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    Please for the love of god do this:
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    Seeing these side by side shows just how big of an upgrade this is. Cant wait to see these on field
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    My source smuggled the final team across the border...
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    Game jerseys in practice? Bold move ?
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    Have we started using "Notches For Notches' Sake" yet? Because Iowa's numbers are definitely NFNS.
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    Kelly green. Jets wordmark on the helmets. Classic logos. Yeah baby.
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    and that's hardly an "awful" uniform, by any measure. There's definitely room for improvement - specifically the bevels need to go - but at the end of the day, there's not much objectively wrong with it.
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    Mich St really struck CFB gold in an unintended and somewhat infectious way when they first came up with those notched numbers in 2010. I don't think they understood the floodgates they'd opened up of other teams trying to copycat such a defiling of regular block to appear on the cutting edge and "unique" (bleh). They looked great on State (especially against their otherwise simplistic and non-embellished style), but all of the teams that've tried it since look like posers and ultimately dilute the cool thing that MSU had going on. In a sense, you could say that they really kicked off the (at-times cancerous) Proprietary Number Font Wars of the 2010's by proving that any modifications to the standard block of yesteryear and any deviations from the numerical norm are (supposedly) good and necessary. It really sucks that we're probably never going to see another team come out with a new uni that uses straight-up athletic block again. At least the Jags managed to come out with an attractive block-inspired new font that serves as an evolution of the font as opposed to a hack-job modification of it.
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    Iowa should keep the white numbers. They objectively look better. And this is coming from a guy who would love nothing more than to make Iowa worse in any way possible.
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    I criticize Adidas often, but I don't "hate" them. In fact, I just praised their new uniforms for Wyoming. Those are good football uniforms without their usual gimmicks. If they did more of that instead of the tire treads, corduroy sweaters and super-stretchy jerseys, I'd have no issue with Adidas at all.
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    This monstrosity of a uniform, now extinct!
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    Well, I'm back! Sorry for the delay, guys. Real life kind of got in the way for a bit. Thanks, guys! Thanks! The orange base layers doesn't look all that bad on the navy top. The pinstriped home uniform isn't as pretty. Well, here's the first destination in a long line of speculative locations! LOS ANGELES ATHLETICS - The other LAA. (Kelly Green/Scarlet Red/Yellow-Gold Update - the preferred version) This was one I was a little hesitant to do, if only because of the relative lack of sources on it. The only one I could find on it was The Hardball Times' article on attempted relocation and an excerpt from John E. Peterson's book on the Kansas City Athletics (citing a New York Post report).1 Reading these two sources present an intriguing scenario. Noted Yankee toadie Arnold Johnson would move the Kansas City A's to Los Angeles, perhaps coordinating a move with the Sens/Twins. Since Peterson's book outlined the speculation date as after the Giants/Dodgers' move out west, I figured that the A's would move to LA while the Senators moved to Minnesota. Meanwhile, the AL would add expansion teams in DC and Houston (the Colts/the Continental League's Houston group). However, Johnson re-upped the Athletics' lease at Kansas City's Municipal Stadium and he died in 1960. Let's assume, for a moment, that the move went through. What would happen to the A's? The team would begin playing at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, before setting out to build a stadium in either Inglewood or Anaheim. Arnold Johnson would die a year later than he did in our timeline, with Charlie O. Finley buying the team and rebuilding them in his image (green/yellow, white cleats, etc.). The squad would go on to be the Swingin' A's, looking wild in comparison to the restrained Dodgers. It's a bit like what the Angels do, except with green/yellow replacing the red-heavy design. One of the most important fluctuations is that the team never adopted Forest Green or returned to cursive scripts (which appeared due to the Oakland team's different ownership), instead building upon and modernizing the Kelly/Yellow-Gold while emphasizing Old English text. The primary features the classic white elephant enclosed in a home plate shape, with "Los Angeles" at the top. The insignias include the "A's" mark and a new interlocking "LA." The home and road uniform modify my alternate take for Philadelphia, albeit with a crest-style home uniform and arched Old English on the road set. The number font is off of my Reds concept, as I like the wider font to mix up the different A's designs (it also has precedence in the 1960s and '70s). Sock stripes exhibit a truncated Packers stripe, to keep the white and yellow from not touching. The green alternates differentiate for each location, with the Old English "Athletics" on the home uniform. This set also has an "LA" cap, to slightly modernize their "initial LA" look (see the second set of special uniforms). The road alt features the A's insignia on the chest and the primary on the sleeve. The second set of alts feature a gold jersey and a throwback. The throwback is the 1955-60 Kansas City Athletics uniform, with a tiny modification for Los Angeles on the cap logo. This would be their pre-Charlie O. uniform, highlighting how "blah" the team was before he bought them. The primary dugout jacket feature the Packers-style stripe on the trim, with the insignias and tertiary logo on it. The throwback features the vintage script, with the "LA" logo on the back and the elephant on the sleeve. This one isn't all that different from my previous Athletics concepts, but it features its own unique touches (arched Old English, striping, etc.). Since the A's will show up a lot in the series, I've got to do a lot to make them different each time. Here, they're the more colorful, Old English-embracing alternate to the Dodgers. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, Charlie O. heads south! 1John E. Peterson, The Kansas City Athletics: A Baseball History, 1954–1967 (Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 2012), 100.
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    Frankly I can't believe there are people out there who prefer the navy uniforms.
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    They're clearly trying to have different looks per era. "Wilt / West", "Showtime", "Kobe / Shaq / just Kobe", "post Kobe (coincidentally, Lebron)" Going back wouldn't make sense. Minor-but-noticeable tweaks makes perfect sense. That sounds like a bit of hyperbole, because it makes the now-former set sound awful, when objectively, there's no reasonable argument for that opinion. Even if you're a proponent of the non-white number, the loss of side panels, the return of shadow, and loss of wishbone collar (which would justify the "every way" part), the "huge" part just seems a bit much. I think there are some improvements, some downgrades, and a lot of lateral moves with the new set. IMO, it's on the low end of lateral.
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    Of course the Spanos family waits until they move to LA to finally switch to powder blue. Yet another example of how little they cared about San Diegans or their support.
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    I'll stick by my belief that the Warner-Faulk era uniforms were the best the Rams have ever looked. Period. The only gripe I have is the shoulder caps are a bit crowded with both the Ram logo and the Reebok logo sandwiched under the stripe. But otherwise it's a solid 8 or 9/10 and is a few minor tweaks from perfection.
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    What's sad is that the jersey is pretty solid (in my opinion) and works with the pants, just needs gold horns on the helmet and gold trim on the navy stripe of the pants to look uniform. But, I'm biased since I grew up around Sam Bradford and actually like the Navy and Gold look they had when he was there.
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    The first thought that came to mind before anything else was "God, Darron Lee must feel so vindicated rn." Lee was the one who was posting around concepts that looked like this and begging the team to switch to them, so I'd rest easier. All in all, I'm just glad to have our first confirmation that 2019 won't be a boring offseason uni-wise (unless I'm forgetting something?).
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    I like these. Bring on a green helmet!
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    Iowa's numbers look like Michigan State numbers. I know they're not identical, but it's a similar design element. Copying a conference-mate's design element is usually not a good choice. See: Checkerboard War, Tennessee & Kentucky.
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    Like Ligue 1/EPL for sure. That on the sleeve would be much preferable.
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    Ehhh... I'm not really a fan of that route.. Imo, they already have their own look due to their numbers, and I think a gold outline would be a downgrade..
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    This is an incredible concept. It almost makes me hate PDX a little less... almost.. This color scheme would be a very easy transition for say, the Tampa Bay Rays to adopt should they ever decide to relocate.
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    Not really. Iowa would wear gold pants and have stripes on the sleeves, plus a block number font. Both are black and gold but distinct from one another.
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    First of all, I'd like to thank everybody for their kind words and feedback on the project! Over the course of the next few weeks, I'm going to try to update the post to include each teams kits, since I found some templates I can use. THOR Waterschei Koninklijke Waterschei SV THOR was a Belgian football team hailing from Genk, Limburg. It was founded in 1919 by workers of a mine company. To protest Francophone rule of the mine, they named their club Tot Herstel Onze Rechten what means as much as until our rights are restored. The club colors of black and yellow where also a nod to the Flemish flag. They reached the highest level of Belgian Football in 1954 but where relegated in 1956. Until 1978 the club played in the second division but during the late seventies trough the early eighties the club had a renaissance, becoming a regular in the first division and winning the Belgian Cup in 1980 and 1982. During this time they also had several European campaigns. Logo For this one I didn't really change much since I liked the simplicity of the original. I just simplified some elements but that's about it. The lettering was also something I really wanted to keep, since it's the centerpiece of the original. Kits The home kit is modeled on the one THOR wore during it's heyday. It's yellow with several black accents, most notably the black retro v-neck. The shirt is supplemented with yellow shorts and black socks. Like during those time the kits are supplied by Adidas. The away kit is much more modern as it features the 18/19 Adidas away pattern. The kit is blue with yellow accents. It is worn with blue shorts and blue socks. What happened to this club? While the club was financially stable and a fixture in the top tier in Belgian football, it became involved in the match fixing scandal also known as the Bellemans Affair in which Standard de Liege gave all THOR players 30.000 Francs to lose the last game of the season, and let to Standard becoming Champions. In 1986 the club went down to the second division again and in 1988 the club merged with KFC Winterslag (Wich will be included in this series) to become KRC Genk. The resulting club went on to have a decent amount of succes. Map
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    I don't get this one at all. 1 the back wing (in navy blue) almost looks like it's on top of the body, rather than behind. Either way you look at it, it's really poorly designed. 2. The white highlignts on the light-blue wing (and elsewhere on the logo) are too slight, and look like afterthoughts. 3. The feet look like they were just pasted on after it was done, like the designer was about to present it to the client and was like "oh crap", so just added the feet at the end. 4. It looks like the head was designed first, and then forced onto the body. Let's not even discuss the merits (or lack thereof) of the head, but designing like that never works.
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    I kinda like it. What I'd really like to see Iowa do is get rid of all of the white on their football uniforms, Black and gold with the northwestern stripe would be really sharp and different enough from the Steelers for Iowa to really have their own look.
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    Unfortunately the degree of upgrade is limited by that stupid silly font. It really looks like an error, rather than an intentional design.
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    Well worth the wait! As much as I like this set, there's something kind of un-LA about a green and gold color scheme. I wonder how it would look if you added a touch of red, which would mimic the Los Angeles flag:
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    A stupid narrative? That's what actually took place, not anyone's opinion. It takes a huge amount of homerism and moronism to neglect the fact that it's a soft move. And since when the opinions of fans - those, whose pockets the league is kept afloat with - aren't held that strongly? At least not by Durant, who has been sensitive to respond to them, even with burner accounts. I mean, it's a business and he is free to do what he wants, but if you make that kind of a move, be ready to face and take all the crap that will come your way.
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    Look on the bright side: at least you saw them win a Super Bowl before they left town. Those of us here in San Diego are sans team and sans Super Bowl. :censored: you, Spanos.
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    I got my hands on some good templates, so I decided to try my had at making kits. Here's Racing Club's striking pink/black away kit made by Umbro.
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    Thanks. Sure you can! Just make sure to give me proper credit in any public posting of them, please. Thanks! I really liked making this one. I do have to agree that the "Los Angeles" is a little bit crammed onto the uniform. The "LA" makes for a better road insignia. Thanks, guys! I do see the resemblance. Thanks! I like that it's a cleaner narrative than the modern AL Angels. Also, you're right about your first pick. SAN FRANCISCO SEALS (FORMER WASHINGTON SENATORS/NATIONALS or expansion team) - Seal of Approval From that same Hardball Times article, we get this tidbit: Again, O'Malley and Stoneham thwarted the Griffiths' plans to move out west. Admittedly, if anybody deserved to have their team rot in Candle$hit Park, it was Calvin Griffith. However. what if his rebound effort went through? Let's assume that the move happens in 1958, with an expansion team taking up residence in LA. Griffith continues as owner for a bit longer, selling in the 1970s under financial duress (maybe threatening a Toronto move). Bob Lurie would buy the team, have issues drawing fans to that garbage stadium, and would deal with potential relocations to San Jose and Tampa Bay. The Magowan/Baer ownership group stops the move from happening, building Lefty O'Doul Park in the China Basin. The uniforms would have a decidedly retro aesthetic, embracing the off-white color and baseball traditions of both the club and city. This scenario would also work with an expansion team, just replace Griffith with an initial ownership group. We've got a lovely identity salad of the current SF Giants, the Sens/Nats, and the PCL Seals here. The colors are the Seals' late 1930s-early 1940s navy and orange (co-balance, unlike the Tigers and Astros), with the off-white/creme of the current Giants. It works for both an expansion team and a modification of the Sens/Nats color scheme (like the Browns swapping brown for black as the Orioles). The primary logo combines and updates bits of my Project 32 concepts for the Giants and Seals (former Giants). I added a cap (1954 Orioles-ish) to the old seal logo (itself inspired by the PCL team's iconography) while using Belgrad for the roundel font (like the Art Deco of the Golden Gate Bridge). The cap logo and the seal are the secondary and tertiary, respectively. The home and road set have a significant influence from all three of the clubs' ancestors/relatives. The pinstriped home uniform (which have a large role in the Seals' uniform history) features an off-white base and a home script that combines the "S" of the Senators' 1959-60 script with the reverse tail of the late 1950s Seals. It was a nice little touch to the design. The road set uses the cap logo (itself a blend of the Seals' later cap logo and the Giants' modern design) as a crest, as "San Francisco" was too long to render in the script font. It's a look that history for both the Giants and Sens/Nats, so it works. The asymmetrical stripes separate them from the Tigers and Astros, tying in to the Senators-style sock stripes. I know that it's kind of an unwritten rule to not use sock stripes and pinstripes, but the design is simple enough to not pose a problem. The number font is the Giants' one, with a no-NOB home uniform (for the extra retro touch at Lefty O'Doul Park). The alternates are pretty standard, with an orange top at home and a navy one for the road. The away alternate uses the full-bodied seal logo, and the home jersey employs an alternate cap with an orange bill and white cap insignia. It's not that different from what the Giants do now, albeit with navy replacing black. If you want to see what the home/road set looks like with a "San Francisco" script (rejected because it was "too jammed on the uniform"), here you go (within spoiler tags)! The jacket features creme sleeves, the script on the front/primary on the back, and the sock striping on the trim. While I love my Giants, I'd be more than happy with my hometown team looking like this. It's an identity that tastefully modernizes the Seals' look while keeping them distinctive within the majors (DO YOU HEAR ME, PADRES?!). C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, the first stop in a long relocation roundelay. 1Paul Francis Sullivan, “The Franchise Moves That Almost Happened | The Hardball Times,” The Hardball Times, June 21, 2011, https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/the-franchise-moves-that-almost-happened/.
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    Washington DC = city of champions. It was fated, really.
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    Maybe add a gold outline? Would also hit the point of giving them their own look.
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    Navy blue has it's issues too. I will agree that maroon and black for Arizona State are more subtle as well.
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    Yeah, but a thunder chicken would be awesome.
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    I guess I wouldn't say I'm unclear about the levels, necessarily. It's partially what Kevin here is alluding to. We have the on-ice authentics, as in authentically what the players wear, which are no longer available for purchase. Then Adidas has its "authentics" that is sells, which is not authentically what the players wear. It's authentic in that yes it is officially licensed by the NHL and produced by its official jersey provider Adidas, but it is not an authentic as we the jersey buying/consuming public have become. As far as my interactions with it, it seems to me there's not much different between it and the Reebok premier replicas of years previous, other than the fight strap. Really that's the thing that bothers me. Then you have the piss-poor product that is the Fanatics replicas, which at best should not be sold anywhere outside of Wal-Mart. (It's really just of such a low quality, that when I see other fans buying them thinking they're the same as Reebok replicas it makes me annoyed with them and angry at NHL/Adidas/Fanatics for putting that out, how they're named, and what they're charging people for them.) The unclear/frustrating thing about the current situation with this jersey is look at what the Ducks Team Store (anaheimteamstore.com) is advertising vs. what the NHL Shop is advertising. Team Store: NHL Shop: To my eye shopping on the Internet, I would almost say the one on the Ducks Team Store sight looks like it has the cut of a real deal authentic. And it is more expensive, so in my head I say, "well damn it might just be the real deal authentic." That is until I remember Adidas doesn't sell the real deal authentics, and that pisses me off again. And then I see the image on the NHL Shop site, which looks more like the replica "authentic" Adidas sells. And it is less expensive, so in my head I say "well... which is it? Are they the same? Is this the Replithentic? Is the Ducks site authentic? What the is what?" And I clearly don't know what the is what any more, because the "authentics" Adidas are peddling aren't actually authentics. It's the disingenuous naming of it all that pisses me off, and confuses the general jersey-buying public. Now, following conversations in Facebook fan groups already has a certain level of idiocy to it, but idiocy in the Facebook Ducks groups about these jerseys and their general misunderstanding of it all (and the misdirected anger it creates) is at a level I have never seen.
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    QFT —— Buffalo: blue Miami: aqua New England: grey NY Jets: green Dallas: grey NY Giants: grey Philly: black or grey Washington: gold Baltimore: black Cincinnati: black Cleveland: brown or white Pittsburgh: black Chicago: blue Detroit: grey Green Bay: green Minnesota: purple Houston: blue Indy: blue Jacksonville: black Tennessee: blue Atlanta: black Carolina: black New Orleans: black Tampa Bay: black Denver: blue Kansas City: white LA Chargers: yellow** Oakland: grey or black Arizona: white LA Rams: blue San Francisco: red Seahawks: blue ** I am expecting this to be an unpopular opinion, but I thought their color rush helmet looked great and unique.
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    Well Nike completely ruined the wishbone collar this year so the only other option would be a v-neck collar which looks very out of place if used by the forum blue and gold.
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    I think he was being sarcastic, referring to the simplicity of their game unis.
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    The most important part of this announcement... The throwbacks are the official dark uniform. THE NAVY JERSEY IS DEAD.
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    Each of these photos keeps getting worse and worse! what potatoes are these people using out there
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