitely looks better with the two-toned blue!
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