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    The White Sox should bring back the diamond sleeve patch to their road uniform:
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    Speaking of which, have you guys seen the back of that lid? Yikes.
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    It's time for the first team! The uniform template I will be using for all teams is an my own edited version of raysox's base template. Team: Los Angeles Palms Located: Los Angeles, CA Owner: Pacific Enterprises Colors: Green, Light Blue The Palms are owned by the extremely wealthy Pacific Enterprises. They called they team the Palms because they said they “represent the heart and spirit of Los Angeles” -Richard Newman, CEO Logos Uniforms Field C&C on the LA Palms is appreciated + encouraged!
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    "You just don't get the bond that CITY X has with the team. The fans are all lunch pail guys who either work at the mill or their father did before it was shut down. They really appreciate how much the smashmouth football played by TEAM Y reflects the image of the town."
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    Panthers to Replace NFL Shield with Logo at Mid-Field August 4, 2018 - 15:24 PM This morning the Carolina Panthers tweeted a video addressing the most pressing concern that faces the team heading into the 2018 season… the mid-field logo. For years, the Carolina Panthers have opted to go with the NFL shield at the 50-yard […] Read More...
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    Today, Terrell Owens starts his speech by claiming his protest of the HOF ceremony has nothing to do with how long he had to wait to be enshrined, then proceeds to spend the next 40 minutes complaining about how long he had to wait to be enshrined. What a dopey douche bag.
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    Mentally, I’ve always thought of the Jets as the darker green team and the Eagles as the kelly green team... I don’t think I could process the Jets going back to kelly green and the Eagles staying with dark green.
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    One team in one season ended all arguments in favor of mucking up the middle of a shirt with an ad.
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    I don’t think Shaq ever wore that. It’s way too small.
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    Dang, those shoulders look so barren. I know they aren’t required for college ball and aren’t exactly “necessary” anymore, but TV numbers have always made a uniform feel more complete to me. For instance, Clemson totally boosted their look for me when they added them alongside their paws two years ago. It’s such a pet peeve of mine that I feel like I can’t judge a set properly if they aren’t present, especially when there’s so much negative space left behind. Am I alone here?
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    One of the best uniforms Adidas has designed in quite some time. 9/10
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    I dissagre with you, when you looking at white Real jersey you don't think "Oh this is a Fly Emirates team" or red Man United "Oh this is a Chevrolet team". First you see club then sponsor. Ok some sponsors are heavily related with club like Sharp with United, Carlsberg with Liverpool, Reebok with Bolton, Abn Amro with Ajax, etc. but this is an other case.
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    The Supersonics were arguably the most "established" team to relocate since the Brooklyn Dodgers. They won a world championship in the '70s (a dark night of the soul for the NBA but a championship nevertheless), had Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp in the '90s, and were generally a contending team with a passionate and savvy fanbase. Anyone could see that the Supersonics were righteously screwed when the team was sold to the businessmen who were underwriting the Hornets' visit to Oklahoma City, David Stern not allowing George Shinn to sell the Hornets to them when he wanted to. Crewcut Clay and his goons demanded a free arena in Renton that would have been exorbitantly costly to taxpayers and a logistical nightmare, and then bailed because they claimed they technically tried, even though it was an obvious fox-in-the-henhouse scenario from the outset. Sonicsgate says it all better than I can. Whaler nostalgia is mostly about how idiosyncratic the whole team was, with its clever logo, goofy theme song, losing nature, dumpy arena, grim city, and that they were the only team in town, the NHL having a lot of those until killing off three of them in a row. I know that as an NHL fan, I love the league's weirdness -- God knows there's a lot that frustrates me about the league, but deep in my heart I dig the insularity and just-below-the-mainstream feel relative to the other three. And of course, the Whalers were another team that was done dirty by ill-intentioned owners and a league that didn't want them: a group of local bidders was turned away in favor of Michigan businessmen who wanted to move the team to suburban Detroit to stick it to Mike Ilitch. The fanbase was challenged to buy a sufficient number of season tickets to save the team, they did, and then that still wasn't enough. So that certainly engenders sympathy. But I think most of us romanticize the NHL as a tightly-knit, mostly regional league where everyone hates everyone else, and having Hartford tucked in there with New York, Long Island, Newark, Boston, Buffalo, Montreal, and Quebec City helps with that. I was even listening to "Rhiannon" while I wrote all that, just like that scene early in Slap Shot.
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    Sounds like a font name
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    Austin Bold sounds like a knockoff of Comic Sans.
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    Shoulda named it Austin, Steve SC (SC for Soccer Club or for Stone Cold?? Youuuu decide ?)
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    The main set looks really sharp and I think most people on these boards would be stoked if the real team went in that direction. The new number font works surprisingly well with their old colour configuration and the shoulder patch gives some balance to previously bottom heavy design. My only criticisms are the decision to make the triangle in the road logo purple (it just looks better in jade IMO) and the decision not to wrap the sleeve stripes all the way around. That being said, this is great start to your series and I look forward to seeing more.
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    You guys have done an excellent job wrapping up the series. Puerto Rico, South Africa, South Korea, and Spain all feature inspired uses of their respective color schemes and wordmarks. The Puerto Rco updates, South Africa’s alternates, South Korea’s home/updated road uniforms, and Spain’s whole set (those raglan stripes!) are especially fantastic. I have no substantial nitpicks for any of them. Your US updates are fantastic as well. I prefer navy-centric, but that’s just me. This is has been an excellent series to follow. Good work, guys!
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    I absolutely LOVE this series! I've always loved Minnesota hockey history, and to expand on it, and make it something original is really cool! Have you thought about expanding into White Bear? White Bear Lake has had a long history with Frank "Moose" Goheen, and having a high school program since the first state tourney.
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    If you're looking for eventual ideas: Supposedly in 1975, 5 years after the Seattle Pilots were moved to Milwaukee, it almost caused the White Sox to move to Seattle and the Athletics to move to Chicago. The Twins almost moved to North Carolina in 1997
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    Anaheim Ducks I've long been a proponent of the Ducks going back to the Mighty Ducks colors/logo full-time in some capacity. While I'd prefer that they go back to the late 90s/early 2000s look (i.e., with the shoulder patch) as their home and road, I realize that at most, it'll be an alternate. For the purposes of this project, the Ducks are still just the Anaheim Ducks, but have reverted their colors back to the eggplant and jade. There's no reason why they can't go back to the colors and keep the current name. I kept the current number font and shoulder patch because they both work well. Also, because I can't leave out a nod to the Ducks being Orange County's team, the sticks in the logo are orange. The alternates are, for all intents and purposes, eggplant and jade-ified versions of their RL home and road jerseys.
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    Sorry for the long break, but I'm back with a concept for the Timbers! On the sleeves and hem, I used the thin-thick-thin yellow pattern from the logo, and outlined it in green on the white jerseys. The back numbers match the logo outlines, and the TV numbers are overlaid on the striping, matching the T in the logo. What do you think? C&C Appreciated! (This is also the concept I’m using for the semi-finals of the HJC Open on Monday along with a yellow alternate jersey, so I’d also appreciate any votes)
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    Plus, the new bear claw is .00081% lighter than the old one so the players are faster...
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    Kind of surprised they didn't roll it out this year - 20 years since the last change, new QB - might cut into some of the Darnold jersey sales if people know something new is moving next year. Or do normies not really care about such things?
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    I hated that uniform with a passion. The games looked like black-and-white TV. The Alumni jersey uses the colors much better, but overall, I detest hockey uniforms that feature same-color tops and bottoms.
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    Helmet is kinda like an angrier version of Banzai Bill Great update - the old colors didn't really fit the team - and certainly very early 90's.
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    I kind wish we didn't know about the change. It's going to bee a long 8 month wait...
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    Needs a navy alternate and that set would be 10/10
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    The closer they can get to the pic Jamal Adams shared, the better.
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    Express sounds like an Arena League or 90s MLS name. Grizzlies isn't any different than being Tigers or Bears, just a bit more specific, and isn't nearly as goofy as Raptors. At its worst, Grizzlies is inoffensive as a team name.
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    The NHL is frustrating in that it keeps trying to force its way into parts of the country that don't want it rather than embracing that it's naturally more popular in certain regions than others. Hartford, Quebec City, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis (yes, in addition to St. Paul), Hamilton, Grand Rapids, and probably Salt Lake City would all host NHL clubs in a perfect world. Granted, I grew up with the IHL and many of these are IHL cities. So maybe I'm biased.
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    Why did they turn the bear paw? It looked WAAAAAY better before.
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    Auburn was definitely the easiest team I've designed thus far, thanks to the incredible efforts of @Clintau24. The Auburn Uniform Database was monumental for the Tigers concepts. That being said, the ever traditional Auburn Tigers uniforms well, will stay that way. No reason to get away from a working and winning set of uniforms. That also being said, there are minor changes here and there. Football - There is not a whole lot to say about the football uniforms. The biggest change is the pants stripe which changes to match the helmet and jersey stripes. Also speaking of jerseys, BAM, orange alternate jersey. The other sports have been doing it for a while now, it seemed like it was time to add football to the mix. The numbers were the biggest question mark I had so I just kept them white and added a blue outline to it. For the alternate helmet, its more like an alternate facemask which is an orange option. Hockey - The club team for Auburn is slightly less traditional than most of the teams as they exist now. So that changes a fair bit. Striping matches up with everyone else, single color numbers on the home and away, outlined on the alt jersey. Pants have the stripe down the side. White helmets, like football. Baseball - Again, keeping in with the traditional theme here. Hats and helmets are either navy/orange with the UA logo or navy/navy with the UA logo. White felt very out of place so it didn't make the cut. Jerseys have the NW stripe on the sleeves and as well down the pants. TIGERS on the home, AUBURN on the road, and script AUBURN on the alternate. Basketball - I always seem to get hung up on the basketball uniforms since there are no sleeves here to make transitioning a design easy. Nevertheless I think I came up with a winning look. I like the Under Armour cut off collar striping a strange amount so I kept a variation of it on these Nike uniforms. I took the idea of the throwback uniforms and simply changed out the stripe for the NW stripe. On the shorts, I went a little nikeish and cut the stripes based on the angle of the seam and tucked the UA logo in the cut. C&C welcome!
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    That's a bold strategy Austin; let's see if it pays off.
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    On the bright side, Milwaukee Torrent is no longer the stupidest soccer team name in the country. How are Americans still struggling this bad with soccer names?
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    Just spitballin' here, but I'm thinking that the "1,2,3" might be a stylized rendering of the observation tower at the Circuit of the Americas. Frankly, if that wasn't what the graphic designers meant it to be, it is what they should claim they were shooting for.
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    I think this set is very Memphis, which is extremely good. The lack of collar striping on the white and navy jerseys cheapens the look a bit, as does the small wordmark and front numbers. Those kinda make these seem like cheap high school jerseys. The overall design is really nice though, and the light blue jersey is wonderful. I might have to pick up a pair of those shorts at some point.
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    Green Bay doesn't even have shirts with collars yet.
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    That's one of the worst names I've ever heard, and I can't see anything in the logo besides L3.
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    I"ve been making the point for years that the name should go below the number on basketball jerseys. It makes so much sense. The only reason it might look bad is that people aren't used to it. You use phrases like "obviously doesn't look as good", which is "obviously wrong", because some people think it not only looks as good, but even better. Opinions != facts.
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    I saw this article. Sounds like he got dumped by that hot logo designer who works down the hall.
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    Actually, I was saying Boo-urns.
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    Split numbers! Finally! My holy crusade has come to an end. I may finally rest.
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    I prefer their yellow numbers.
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    This post makes zero sense. They wante to have a throwback. They couldn’t. So rather than mix eras/colors, they decided to keep their current look. It’s the exact opposite of the Rams. They’re not playing anything with their fans. This is misinformed.
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    This thread isn't quite dead yet! Okay guys busy spring/summer so I'm way behind. Thanks for checking in every once and a while. Anyway, here's the scoop on what's been going on during the offseason in the American Football League. Franchise Moves/Stadium News: The Baltimore Admirals signed a two year lease agreement to stay in Baltimore with the stipulation that the team will negotiate with the city and state to come to terms for building a new stadium. The New York Falcons will not be changing their name the Brooklyn upon the completion of their new stadium before the 2019 season. No word on whether any uniform or logo changes will coincide with the move. Ownership groups in Portland and Salt Lake City have both made strong pushes for expansion or relocation to their respective cities. At this point, expansion isn't really on the table for the AFL, but look for the Admirals to use either city as leverage in Baltimore. AFL Awards MVP-Todd Wolters, QB MIL Wolters lead the Chiefs to the playoffs yet again and was the epitome of MVP for his team last season, passing for 5016yds and tossing 48 TD passes in Milwaukee's pass-happy offense. Rookie of the Year- Alfred Romo, QB ATL Romo led the Titans to the franchise's first playoff berth since the 2009 season Coach of the Year- Pete Mullen, ATL With a rookie QB, Mullen turned the Titans around and brought them back to the post season in his second year as Head Coach Defensive Player of the Year- JuWan Richardson, DE NYE This man is a freak: 22 sacks, 1 INT, 4 FF, and 1 TD return Uniform/Logo News: The LA Knights will be debuting a fauxback look of sorts, returning to royal blue and gold Birmingham Copperheads: The Copperheads will be making some subtle tweaks to their logo and colors, while completely overhauling their uniforms. New Orleans Pirates: The Pirates will be moving on from their dated logo and color scheme to something more traditional and contemporary. Full unveils for each update will be coming shortly. The AFL Draft took place on April and a full review of the 1st round will be coming shortly. Notable Player/Coach Retirements: Julio Lewis-LB Washington Federals Lewis was the heart and soul of the Feds for 16 prolific years where he racked up 10 All-AFL nods and won the Defensive Player of the Year Award. Todd Wolters- QB, Milwaukee Chiefs. Wolters surprised everyone, including his team, by ending his hall of fame-worthy career at age 36, when it appeared he still had plenty in the tank back in April. Randall Walker-LT, Dallas Oilers A perennial All-AFL player, Walker has decided to hang up his cleats and move on to the broadcasting studio for NBC. Notable Hirings/Firings -The San Diego Destroyers fired their head coach after his third consecutive losing season. He was replaced with Seattle's DC, Bill Graham. Hopefully Graham can turn things around for the lowly Destroyers. -The Houston Comets and head coach Marty Ball decided to part ways at the end of the season as Ball's contract expired. During Ball's tenure the Comets could never quite get over the hump and make it to the post season consistently. Houston promoted well-regarded Offensive Coordinator, Mack Jennings to helm the squad. -After a disappointing season, the Cincinnati Hawks decided it was time for a change and brought in former Comets coach, Marty Ball to turn things around for the franchise. Spring Meetings/Rule Changes -In the Spring Owners Meetings, the AFL owners discussed adding a Wild Card round to the playoffs, by expanding to either 10 or 12 teams, giving the top 2 or 4 seeds a first round bye. More research will be done and a decision could be reached before the 2019 season. In Other News Around the AFL -Indianapolis Stars veteran QB, Nathan Turner is tired of fielding questions about his retirement. The QB, who will be 41 when the season begins, says "As long as I feel good and and I can help the team win, I'll play. That's all I'm going to say on the subject". Training Camp for all 32 teams starts Monday, July 30. Thanks for hanging in there and look for the Draft review and some uniform in unveilings/template updates to come in the near future. Thanks again.
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    Next up is the Philadelphia Union. I based the striping off the pattern in the background of their current primary logo, but ditched in in favour of their simpler secondary logo. I matched the name and numbers to their wordmark, and used a slight gradient on the gold striping. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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