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    Brian in Boston has retired from the moderator team. We have voted to increase our ranks. @Conrad. and @infrared41 have joined the front.
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    I'm back! Or at least I will be in the next couple of days. Before the story resumes, I want to take a moment to thank everybody for their patience and words of support, empathy, and kindness as I've dealt with a lot of stuff in my personal life that has kept me away from the boards over the past few months. I've posted about it elsewhere on the forums, so I'm not going to go into any great detail here, except to say this. I've been struggling with crushing depression and anxiety over the past six months (and really most of the past two years). At the same time, a lot of things in my personal life have imploded or are in the process of imploding, which only exacerbated an already bad situation. In spite of all of that, I feel better than I have in years. I feel like myself again for the first time in a long time. It's coming back slowly, but I've found myself starting to plot out stories and consider logo and uniform changes for the remainder of this project. A lot of things are still in flux and my world is extremely uncertain and chaotic right now, so I'm not at all certain how quickly I will be progressing. I don't doubt that progress will be uneven, especially at first as I ease myself back into this. But I've come to understand that I love designing and writing, and doing those things are an important part of my ability to maintain my mental health. So I hereby commit to posting new content no later than Sunday night. We'll be starting with a complete overhaul of the New Jersey Sharks.
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    Game jerseys in practice? Bold move ?
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    ^ that's a view of the new pre-game tops (probably a black hoodie). they won't have a black uni next season.
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    It's so interesting to me that any texture in the fabric of a jersey, except mesh holes, is completely reviled no matter how simple or austere it is. Tough crowd.
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    I have never heard an argument in the favour of owners that wasn’t dealing with a problem they themselves helped create.
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    In minicamps, the Jaguars were wearing older jerseys, but with the start of full camp, they've got new practice jerseys, with the new number font. Weird little detail on the 5. Damn nice font IMO.
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    Thanks! And thank you guys for helping us to improve the set. Time for the only African team on the series, South Africa! In order to create an unique set, specifically to differentiate from Australia, we've reduced the amount of green (which now is Kelly green instead of Forest green) and gold used, featuring the flag on the sleeves, using its colours for the numbers and socks. The flag has also inspired the alternate uniform, using the placket from the template to mimic its design.
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    There seems to be a lot of love for the Patriots to go back to a gray facemask. I think the red facemask provides some much needed color. With no helmet stripe, from certain angles the '93 helmet was too plain.
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    Buffalo: grey Miami: grey New England: grey Jets: grey Dallas: grey NY Giants: grey Philly: grey Washington: grey Baltimore: black Cincinnati: black Cleveland: grey Pittsburgh: grey Chicago: grey Detrot: grey Green Bay: grey Minnesota: black or grey Houston: grey Indy: grey Jacksonville: black Tennessee: grey Atlanta: grey Carolina: black or grey New Orleans: grey Tampa Bay: black Denver: grey Kansas City: white or grey Chargers: white or grey Raiders: grey Arizona: black or grey Rams: grey 49ers: grey Seahawks: grey My list.
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    You all spelled warriors wrong, let’s be honest.
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    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. ? It’s all about the context and the specific team brand in question.
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    This isn't the shift. This is bases loaded, nobody out, anything out of the infield ends the game, oh $#!+ strategy.
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    CAROLINA BREAKERS Founded 2000 Based In Charlotte, North Carolina Home Field Bank of America Stadium Head Coach Vic Roman Offensive Coordinator Mark McNally Defensive Coordinator Al Manusky General Manager John Quinn Owner(s) James Reinhardt Colors Carolina Blue, Navy, & White MLF Championships 1 Overview: The reigning MLF Champions are set to have a good run again this year. They return the most versatile QB in Donovan Jackson who is the reigning MVP. RB Darius Giles has became a pretty good threat. WR Steve Bruce is a big target with great hands. The defense is anchored by the best DT in Shawn Duckett. The team seems to be hitting their stride since Vic Roman has took over two years ago.
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    As someone who’s been out of the hospital several times for mental health, I respect you highly and understand your struggles. Take all the time you need, this series is worth the wait anyway < 3
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    I could wear this to the office and it be legal as it looks just like half the sweaters i wear during th fall and winter , I'll just say I had a fight with a bottle of mustard.
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    Again, you seem to be putting more thought into your stories than into your artwork. Your logo is a big green rectangle. If it's meant to be a pool table, where are the pockets? There are many other shapes associated with billiards that could be combined to make for much more interesting logos: triangles, balls, cues, etc. Try combining some of those and see what inspiration hits. The lettering appears to not be centered -- the "IPL" seems to be a bit too far right, while the "2018" is too far left. And there's way too much unused space around the letters. Tighten it up by making the letters bigger or the table smaller. You might even try having the table in a landscape orientation rather than portrait; it might make everything more legible and visually pleasing, especially since the I is not the same width as the P or the L. There is some weird warping and pixelation going on with your lettering, especially with your P and 201. Why the red, white and blue letters? Keep your colour schemes simple; the letters could all be white and you wouldn't lose anything. In fact, there isn't enough contrast between the green table and the blue L, so it gets lost. Green, tan, black and white would work well together. The 8-ball in 201(8) is a fun little detail, but it's lost because it's so small and tucked in at the bottom. And then what happens in subsequent years? I guess 201(9) is easy, but what about 2020? There's no 20-ball, nor a 0-ball in billiards. From a moderation perspective, I don't see much more potential for logos beyond the league logo. Will each player have a logo (a la Premier League Darts)? Will each of the 10 events have its own logo? As with other threads, if it becomes too unbalanced toward story over artwork, it will get shut down.
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    Yeah, there's plenty of yellow on the uniform... that's not my issue. It just boils down to the simple fact that it's ugly. Like white, a bright yellow mask jumps out and totally dominates the helmet. I agree with @Ice_Cap that the mask should not be the first thing you see. That's why I think most of the arguments against gray masks are nonsense. The standard complaint is that they stick out... "like a sore thumb" is the monotonous cliche. No they don't... not visually. Gray doesn't stand out visually by definition. It might set off your OCD, or offend your design sense... fine, I get that, just say that. But a neutral gray, set against any brighter and/or darker color just fades away, unless you specifically choose to dwell on it, and talk yourself into being annoyed by it.
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    That horse needs an update. Almost looks like a bird.
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    The narrative? The second best player in the league joined a team with the best record of all time, also a team he was within one win of beating in the WCF. That's it right there. Definitely soft. I don't understand, how someone can put it any other way.
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    I don't think it looks out of place. If anything doesn't belong in that composite, it's Washington: the ratio is all funky compared to everyone else being more or less 1:1, and there's a whole ton of empty space. It's no masterpiece, but I could buy it as a primary. I prefer the Ohio flag; being in the state capital and not having Cleveland or Cincinnati in the league makes it a good idea. You can market them as Ohio's Team in a way you can't with Ohio's other teams.
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    Introducing: Los Angeles Clippers: Hard to make a jersey a Clipper, but ya know ship happens
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    1971 Divisional Playoffs Dolphins - 27 @ Chiefs - 24
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    Sleeve sponsorships need to die.
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    For context. I know terrible looks, and this is in no way a terrible look.
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    All this. Look, there's only so much you can do with a classic basketball look. You can't try anything particularly innovative, and you also can't stray too far from history. For a classic team, all you've got to work with is the number font and the trim. You're not getting too wacky with it. For the Lakers, this is all you can really do to make something new. Otherwise you're staying put, or going straight up throwback. And really, I'm okay with going somewhere new like they did. With the Showtime uniforms, those are Magic's. Those are Kareem's. Had the Lakers never changed (and they didn't have to. It's still their best look.) and kept it through the Kobe/Shaq era, then those would be their uniforms to the end of time. But they did change for the Kobe/Shaq era, and those are modern classics of their own. As McCarthy said, they were an excellent update for a modern age. And because the Lakers have changed, that leaves them open to change for another new era. And that's what this is. Yeah, the striping is a little off, but I still like it. It's clean. And I've already said I'm a fan of the yellow numbers on purple. This is a nice, simple look. In line with modern bold stylings, but still classic in feel. I dig it. Can you dig it?
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    CHICAGO BARBARIANS Founded 1922 Based In Chicago, Illinois Home Field Soldier Field Head Coach Rob Rodriquez Offensive Coordinator Curtis Drake Defensive Coordinator Fred Horton General Manager Reggie Clark Owner(s) Micky Kendrick Colors Red, Black, & Gray MLF Championships 5 Overview: GM Reggie Clark & Rob Rodriquez have brought a lot of change to this organization since coming on board before the start of the 2017 season. The first step was drafting the QB Matthew Harrell with the number one pick last year. The second step was drafting S Terrel Reid with the 6th pick of this years draft to help solidify an improving defense with sack artist Jason Armstrong & S Damien Hixson. The backfield is loaded this year with RB's Derrick Dorsett, bruiser Shedrick Sharpe, & rookie speedster Khalil Mohammed from Georgia. The last change they made was to go to a more modern classic on their uniforms.
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    Where better to begin then with the capital, Brussels. the city has always been a hotbed for football and while Antwerp may have the oldest club in the country, teams from Brussels have always been at the top of the domestic league from its inception until now, albeit with different clubs dominating different decades. Today I’ll will be focusing on two clubs from the beginning of Belgian Football. Daring Club and Racing Club de Bruxelles. Two rivals who later became part of the same club. Daring Club de Bruxelles (Molenbeek) Daring Club de Bruxelles, later known as Daring Club de Molenbeek was a football club from Molenbeek, Brussels. It was founded in 1895 and was the second team to register with the F.A, hence why it got the matricule number 2. It won 5 championships between 1912 and 1937. Logo I kept the overall design of the logo, but tried to modernize it. The interlocking rings are a staple of logo design for clubs based in Brussels. The club got the royal prefix for their 25th anniversary, Most clubs who have this prefix do incorporate a crown into the logo. I also incorporated the matricule number in the design, since it is a prestigious thing for clubs. Founded in 1895, the club was the second team to register with the FA, hence why they got the number 2. Kits For the Home shirt I went with the classic Red and Black stripes and seen on early ads for the club back in the 1920's. The shirt also has a polo collar to finish it's old school look. It is worn with blacks shorts and black socks. The away short has a pattern that's modeled after Porto's 13/17 third kit featuring the same striking pattern but with little red and black accents. It is worn with white shorts and white socks. The kit supplier is New Balance and the sponsor is supermarket group Delhaize. Racing Club de Bruxelles Racing Club de Bruxelles was a football club from Brussels and was founded in 1894. It was the sixth club to register with the Belgian FA and got the matricule number 6. In the early days of football it was the most successful club in Brussels. They won 6 domestic titles between 1897 and 1908. The hockey and athletics branch of the club still exist today. Logo For this logo I decided to blend the old historical logo with that for the current hockey team. The roundel and stylized crown are part of the hockey team logo and the crest in the center is inspired by the original Racing Club logo. What happened to these clubs? In the 1950’s Racing eventually found themselves in the third tier. In 1963 they merged with White Star AC to become Royal Racing White. This team would have a modest amount of success on the pitch but they would fail to attract a large following. Daring survived longer in the top flight of Belgian football, but was ultimately relegated to the second tier in 1969. Despite this the club still had a large and loyal following. This is where our two teams meet. Club officials of both teams wanted to create a second brussels team that was capable with competing at the top levels of the game. In 1973 both clubs merged and Racing White Daring Molenbeek or RWDM was born. During the that decade the club became contenders in the league, winning the league during the 74/75 season and played regularly in European competitions. But accumulating debt and mismanagement led to RWDM declaring bankruptcy in 2002. Several attempts have been tried to revive the club. It’s third incarnation currently plays in the First Amateur Division, the third tier of Belgian Football. Author's Note 27/07: Did some minor tweaks on both logo's, this time the colors are correct. Author's Note 29/07: Redid the way the logo's where presented
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    I think he was being sarcastic, referring to the simplicity of their game unis.
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    IMO there's a lot to be said for the gray with this color helmet...
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    This is a perfect topic for a survey: Best NFL Facemask Color Survey
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    Fans, for the most part, weren't angry with Durant for leaving OKC. They were pissed that he joined a 73-win team that had just embarrassed him in the playoffs and had already won a ring without him. Of course fans aren't going to be happy when one of the best players makes an uncompetitive move that makes the league's product worse for years to come. If he had joined any of the other teams he was considering instead of the Warriors, OKC fans would have been the only ones upset. This is a huge distinction that gets conveniently ignored by players and the media because it doesn't fit the pro-player/anti-team narrative.
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    Of course the Spanos family waits until they move to LA to finally switch to powder blue. Yet another example of how little they cared about San Diegans or their support.
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    Each of these photos keeps getting worse and worse! what potatoes are these people using out there
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    Yeah, there’s a reason they keep upping the ante. And it’s not for the CCSLC awards.
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    I prefer the Brewers to use a script but this is a fantastic uniform. Too bad it was so short lived.
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    IMO facemask color should match the team's color scheme, even if it's just white. I dont care for the historical precedent argument because that stemmed from the equipment only being made in gray back in the day. If the Packers, Bears, and Steelers can update their facemask color, so can anyone else. I think it sticks out as badly as team's who don't have black wearing black cleats. Either wear white or one of your team's colors. It's 2018, you have almost infinite choice now. Id rank the Niners, Bills, Bucs, Colts, Cardinals, and Vikings as being the biggest offenders here.
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    I feel like it is the helmet stripe
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    The assumption is that “tribe” inherently refers to a group of indigenous people and is, by definition, incongruous with any imagery that’s not indigenous. I don’t necessarily think that’s the case. When your nickname is abstract and conceptual (Cardinal, Big Green, Hoosiers, etc.) as opposed to representing a physical thing, you have much more room to choose the symbol that represents it, and there’s really no right or wrong at that point. By moving away from the native imagery, William & Mary have, for all intents and purposes, taken that step toward an abstract name rather than a representational one. Anything can be a symbol of a tribe. They chose a griffin, probably for its physical characteristics and what it represents in mythology. I’d even argue that feathers are the laziest symbol to represent “tribe,” for better or worse. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it’s definitely the lowest hanging fruit in the American lexicon.
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    Not a fan. They look like a counterfeit throwback that got the trim striping wrong. The Shaq/Kobe era redesign was a modern reimagining of the classic uniform, a spiritual descendant of the Showtime Lakers uniforms. They were different, but not so different that they felt wrong for the franchise. Fixed a lot of the problems the 80's uniforms while keeping the whole vibe intact. I don't get that sense here. This feels like they put the Lakers wordmark and font on the wrong template. Yes, that striping makes that much of a difference.
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    BUFFALO RHINOS Founded 2000 moved to Buffalo 2017 Based In Buffalo, NY Home Field New Era Field Head Coach Buddy Zimmer Offensive Coordinator Wade Simon Defensive Coordinator Greg Flaherty General Manager Dave DeClerq Owner(s) Buffalo Sports & Entertainment Group Inc (managing partner Jim McCaskin) Colors Red & Silver MLF Championships none Overview: Buffalo lost in the MLF Championship game to end an amazing whirlwind year. The team was all set to move to Las Vegas and transfer of ownership had already begun to Robert Sheldon when he was indicted for Money Laundering after an FBI sting. The MLF had to change plans in hurry & since no ownership group came forward from Las Vegas the league turned unto Jim McCaskin the owner of the Major League Hockey franchise Buffalo Bisons who was in the running for buying the franchise initially. Buddy Zimmer the former head coach of Tampa Bay had been the head coach in 2016 and had started building pieces to change this franchises fortunes. QB Curt O'Hara was brought in from Tampa Bay & the defense led by DT Tank Adams & LB Keith Ponder was one of the best in the league. The team name was going to be changed but the city of Buffalo fell in love with this team so they look to be going forward with the name Rhinos.
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    BALTIMORE BOMBERS Founded 1948 Based In Baltimore, Maryland Home Field M&T Stadium Head Coach Rob Riley Offensive Coordinator Paul McDaniels Defensive Coordinator Anthony Bradford General Manager Steve Smith Owner(s) Lawrence Family Football LLC (managing partner J.J. Lawrence) Colors Bomber Blue, Orange, & White MLF Championships 3 Overview: Rob Riley has found himself in a complete rebuilding job after two years. Former coach Vic Roman had a falling out with ownership after wanting more control. RB Warren Davis is one of the only remaining fixtures but at 34 is not someone to build your offense around. Baltimore selected with the 5th pick of the draft QB Jared Stanton to build the franchise around which many consider to be the best class ever for QB's. A record seven QB's where taken in the first round. To sure up a weak offensive line the team signed free agent T Jamaal Harris from Pittsburgh & let aging veteran T Richmond Slavey go via free agency. DT Albert Young still leads the defense and CB Chris Wallace still holds down the secondary. Look for Baltimore to be revamping their defense next year with Young & Wallace in their final year.
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