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    "You just don't get the bond that CITY X has with the team. The fans are all lunch pail guys who either work at the mill or their father did before it was shut down. They really appreciate how much the smashmouth football played by TEAM Y reflects the image of the town."
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    I don’t think Shaq ever wore that. It’s way too small.
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    One of the best uniforms Adidas has designed in quite some time. 9/10
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    The Supersonics were arguably the most "established" team to relocate since the Brooklyn Dodgers. They won a world championship in the '70s (a dark night of the soul for the NBA but a championship nevertheless), had Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp in the '90s, and were generally a contending team with a passionate and savvy fanbase. Anyone could see that the Supersonics were righteously screwed when the team was sold to the businessmen who were underwriting the Hornets' visit to Oklahoma City, David Stern not allowing George Shinn to sell the Hornets to them when he wanted to. Crewcut Clay and his goons demanded a free arena in Renton that would have been exorbitantly costly to taxpayers and a logistical nightmare, and then bailed because they claimed they technically tried, even though it was an obvious fox-in-the-henhouse scenario from the outset. Sonicsgate says it all better than I can. Whaler nostalgia is mostly about how idiosyncratic the whole team was, with its clever logo, goofy theme song, losing nature, dumpy arena, grim city, and that they were the only team in town, the NHL having a lot of those until killing off three of them in a row. I know that as an NHL fan, I love the league's weirdness -- God knows there's a lot that frustrates me about the league, but deep in my heart I dig the insularity and just-below-the-mainstream feel relative to the other three. And of course, the Whalers were another team that was done dirty by ill-intentioned owners and a league that didn't want them: a group of local bidders was turned away in favor of Michigan businessmen who wanted to move the team to suburban Detroit to stick it to Mike Ilitch. The fanbase was challenged to buy a sufficient number of season tickets to save the team, they did, and then that still wasn't enough. So that certainly engenders sympathy. But I think most of us romanticize the NHL as a tightly-knit, mostly regional league where everyone hates everyone else, and having Hartford tucked in there with New York, Long Island, Newark, Boston, Buffalo, Montreal, and Quebec City helps with that. I was even listening to "Rhiannon" while I wrote all that, just like that scene early in Slap Shot.
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    Austin Bold sounds like a knockoff of Comic Sans.
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    If you're looking for eventual ideas: Supposedly in 1975, 5 years after the Seattle Pilots were moved to Milwaukee, it almost caused the White Sox to move to Seattle and the Athletics to move to Chicago. The Twins almost moved to North Carolina in 1997
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    Kind of surprised they didn't roll it out this year - 20 years since the last change, new QB - might cut into some of the Darnold jersey sales if people know something new is moving next year. Or do normies not really care about such things?
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    That's a bold strategy Austin; let's see if it pays off.
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    I think this set is very Memphis, which is extremely good. The lack of collar striping on the white and navy jerseys cheapens the look a bit, as does the small wordmark and front numbers. Those kinda make these seem like cheap high school jerseys. The overall design is really nice though, and the light blue jersey is wonderful. I might have to pick up a pair of those shorts at some point.
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    I"ve been making the point for years that the name should go below the number on basketball jerseys. It makes so much sense. The only reason it might look bad is that people aren't used to it. You use phrases like "obviously doesn't look as good", which is "obviously wrong", because some people think it not only looks as good, but even better. Opinions != facts.
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    I prefer their yellow numbers.
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    Jon Hollamby, a Sydney-based art director specializing in branding and advertising, wrote a Medium post titled, "Forget about your :censored:ing logo. Nobody cares." It was later picked up and edited a bit by Fast Company, but I'll post excerpts from the original (linked above).
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    That Oregon fix looks great
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    The incredible thing to me is that, to be frank, the sketchy stream subreddits still provide a better quality product than any of the official streaming services from networks; maybe apart from ESPN+. Maybe Turner can make enough money from people who don’t know any better, but it seems unlikely to me.
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    And thrice no. Meanwhile, Sampdoria's home shirt looking as ace as always aside from that flash of white on the collar. I think the banding on the shorts may be a bit OTT, but I'll reserve judgement until I've seen the whole kit in action.
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    As am I. Then I think we might be closer to Miller Park’s replacement than its opening night, and I smile.
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    I really like the designs - sleek, and clean cut. I really like the hockey logo - reminds me a little bit of the Penguins logo somewhat.
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    Broncos won the Super Bowl in 2016, too. We may have to ask if orange is actually a really lucky color when it comes to championships ?
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    I really wish GT would wear navy jerseys
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    It's the same thing as calling the Birmingham Bolts the Blast initially. Especially in a time where people are physically fighting over that history. Railroders would be a good name, based on the original name of Atlanta, Terminus.
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    NBC still won the broadcast night doing basically nothing. As a 40 year old, I'm trying to ween myself of most football, but to much of America the NFL is still KING by a huge margin.
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    The uniforms really reinforce just how unnecessary the addition of gray was...
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    Bad logo, bad name, bad everything. Really interesting roster construction. A 15 year old local phenom, plus three mid-30's foreign (ex-)stars, plus potentially Usain Bolt . . . all for a USL team in a city that will be getting an MLS team in no time. Very strange.
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    What's up with the 123B in the logo?
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    Next update Calgary Flames 2.0 The Flames currently use too much black but I think eliminating it all-together would be a big mistake. This set is based loosely off the pedestal jerseys with a significantly more toned down striping configuration. The alternate is based off a prototype logo associated with their 2013 alternate. C & C appreciated, thanks for looking! Calgary Flames 1.0
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    Penn State and USC can get away with using black cleats because there's some tradition with those schools wearing them.
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    When your bling is iced out but that :censored: melting from all your hot bars, you got the drip. Just another word for immense swag. Guy 1:"Yo, that new rapper got the drip." Guy 2: "For real yo, he drippin."
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    Those are plain, boring, and lazy. You can't tell me that they couldn't at least come up with some kind of side paneling or details that at least make it more than a generic Nike uniform.
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    Thank you so much! Now here are some USA outtakes that were requested earlier! Flipped lettering & star pattern, requested by @coco1997 & @NicDB: An off-white home option: And two variations of a gray road uniform, requested by @NicDB: Thanks again for following along, I know @Victormrey & I had a great time creating this series for you all!
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    You say that like it’s a legitimate excuse for selling an unacceptable product.
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    My Ideal St. Louis Blues: I really like the Blues current jerseys (minus the white numbers), which is reflected by my "ideal" set. The biggest change is removing the gap in the arm and hem stripes, any other changes are pretty minor. New Look St. Louis Blues: My goal here was to give the Blues a fresh look, while using their original royal blue and yellow colour scheme. For the logos, I curved the top of the blue-note and used their roundel as a shoulder patch. I wanted to keep the striping pattern simple and clean, and I tried numbers on the pants just to experiment a bit. Also, sorry it's been so long since the last concept.
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    I know, right? Drafting that guy over Tatum? ?
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    Not sure I'm understanding the theory of LA going white at home, when at the same time the Nike era has also been about "wear whatever you want at home, even if color".
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    It's a combination of Showtime era shorts and Kobe era shorts.
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    Great logo. Wish that the article mentioned the designer or firm who worked on it, but alas, they almost never do.
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    Disagree. Bringing back a vibrant Kelly Green would make them stand out very much. Not everything needs the added "nike fire!". That's what creates things like a two-toned helmet, the Buccaneers & Titans number fonts, the Browns contrast stitching, and the Browns pants.
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    What a joke of a schedule for the Panthers in terms of uniforms. Wearing the blues only once?? And wearing white at home against 3 opponents that rarely come to to town? Pretty weak. It seems that they always host their divisional foes late in the year and wear the black jersey against them and we see those matchups over and over but then we miss out on matchups like the Giants, Cowboys, and Bengals. How many times have we seen the giants in blue against the panthers regardless of where the game is being played? And the bengals game back in 2010 was also Week 3. How bout put ATL and TB in Carolina early in the season for a change. And as for Cleveland, I’d much rather see them in their actual color (brown) at home even though everyone hates those for whatever reason. They wore it for 3 games last season and it was their closest 3 games all season. I thought that would’ve been a cool matchup in week 14 with the light blue accents of the panthers paired with the brown and orange jerseys but nope..
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    Well, I get why they haven't ... the '90s look is strictly a Vancouver Grizzlies look with northwest themed elements. But, I'd like to see a fauxback in their current color with more of a Memphis vibe. You could do something fun for a City or Statement jersey. I don't know? Either way, I'd be surprised to see the Grizz wear a 90's Vancouver Grizzlies throwback.
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    I actually like the look of the floor, but yeah ... that name ... woof.
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    I dont get why Memphis hasn't taken advantage of the 90s nostalgia and worn throwbacks yet.
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    Back when this was discovered a couple years back there was alot of discussion about where that logo came from and why. The general consensus is that it wasn't an official team logo but just something slapped together for some merchandise and put on some cards. IIRC someone even contacted the Lakers themselves and they claimed to have no idea of the giraffe.
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    They're already using their classic logo, just not the one you are thinking of (I'm guessing).
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    Thanks! And thank you guys for helping us to improve the set. Time for the only African team on the series, South Africa! In order to create an unique set, specifically to differentiate from Australia, we've reduced the amount of green (which now is Kelly green instead of Forest green) and gold used, featuring the flag on the sleeves, using its colours for the numbers and socks. The flag has also inspired the alternate uniform, using the placket from the template to mimic its design.
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    You're definitely right about the red road. Here is a version of the road in blue, along with a flipped version of the alternate:
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    NBA in general - teams must wear one of their two primary uniforms for every game in the postseason, except the Lakers, who can wear gold, purple, or white. This year's Finals featured (and would have featured, had it gone longer) black/gray vs. white in every game, and it was depressing. I don't really care if teams want to dilute their brands in the regular season for the sake of selling a bunch of different jerseys. But if a team likes one of their alternate looks so much that they want to wear it throughout the playoffs (e.g. the black jerseys for the Cavs and Rockets), they should just switch to that as their primary.
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    how much longer until the Hurricanes uniform is this:
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    Frankly, if you act like that at a sporting event you should be banned from all sporting events (I know it's not possible to enforce). Don't ruin it for everyone else.
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    You mean whipping the slaves faster isn't working?
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    Kris Bryant becam the first player in NCAA/MLB history to win Golden Spikes Award (effectively, College Player of the Year), Minor League Player of the Year, MLB Rookie of the Year and MLB MVP in four consecutive game seasons.
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