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    Do you know what’s patriotic? Baseball itself. No need to hit me over the head with it.
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    At the very least, a 10% reduction seems extremely low. Just based on the voting from the last World Cup, a 10% reduction would at most reduce a team’s score by 18 points (which was the absolute highest total). Literally only one group had scores close enough to have that penalty make an impact on the advancement. At the lower scores, it’ll be extremely unlikely that the penalty will make any difference
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    Terrible. Can't believe they got rid of Time magazine. If they were gonna go back to just the Warner name, the least they could've done was bring this back:
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    This league is such a pathetic joke right now. We have a generation of cowardly superstars now who refuse to compete. Thanks, Kevin Durant! Hope the cheap rings were worth it.
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    Script logo football helmets are underrated
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    Hey all! Decided to do a fun jersey series during this NBA offseason. These fun alternate jerseys I will be making will all reflect the team name and team name only, as you will see, quite literally. I will be moving down in order of division in each conference and in order of city name in each division. I will kick this series off with these three teams: Boston Celtics: The same look as the Celtics' mascot Brooklyn Nets: Quite literally the weaving of a basketball net. New York Knicks: Since many of you may not know what a Knick is, its short for Knickerbocker, which is an older term for a New Yorker. Thus, the retro vest and tie top and brown pants. More will be coming soon if y'all like this series idea! Template credit to therealpepman
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    Ya know, my first college out of high school, their colors were Cherry and Grey. No black outlines, no brown, simple bright red and flat silver. Just the "flattest", most unimaginative grey/silver you could think of!!!! And on the basketball unis, (no football team,) amazing!!!! AZ Cardinals, any thoughts?
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    I don't think they're WNBA-bad, but the side paneling is pretty awful. The jersey panels have no connection with the shorts.
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    Saw on the Uni Watch ticker that the Astros introduced some of their international signings with navy jerseys they've never worn. I like them a lot.
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    Last I heard the train got derailed so they bough a bus in but it got a flat so now we're walking the last part of the journey.
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    Maybe he’s Skip Bayless’s burner account.
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    Germany looks perfect! Best looks are White/White, White/Black, Black/Black, and Green/White. That's all we need! Great job through the whole series, glad to have found it!
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    Loving this series so far. The Pistons is quite provocative lol.
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    You know you're the moderator of a small Internet forum about sports logos right? This isn't the Godfather. Just post "no politics allowed" instead of doing the whole "overlord" shtick.
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    God. :censored:ing. Dammit. This is why we can't have nice things, people!! In all honesty, my idea sprang to my head in theology class, and I scribbled something down on paper, thinking back to this logo by our very own @SFGiants58. And I would love to edit the cross or make it something more stylish, but the spanish missions of yore very rarely had elaborate and ornate crosses on the top of their towers. This, I can get behind. It's just a color swap and my original blue/gold plans looked a little different, but ultimately I feel that this gets the point across
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    Oops. Thanks. I've fixed that, and updated Orlando to royal blue. Maybe not boring on its own but there are more blue teams than red, in blue the Sixers blend in more than stand out. Here it is in blue: And here is #3, the Memphis Grizzlies: The Grizzlies are a hard team to design for me. I know they need a redesign but I don't know what it should it be. With only two lifetime identities and three primary uniform sets, there's not a lot of history to draw from, which means designing a set almost from scratch which means everything looks alien to me. I went through about four different colour schemes (black & sky blue, black & gold, brown & gold, their current one) before I settled on bringing back the teal, red and bronze because it's the only unique identity that screams 'Grizzlies' even if it doesn't scream 'Memphis' per se and even if it mean there are now two teams wearing teal outside of the 1990s (and the Hornets wear that colour with more authority). I was partially inspired by their recent MLK uniform as well the sparseness of last season's City Jersey.
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    Is it really a slippery slope though? I think teams should be allowed a little flexibility. Though there are some pretty bad alternates/monochrome alts. Or there could be the possibility of some more bad ones in the future. But, given the option, you can't assume that every team is going to eventually look like Oregon. I'm just not sure you should read too much into it. You don't know what's going to happen, or how many teams will do anything with this.
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    TWIN CITIES GIANTS PHASE TWO - Twinning! Let's go back to Horace Stoneham planning the move to Minneapolis. One of the Minneapolis locals (say, a high-ranking employee of the Millers) notes that there is an inherent rivalry between Minneapolis and St. Paul (mentioned in the previous post). He then suggests that naming the team after only one of the cities could alienate fans, as the Minneapolis Lakers found out. Said local also points out that the stadium is in Bloomington, a suburb of Minneapolis, which would render the name a little inaccurate. So, Stoneham and his buddies come up with a compromise: use the "Twin Cities" identifier for the team. The logos are pretty similar in style to the Minneapolis variant. The primary logo features the team wordmark behind two renderings of Willie McCovey, with the one on the right coming from the later years of his career. Trees are behind the figures, while the city insignias (based off of the Millers and Saints' cap logos) flank each side of the river-with-bridge from the Twins' old sleeve emblem. The "TC" appears in the Ocean Beach Major font as the secondary (with negative space to imply interlocking), while the tertiary combines all of the insignias into a roundel. The uniforms are much the same as the previous concept, albeit with the "TC" on the cap and a "Twin Cities" wordmark on the road jersey. The alts take their cues from the previous concept, except with the black alt using a "M | | Stp" chest design (like the 1905 Giants with their "NY"). The tertiary is on the black uniform's sleeve. The heritage alternates cater to both Minneapolis and St. Paul with homages to their historic American Association teams. The Saints' design is an homage to their mid-'30s design, which featured a black/orange color scheme and Tuscan-style lettering. I didn't want to do the blue with scripts, as the Saints were a Dodgers affiliate at the time. Even with the rivalry dead in this timeline (my biggest complaint), I still don't want that combination. The tertiary is on the sleeve of both uniforms. The main dugout jacket features the primary logo on the back, the cap logo on the sleeve, and a "Twin Cities" script from my Twins alternate take. The throwback has tan sleeves, the double insignias on the front, and a team wordmark on the back. This option is probably my favorite option, as it combines a bit of the Twins with the Giants' identity while refraining from a state name. It sounds less redundant than "Twin Cities Twins" as well. Up next, let's go to state!
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    Vote Uruguay!!! but being serious, great job to everybody who submitted a design, they are all amazing.
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    I assume it's intentional since they no longer have green in the colour scheme.
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    The coyotes idea above reminds me a lot of a similar idea I had for the lightning. Don't get me wrong, I love classic/timeless uniforms, but when you are in what some may call a "non-traditional" market like Arizona/Tampa Bay, I have always felt like you can afford to try something unique. For the lightning, I always thought their rain storm jersey would look better if it was black, like a storm in the night. I have always loved uniforms but am not a graphic designer by any means, I know my execution is lacking but this is so you all get the idea. Personally I think the coyotes alt actually looks really good in black, but being a 90's kid I will always love that green. I would love to see a couple teams adopt some jerseys like these with more personality, not everyone can can/should try and look like an original 6 team.
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    I’m assuming you’d be allowed. Im thinking this is a rule that favors teams like the rams who have a mess right now or the bears who are apparently using 4 jerseys this year and are fairly popular for merch sales. Take those two teams and put them in the playoffs. I’m sure the bears would be regular, but the rams would be in alternates. Just my guess and could see the league wanting that.
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    I think that’s just warping of the material causing that not an actual design feature
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    These were all fine as far as Canada Day unis went...
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    The Cardinals knew they’d be wearing navy caps as part of their S&S set, but still packed their red helmets for a road series in Arizona. They just came of a home stand, so they can’t claim they already had the red helmets packed. This ? team frustrates me so much for so many reasons.
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    That hat is awful, should of went similar to the shirt.
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    Seconded on the Raptors maple leaf logo. I like the inclusion of the Capitol dome in the Wizards logo as well.
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    Just making the playoffs is a fun season for me! When will you people learn?
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    One of the few matchups of platonic ideal kits -- both kits did a great job of adhering to tradition but offering just enough new. The most extreme departure is the darker red for Mexico's socks, but I like that look a lot. Took a bunch of years but I'm glad Adidas finally started getting Mexico's colors correct.
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    But it’s a throwback. When creating one you need to make it as historically accurate as possible. Having a design quirk like that shows how authentic you are trying to be.
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    Following the previous three are the last two in the Atlantic Division: Philadelphia 76ers: Since a 76er is not a literal thing/person, I used a colonial 18th century suit design, similar to that on the dribbling Ben Franklin logo. Toronto Raptors: Self-explanatory CC and comments are welcome! Next Up: Central Division
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    The blue/white/green of the Cascadia flag is obviously more conducive to the Sounders’ color scheme, so I’m not really surprised that the Timbers didn’t have their own version of the special Cascadia numbers on the shirts. I wouldn’t really expect the Whitecaps to have them for Cascadia matches this season, either. If the Timbers were to wear some sort of special numbers for Cascadia Cup matches (and I’m perfectly fine that they haven’t, as I’m not a big fan of any of the special-edition numbers), I’d much prefer they go with Portland city flag-themed numbers as a show of civic pride during the regional rivalry games. They already have a really nice city flag-themed armband (plus the home shirt has the flag as the jocktag):
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    We start off with the evolution of the Baltimore Elite Giants into the Baltimore Elite. In their own day, the Elite Giants had a bold black and red color scheme. So I've adapted that into a streamlined, simple uniform with a slender but bold "ELITE" script on the front of the jersey. The Elite Giants baseball patch remains as a tribute to the team's past. For the alternate, I used the Baltimore script from the early Orioles (since its close to the original Elite Giants script) added sleeve details reminiscent of the Baltimore city flag. C&C encouraged. Enjoy!
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    Agreed. I'd take the "boring" before the ugly. And you're not the only one who prefers the old logo to the newer angry one, I like it better as well.
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    I figured as much. The wording is still clunky, though. It's like when you buy some kitchen knives from China and the label says, 'keep out of children. "
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    I can only assume they want to get the most of it before it's lost to history
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    this is the one that immediately came to mind when i saw the thread title
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    Next up I have 2 new concepts for you First is the Chicago Bulls. I went with pinstripes like they did for a couple years in the 90s. The pinstripes are double color and the iconic diamonds on the shorts are made extra large. I have also done the Detroit Pistons where I obviously went with the teal horse identity. The horse is blown up out of the word mark to the bottom of the jersey and some wacky numbers bring the 90s theme together.
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    Eh...we never had a purple alt. I figure one thing...if it had been purple instead of green, Bucks fans would have a much lower opinion on the big deer uniform.
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    So, um, yeah, this is the first time that a jersey the team actually wore was more xtreme than your intentionally gaudy concept. My goodness the 90's were a trip. These would be perfectly acceptable if the Bucks hadn't already one-upped you with those horrendous purple green alternates they had for a while. Therefore in cases like that I wouldn't be afraid to go all out with the 90'sness, throw some gradients in there, a funkier font etc.
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    The first two aren't "the worst", but they're nowhere near the best either. That last one still stings.
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    Back again! This time I've got two concepts for you as well as some updates. I have went back and added strings to the front of all the team's shorts. First up is the Charlotte Hornets. I had to use the old logo on the front as it fits perfectly on the front of the jersey for this type of series. The jersey s coated with a teal honeycomb pattern as well as some bold stripes at the bottom of the shorts that come from the stinger of the hornet logo. The second concept is for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I went with a very large logo on the side with the weird swoosh from the logo going across the jersey and down through the shorts as well. Also here is some small updates
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