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    Split numbers! Finally! My holy crusade has come to an end. I may finally rest.
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    The Tigers standardizing logos seems like a good idea on paper, but I think the hat D is somewhat thin and doesn't fit with the jersey piping as nicely as the prior look did.
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    The 1995 Knicks called and said, “dude, we’re really diggin’ the black side panels — it totally adds to the color scheme!”
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    Thanks! I think I might do a full kelly/yellow/red set at the end of the series, once I figure it out on the alternates. You can bet that the Chicago A's/Seattle White Sox will happen (as will several more A's and White Sox relocation attempts). Anyway, it's time for Dallas! DALLAS ATHLETICS - That's one spiffy-looking elephant, I tell ya hwhat! I had been looking forward to doing this one from the start of the series, if only because of the different ways I could transpose the A's look onto Texas. This one has a bit more than rumor or periodical reports, but rather a rejected relocation vote. Per articles from The Hardball Times and Royals Review, Charlie O. Finley was fed up with Kansas City for a variety of reasons (the AFL Chiefs' preferential treatment, poor attendance, and lease negotiations).1 He wanted to move the team as early as 1962, only two years after purchasing the club from Arnold Johnson's estate. His desired location was the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but the other AL owners denied the move in late 1962. One could sum up Finley's Texas venture with this .gif: However, what if the AL owners saw the potential for growth within the market, and allowed Charlie O. to move there? The club would debut at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas (which totally had a baseball configuration, BTW - no idea about dimensions)2 in 1963, before the construction of Turnpike Stadium in Arlington (which would be less dumpy, given that it wouldn't be built on speculation). Charlie O. would debut his trademark Kelly Green, Tulane Gold, & Wedding Gown White (with white cleats) brand in Dallas, immediately setting the squad apart from their staid AF Kansas City uniforms. The Swingin' A's dynasty would cement the identity in Texas, much like it did in Oakland. While later owners darkened the green (for a more "old west" style), resurrected Connie Mack's white elephant (perfect for post-Southern Strategy Texas) and added a few "western" touches, the team still drew inspiration from Finley's aesthetic. Side note: I did consider going for a royal/red, navy/red, or royal/silver color scheme (for post-Charlie O. baseball), but I decided against it. If the NHL Stars could retain green (despite trying to ditch it - glad they didn't), then so could the A's with presumably even more competitive success.3 The primary logo features the A's 1994-2002 Spring Training logo, albeit without the sun and with the addition of a gold cowboy hat showing the "A's" insignia. I figured it was a way to "Dallas-ify" the logo a bit. It's in a roundel, featuring the Kansas University's classic Tiffany lettering and a yellow-white split. The secondaries include both "A's" and a "DA" mark. I opted to go for a "DA" one, because an Old English D is too Tigers for me. The tertiary is the elephant on its own. The home and road uniforms feature a few different touches from previous A's designs. The scripts use Herchey, with a warp applied and an underline. I figured that it gave the team a more "western" touch, perfect for playing in a retractable-roof version of The Ballpark in Arlington (why didn't they do that in the first place?). Old English front letters still appear. Gold bills appear on both uniforms, as it's such an amazing look for them (and the added yellow & white justify the look on the road). The sleeve and sock stripes use a dual motif, akin to the Cowboys. The number font is the Texas Rangers' modified MLB Block Standard, while the NOB font is the Kansas lettering. White cleats remain, because it's a fab look (and the Cowboys still do it) The alternates feature the "A's" crest, with the gold jersey exhibiting double striping with collar trim. The green alternate features the "DA" cap and the primary on the sleeve. I also opted for no outlines, as outlines just clutter up the look. I opted to include two Kelly Green-era uniforms, styled after the A's 1968-69 vests. The white option uses a "DALLAS" wordmark in the style of the 1968 Oakland uniforms, while the gold set is pretty much the 1964-1969 design. The cap logo uses the 1968-69 insignia. I added a patch that mixes the A's 1968-70 primary, a Texas outline (with a star over Dallas/Arlington), and a yellow base (like the 1971-81 primary design). The main dugout jacket uses a one-color version of the home script, with the cap logo on the side and the primary on the back. The throwback jacket is an update of this design, with the addition of the sleeve patch. All in all, the team's identity translates well to Dallas with the color scheme and marks adapting well to the Texan setting (without going overboard). C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, the A's relocation quest goes to an unusual place. 1Max Rieper, “Losing a Sports Team: The Relocation of the Kansas City Athletics,” Royals Review, January 20, 2016, https://www.royalsreview.com/2016/1/20/10761476/losing-a-sports-team-the-relocation-of-the-kansas-city-athletics; Paul Francis Sullivan, “The Franchise Moves That Almost Happened | The Hardball Times,” The Hardball Times, June 21, 2011, https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/the-franchise-moves-that-almost-happened/. 2“Eagles Baseball Opening Day Ticket, 1950,” accessed August 2, 2018, https://www.thestoryoftexas.com/discover/artifacts/baseball-ticket-spotlight-040315. 3Chris Smith, “Dallas Stars Reveal Road to Rebrand with Loads of Concepts,” icethetics.co, November 30, 2014, https://www.icethetics.co/blog/2014/11/30/dallas-stars-reveal-road-to-rebrand-with-loads-of-concepts.
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    Pennsylvania should have dealt with their Sandusky the way we dealt with ours. Would anyone have had a problem with Pennsylvania's Sandusky being sliced into three or four pieces and distributed throughout the state?
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    Isn't that more of a central Pennsylvania thing?
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    The Buffaslug logo and corresponding uniforms. A return to familiar colors combined with a fierce, modern theme led to a well-intentioned rebrand. Unfortunately it wasn't executed very well...
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    To me, the ultimate "looked good on paper" idea is a football uniform that tries to get the pants stripe to connect to the jersey side panels. I can't think of one time that actually worked. The original Bronco side panel uniform comes close, but still falls apart in practice.
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    Maybe an unpopular opinion, but Cooperalls. I was a kid playing pee-wee hockey when the Cooperall trend hit and man, I thought they were cool. Seemed like all the best kids in my league wore them, and then they even started showing up in the NHL. But, unfortunately, like the Titanic, they looked great until they hit the ice.
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    You say that like it’s a legitimate excuse for selling an unacceptable product.
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    Barf. The new shorts look like a pair of AND1 shorts you grab off the clearance rack at Walmart for $5 because you want something comfortable to wear when you're mowing the lawn.
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    I understood everything Keenan Allen said until "and still have that drip". When I hear "that drip" my mind jumps straight to some sort of STD.
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    Back after a long absence with some new updates! I have 9 new drawings to share and I'll be posting a new one each day. Anaheim Ducks 2.0 A discussion in one of the NHL threads inspired me to do something completely different for this team. I centered this identity around two prototype logos from 2006 and added jade to their colour scheme to acknowledge the Mighty years. The striping of the main set in inspired from their short lived alternate that predated their name change. The alternate is an attempt at salvaging what the team actually went with. C & C very much appreciated, thanks for looking! Anaheim Ducks 1.0
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    Not bad at all. My only complaints are that there isn't any gold on the white uniforms, and they repeated the Kings' old dumb mistake of wearing the city name at home and the team name on the road instead of the other way around. The statement uniform is a nice callback to the Vancouver days, and I like that Nike brought back the inlined numbers.
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    This is a pretty solid update for Memphis. I just wish they'd enlarge the wordmark & numerals on the front and have the collar designs repeat onto the Jersey cuffs.
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    So Grizzlies like Jaguars gonna play their games in practice jerseyes. Nice!
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    If ND does end up coming out in green vs. UM, I hope it looks something like this:
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    It never seemed like a good idea on paper. The mismatching D's on the Tigers uniform was a quirk perfect for a team of their heritage. Same for the smallish size of the D on the caps. Both tell the story without words that you're looking at an old ass baseball uniform built through tradition. You'd never have mistmatching D's if the team started today, which is why is worked for them. Also they've been mismatching forever so it sh*** on tradition to match them. Standardizing them, as well as increasing the size of the D on the hat, destroyed all of the character that uniform had and now it's just a navy blue and white baseball uniform. Snooze. Also the chest D worked better on the chest than the hat D. The hat D works better on the hat than the chest D. If they were going to pick one to use full time I think they chose the right one, but I waffle on that too.
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    I (We) get it already about the black side panels on the purple uniform... sheesh.
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    I will definitely work on shortening the bottoms, thanks for the feedback. And the goal of this is to get a full set I'm happy with to submit to the school so hopefully they adopt it. Rosemount has never had their own Leprechaun logo, they sometimes use the Notre Dame logo but I heard rumors that they aren't allowed to anymore. Anyways, I knew I needed to have one in this set that could be used as either a secondary or maybe even as a second main logo with the shamrock and script. I based it off of the old "cartoon" mascot logos often used by colleges and some high schools. The logo is an angry Leprechaun walking with his chest puffed out. Here is a version that is just the angry leprechaun head. Let me know what you think, cc is appreciated!
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    Really nice look; great graphic devices used in very appropriate and effective ways. My only nitpick is the wordmarks don’t maximize their effectiveness because of the limited size. I don’t dislike short letters, but when the lettering stands out as being small, it tends to look sub-professional to a degree. I think larger front numbers would help a little, but a slightly taller proportion to the letters (like they used to have) would be optimum. I think the court is a missed opportunity to drive the MEM pattern. I don’t love it.
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    At least there are no black side panels for no reason. They do look pretty good, though I don't like the lack of any trim on the arm holes. I guess that's to counteract the weird arm hole design. As a ex-Vancouver Grizzlies fan, I'm happy that there's a nod to them, whether that was done on purpose, or just sort of just happened.
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    Football sleeve stripes on undershirts is a big one. Also: 2in1 stirrup/sock things in the 90s. The "stirrup" line always ended very visibly above the top of the shoe.
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    Touch up the W on this Twins jersey so it flows with the rest of the script better. ...and then make it the primary and erase all trace of the current mustard jerseys.
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    Thank you so much! Now here are some USA outtakes that were requested earlier! Flipped lettering & star pattern, requested by @coco1997 & @NicDB: An off-white home option: And two variations of a gray road uniform, requested by @NicDB: Thanks again for following along, I know @Victormrey & I had a great time creating this series for you all!
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    I've seen a few other posters suffer with that same bug. Things like "the black panel is ugly and makes no sense on a purple Laker jersey" gets auto-corrected to "I don't mind the black panel" or, even more egregious, "I like the black panel." Someone should really fix it.
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    Jets fans are pretty blue collar and no nonsense. I really don't think they will even take the Giants into account when changing our uni's And I actually see the Giants in a few years going back to this permanently
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    For the last few years I have been tinkering with the idea of redesigning the logos of my (now former) high school. I finally decided to give it a shot because the schools current identity is a mess. There is only one official logo that doesn't have seemingly thousands of variants and that is just the school crest. My goal was to create a total logo set complete with an updated crest, a leprechaun logo, a shamrock with script logo, and some alternates that can be used in other situations or for specific sports. Some major differences that will be in all of the new logos is the change from a normal blue to navy and yellow to a more athletic gold color. I did this so the schools colors would acctually match the schools sports teams, green is used as an accent color but is not a main color outside of logos. Without further ado, lets begin. Up first is my updated version of the school crest. Below is the current crest for comparison. Changes: New bold font that is easily read and is equal thickness throughout. Updated lamp and shamrock R adjusted to be more even modernized vines Equal weight of outlines througout Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
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    Ever thought of a uniform style and think "yeah, this would look great" then see it in person and go "oof, maybe this wasn't a good idea..." 2 always come to mind when I think of this: The white hats the Mets and Reds briefly wore in the 90s seemed like a good idea on paper. I feel they still work as fashion hats but on a professional uniform? Not so much. Another that comes to mind are the Seahawks Neon Green uniforms. I still feel this should've worked but combining them with dark pants and not white lead to a very poor result.
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    There's stuff I like and stuff I don't like. It's mildly amusing that they're trumpeting their FedEx sponsorship -- some of us remember when the league was aghast at the possibility of renaming the team the "Memphis Express," which sounded cool and would have been a rare acceptable singular alongside the Heat and Jazz.
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    Teams without black look stupid with black socks and cleats. Miami looked stupid last year. Texas will look stupid this year.
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    I like em other than the name beneath the numbers.
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    Hahahahahaha what the are the Hurricanes. There's no way Dundon isn't stripping this thing for Quebec or other.
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    DETROIT AUTOS Founded 1924 Based In Detroit, Michigan Home Field Ford Field Head Coach Brad McDaniels Offensive Coordinator Mike Palmer Defensive Coordinator George Clemons General Manager Mark Lynch Owner(s) Mike Dolan Colors Blue, Red, & Silver MLF Championships 1 Overview: Brad McDaniels is a John Arnett disciple & suffered through a 1-15 season knowing that he would have a chance to draft a really special talent at QB. Ever since QB Marcus King went to Portland Detroit has went through starting QB's. The decision to draft Brett Barnett was not a lock but certainly one that was expected by many. The draft was really good for them as they had five draft picks in the first 64. Barnett, DE Marcus Armstrong, RB Andre Doucette, CB Jaire Kelly, T Mike Mazano, & TE Dave Gebeki all appear to be starters for them now or in the near future. The defense also picked up a majore free agent in 27 year old LB Mario Rogers from Atlanta.
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    https://twitter.com/TexasFootball/status/1025030621129854976 This is actually a pleasant announcement.
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    The yellow uniform: A The purple uniform: F The white uniform: C
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    This season is breaking last season's record, which broke the previous season's record, which broke the previous season's record, for least excited I've ever been for an upcoming NFL season. The anthem issue couldn't have been handled any worse. The only thing handled worse than the anthem stuff are the new tackling rules. The new tackling rules are going to be a complete :censored:ing mess, called with zero consistency play-to-play, game-to-game, or team-to-team, and we're all going to hate it. Did you read about how the teams have been given presentations from the officials on what to expect? The players are more confused than they were before the demonstration and the officials really have no idea what is and isn't a penalty or how to call the new rule. It's going to be a :censored:ing disaster. They finally fixed the dumb AF catch rule only to turn around and make the tackling version of the catch rule. Nobody was asking for it, it won't actually help player safety, it'll affect way more plays than the catch rule, and requires even more speedy subjective, judgment call officiating. At least you could review the catch rule. Also keep an eye on who leads the league in fewest illegal hit penalties for their defense and who draws the most flags while on offense. I bet you at the end of the year the answer rhymes with :censored:tttspurgh peelers or boo shmengland shmatriots. I'm basically done. If you went up to 15 Year Old Me and said "in fifteen years 30 Year Old You is not only not going to care about what happens on the field, but you'll also actively loathe the sport" you would have shocked me to my core.
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    It always seemed so painfully obvious to me to have a portion of revenue generated from streaming in-market games be apportioned to those teams' RSNs. So, for instance, MASN would hold broadcast rights for the Orioles within the Baltimore area, and if a person in Baltimore streams an Orioles game through MLB.tv, MASN would receive a percentage of the revenue generated from that. Basically, make up for the revenue "lost" by not having that person watch on cable, rather than online. Seems like something anyone who's taken a few classes in economics could figure out, but what do I know? ?
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    I really hope that shade of green is just for contrast purposes in the promo. Their avatar gives me hope that it's actually Kelly green though. I really hope it's just a simple, kelly green version of the regular jerseys, but I know better than to get my hopes up. They will probably be lime green jerseys and pants with black numbers, and some stupid sublimation somewhere.
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    Your auto-correct typed, “The black stripe on the shorts sucks as bad as the black stripe on the jerseys” wrong.
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    Thank you so much for the consistently great feedback, it is very much appreciated! USA outtakes should be posted tomorrow, and it sounds like you'll like what you see! Thanks! And sure thing, here's a look:
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    But wait... the Giraffe doesn't have a black side panel .
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    I'm actually fine with white caps and colored brims. Especially if a team wears them from the start, what's the issue? In these instances, it only really looks odd because it was more of a short-term thing than anything else.
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    Next up is what I would imagine would be the new main logo. It is an updated version of the current "shamrock with script" logo that the school currently uses seemingly thousands of variations of. Whether it be different scripts, different shamrocks, or varying colors, I decided to make a version that would finally allow the school to have a constant main logo. Changes: Custom "Irish" script New updated shamrock Navy outline to shamrock and script Green and gold no longer touch Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
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