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    The artist formerly known as Turner Field, retrofitted for Georgia State football.
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    Maryland's jersey from last year for comparison:
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    White road socks with stripes that match the jersey; (BTW, I could copy and paste this comment for about a dozen other teams.)
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    As promised, I just received today's page. The Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) Stags are lead by one of the oldest players in the league, the Soviet answer to Gordie Howe.
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    The MAC has announced they have given each team a Jolly Roger flag to hang up after wins. Meanwhile the Sun Belt has created the Championship Game MVP Belt given to the Championship Games MVP
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    For those who are unaware, last night PBS aired an excellent documentary in their American Masters series on Ted Williams. The link to this can be found here. Its a little under an hour long, so don't expect anything too immersive, but PBS crams a lot of information into the hour, and there's a lot of stuff included in the doc that most people may not know about him. All in all its one of the best sports docs I've ever seen. This humanizes one of the most mythical figures in sports and should give the audience a great sense of who he was as a person. No punches are pulled in this documentary either, and it lays out all of his pros and cons for all the world to see. Here are the biggest takeaways I got: Ted Williams was half-Mexican I only learned this about Williams roughly a year ago, but it's understandable when you consider the lengths Williams went through to hide this. He almost never spoke of his childhood which was quite troubled. His mother worked tirelessly for the Salvation Army to help others, but more or less ignored her son. No question Williams was ashamed of or at least embarrassed by his heritage and probably was a big reason why he became such an advocate of Negro Leaguers being in the Hall of Fame, which Williams helped open the door for. Ted Williams was kind of a dick This is not nearly as much of a secret to anyone that knows his story, but Williams is definitely in that category of athlete that is best appreciated from afar. He seemed to have a need always to be the alpha in any relationship which would help explain why so few of his friends were fellow teammates and why he was married and divorced three times. He really couldn't handle criticism of any kind, which was more what led to his rocky relationship with the media than anyone "having it in for him" which did come about but only later in his career. He had a very short fuse and would constantly complain to anyone who would bother to listen about how he had been screwed over by the media and how the fans underappreciated him. Ted Williams tried to get out of serving in the military People often romanticize about how eager the greatest generation was to serve in WWII and defend our country's honor, but the reality of the situation as you would expect is entirely different. Ted did everything he could to try to get out of serving in WWII and only relented when the Navy gave him a deal to finish out the 1942 season before joining. They didn't have high expectations for Williams, but as everyone knows Williams surprised people with his piloting skills and quickly became an instructor. Williams never saw any combat duty in WWII but was set to be deployed to the Pacific for his first tour right as the War was coming to a close. Ted Williams served in Korea because he tried to make money out of being in the reserves Again what history has said about this and the reality of the situation are two entirely different things. After the War, Williams found out that he could make a few extra dollars by staying enlisted as a reserve without having to see any active duty. This worked for several years until the Korean War came about and the reserves were called into action. Like WWII Williams did everything he could to get out of it, even penning a letter to then-Senator John F. Kennedy asking him to have his deployment revoked. Kennedy refused, and Williams was forced to serve. Unlike WWII, Williams did see combat action in Korea and performed spectacularly in duty, flying dozens of combat missions and successfully crash-landed his plane in one mission. Ted Williams was the Albert Einstein of hitting Like Einstein, his genius can only be appreciated in hindsight. The "launch-angle" philosophy of hitting originates with Ted Williams. He was the first hitter ever to figure out that you were more likely to get a hit out of a hard-struck ball hit in the air than putting the ball on the ground and prove it through the numbers. The idea of a lighter bat and the importance of hand speed also originates with Williams as does virtually every other modern hitting technique being taught today. In a lot of ways, you can also consider him one of the pioneers of the sabermetric revolution. He was utilizing stats in ways to refine his hitting that teams didn't start doing until the late 90's. He was decades ahead of everyone else’s approach to the plate. Ted Williams was a terrible manager Not really touched too much on in the documentary, but this can be attested to anyone that played under him or knew anything about his time as a manager. As knowledgeable as Williams was when it came to hitting, he was virtually clueless when it came to understanding or explaining any other facet of the game and reflected his one-dimensional approach to the game during his playing career. He didn't know how to handle players well. Like a lot of great athletes, he struggled to understand why everyone wasn't as dedicated of a player as he was during his playing career and didn't know what to do with players of that ilk. If Williams had come up today he would have insisted on playing in the American League and being a full-time DH. Anything about baseball that didn't involve hitting was seen as a waste of time through Ted's eyes. Ted Williams was an extremely charitable person He would frequent hospitals with sick children, show up to fundraisers to raise money and donate money to retired ballplayers who had fallen on hard times. Williams did not want this to be made a big deal of, which is why so little has been written about it, but for every story written about how wonderful and charitable Babe Ruth was with kids, one could have been written about Ted Williams. There's much more to uncover in the documentary and I'll be happy to answer any questions people may have about Williams as best I can.
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    Thanks for all the feedback, it does appear that the Cosmonauts have a similar look to the Fort Wayne Komets, however, the orange uniforms were really meant to copy a cosmonaut's suit with an orange body and white gloves and helmet. The black pants break up the look and add balance, as they looked pretty rough in all orange. Good news folks, my source was able to smuggle me another page, this time from East Berlin. He has assured me that he will be able to deliver the rest, however I do worry for his safety.
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    Easy. I'd bring back the Packers' original road jersey stripes. Such a small detail, but such a big difference.
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    Remove the "WCF" stripe from these, since the vertical stripe and text in the middle of a horizontal stripe looks awkward: Use gray-over-white socks with these:
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    After a little break, I give you the next team in this series: Los Angeles Lakers: Inspired by the look of the South Bay G-League Affiliate, the Lake is prominent, featuring the old Laker powder blue
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    Except the Blue Jackets 3rd jersey debuted in 2010 when the Jets were still the Atlanta Thrashers so...
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    There was an obscure thread from a few years ago where dagreco arrived admitting to being DomTheAthlete. Another member connected the two based off of someone with Dom’s name commenting on a file sent from “Chris Clement.” An IP check confirmed the link. It took as long as it did due to me getting access to the admin section relatively recently and that thread not getting the attention of the moderators in place at the time. My replenishing of the Goldmine made me stumble on the thread which prompted the IP check.
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    Brings new meaning to Capture the Flag!
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    Exactly why I don't have the Steelers in my top 5. Their number font looks like it belongs on a cookie cutter adidas college football jersey
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    I tend to dislike uniforms where the sleeves and helmet have exactly the same logo on them. It just seems duplicative. The uniform should work as a set - not every part needs to have explicit team branding, especially where the two logos are maybe 10 inches apart.
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    I really wish the Blackhawks would move the tomahawk logo back onto the sleeve striping. It adds a nice, vintage element to an already classic set.
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    You'll see the XFL name a team after one of us before you see them name anything after Chris Benoit.
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    Member has been banned for being a dupe account of dagreco, who was an admitted dupe of DomTheAthlete29 and ItalianStallion29.
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    Finished a throwback version of the colts! Since the Colts set is based on their unused logo I wanted to have a version which is base on their current horseshoe logo. According to the C&C, tried to have the number inside the horseshoe logo and I thought it's good. Also added some dots(because of their logo) on the collar, cuff and also on the stripes on the shorts. Thanks for reading!!
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    Is it safe to say Under Armour has usurped Adidas' 2nd place spot as far as overall quality of uniform design goes? Adidas seems to have a few good looks in traditional teams (Miami, Nebraska, now ASU), but thats not really a result of their design team so much as taking what the respective shools already brought to the table and putting it together. I think the biggest differentiator for Nike right now is that they'll take a G5 school such as Wyoming or SDSU (two of the better reworks of recent memory) and build a solid look thats unique to the one team wearing it. Under Armour has created solid looks for their P5 programs, and has branched out fairly effectively into G5, providing unique looks to at least a few programs (CSU, USF) I can't off the top of my head think of a single mid-size program that Adidas as so much as made a custom striping pattern for, much less made a whole new look for. All of Adidas' G5 schools seem to be slave to their template.
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    Buffalo's simulcast is built around Rick Jeanneret and the fanbase's loyalty to his call. I'm sure they could run two booths if they felt like it, and whenever Jeanneret retires or dies, they probably will. Dundon is basically telling the world that hockey play-by-play on the radio isn't worth crap. I feel this is, indeed, a Bad Business Decision for the league. Even if radio isn't a lucrative property around the league, why devalue it further? Oddly enough, the Blackhawks were at a low point similar to the one the Hurricanes are in now when they abandoned their simulcast, getting rid of Pat Foley on both TV and radio. Foley would come back to do TV when the old man died and it's probably for the best, because John Wiedeman is one of the best play-by-play men in the league, both on radio and overall and Foley has lost a little off his fastball to where he can't really do the auctioneering of hockey radio pbp. EDIT: Radio is a play-by-play man's medium, television is an analyst's medium. A lot of radio play-by-play is superfluous when you can see the game for yourself, and a lot of television analysis relies on replays and telestration (this is certainly the case in Chicago with the verbose Wiedeman and the OKNOWSTAHPITRIGHHERE Eddie Olczyk.) Again, special dispensation for Jeanneret, who I think kinda splits the difference between radio and TV pbp and is such a singular voice that I totally understand why Sabres fans would only want one call at one time -- why dilute that product? I've noticed that the Canadian teams' radio crews more than American teams seem to use their second seat in the booth as more of a supplemental play-by-play than typical ex-jock analysis.
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    2005 Lewis Cup Finals The Milwaukee Choppers charged into the Lewis Cup Finals having lost only two games the entire playoffs. Brad McNair was on fire as he led the team in scoring while Matt Darwin was also playing the best hockey of his career in net. Meanwhile the big, hard-hitting Bulldogs had proven to be one of the toughest teams to play against throughout the post-season. Game one in Boston got off to a quick start with each team scoring in the first two minutes. Both goaltenders played a strong game until Boston exploded for three goals in the third period. Brendan Marlo, Isaac Hart, and Chris Woods were the goal scorers, and Matt Darwin was uncharacteristically pulled after Boston’s fourth goal. The Bulldogs had stunned the Choppers, handing them their first loss since the first round. Milwaukee now trailed a series for the first time in the 2005 playoffs, but would bounce back in game two. Matt Darwin was back in net and was spectacular, stopping 39 shots for a slim 2-1 victory as the teams traveled to Milwaukee tied 1-1. In Milwaukee for game three, the Bulldogs knew they needed a win on the road after surrendering game two. Isaac Hart opened the scoring but then took a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct just four minutes later when he pried Henrik Akerman’s helmet off and threw it. The Choppers took advantage, scoring on the powerplay to tie the game. Boston would lose another lead later in the game, and Milwaukee ultimately won the game 4-2. The Bulldogs hoped to be more disciplined in game four. Isaac Hart once again made an impact for his team, but this time a positive one. Hart fought Adam Wyrzykowski early in the game and his victory gave the Bulldogs much-needed momentum. Boston earned a 2-0 lead shortly after the fight, on goals from Marlo and Matt Pope. Viktor Holmqvist did his best to hold onto the lead but the Choppers once again stormed back. Brendan Bittner and Thomas Suchy each scored early in the third to tie the game, which would eventually go to overtime. Overtime did not last long, as Bittner scored again, giving the Choppers the win and an opportunity to take the cup in Boston. The Bulldogs once again made a valiant effort in game five, tying the game after going down early. But it would not be enough. JP Laporte and Brad McNair each scored in the third period and Boston simply could not solve Darwin again. Back in Milwaukee, fans who had packed the DreamWare Center eagerly counted down the seconds. The buzzer went and the Choppers mobbed Matt Darwin. It was Milwaukee’s first title since 1989, and one of the most dominant playoff performances of all time, as the Choppers had claimed the cup with only three playoff losses. The victory was especially sweet for playoff and league MVP Brad McNair, who had finally experienced a career year after five long years in New Orleans. “This is really incredible” said McNair. “I think this is one of the greatest teams of all time and it’s just awesome to be a part of it.”
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    I like your (and I mean this sincerely) thoughtful response, and mild snark. It's refreshing. Thanks for the explanation of your objectives - it makes sense. Laziness is often underrated. I agree with you that the pullover era had some of the best uniforms of all time (the Phillies powder blue and maroon road unis, and the Astros Tequila Sunrise jersey come to mind right away), so my thoughts on the piping weren't meant to be complete condemnation of the era, just that I didn't feel like they fit with the Cardinals look. I also think the jerseys from that era, more than any other uniforms from any other era, have designs and stylistic elements that just don't work outside of a throwback uniform night. For example, I dig the powder blues, the racing stripes/piping/arm trim, but I can't imagine a modern team returning to that look with the way current uniforms are worn in the big leagues. They just don't look good if uniforms aren't skin tight, and as I'm sure you've notice, that is not how players wear them these days. Obviously, there are no blue Cardinals, but the navy cap has been a part of the Cardinals catalogue since the early 1940s. Blue, be it navy caps or the uniforms themselves, was a primary part of the Cardinals road uniforms every year from 1942-2012, with the exception of 1965-1973, and 1985-1991, and of those years without navy/blue being part of the road uni, only six seasons did not feature SansABelt Pants and Double Knits. Now, like I said, for the navy cap to work, it must be worn with red sleeves. A hastily compiled/unedited set of examples: http://www.imagebam.com/image/49d9f9927859034 I think the navy cap and belt is a fantastic balance to the amount of bright red the Cardinals wear. I also really like the distinction between "Home" and "Road" caps/uniforms. A lot of the current Cardinals have taken to wearing navy sleeves when they do wear the navy caps, and it's just not a look that works for me. Example: http://www.imagebam.com/image/1f766d927858974 I don't know. I'm tired and rambling. Keep up the good work, though. I have enjoyed the series, and will keep my eyes peeled for the rest.
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    Thanks! It may not exactly mimic the flag, but here's how the home uniform with white front sleeves:
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    Here's a new one. Started out using this for a different team, but it wasn't working, so I went this way. Ducks using Sabres' set.
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    For the record, the facemask wasn't changed to black until 2013... the 2006 to 2012 monstrosity did have a purple facemask. I get why people would complain about the black mask and weird font on the current uniforms... when they first brought them out, I hated those elements. But after seeing a few games, I honestly stopped thinking about them. If they went to a purple mask (that closely matched the helmet), I'd be fine with it I'm sure, but if I'm listing what I feel are problems with the uniform, the road socks are so far ahead of any other flaws it's not even funny. And the font? I'd actually prefer they keep it now.
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    I mentioned this in the NFL top 5....Block numbers for the Steelers.
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    iT's ImPoRtAnT tO bE iN tHe RaLeIgH-dUrHaM mEdIa MaRkEt
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    https://sportsnet.ca/soccer/reports-bayern-munich-signs-canadian-alphonso-davies-whitecaps/ It's been talked about for days but it's a pretty big sale heard the final number is actually close to $20 million. Davies stays 'till the end of the MLS season. As a Canadian, I'm optimistic that this will be a good move for Davies and thus be good for the national team.
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    Lions. I am doing this despite the crap they put on their sleeves. I still think the Sanders-era uniforms are best but they are back to looking great. Raiders Saints Cowboys. Yep, I can deal with the inconsistencies. Bills Just miss: Dolphins. Chiefs (I think they'd get in if they'd use yellow on their helmet) 20 years ago it would probably be: Bengals Lions Vikings Sehawks Colts (grey facemask makes that big of a difference)
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    Wow...now if we could only get Champion back as the NBA supplier.
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    Such a shame. Could've spent his career in this one instead:
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    I'm pretty sure it's just artistic license to make the wordmark easier to read. It's not a picture of an actual endzone.
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    What's with the wordmark in the end zones facing out, rather than toward the field? Never seen that on a football field before.
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    1. You're correct regarding the sports usage. It's not a North-South thing at all in that context. 2. What?!?! You've never heard the original historic usage from the Reconstruction era?
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    Although I liked the 2003 powder blues, I've hated the tweeks they've been making the last few years. Conrad, if the Nuggets just used your City Editions for all of their uniforms, we have a winner.
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    Made a few tweaks to try to smooth out the outlines. C&C Welcome.
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    No. The 18/19 Bucks City jersey will be yellow.
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    I would have a Referee that only communicates penalties by breakdancing.
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    That was the flaw of the logo in the first place. You go with a jade/eggplant/black/silver/yellow color palette yet design a primary logo that fails to incorporate one of the main two colors in both the white and colored background application. The silver triangle on the eggplant jersey never made any sense. The white sweater didn't have any silver in the primary logo either so forcing it on the eggplant sweater seemed pointless. There's nothing wrong with this: The problem comes with a white background. They designed a logo that you can't find a place to incorporate your primary color. The mask element looks awkward replacing the black in the circle so unless you were to just throw an awkward outline around the whole thing I don't know what else you'd do. So, if they were to honor the past with forcing silver in I'd go with something like this and skip the orange since that doesn't go with anything.
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    That’s a twofer with Westbrook in the back
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    Better than the Baby Cakes
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