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    Sorry for making you guys wait even longer, but I'm finally back with a GIANT return!! Part of the reason I took a little while more was because I thought I could make this series more in-depth and authentic, so I put in quite a bit more work to get it to where I wanted. So here finally are the lit, woke, hipster-themed af SF Giants!! Uniforms for the Angels, Rockies, Krewe, and Giants, now on a fuller template, up soon. Thx guys, hope San Fran was worth the wait!
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    My oh my, Lakers in their homes at Boston....so wrong!
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    Hot take: Maryland's flag looks like a taxi company run by Teutonic Knights.
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    Agree to disagree: the goal of the post-Wahoo caps should be to retain the color balance of the hats they wore for the last 30ish years but without the objectionable logo:
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    Here's the numbers moved up, it does look more authentic First off, a bird on bat. I see your culture and I do you one better. I make stuff. And I make the hell out of it. Here's an updated swinging bird (I like it) and I'll come back to this for a bird on bad thing at some point idk. Home and away was quite a depature from their normal sets. I went ahead and saved myself the trouble of effort by instituting some striping consistency from the socks (they're pretty). As for the alternates, I really didn't feel like making a throwback... to one of their uniforms. HOWEVER, I did throw back to my first baseball series (utterly terrible, check it out here) and ripped my cardinals concept. As for the other one, it's red. What else is there to say. I need a better design process, yanno? Like, these are fine and everything, but if I want to catch SF, then I'm going to need reasons beyond "it looks cool"
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    Sierra Mist is the TNA/GFW/Impact Wrestling of the soft drink world.
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    Conrad is an insider and gets a lot of the first looks on these things. He has a long history of accuracy. His concepts are probably as close as you will get to seeing the real thing before release.
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    But how many of them are native Floridians who are loyal to local teams? The kids who were 5 years old for the Marlins first season are now 30 and have seen two World Series titles in their lifetime. Besides, we're talking about a state that nearly half the teams in baseball have a longer-standing connection to than the two local teams that emerged within the past 25 years.
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    Wow, so it's not going to be a half-arsed pregame reveal for once.
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    I think this is a cool idea. I don’t think we should be surprised that Wahoo is missing. I’d be surprised if that logo was featured.
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    They actually did show off a mono gray look - along with mono black, black/red, and every other combo you can think of. Temple is a great example of why teams only need one helmet. Their combos would all look great if they were limited to just the cherry helmet rather than three different ones, because (at least in theory) it would force them into tasteful combinations.
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    It's not immature to enjoy (or not) sports in whatever way works for you. If you want to suffer and wear it as a badge-of-honor? Cool. As soon as you start criticizing "fans" [sic] and claim superiority because you have more knowledge and can name the uniform numbers of every schmuck that signed a 10-day contract as far back as 1992, and claim that the way other people enjoy sports "bothers" you, that's immature. People have different priorities in life. When I was younger and had fewer responsibilities, SPORTS!!! were high on the list. Now, I ain't got time to invest in anything that is 1) inconsequential, 2) ultimately lines the pockets of low-lifes with more money than actual contributors to society will ever see, and 3) has a great likelihood of causing disappointment. For me, it's about the social experience, and that's always better when a team is winning and people are celebrating, climbing poles, punching horses, and eating their poop. Especially if that team happens to win the Super Bowl, like the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles did in this year's Super Bowl.
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    The grey and cherry uniform combination is an excellent look. I’m glad temple didn’t try to go mono grey with that look. They should just make that grey and cherry there normal alternate uniform. The set as a whole is awesome to me. It’s up there with Virginia for the best new uniform set. It’s unique, modern, and clean plus the alternate is not just a cookie cutter “blackout” one. Correction: they did show off a mono grey look, I just didn’t look at enough images.
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    You have the A, the east arrow, the subtle star iconography... It's a Division I-A conference logo in D-III. Bosack knows his stuff...
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    Pretty much. It's an instant ban. Even if the original suspension was just for a week over something minor. If you attempt to circumnavigate it with a dupe account? Instant ban.
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    Gah, I need to read the usernames more carefully, I didn't realize you posted here. Anyhow thanks for the reply, was just wondering if you'd seen something the rest of us hadn't.
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    They don't have enough money to pay off the clubs in Europe.
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    Agreed. I give a slight edge to navy as to me it seems like a good combination of eras versus a straight throwback. And I'm upset the Padres didn't stick to it it's a solid color scheme.
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    By "red block C hat," do you mean "the hat with the red block C," or "the red hat with the block C"? Because the Tribe shouldn't have red hats.
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    I admit I'm a little disappointed. It can't be a true internet naming poll without some version of "Teamy McTeamface" as an option.
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    Pictures of all the all-stars were put on display at Freedom Plaza in DC, and it looks like MLB doesn't want chief wahoo in the national spotlight as all the Indians players are wearing the red block C hat instead of their regular home hat. Bauer on the left, Ramirez above the A, Lindor above the L and Kluber to the right of Kimbrel.
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    News flash, it's pretty much always been like this outside of a few brief instances. The new ownership is also announcing attendance honestly for the first time ever so despite what the numbers may say, this is nothing new. Regardless, the hope is they've hit rock bottom and in theory it only goes up from here... yes I know at this point that's just blind faith so I'd rather not get into a debate about whether that actually happens or not.
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    It's all about the U: Despite being one of Nike's more modern looking teams during their time with the Swoosh, I gotta say in full honesty, I like the direction that Richt and Adidas have taken the football Hurricanes. Even the first set of football uniforms, name font withstanding, looked better than the last Nike set they had. With that in mind, now it's time to get the other sports reigned in line. Side note: I'm playing with a new layout that gives the non football sports a bit of uniqueness as well. Anyways, the designs were inspired by the helmet stripe because to me the helmet is iconic and it just IS Miami. From there I worked to make everything consistent and do as I have been and create a team identity. Let's dive in: Football - As I said above, I really liked the direction Miami had been taking their uniforms with Adidas, not including the 305Ice uniform. I considered for a little bit about bringing back the slashes in the stripes as if they were palm leaves, but no application of that looked good. So the stripes stayed solid. The main helmet remains pretty much unchanged down to the stripes and logos. The jerseys have the stripes on the sleeves with one major change: they finally match the ? helmet! that has always been one of my biggest pet peeves about their uniforms. Pants are striped, nothing too fancy. For the alternates, I went all green with racing style stripes. It's always a popular concept and was an early idea I had for the main look but decided to keep on as just an alternate. The Canes called their green alts from this past season the "State of Miami" uniforms, and that is echoed on the green helmet bumper. Hockey - Miami hockey wears very similar uniforms IRL but doesn't have an orange uniform, at least that's what I gathered from my research. So I gave them an orange jersey, with the proper stripes and matched the stripes for the white away uniform. The green uniform has stripes that go from collar to sleeve much like the football uniforms. Baseball - I love the pullover look for Miami so I kept it, and hey new pullover template! Stripes got ever so slightly bigger on the sleeves. Miami is written on the home and away uniforms. Canes on the alt. For the hats and helmets, the regular is green/orange and the alt is white/green. Basketball - I almost did the unthinkable. I almost kept the crotch level stripe. but in the end my design common sense won me over and I decided against it. So in the end, the uniforms get a bit more traditional take. Collar and sleeve striping for the home and away uniforms. Shorts have hem and waistband striping, as well as the U logo on the front. For the alternate, the stripes move to the shoulder and down the side of the jerseys and shorts. C&C welcome! A lot of schools to do is mild understatement To be totally honest, I have no idea where Tennessee or Wisconsin is on my list. I took the list of 130 teams, threw it in a random list generator and created the team list. I haven't peeked ahead to see, so I'm just going down the list, getting through school after school
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    I think it depends on the team. For Bayern, PSG, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea the Champions League title is that golden goose they want to possess. But for teams like Dortmund, Marseilles, Arsenal and Liverpool a league championship is still something that would be a pretty big deal. It still would be for Manchester United as well since it's going to be at least six years between Premiership titles. The English teams all probably care more about the EPL title since it pays more than Champions League does now.
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    Same with #7 of Temple. My biggest pet peeve in football is when players wear giant t-shirts and let them hang out below the jersey. Not only does it look like they are wearing a skirt, it has to be annoying. You'd think the schools would want the players to look their best for these photoshoots...
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    Wow...there’s a whole lot going on here, to the point the design as a whole is weaker than its constituent elements. I like the High Point script quite a bit, but it’s dwarfed by the giant Rockers block text with the inexplicable chrome/hotrod font. Worse still the NC on the chair looks like an afterthought (and introduces a third font). Another issue with the NC is that it distracts from the fact that the back of the chair is meant to be home base...which goes nicely with the balls and bats integrated into the rocking chair. But could someone explain to me why the chair is rocketing through space? It’s like the team decided on the name, but then started to worry that it was too boring. The whole thing looks like a case study in logo design by committee...or a cautionary tale on what happens when you give a client everything they ask for regardless of whether it makes good design sense.
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    Bragging about being a better fan of a team because you sat through a 20 win season (NBA/NHL), 4 win season (NFL) or 100 loss season (MLB) is like bragging about being a better Star Wars fan because you sat through Attack of the Clones. Granted, there are annoying aspects of the not-as-dedicated fans, such as the annoying novice fans at Dodger Stadium who: get up and crawl across the row to get a beer in the middle of a bases loaded, two-out at bat; bring five beach balls; and repeatedly try to start the wave in another bases loaded, two-out situation. At the end of the day? The owners still get their money.
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    I saw a super hi-res version of the Fanatics image showing the white uni. You can see thin purple and gold vertical lines on the side of the shorts, indicating the stripes I put in my mock ups. I'm not admitting to these being 100% accurate, as I think the Wincraft designer working on the image could have made small errors, but I think it's as close as we're going to get to a legit leak until someone can sneak a photo of the official Nike images (sadly, I haven't seen them yet). EDIT...Here's some screenshots of the hi-res image:
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    The City of Atlanta's primary Negro League team was the Atlanta Black Crackers. Like many Negro league teams, when they formed they had taken the nickname of the local white team (the Atlanta Crackers) and added to "Black" to the front of it. Today, Cracker is a negative racial epithet for white people implying ignorance, though in the early 20th Century the definition was more akin to a country bumpkin. This created something of an oxymoron with a team being called effectively the Black White People. (Off topic, there's interesting history around this juxtaposition ranging from 18th century St. Dominque to Irish immigration to the present day) The Atlanta Black Crackers made great use of the name by creating uniforms with bold "ABC" jersey designs. With that in mind, I imagined the ABC's wanting to change their name while retaining the bold ABC design palate. One way is go in the Football direction and name the team: the ATLANTA BASEBALL CLUB. I've added the idea of the ABC moving in a similar direction to the Braves in the 70's with royal blue and red.
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    The Illinois bill died. Arguments were a combination of "the important character values of playing football, concern trolling over not knowing how to tackle in high school (and increasing the risk to life and limb), and a lack of realization that your average JFL coach probably has more in common with John McGuirk from the Home Movies cartoon than say Vince Lombardi."
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    Oof... I like the Maryland flag, but that's not a great way of incorporating it.
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    Honestly, I prefer the original.. I think the additional design elements are a bit too much.. I think the regular fur color stitching, but changing directions, would accomplish the goal without adding too much.. I actually prefer the original head shape as well.. I think it lends itself to the old timey feel
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    In light of @SFGiants58's discussion in his Defunct Series of how horrible the owners of the Washington Senators were on racial matter, I've added a specific narrative to the alternate history of this series. In our reality in 1942, the Homestead Grays of Pittsburgh, arguably the New York Yankees of the Negro Leagues, began playing a large chunk of their home games in Washington DC. In later years, they played more that 2/3 of their home games in the Capital. The Grays had featured titans such as Cool Papa Bell and Josh Gibson and consistently brought in the best talent. They won the Negro League World Series in 1948. In the universe where the Grays were directly able to compete against other Major League clubs, they won the MLB World Series in 1948. Their winning play and star power drive their DC attendance through the roof, forcing Senators attendance down to the point where the Griffith family flees West with their tails tucked between their legs. The Grays become a powerhouse fixture of Washington baseball for the decades to come. Presidents would celebrate the opening of the season by throwing out the first pitch at sparkling 40,000 seat Gibson Park. Their uniforms reflect that. No alternate needed. No script other than the primary. Retro cream home uniforms celebrate their past glory complete with navy t-bars and contrasting pockets. In a modern twist, the team adopts marengo gray road uniforms with cream details.
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    Definitely Wright's correct uniform, but a HOFer he's not. (and won't be)
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    https://www.crossingbroad.com/2018/07/temple-has-some-sweet-new-football-uniforms.html Temple unveiled their new uniforms.
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    Radical (actually sensible) position: Florida should be for spring training only.
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    Today the legendary Kansas City Monarchs. My choice of color scheme may be controversial. Instead of the red/white/blue scheme, I've opted for Royal and gold. Historically, the Monarchs used blue and white most frequently. Here, in honor of their regal name, I adjusted the shade to a slightly purple tinge and made gold the complementary color. Design-wise, the Monarchs usually favored the headspoon-over-pinstripes look. However, using that in the present day would violate one of my universal maxims of baseball design. Sublimated pinstripes, though, would allow the Monarchs to connect to their roots without overtly anachronistic uniforms. Thanks to @coco1997 for letting me borrow his crowned heart sleeve patch from the Royals City Edition Series. A version of the classic, raglan striped uniform is the Sunday alternate. Enjoy!
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    The issue is the Dome and it's location. The team needs to move....just to where people actually live. It's a 45 Minute drive to go to a game there, and it's all highway with few stops along the way. Who wants to get stuck in 45 mins of traffic going to a night game. Marlins did one thing right- they moved where it's easier to get in and out of the stadium with options on how to get home- or go out for the rest of the night. When the product on the field improves consistently- I can see it being similar to a heat game during the lebron era. They just need to make the market give a bleep. The Rays can't do anything in the middle of a industiral area in a ballpark that was once a convention center and a hockey arena. It's almost like those abandoned shopping malls you see on TV in apocalypse movies.
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    Most teams haze the rookies by wearing them dress up or grab Starbucks outside of Wrigley. The Rays'll haze rookies by making them panhandle for stadium funds.
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    I scored the 1980-88 Los Angeles Kings purple/gold jersey for $9.
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    These ones. I remember them being in the NCAA 14 video game.
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    I really, really hope the purple jersey doesn’t have yellow numbers. That’s going to look awful and ruin what has essentially been our away uniform for over 50 years. It’ll honestly look like a Lakers knockoff rather than an actually Lakers jersey. I’m cool with everything else. Really glad to have gotten rid of the side panels on the jerseys. I don’t love the purple numbers with white outline on the gold jersey (nor the drop shadow), but it’s not terrible. The collar and armhole striping would be improved if it were white-purple-white (or just white-purple-gold) instead of gold-white-purple, but it’s not bad as is. If the white jersey shown is the real deal, I absolutely love that over the previous iteration. Obviously, none of these leaks are confirmed and I want to see the shorts, but I don’t hate these if this turns out to be accurate.
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    can they please get some of those guys a hat that FITS?
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