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    Here's the numbers moved up, it does look more authentic First off, a bird on bat. I see your culture and I do you one better. I make stuff. And I make the hell out of it. Here's an updated swinging bird (I like it) and I'll come back to this for a bird on bad thing at some point idk. Home and away was quite a depature from their normal sets. I went ahead and saved myself the trouble of effort by instituting some striping consistency from the socks (they're pretty). As for the alternates, I really didn't feel like making a throwback... to one of their uniforms. HOWEVER, I did throw back to my first baseball series (utterly terrible, check it out here) and ripped my cardinals concept. As for the other one, it's red. What else is there to say. I need a better design process, yanno? Like, these are fine and everything, but if I want to catch SF, then I'm going to need reasons beyond "it looks cool"
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    Conrad is an insider and gets a lot of the first looks on these things. He has a long history of accuracy. His concepts are probably as close as you will get to seeing the real thing before release.
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    Wow, so it's not going to be a half-arsed pregame reveal for once.
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    I think this is a cool idea. I don’t think we should be surprised that Wahoo is missing. I’d be surprised if that logo was featured.
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    The grey and cherry uniform combination is an excellent look. I’m glad temple didn’t try to go mono grey with that look. They should just make that grey and cherry there normal alternate uniform. The set as a whole is awesome to me. It’s up there with Virginia for the best new uniform set. It’s unique, modern, and clean plus the alternate is not just a cookie cutter “blackout” one. Correction: they did show off a mono grey look, I just didn’t look at enough images.
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    You have the A, the east arrow, the subtle star iconography... It's a Division I-A conference logo in D-III. Bosack knows his stuff...
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    Pretty much. It's an instant ban. Even if the original suspension was just for a week over something minor. If you attempt to circumnavigate it with a dupe account? Instant ban.
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    By "red block C hat," do you mean "the hat with the red block C," or "the red hat with the block C"? Because the Tribe shouldn't have red hats.
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    News flash, it's pretty much always been like this outside of a few brief instances. The new ownership is also announcing attendance honestly for the first time ever so despite what the numbers may say, this is nothing new. Regardless, the hope is they've hit rock bottom and in theory it only goes up from here... yes I know at this point that's just blind faith so I'd rather not get into a debate about whether that actually happens or not.
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    I think it depends on the team. For Bayern, PSG, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea the Champions League title is that golden goose they want to possess. But for teams like Dortmund, Marseilles, Arsenal and Liverpool a league championship is still something that would be a pretty big deal. It still would be for Manchester United as well since it's going to be at least six years between Premiership titles. The English teams all probably care more about the EPL title since it pays more than Champions League does now.
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    Same with #7 of Temple. My biggest pet peeve in football is when players wear giant t-shirts and let them hang out below the jersey. Not only does it look like they are wearing a skirt, it has to be annoying. You'd think the schools would want the players to look their best for these photoshoots...
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    I saw a super hi-res version of the Fanatics image showing the white uni. You can see thin purple and gold vertical lines on the side of the shorts, indicating the stripes I put in my mock ups. I'm not admitting to these being 100% accurate, as I think the Wincraft designer working on the image could have made small errors, but I think it's as close as we're going to get to a legit leak until someone can sneak a photo of the official Nike images (sadly, I haven't seen them yet). EDIT...Here's some screenshots of the hi-res image:
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    The Illinois bill died. Arguments were a combination of "the important character values of playing football, concern trolling over not knowing how to tackle in high school (and increasing the risk to life and limb), and a lack of realization that your average JFL coach probably has more in common with John McGuirk from the Home Movies cartoon than say Vince Lombardi."
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    Definitely Wright's correct uniform, but a HOFer he's not. (and won't be)
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    I scored the 1980-88 Los Angeles Kings purple/gold jersey for $9.
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    Move the Marlins to Montreal and the Devil Rays to Miami.
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    Funny thing about the name...Crackers was actually short for Firecrackers.
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    Huh? Mexico has made the quarter-finals of the World Cup exactly twice, in 1970 when they hosted and in 1986 when they hosted. They’ve never gotten past the round of 16 outside home soil. Sure, Croatia is a small country, but it’s a small country that’s now made two semi-finals in the six years it’s been an independent nation eligible to compete in the World Cup, and before that, it was part of Yugoslavia, which reached two semi-finals itself and six quarter-finals (well, technically five quarters plus the second group stage in 1974, which consisted of the last eight teams). Croatia in the final is a lot more natural than Mexico in the final would be.
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    Attendance be damned, I don't see the league moving a team from a world class city to a forth-rate city that mainly cares about college basketball. Maybe if the Hurricanes get moved and the Ybor City stadium falls through they can move the Rays there.
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    Morocco By the way, @rsaline, will there be a third place game for us to vote on?
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    Love the new LA, but I'll actually dissent on the new W for Washington. The curl looks really out of place against the rest of the font which is mostly angular. I can't help but think of a bent steel beam, which is really incongruous with the Nationals.
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    So I think that the yellow/gold debacle has been dealt with, now how about the blues: Thought I'd give a bit more of a peek at the look, so here's the full front with number font options as well.
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    That's the best part - High Point, North Carolina styles itself the "Furniture Capital of the World".
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    I guess each week they can decide, "do we want to copy stanford or wazzu???" Tough choices...
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    When your coaches headbutts his player, your league is done LaVar. This isn't Bob Knight and this isn't 1986. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/basketball/2018/07/13/lavar-ball-junior-basketball-association-edward-denard-montrell-dixson/782053002/ Shut it down, now.
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    Or a tablecloth at one of their cookouts.
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    You're getting new unis, why not get the newest unis? I know they aren't elite but at least they should have been given the newest stuff too. And why aren't Southern Miss using the same number font on their gold unis? It looks so much worse compared to the numbers on the practice jerseys.
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    Very retro yet modern designs. Definitely one of the most unique in the series so far. Bravo!
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    Damn I had no idea they wore those.
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    These ones. I remember them being in the NCAA 14 video game.
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    Always thought the Nets should add some color to their scheme to try and make it pop, but you do a really good job with the jerseys and the side-stripe. Simple, yet classy.
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    I would like to see Texas do that, but they probably won't. I am looking at that article I posted on the last page, and it is sad. This guy is telling eight year olds to practice full throttle and be tougher. Several families took their kids out of the program because of that letter (and they were scared of repercussions, including the guy that e-mailed Rick Reilly). Heck, in that same Frisco, TX league, a coach was caught telling his eight year olds to hit someone in the face the year before. Those kids are Junior High age now. If those same kids that quit football (because of that letter) are still not playing today, I wonder if they are taking abuse from other students.
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    The Detroit MLS bid is still committed to using Ford Field. To make the NFL stadium more soccer friendly the may consider turning Ford Field into a retractable roof. https://amp.detroitnews.com/amp/780305002
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    I think i prefer the side panels. The Sunday whites were one of my favorite jerseys in the league.
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    As usual, thank you guys for the feedback! Time for Japan! The current look of the Samurais is great, that’s why we decided to keep the current home and road uniforms, adding a tad of red to their logos: on the home as border and on the road as fill, in order to make them pop-up. The Country Pride design is mainly red, featuring the roundel from the flag with a “J” on it, and a subtle pattern on the sleeves taken from “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”.
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    The gold may be duller than the Kobe/Magic editions, at least in those photos, but that's better than the highlighter-ish color they wore last year:
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    Lakers always do a good job with their uniform tweaks. Nothing too major but subtle. Overall a very clean modern take on a classic uniform.
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    These guys were half the reason I despised the Angels for years. I grew up watching a style of playing based entirely around power - homer-happy, strikeout-heavy Yankee teams. (As you can guess, I love these 2018 Yankees.) Seeing all these "gritty" guys on the Angels who weren't any good become massively overrated irked me so much. David Eckstein (who was a solid but completely overrated player) has to be one of my least favorite players of all time - he just epitomized that 'gritty' white guy brand of small-ball that I couldn't stand. Always seemed like an annoying gnat that I just wanted to swat away. ? That, and the fact that the Angels were the one team to have the Yankees' number in the late 90's/early 2000's. Ugh, did I ever hate those teams.
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    This is where they messed up tradition... Lakers home uniform is the gold one, and that should be the Association, not the white one... the Icon edition should be the purple one, when I think of the Lakers and how iconic they are, while the gold jersey is almost default, Magic Johnson hitting the Celtics with the baby hook, is what I think of most. The statement should be the white jersey, keep in mind, the white jersey didn’t come into existence until Chick Hearn died.. I really did enjoy being he only team without a white uniform. And to see the Lakers wearing the white jersey at any time other than on Sunday at Staples Center is downright disrespectful.
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    Hispanics were also largely rejected by organized white baseball. In the early 20th Century, various groups of Cuban Americans formed their own team. The New York Cubans wound up playing in the Negro Leagues and signed many Afro-Caribbean stars, for example Minnie Miñoso. Incidentally, the New York Cubans actually came close to achieving the theory of this series. In 1948, Cubans owner Alex Pompez arranged for the Cubans to become a minor league affiliate of the New York Giants, specifically changed with scouting Latin American talent such as Tony Oliva, Orlando Cepeda, and Fidel Castro (yes THAT Fidel Castro). I could easily imagine the team moving South to Miami to market themselves to the large Cuban population, especially after Pompez's former pitching prospect seized control of the island.
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    Some amazing concepts got through the Group Stage and the real fun begins in the Round of 16. My favorites for the Round of 16 matches include the actual flag of that nation. Best of luck to everyone involved in the Knockout Stage. ?? Egypt (A1) vs. Spain (B2) ?? Australia (C1) vs. Iceland (D2) ?? Serbia (E1) vs. Sweden (F2) ?? Panama (G1) vs. Columbia (H2) ?? Saudi Arabia (A2) vs. Morocco (B1) ?? France (C2) vs. Argentina (D1) ?? Switzerland (E2) vs. Mexico (F1) ?? England (G2) vs. Senegal (H1) - Football is not coming home in this competition ?
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    Weekend is here along with the Chicago American Giants. This is a case where the original team name "American Giants" is just too good not to survive to the modern day. The "AG" logo also happens to be one of the best ever made. The American Giants used a variety of color schemes in their long tenure on Chicago's South Side but in imagining their progress to the present day I was inspired by how countries like Uruguay and Argentina make wonderful use of a sky blue/black combination. For all three uniforms (home, road, and alternate), I've adapted the CAG signature pinstripes. One unique touch I've added is a bit of alternate history. When discussions were under way in the 1980's about replacing Old Comiskey Park, an architect submitted a proposal for a ballpark that would fit in the nearby Armour Square Park. It would blend itself into the neighborhood as had the great cathedrals of the early 20th Century. It would utilize retro styling. It would face North so that the view from home plate would include the Chicago skyline. The new ballpark would be a hub for new businesses and entertainment in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Camden Yards years before Camden Yards. And the White Sox rejected it..... BUT what if the Chicago American Giants jumped at the chance? With that in mind I've adapted the proposed facade with the skyline in the background into a stadium patch for the home uniform.
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    can they please get some of those guys a hat that FITS?
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    Pepsi has always had an identity crisis. Where Coca-Cola is known for their script and simplicity Pepsi is more known for having a bunch of different logos incorporating the ball then any individual image
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