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    Game jerseys in practice? Bold move ?
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    Thanks! And thank you guys for helping us to improve the set. Time for the only African team on the series, South Africa! In order to create an unique set, specifically to differentiate from Australia, we've reduced the amount of green (which now is Kelly green instead of Forest green) and gold used, featuring the flag on the sleeves, using its colours for the numbers and socks. The flag has also inspired the alternate uniform, using the placket from the template to mimic its design.
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    You all spelled warriors wrong, let’s be honest.
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    Sleeve sponsorships need to die.
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    All this. Look, there's only so much you can do with a classic basketball look. You can't try anything particularly innovative, and you also can't stray too far from history. For a classic team, all you've got to work with is the number font and the trim. You're not getting too wacky with it. For the Lakers, this is all you can really do to make something new. Otherwise you're staying put, or going straight up throwback. And really, I'm okay with going somewhere new like they did. With the Showtime uniforms, those are Magic's. Those are Kareem's. Had the Lakers never changed (and they didn't have to. It's still their best look.) and kept it through the Kobe/Shaq era, then those would be their uniforms to the end of time. But they did change for the Kobe/Shaq era, and those are modern classics of their own. As McCarthy said, they were an excellent update for a modern age. And because the Lakers have changed, that leaves them open to change for another new era. And that's what this is. Yeah, the striping is a little off, but I still like it. It's clean. And I've already said I'm a fan of the yellow numbers on purple. This is a nice, simple look. In line with modern bold stylings, but still classic in feel. I dig it. Can you dig it?
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    Nice to see he put that free education from Duke to good use.
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    You shouldn't knock @Teal. He only reveals stuff when he has SOLID info.
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    The dude in the Bears uniform is also named Adrian Peterson, and he also played running back. Obviously, he's not AP though.
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    Fans, for the most part, weren't angry with Durant for leaving OKC. They were pissed that he joined a 73-win team that had just embarrassed him in the playoffs and had already won a ring without him. Of course fans aren't going to be happy when one of the best players makes an uncompetitive move that makes the league's product worse for years to come. If he had joined any of the other teams he was considering instead of the Warriors, OKC fans would have been the only ones upset. This is a huge distinction that gets conveniently ignored by players and the media because it doesn't fit the pro-player/anti-team narrative.
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    I disagree. Grey is the one colour that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, doesn’t stick out. I look at the Browns’ helmet with a white mask vs one with a grey mask (I’m old enough to have vivid memories of both in action). The white mask was way more prominent than the grey, despite grey not appearing anywhere else in the uniform. Same with the 49ers. The old red mask stood out way more than the subdued grey mask currently does. And I could go on. To me grey masks, with very few exceptions, just work so well because they specifically don’t draw attention to themselves. That’s ridiculous. I can prefer classic designs for hockey uniforms without wanting teams to go back to wool sweaters. While I feel a majority of teams would look their best with grey masks? I’m of the opinion that other neutral colours like white and black can also work in certain situations. The black Vikings mask, for example, looks great for many of the same reasons I like grey masks on the Browns and 49ers.
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    They've also been using a powder blue background for the logo on social media handles, I think they are going to make it the primary over the navy when they go into the new stadium.
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    The assumption is that “tribe” inherently refers to a group of indigenous people and is, by definition, incongruous with any imagery that’s not indigenous. I don’t necessarily think that’s the case. When your nickname is abstract and conceptual (Cardinal, Big Green, Hoosiers, etc.) as opposed to representing a physical thing, you have much more room to choose the symbol that represents it, and there’s really no right or wrong at that point. By moving away from the native imagery, William & Mary have, for all intents and purposes, taken that step toward an abstract name rather than a representational one. Anything can be a symbol of a tribe. They chose a griffin, probably for its physical characteristics and what it represents in mythology. I’d even argue that feathers are the laziest symbol to represent “tribe,” for better or worse. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it’s definitely the lowest hanging fruit in the American lexicon.
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    BUFFALO RHINOS Founded 2000 moved to Buffalo 2017 Based In Buffalo, NY Home Field New Era Field Head Coach Buddy Zimmer Offensive Coordinator Wade Simon Defensive Coordinator Greg Flaherty General Manager Dave DeClerq Owner(s) Buffalo Sports & Entertainment Group Inc (managing partner Jim McCaskin) Colors Red & Silver MLF Championships none Overview: Buffalo lost in the MLF Championship game to end an amazing whirlwind year. The team was all set to move to Las Vegas and transfer of ownership had already begun to Robert Sheldon when he was indicted for Money Laundering after an FBI sting. The MLF had to change plans in hurry & since no ownership group came forward from Las Vegas the league turned unto Jim McCaskin the owner of the Major League Hockey franchise Buffalo Bisons who was in the running for buying the franchise initially. Buddy Zimmer the former head coach of Tampa Bay had been the head coach in 2016 and had started building pieces to change this franchises fortunes. QB Curt O'Hara was brought in from Tampa Bay & the defense led by DT Tank Adams & LB Keith Ponder was one of the best in the league. The team name was going to be changed but the city of Buffalo fell in love with this team so they look to be going forward with the name Rhinos.
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    Hey all! Decided to do a fun jersey series during this NBA offseason. These fun alternate jerseys I will be making will all reflect the team name and team name only, as you will see, quite literally. I will be moving down in order of division in each conference and in order of city name in each division. I will kick this series off with these three teams: Boston Celtics: The same look as the Celtics' mascot Brooklyn Nets: Quite literally the weaving of a basketball net. New York Knicks: Since many of you may not know what a Knick is, its short for Knickerbocker, which is an older term for a New Yorker. Thus, the retro vest and tie top and brown pants. More will be coming soon if y'all like this series idea! Template credit to therealpepman
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    Okay. Must have missed seeing that when the change was first unveiled... Would have liked to see them switch to aqua facemasks, but good update nonetheless.
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    Those aren't game jerseys... no TV numbers for one thing.
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    What is this? A jersey for ants?
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    WOW...how long ago was that? I'm trying to think the last time I was actively on here. And the irony of being a snob over names of colors while accusing others of being dismissive and gatekeeping is THICK. If you're that hurt over calling it purple and green, and enough to tag me in it, then I feel absolutely justified in lobbing shots at you in your ivory tower of color naming specifics. I stand by everything I've said, and all love for this third is nostalgia-only, because top to bottom, this jersey is a mess.
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    Arsenal third kit officially unveiled today in Singapore: I don't think any of the mockups had included the chest detail. Arsenal.com says: My first thought, however, was a Wonder Woman logo. Also from Arsenal.com:
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    Tried, like they didn't actually succeed at that? *Googles to see the game is in Philly* OITGDNHL
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    I think its the creep thats most upsetting to me. You know this isn't the end, there will be other spots opened up for more ads.
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    Studio Stories: Detroit Tigers 2018 Season Tickets July 27, 2018 - 12:15 PM The 1968 Detroit Tigers not only won a World Series but as former Tigers director of marketing Ron Wade says, they “brought the city together” just one year removed from city riots. That ‘68 team has long held a special […] Read More...
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    I am still working on finishing up this one, but who knows what I may start next.
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    Howard University (FCS) will be wearing a special anniversary decal this season.
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    The Blue Jackets have a logo nearly identical to the double blue alt logo with the cannon, but instead of the double blue its in the current navy, red and silver scheme. The Jackets use it on the shoulder of their primary uniforms.
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    I love Carolina! One thing though: you forgot the logo sheet! However, so far everything has been fantastic! Carolina is my favorite, and Buffalo is probably my least favorite. I just don't like how the red and gray go together.
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    You're definitely right about the red road. Here is a version of the road in blue, along with a flipped version of the alternate:
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    Slow day at work, so here are the Coyotes using the Canucks' set. I went back and forth with this one a few different ways, but ended up with this.
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    A “tribe” is just a group of people who share similar values and interests and often cohabitate in their specific division of society (e.g. a collegiate athletic team or a student body). It’s often associated with groups of indigenous people, but that’s not an inherent part of the definition. Props to them for finding a way to make it work without resorting to a silly, made-up name.
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    Seems to be quite the divide between those who like gold numbers on the purple jersey and those who don't.
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    Eh. For me it’s more color and logo. Helmets change much more often than those two things.
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    I’d actually argue that gray can stick out just as much. The Bills and Colts are two examples. To me, the helmet is as much a part of a team identity as the primary logo and should therefore try to use team colors. With few exceptions, teams with no gray or silver should not have gray masks.
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    If teams never introduced team colors to them, then I'd have no issue. But now they have, and they look much better and in place than grey.
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    Count me in on Team Hate 'Em. It's jarring to see a grey piece of equipment on teams that don't have grey/silver in their color schemes (Cardinals, Bills, Colts, 49ers). If they can color the shoes, belts, gloves, tape, etc. then facemasks are fair game. Cardinals - should have a black facemask Bills - blue Cowboys - blue, if they can ever decide which shade to use Colts - blue Raiders - black 49ers - red Buccaneers - just blow it up already Giants and Lions are OK, although I'm not completely sold on the Lions 'chrome' look.
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    I think just about every team with a "classic" uniform would look even better with a gray facemask - assuming they don't already use gray like Dallas, Indianapolis, NY Giants, etc.
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    Came across this in the local paper more use of the kelly green
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    The more absurd thing is they had a 1 day version of it in gray for the ASG.
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    And here are updated files for Texas Stadium The Classic "White border" fields of the late 80's to early 90's and the first field with the Texas Stadium Logo on it.
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    Here is one of the old time Lions fields I have been working on. Based on a Game in October of 1994 vs Green Bay, This Lions field features a darker sliver in the end zones and helmet logo. As well as the NFL 75th Anniversary logos on the 30 yard lines, and the "Year of the Fan" logo in the opposite corner of the endzone.
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    Last of the Chiefs fields for me: 1978-79 Kansas City Chiefs 1980 Kansas City Chiefs 1981-83 Kansas City Chiefs 1986-93 Kansas City Chiefs
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    Following the previous three are the last two in the Atlantic Division: Philadelphia 76ers: Since a 76er is not a literal thing/person, I used a colonial 18th century suit design, similar to that on the dribbling Ben Franklin logo. Toronto Raptors: Self-explanatory CC and comments are welcome! Next Up: Central Division
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    NEW YORK (BASEBALL) GIANTS, PT. 1 - Gotto Makes a Giant Contribution Ah yes, it's time to do my favorite team in the previous incarnation! When trying to assess why the Giants left New York City, one can point to a variety of factors. These factors included, but were not limited to: 1. The poor condition of the Polo Grounds, due to a lack of funds (the team and stadium rentals were Horace Stoneham's only asset) and hasty construction of the building. 2. Changes in transportation necessitated the need for larger parking lots. Unfortunately for the Giants, much of the land was taken up by Robert Moses' (I have yet to read Power Broker, which I'm hoping to rectify soon) housing projects and other plans. Moses eventually planned to tear down the Polo Grounds in 1962 (one the Giants' lease was up), with speculation about moving them into Yankee Stadium (the Flushing Meadows site wasn't in the works just yet).1 3. The team spent the post-WWII period in a bit of a freefall, with many poor finishes throughout the time (aside from the 1951 pennant and 1954 World Series). 4 (and the biggest one, IMHO). Demographic changes in Harlem, the Polo Grounds' Manhattan neighborhood, ensured that the Giants would not be viable in the long run. The Depression and World War II had a marked impact on the area, with many wealthy white residents leaving the area (for both economic and racist reasons - "White Flight"). Due to the increasingly poor conditions of the neighborhood (due to neglect from government programs and a lack of legitimate employment options for many of the African-American and Latin American residents), crime increased.2 With fewer local fans having disposable income for games or a willingness to walk within the "sketchy" area (one created by both racism and apathy), attendance declined. This is the factor that drove the other ones (renovations, transport, competition, etc.). Stoneham believed that fans would feel safer if they could drive from the suburbs to the stadium, but the lack of parking prevented that. TL;DR: This .gif, but with Son Goku as socio-economic/competitive factors and Frieza as the New York Baseball Giants. However, what if the move didn't go through? What if the team became the Yankees' tenants or found a way to build a Manhattan stadium, set up shop at Flushing Meadows (in the unlikely event that the Dodgers stayed in Brooklyn), or pre-empted the Football Giants by heading to New Jersey? What would these baseball Giants look like? When setting out on this project, I figured that the baseball Giants would not look all that different from the current San Francisco squad. I tried to approach their New York incarnation from the same angle as the team's 2000 redesign, tastefully updating the 1950s/60s uniform set. However, I wanted to incorporate a bit of the Mets' fantastic identity into the design (outside of the "NY," sourced from my previous Mets concept). So, I reasoned that the baseball Giants would want a new primary logo to celebrate a "revival" of sorts, one designed by a very certain Ray Gotto. The new primary is pretty much be the same as the Mets' classic logo, albeit with the Brooklyn elements obscured (e.g., the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building no longer features, done by using the post-digitization version of the logo) and the bridge being a general suspension bridge (maybe the George Washington Bridge?). The Giants' one-color wordmark is at the center. The tertiary minimizes the primary to a smaller design, with both the cap insignia and the 1883 establishment date. The wordmark font is Ocean Beach Major with modifications, as it's a fantastic modernization of the Giants/Pirates' font style. The uniforms are pretty much the same as my San Francisco Giants concept, but with some notable differences. The number font and the NOB's/white-base home uniforms are off of my Seals/retro Giants concept, while the new primary logo resides on the sleeves. I kept arched wordmarks, as the logo implied that the Giants are named after the giant skyscrapers of the city. Arching does a better job of invoking that compared to arc-ed wordmarks (which work in San Francisco, with the Giants referring to the "giant" bridges of the city - my flimsy rationalization of the name). The alternates bear a great similarity to my old Giants concept as well, with an orange-billed cap paired with an orange top and a black alternate that has the cap logo as an insignia. The second set of alternates pairs the orange-billed cap with the home uniform and contains the throwback to 1933 from my previous concept (featuring @Gothamite's preferred "NY"). It's "different enough" from the current set that it'd work. The dugout jacket is an update of my SF Giants jacket, albeit with the new primary logo and the "NY" on the back. I just love that vintage cursive script. It's a pretty simple concept, emulating the Giants' 2000 redesign while incorporating a few Mets-like elements. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, let's take that Mets influence a little further. 1Robert F. Garratt, Home Team: The Turbulent History of the San Francisco Giants (Lincoln: U of Nebraska Press, 2017), 3-9; Stew Thornley, “Polo Grounds (New York) | Society for American Baseball Research,” Society for American Baseball Research, accessed June 27, 2018, https://sabr.org/bioproj/park/58d80eca. 2 Michael Javen Fortner, Black Silent Majority: The Rockefeller Drug Laws and the Politics of Punishment (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2015), 24-27; Federico Ribes Tovar, Lolita Lebrón, la prisionera (New York: Plus Ultra Educational Publishers, 1974), 93.
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    Milwaukee should give you a call this is the most beautiful Brewers concept I have ever seen.
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    Talked to the GM and he agreed to stop using the image and was very apologetic. Turns out he was given the rights by someone else that claimed it was his intellectual property, so he got screwed too. Bad situation all around but they did the right thing in getting a hold of me.
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    There has been 5 Met one-hitters in which the only hit came from the opposing pitcher.
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