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    The 1995 Knicks called and said, “dude, we’re really diggin’ the black side panels — it totally adds to the color scheme!”
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    Isn't that more of a central Pennsylvania thing?
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    To me, the ultimate "looked good on paper" idea is a football uniform that tries to get the pants stripe to connect to the jersey side panels. I can't think of one time that actually worked. The original Bronco side panel uniform comes close, but still falls apart in practice.
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    You say that like it’s a legitimate excuse for selling an unacceptable product.
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    Football sleeve stripes on undershirts is a big one. Also: 2in1 stirrup/sock things in the 90s. The "stirrup" line always ended very visibly above the top of the shoe.
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    Thank you so much! Now here are some USA outtakes that were requested earlier! Flipped lettering & star pattern, requested by @coco1997 & @NicDB: An off-white home option: And two variations of a gray road uniform, requested by @NicDB: Thanks again for following along, I know @Victormrey & I had a great time creating this series for you all!
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    Jets fans are pretty blue collar and no nonsense. I really don't think they will even take the Giants into account when changing our uni's And I actually see the Giants in a few years going back to this permanently
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    For the last few years I have been tinkering with the idea of redesigning the logos of my (now former) high school. I finally decided to give it a shot because the schools current identity is a mess. There is only one official logo that doesn't have seemingly thousands of variants and that is just the school crest. My goal was to create a total logo set complete with an updated crest, a leprechaun logo, a shamrock with script logo, and some alternates that can be used in other situations or for specific sports. Some major differences that will be in all of the new logos is the change from a normal blue to navy and yellow to a more athletic gold color. I did this so the schools colors would acctually match the schools sports teams, green is used as an accent color but is not a main color outside of logos. Without further ado, lets begin. Up first is my updated version of the school crest. Below is the current crest for comparison. Changes: New bold font that is easily read and is equal thickness throughout. Updated lamp and shamrock R adjusted to be more even modernized vines Equal weight of outlines througout Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
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    That Statement uni is dope. Make all three in that design and these would be top 10
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    When your bling is iced out but that :censored: melting from all your hot bars, you got the drip. Just another word for immense swag. Guy 1:"Yo, that new rapper got the drip." Guy 2: "For real yo, he drippin."
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    I actually really love the Baltimore Ravens number font. Fits their identity perfect imo.
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    Next! Ottawa Senators 2.0 Decided to base this update around the previous alternate and give it the logo the actual team should use. The main set attempts to encapsulate the entire history of Ottawa hockey, merging the barber-pole look with the roman theme. C & C appreciate, thanks for looking! Ottawa Senators 1.0
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    Ya! And how dare anyone introduce some humor into the discussion!
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    Is Urban going to step down again from heart complications again???
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    The New York Empire have great road uniforms; but their home uniforms are not very good. A non-uniform-related comment, if I may: I was surprised at how great a spectator sport ultimate frisbee is. These matches are beautiful to watch. To see for yourself, check out the AUDL's YouTube channel.
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    No black trim, green and white need no help from a third color. They work perfectly fine together. I actually like the jets current modern Namath throwbacks, especially if they could fix the green or just change it to kelly green. But regarding the black trim, this is 1000000 times better than this
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    Nike is the king of useless design details.
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    That’s reminds me of if the Rockets did the MLB’s turn back the clock event
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    Please for the love of god do this:
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    I always really liked the Tennessee Oilers uni patch for whatever reason:
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    Next team Tampa Bay Lightning The biggest mistake this team ever made was ditching the Hawaiian blue for Royal. I sought to make a set that tipped the hat the cup winning jerseys with a little added flair. Silver is now a significant part of the striping and the electric motif is incorporated into the shoulder yokes. The primary logo is based off the inner part of the current shoulder patch with the large silver area restored. I loved how the reflective material glistened under the arena lights giving the crest an electric vibe. The alternate has an original logo I've used before and has a striping pattern that also uses the electric motif. C & C really appreciated at this point. Thanks for looking!
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    Jon Hollamby, a Sydney-based art director specializing in branding and advertising, wrote a Medium post titled, "Forget about your :censored:ing logo. Nobody cares." It was later picked up and edited a bit by Fast Company, but I'll post excerpts from the original (linked above).
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    I'm betting it's true. Meyer has a reputation for looking the other way (Aaron Hernandez, for example) when a high quality player has "character issues." He also has a reputation for having bit of a "God complex" as in he thinks he can fix anyone. In any case, if this is true - and I think it is - he needs to be fired. I hate seeing this sort of thing. It's just wrong. Standing idly by with full knowledge that the wife of one of your coaches is being abused is simply unacceptable. Period.
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    These are really nice uniforms. They finally back to inline numbers and gives a nod to the past. Association and Icon to Memphis Sound and late Vancouver/early Memphis, Statement to Vancouver. I'm only not a fan of NOB below the numbers except Statement which has it above (last season it was reversed). What about court, design looks very 70's (funky!), but put some color on it. Navy sidelines with light blue and yellow stripes might looks better. Big plus for parquet in vertically position. This is something that my hometown team use for years and I love it.
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    don't care for how small the city/team name (shouldn't those be swapped on the home and away?) and numbers are on the front, but i do like how big they are on the back. i don't love the name being under the numbers, either. the 'asymmetry' is dumb, too. all that said, it could've been worse and i like the inline in the #s.
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    I prefer their yellow numbers.
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    The first thing I thought of is Washington's (NFL) yellow pants. I like the maroon and gold/yellow scheme. and the idea of yellow pants sounded awesome. But I really don't like it. I prefer white pants with the maroon tops and vice versa. The other one is that we lament to mismatched blues and silvers in the Cowboys uniform but every concept that fixes that looks kinda boring. I think I am content with where the Cowboys are at. I don't think syncing the blues and slivers would work as well as most people think. These are probably both unpopular opinions.
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    Just FYI, the Nike check on the front facing shot on the left side is black instead of teal. Just letting you know in case you're a perfectionist like me. Great work on these!
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    Now for the 2018 Champions! I was not a fan of France's 2018 kit so I based my design on the nation's 2014 set up. I feel like France should wear a simple and classic kit so that's what I tried to achieve. As always C&C is appreciated.
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    Awesome work! Clean updates across the board. Rosemount needs to adopt these yesterday! One nitpick, though. The script R doesn’t really read. I think part of the reason is the bottom curves are too symmetrical. The symmetry gives it balance, but makes it look less like an R. After writing that, I think I figured out what the root of the problem with it is. The elbow where the bottom-right curve and the loop of the R meet might be too high up on the letter form. If you brought that elbow down a little bit, it would read a lot better, and without sacrificing the symmetry that makes it visually appealing and clover-like. Hope I could help a little. Now that Rosemount is going to have its own unique logo set, I’d love to see high schools across the nation follow suit. There’s not a high school in the country that couldn’t benefit from an update as professional as this.
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    All navy actually looks good except for the helmet. It's because of the bolt stripes on the jersey and pants matching, so I can totally get behind the monochrome look cause it matches well.
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    No argument there. It’s even more puzzling considering this has already been tried and failed in both soccer and hockey, I think. In fact, the entire concept of scanning something with your phone (QR code, etc.) to get “exclusive content” is a complete failure for my generation and beyond. I’m interested to hear from younger people; is there anything that would honestly get you to engage with your phone other than free food or free clothing?
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    My Ideal St. Louis Blues: I really like the Blues current jerseys (minus the white numbers), which is reflected by my "ideal" set. The biggest change is removing the gap in the arm and hem stripes, any other changes are pretty minor. New Look St. Louis Blues: My goal here was to give the Blues a fresh look, while using their original royal blue and yellow colour scheme. For the logos, I curved the top of the blue-note and used their roundel as a shoulder patch. I wanted to keep the striping pattern simple and clean, and I tried numbers on the pants just to experiment a bit. Also, sorry it's been so long since the last concept.
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    I think it's pretty obvious they wanted the gold unis to look really sharp. Those shorts look good...just a simple update of the 80s shorts. The purple set..."Meh, let's play around with it".
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    i really like the green, but throw me in for someone who desperately wants to see the return of a green helmet.
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    Thanks for sharing; the shorts, though, are disgusting.
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    Is this back-facing face a legitimate, fabled tradition with purposeful meaning or a simple oversight that we assign meaning to simply because it happened a long time ago?
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    Always thought the deer crossing symbol would look cool on the side of a football helmet
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    i think that would be too similar to the Colts. here's a green pants option and color swatches of other teams to compare.
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    Other than last year's AFC championship game, you mean?
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    I dont get why Memphis hasn't taken advantage of the 90s nostalgia and worn throwbacks yet.
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    Either: A- Outline the Name/Number(s) in white B- Change the Name/Number(s) to white & make the lighter black/grey stripes to white
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    How does LAFC even have hooligans already? You just decided to be a fan of that team like a few months ago. It's not like you were raised an LAFC fan and it's ingrained in your family's DNA. Even then it would be unacceptable to behave like that, but at least it would make a little more sense.
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    Game jerseys in practice? Bold move ?
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    IMO navy and black make no sense as they blend in far too much.
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    That's why I thought a logical next step was to simply switch out the navy for brown on that set and call it a day. Would have been a perfect way to grow support for the team that otherwise has little if any support. But this is why they are the Padres.
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    I love the Smiling Louis and would love to see some semi-pro St. Louis team adopt it. I like any references to the city's namesake -- I think I've mentioned before that the Apotheosis is a very underrated civic symbol that's been overshadowed by the Arch, and I'd love to see the Blues in particular, whose fanbase seems much less regional than that of the Cardinals, find a place for it. What's cool about the Browns concept is that the brown/beige/red feels very Germanic in a way that's suited to the very German city of St. Louis. The city's French heritage is hard to miss, of course, but it's pretty damn krauty in Missouri. (It's really just a sweatier, ruder Wisconsin.) There's a little town out by Jefferson City where the street signs are in German.
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    Next up, thanks to @RedfieldNick's suggestion, is the Montreal Expos in the style of the historic Montreal Canadiens. For this concept, I made the base colour the powder blue used by the expos for most of their history. The chest stripe is made of the blue-white-red sleeve striping from the Expos' original jerseys. The away jersey features a powder blue yoke and cuff. The pant striping, although not visible, is a version of the racing stripe expos jersey. on the back of the jerseys is the lake Gary Carter. If anyone wants, I can make a version with the Expos blue as the base colour. C&C is appreciated!
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    Next up is the first Canadian team in this series, the Calgary Flames. The only valid team I could choose for this was the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL. Unfortunately, with the Flames' awful jerseys, this didn't result in a great look, but I feel like I translate the Stampeders' jersey design well into this concept. C&C is appreciated!
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