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    Game jerseys in practice? Bold move ?
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    Here is version 2. I reworked the lettering on the chest, based off this sign at Fort Knox. (This was not as easy as I thought it would be....) So here are the jerseys. I will take this font I made and rework the crest as well as the other jerseys.
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    The "tire treads" aren't nearly as noticeable on most colors as people act like, and the jerseys weren't designed to be worn without pads or photoshopped.. While I can understand your personal frustrations regarding them, I don't think it's fair for that to affect your overall opinion of the jerseys themselves so heavily..
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    I can'y believe it took this long for someone to pull out their thumb.
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    I think that’s s stretch, considering it’s used most often by professional teams and high-level college teams whose brands fit the aesthetic. Broken record, but again, all about the context. Works fine if you dress like the Giants; not so much if you dress like the Cardinals.
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    Nice to see he put that free education from Duke to good use.
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    Hey all! Decided to do a fun jersey series during this NBA offseason. These fun alternate jerseys I will be making will all reflect the team name and team name only, as you will see, quite literally. I will be moving down in order of division in each conference and in order of city name in each division. I will kick this series off with these three teams: Boston Celtics: The same look as the Celtics' mascot Brooklyn Nets: Quite literally the weaving of a basketball net. New York Knicks: Since many of you may not know what a Knick is, its short for Knickerbocker, which is an older term for a New Yorker. Thus, the retro vest and tie top and brown pants. More will be coming soon if y'all like this series idea! Template credit to therealpepman
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    Ok, so... Would this really be such a bad thing? Do we really need teams like the Bucks and Kings? (Also remember that I say that as someone who’s home market is Sacramento). I kinda feel like if there’s one sport that could eliminate a whole swath of teams and not actually lose anything tangeable (outside of a few in-arena dollars in places like Orlando, maybe), it’s the NBA. I’d kinda rather see ten “super” competitive teams than see a handful of great teams, a full middle of the league of also-rans, and ten or so dumpster fires.
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    So I was idly watching a The Basketball Tournament game earlier when it occurred to me that, though many universities had alumni teams in the tournament, Kansas State (my favorite U) did not. So, here's what a hypothetical KSU TBT team should wear! (Sorry about the crudeness of the logo. I only know how to use very basic programs.) Feedback greatly appreciated!
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    Believe it. As much as I like the original powder blues, and I like them an awful lot, I like the Fouts era Chargers uniforms just a little bit better. If given the choice, I'd put the Chargers back in these and call it a day. These were pretty good too...
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    Given how "small market" owners fleece local jurisdictions for arenas, I'm really not all that concerned about their financial well being. If captains of industry like Dan Gilbert can't afford to compete as NBA owners, then maybe he shouldn't.
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    well said. i've always felt this topic made people debate 2 different points. communication vs aesthetics. the communication (what a gray mask represents) is undeniable and the argument that seems to follow against it is some people find ugly, which is valid, it's fine if you don't like the look of the masks, but you have to go with what compliments your design direction. you have to dig deeper than aesthetics and you certainly have to think beyond "what i like or dont like". otherwise, you might as well start throwing away colors and font styles too.
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    I think those kits were worn purely because the clubs wanted to promote them as they were unveiled recently.
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    Look on the bright side: at least you saw them win a Super Bowl before they left town. Those of us here in San Diego are sans team and sans Super Bowl. :censored: you, Spanos.
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    Quite true. Fabric textures and collar designs are a no-win situation. ?
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    Agreed. The dual shoulder stripes was a unique look in the P5 the moment they unveiled it, and they have owned it ever since.
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    I know the Heat's city jersey was public in late January.
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    The center and right ones are cool, but I think that the one on the left makes the logos too small to really be noticeable.
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    Rams Ditch the Navy, Embrace Throwbacks in 2018 July 28, 2018 - 13:18 PM Last season the Los Angeles Rams took to the field wearing one of the worst uniforms in NFL history; the ugly-child was born of the marriage between the Rams inability to wait a couple of seasons and the league’s super […] Read More...
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    QFT —— Buffalo: blue Miami: aqua New England: grey NY Jets: green Dallas: grey NY Giants: grey Philly: black or grey Washington: gold Baltimore: black Cincinnati: black Cleveland: brown or white Pittsburgh: black Chicago: blue Detroit: grey Green Bay: green Minnesota: purple Houston: blue Indy: blue Jacksonville: black Tennessee: blue Atlanta: black Carolina: black New Orleans: black Tampa Bay: black Denver: blue Kansas City: white LA Chargers: yellow** Oakland: grey or black Arizona: white LA Rams: blue San Francisco: red Seahawks: blue ** I am expecting this to be an unpopular opinion, but I thought their color rush helmet looked great and unique.
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    GREAT series so far. Can't wait to see where this goes. I echo vtgco in that while the monocolor aesthetic is definitely clean and modern-feeling, I miss the pops of color from the original logos, especially Royal Racing's gold crown. But.... Royal Daring Club also already has a gold crown, so I can see how that can seem repetitive. Anyway, great stuff. More please.
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    I can’t agree. Just my opinion on the matter.
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    Okay. Must have missed seeing that when the change was first unveiled... Would have liked to see them switch to aqua facemasks, but good update nonetheless.
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    I though Adidas's new pattern on the template would be better. How could they make it worse? It looks like a damn carpet. Why the hell do we have gray alternates? I tolerated the black ones but this is awful
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    I think of national team kits before this, honestly. (but I love this graphic— spot the kit sets that weren’t ever worn!)
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    Ron Dayne is the all-time leader in regular season NCAA rushing. He is also the all-time leader in bowl game rushing. But he is not the NCAA's all-time rushing leader.
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    Fans, for the most part, weren't angry with Durant for leaving OKC. They were pissed that he joined a 73-win team that had just embarrassed him in the playoffs and had already won a ring without him. Of course fans aren't going to be happy when one of the best players makes an uncompetitive move that makes the league's product worse for years to come. If he had joined any of the other teams he was considering instead of the Warriors, OKC fans would have been the only ones upset. This is a huge distinction that gets conveniently ignored by players and the media because it doesn't fit the pro-player/anti-team narrative.
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    They've also been using a powder blue background for the logo on social media handles, I think they are going to make it the primary over the navy when they go into the new stadium.
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    Howard University (FCS) will be wearing a special anniversary decal this season.
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    If they win their conference they'll most likely get left out entirely, making it that much more difficult to draw fans and athletes. This would be a level of separation between the G5 and P5 that would make staying in the FBS or keeping football at all completely unfeasible. It sounds like you really just want name brand football though. In which case we may as well start kicking schools like Kansas, Indiana, and Wake Forest out of the major conferences as well, because nobody wants to see an underdog defy the odds apparently. UCF didn't become a gigantic school because they got good at football. They were gigantic before that. If anything, their size and location has more to do with their athletics success than the other way around.
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    Guess he's holding his end of the bargain, apparently if Ben won ROY we'd get Black jerseys this season
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    If they would’ve just gone with the traditional W/P/W on the shoulder and neck trim rather than the Y/P/W that they went with, these would be PERFECT. That change alone makes these look really strange and kinda kills it for me.
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    I think just about every team with a "classic" uniform would look even better with a gray facemask - assuming they don't already use gray like Dallas, Indianapolis, NY Giants, etc.
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    Came across this in the local paper more use of the kelly green
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    Yellow? Maybe the sand color???
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    Idk about Ladanian. Those Chargers uniforms weren’t terrible imo.
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    Thanks, not dead. Ran into a wall of what team to do next and then time issues. I have a couple of alternate uniforms though! Here is Chicago, throwing back to a previous, using the Florida Panthers' jersey.
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    The Brooklyn Cyclones are have unveiled jerseys for their annual Seinfeld Night. And in 2019 news, the Cyclones are also letting fans vote on their one-day name change for the next year's Seinfeld Night. They will be the Brooklyn Marble Rye, Double Dippers, Long Island Dingos, or Rockaway Whales. And they're selling t-shirts with each of the four names, which give us our best look at the logos. I don't know enough about Seinfeld to know if those are clever or not.
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    As promised, here are the last two of the Northwest uniforms! Portland Trailblazers: Davy Crockett jackets anybody? Utah Jazz: Made it as fun and outlandish as the genre itself! Going to the Pacific next!
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    Please tell me the bird teams come with actual wing extensions and the suns and heat just literally light their players on fire. But seriously: such a creative idea and I can’t wait to see the Heat and Suns and Blazers
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    Following the previous three are the last two in the Atlantic Division: Philadelphia 76ers: Since a 76er is not a literal thing/person, I used a colonial 18th century suit design, similar to that on the dribbling Ben Franklin logo. Toronto Raptors: Self-explanatory CC and comments are welcome! Next Up: Central Division
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    I'm back with the Seahawks!! Love the 1983-2001 set, especially the sleeve stripe with the logo, so I enlarged it and put it on the chest. For the wordmark, did't want to use block font or the serif wordmark which they have actually used, I chose this font. Since I love the 90s jerseys, for the Seahawks I want something looks "futuristic" in the 90s and looks retro now.(maybe like the turn ahead the clock jersey in the MLB). Also put the stripe on one side of the short, hope it not being too off. Thanks for watching!!
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