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    Oops. Thanks. I've fixed that, and updated Orlando to royal blue. Maybe not boring on its own but there are more blue teams than red, in blue the Sixers blend in more than stand out. Here it is in blue: And here is #3, the Memphis Grizzlies: The Grizzlies are a hard team to design for me. I know they need a redesign but I don't know what it should it be. With only two lifetime identities and three primary uniform sets, there's not a lot of history to draw from, which means designing a set almost from scratch which means everything looks alien to me. I went through about four different colour schemes (black & sky blue, black & gold, brown & gold, their current one) before I settled on bringing back the teal, red and bronze because it's the only unique identity that screams 'Grizzlies' even if it doesn't scream 'Memphis' per se and even if it mean there are now two teams wearing teal outside of the 1990s (and the Hornets wear that colour with more authority). I was partially inspired by their recent MLK uniform as well the sparseness of last season's City Jersey.
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    When you have Gonzalo Higuaín, Sergio Aguero, and Paulo Dybala at your disposal, and you leave all three on the bench for the biggest game of the year, you deserve to get knocked out. I’m a huge Messi fan and was rooting for Argentina but Sampaoli looked like he had no idea what he was doing.
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    As expected, France/Argentina is a beautiful kit matchup: Easily one of the best of the tournament thus far with both teams in their traditional strips. Good balance too between the dark/light/dark of France and light/dark/light of Argentina.
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    Well... Keeping the stripy Umbro theme going, here's PSV...
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    Honestly, I think there's only reason why the Indians have kept this logo. The Wahoo logo may not represent a particularly good era of Cleveland baseball, but it represents a famous one. Immortalized in pop culture, frozen in amber.
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    I've never done NBA concept series like this before. I've only done court designs but never jerseys. Big shout out to Hoopladawg87 for sharing one of his templates with me, and to Daniel Ramone for creating it. This series is mostly a tweak of what teams were wearing during the 2017/2018 season. Home and roads only for now. I hope to finish it. Up first, the Philadelphia 76ers No major changes here. Just reverting the roads to red because blue looks a little boring them. Updating the wordmark to match the font on their 2017/18 City Jersey which I think makes the jersey looks less cluttered (thin wordmark makes more room for thick side panels). #2. Orlando Magic Inspired by the T-Mac era jerseys, as 90s as they are, I think the stars could work (if Atlanta's triangles are any indication of a watermark pattern would look like) and they're a more unique identifier than pinstripes (which I think are a little tired). I also switched the blue out for a darker shade which I think suits a Florida team more. Feedback welcome of course.
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    This series is a tribute to the Negro Leagues. Denied a place in segregated white baseball, African American players and businessmen/women formed their own teams and organizations. Though they faced grueling schedules, scarce resources, rampant racism on the road, the men and women who made the Negro Leagues built successful baseball teams that packed stadiums and generated some of the biggest stars of their era: Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson, and Satchel Paige. After Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby broke the color line and Black Americans signed with MLB clubs, the Negro Leagues went into slow and steady decline. In the past several years, we've seen Major League team embrace throwbacks from the Negro Leagues as event uniforms. Negro Leagues jerseys are popular sale items at retailers like Ebbett's Field Flannels. However, I have never seen a concept thread on this forum dedicated to the unique and exquisite sartorial style of Negro League clubs. This series was designed with a simple premise in mind: what if in 1947, not just Jackie Robinson the player but entire Negro League franchises were integrated as Major League clubs. Lock, stock, and barrel. Obviously this would create a ripple effect throughout the subsequent history of baseball. Some teams would move cities. Some expansion teams would never come into existence. Likely the concept of the AL and NL would be drastically different. The history of baseball as a business enterprise would no doubt be greatly affected by the presence of multiple African American club owners at the table. Here I strove to ponder what those teams might look like if they were still taking the field today and this presents a challenge greater than designing any specific logos or scripts. Perhaps the most important factor, especially prior to the present day, in a team's appearance was the opinion of ownership. It's why the Yankees still wear pinstripes. It's why the White Sox wore shorts in 1977. Even today, African Americans make up a tiny fraction of owners in professional sports. Michael Jordan of the NBA's Hornets is the lone majority owner of a major professional franchise. Thus, constructing a vision of what kind of influence African American ownership would have over more than half a century of uniform design requires a lot of speculation. Here I am limited by the fact that I am not myself African American. I cannot completely comprehend what changes, innovations, or trends would shape uniforms of the former Negro League teams over the intervening decades. Thus I must declare that what I have done is the best that my own limited powers and particular design tastes can produce. If I have failed or made gross errors in judgment or sensitivity, I ask to please make those frailties known. I pledge to make any and all adjustments necessary up to and including terminating the entire project. If nothing else, I will content myself with opening the door to greater discussion of Negro League uniforms as they, in my opinion, are well worthy of attention.
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    So I just watched the (National?) Cornhole Championship on ESPN. Players were wearing what looked like a loose fitting polo shirt as uniforms with whatever bottom of their choosing (Georgia had on jeans and boots, whereas Arkansas had on matching athletic shorts). All team shirts were branded with a large Johnson logo across the chest (as they were the sponsor of the tournament, I guess?). So it got me thinking, what if this thing really takes off? What do we see as far as the uniforms go, especially for the SEC schools? Which brought me to my concept. A set of three "polo" tops for each school (Colors at Home, White on the Road), with the possibility of a "fauxback" here or there, brand sponsorship across the chest (think soccer jersey). For this concept, I would imagine that being a food or alcohol (I know, minors and alcohol, yada yada, but really isn't this how cornhole started, a drinking game?) and a school logo. My only problem is, I am not knowledgable enough with each school to know local brands (or preferred local brands) so I'm asking for help as I go. I plan on using my SEC Super Conference Concept as the base for these teams, so don't be surprised if you see some new teams in here (if you haven't seen that concept). Nonetheless, first team's up. The Georgia Bulldogs I went back and forth on this one with the sponsor between Chick-fil-a, Waffle House, and Coca-Cola, with both being founded and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Ultimately I made my decision for solely personal reasons, and that being we never go to Athens for game weekends without it (or Waffle House actually). I guess you could just say I liked the look (and the colors already go well. I plan on coming back through with possible cornhole board designs to go with these, but we will see how it goes. Also, this is my call to action on suggestions for sponsorships. Comment below with the suggestions and why! @Clintau24 I know I'd love some insight from you on Auburn. C&C please!
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    I guess that makes a little more sense to me, but I think that it also points out one of what is IMO the biggest flaw with 1) them using the '70s era design, and 2) adidas' template: the sleeve doesn't flow elegantly into the wrist stripe. The adidas template almost makes it seem squared off - like two separate elements that just happen to touch (just like you said.) I prefer when it looks as intended - one solid piece, like the '80s/'90s version (which they could easily pull off even without the superfluous black trim... though I happen to like said trim.) 1980 Sweater - nice curvy transition from shoulder to wrist: 2012 Sweater - sharper, but still pretty smooth transition from shoulder to wrist Obviously one piece: Current - garbage. No transition at all. Like two separate pieces that simply intersect:
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    This doesn't make a bit of sense. As for XFL, is $75k really enough to lure someone to the league that doesn't genuinely think they're auditioning for an NFL team? And that's just the average - so if there's the "Jim Kellys" or "Steve Youngs" of the world making significantly more, then Average Joe is making less than 75K - so why even play? What's the incentive, other than putting off real life by a few more years? You're not going to get p ssy from being on the Birming Ham Fighters, you're not going to build up a 401(k), you're not going to make it to "da league", so what's the point?
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    We start off with the evolution of the Baltimore Elite Giants into the Baltimore Elite. In their own day, the Elite Giants had a bold black and red color scheme. So I've adapted that into a streamlined, simple uniform with a slender but bold "ELITE" script on the front of the jersey. The Elite Giants baseball patch remains as a tribute to the team's past. For the alternate, I used the Baltimore script from the early Orioles (since its close to the original Elite Giants script) added sleeve details reminiscent of the Baltimore city flag. C&C encouraged. Enjoy!
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    Portugal not in red makes zero sense.
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    So the club I work for, Sacramento Republic FC, just released their new “fifth anniversary” third kits today. https://www.sacrepublicfc.com/news_article/show/930292 Pretty basic black third kit, but it’s cool because I was actually heavily involved in the design process and creation of these. I started pretty early this year brainstorming with the graphic design department and we decided that out of a lot of crazy ideas we had, a black third kit was probably the easiest and had the best chance of selling quickly. A bit BFBS, but I’m actually really glad how it turned out. I made the suggestion that we should simplify the color scheme for the crest and my boss took that idea and ran with it. We got the initial crest samples in and I was blown away by how good they turned out. I was the first to create and see these, and I have been keeping them under wraps from just about everyone for nearly three months now. I spent a ton of hours behind a makeshift wall and putting in time after hours to guarantee these wouldn’t leak. Even most of our ownership group hadn’t seen these till today. This has been an absolutely awesome experience I’ve had with this club and it’s still a trip they’re actually paying me to do these kinds of things for them. I’ll post some pictures of the whole process. Here are a few more looks at the crest. Oh! I just noticed. One odd thing, though. This interesting hangar effect right here, doesn't exist. I remember this being a part of our earliest design process, but it got scrapped pretty quickly. Unless something changed in the four hours in between the last time I saw these and the release, this is an error on the part of the design team. Or, I'll get an e mail from my boss sometime tomorrow saying that I need to add this to the thousand or so jerseys we have. EDIT: Yup. That’s it.
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    Noted. Will add a Cowboys concept sans gradient later. Here is Houston: ...Kansas City ...and the Oakland Raiders.
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    Gatorade for Florida.
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    Ive never seem that basketball until now...
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    I knew better than to pick Portugal to go to the semis!
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    Wow, that might be my favourite new kit by Umbro.
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    Should do one name above and one below the number, unless he feels that it minimizes the second part of it. Either way, under the number makes more sense for basketball jerseys.
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    Never noticed this before, but the TiCats have player numbers on the side of their paints (home and away) Not a fan
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    COLGATE Like what I said previously, this concept set includes a grey jersey. This is just basically this uniform in a modern template.
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    The main reason that dark blue and black are thought of as incompatible is because the combination is rarely used in an effective, purposeful way (and thus, to its full potential). Croatia looks fantastic in this color combination, and it’s perfect for a change kit. The blue and black are different enough to showcase the checkered design but close enough to create a subtle and solid background for the other elements to stand against. The main kit is beautiful in its own right, but you can’t deny that it is very noisy, and the numbers and crest do get lost in the checkered background. Another tried-and-true example of this color combination is a midnight blue tuxedo; looks great with the black satin lapels, pant braid, waistcoat, and shoes.
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    But the first thing I propose isn't a drastic change. It's merely a reversion to a previous interpretation of an existing rule by its predominant professional league. If anything, I'd think the change would put more fans in the stands, as offensive output would be increased simply by preventing the defense from "tackling" a player by blindsiding a player (defenseless or otherwise) to the ground. I concur. I don't advocate the abolition of football by any means (hell, I'm listening to last nights RedBlacks-Stamps game as I write this), but if there has to be radical change to the sport in order to better protect those who play it? Commercial detriments be damned. The NFL would certainly survive.
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    Gary has been great for the sport. I mean, moving a team to Arizona was a freakin no brainer. But then to oversee the franchise to make sure they wouldn’t move anytime soon? Good guy. Hartford? Please. North Carolina is a great hockey state. No one in Hartford even cares about hockey. Sunrise, Florida? Naturally! Oh, and don’t get me started on Vegas. Such a smart move. I can’t wait to see how much success they have in 5 years. Great fans in Nevada! Now of course there were a few bumps. Winnipeg should NEVER have a team. And how has Mexico not gotten a team? They ARE in the Sun Belt, so they need a team! Its just Manifest Destiny! #DesertHockey #Sunrise,FLHockey #MoveSouth
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    Sixers: Awesome job! I like the script going across the chest! I like the red, but I don’t think their blue is boring at all - did you try it in blue at all? Magic: I’m liking the zaniness of the sublimated stars as well as darkening the home script to black. Maybe the blue is a little too dark - I feel it gets a little lost amongst the black.
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    The legality of copyright or trademark infringement comes down to that, yes.. But the accusation of blatantly "ripping off a logo" does not come down to that at all.. They could be perfectly innocent, and still ordered to C&D due to CCSLC's IP regarding the logo, but that doesn't mean MLS ripped it off
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    Other than the Whalers, what major pro sports teams has Connecticut had? There was Kraft's idle threat that he would move the Patriots there, but that doesn't count because we didn't believe him. I think Connecticut has essentially the same problem as New Jersey; it's sandwiched in between two major markets, and isn't necessarily big enough to have its own teams. The Devils at least have close proximity to New York City and can cater to those western suburbs and satellite cities.
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    Yes, you can. You choose not to.
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    We all love to talk about sports design. We love to go *all the way.* talking about the tiniest of details. The most minuscule aspects. I don’t believe you can really, fully talk about the Cleveland Indians road uniform hat/jersey combo without talking about that part of Chief Wahoo. You should ban ban any discussion of the Cleveland Indians at all if you’re going to ban one, critical part of it. We can’t really engage sports design otherwise.
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    It's already banned in the board guidelines. Earlier on, it seemed people were talking about the aesthetics of the Cleveland road uniform set, but this is veering into the politics behind the Chief Wahoo logo and the nickname. And we've proven time and again that such discussions can't be civil. I don't want to shut down a longstanding and useful thread such as this, so consider this a warning to all to drop the debate about the logo and the nickname.
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    The adapted New Haven Line lettering is too elegant for Brandiose's factory-standard clunky cartoons.
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    oh my word....... what a thing of beauty.... imagine what it would look like IRL or on 2K.
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    That's a REALLY Sharp Baltimore kit in the Black
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    Damn. OK, you have a good eye for colors... that's a beautiful color scheme.
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    Another crude mockup changing the orange and purple to the sand and brick red.
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    I agree. It's like the gigantic warnings on tobacco ads. It's like people don't know these things are dangerous, but with the way people in the U.S. love lawsuits I'm not surprised. I wonder if the NFL will allow unique shaped warning labels? The Browns having the outline of Ohio, Dolphins with a sun, or Cowboys with a star could look cool.
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    Yeah, I’ve been pretty aggressive with stolen work, but not sure this one rises to that level. For all the reasons you mention.
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    To be fair, it's a different maple leaf, there's really only one way to draw a star, and if you're going to combine them, there aren't many options.. Plus, the particular maple leaf they chose as well as the star are common symbols for the two countries represented by the MLS, so it makes sense to choose those specific versions, rather than a random, modern maple leaf shape like the CCSLC logo.. What else could they have done (assuming they came up with this idea organically)? They certainly couldn't use the bottom of the maple leaf.. That wouldn't be very distinctive, and would just look silly.. Theirs doesn't have the random extra angles that don't belong to either shape, so I can truly believe that they may have actually come up with this on their own, rather than ripping off another logo.. Although, the with the obvious similarities I certainly wouldn't be shocked to learn they got some "inspiration" from the CCSLC logo..
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    2018 FIFA World Cup, with group stage complete: Backgrounds for group stage winners are inspired by their kits. Backgrounds in the round of 16 are the crests each team is wearing on their kits; most are the countries' football federation logos, except for Russia, who are wearing their coat of arms.
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    Surprised that FIFA haven't forced Japan and Poland to wear their so-far-unworn away kits today...
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    No hitter with 9 runners left on base. Wild
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    I liked the St. Louis/Phoenix uniforms that had sleeve stripes and black trim on the road uniforms but none at home. The best was when they had the Arizona flag, striping, AND bird head all at once: I'd love to see that again.
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    Kinda defeats the purpose from my point of view
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