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    And here's our first team from Jelgava. And here is the city's coat of arms and flag:
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    Guys? If this is true I might cry. I don't think it's real, sadly. All of the new retail jerseys still have the side panel. I think it's just a Madden error. Looks so much better, though.
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    Yeah...not really feeling this. It looks great, don't get me wrong but Rutgers should only wear red helmets for one thing. Also, using the striping pattern named for a school in the same conference is a questionable decision at best.
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    They’d have to start selling lamb at the concessions:
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    I consider black cleats to be almost universally superior to white cleats. White cleats are for hitting 9 irons on manicured fairways. If you're going to play a game of speed and athleticism in grass and dirt why would you wear anything that immediately gets irreversibly dirty the second the ball is snapped? A team should only wear white if it 1: plays on artificial turf or 2: plays in the sun belt (where is grass is basically a fairway).
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    I didn't notice this until you mentioned it. It really is a massive downgrade.
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    With eight first-round picks between 2012-2016, now none of them are left on the Browns' roster. Woof.
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    I just observed this thing more recently. The new association and icon uniforms also pay tribute to the uniforms of ABA's Memphis Sounds. Just look on the striping on the Sounds' shorts.
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    Pittsburgh took me longer because my old cleat template had finally pissed me off to the point that I had to do something and as a result, I have a new cleat template for baseball. Which was a long time coming anyways so no time like the present. Anyways, back to the Pirates. No real complaints with their existing look, it's unique but doesn't push the envelope beyond the realm of what looks good. But that's no fun for a concept series so I did make a few changes here and there. Hats - Lots and lots of hats in Pittsburgh. One style of black hat wasn't gonna work so there are two different styles: black/black and black/yellow, both with the double outlined P on the front. Secondary hat is yellow and black with a simpler P on the front. As always, the helmets correspond to their hats. Jerseys - I went with an early 70's inspired style for the uniforms, namely in the double stripes on the sleeves and the collar striping as well. PIRATES on the home whites, PITTSBURGH on the road yellow. Yes, I said road yellow. I get that black would be the logical and obvious choice but I just liked the way that the yellow uniform looked as the road uniform. The alternate uniform is black with the P on the left chest and number on the opposite side. Pants - White and black pants. Double stripe down the sides of both of them. Socks are directly taken from a picture I found of Roberto Clemente and I liked the design rather than the double striping. BP - I had a lot of fun with these. The main BP set are the yellow ones, hat has the pirate over the crossed bats logo on the front. Shortened stripes on the sleeves, chest numbers, the whole works. The second set might be my second favorite behind Milwaukee. I used the Jolly Roger flag as seen in popular culture pirates as heavy inspiration for these. I kept some yellow throughout the two pieces but tried to make the focus to be on the black and white. C&C welcome!
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    Always thought the deer crossing symbol would look cool on the side of a football helmet
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    The replicas are a trash bin though.
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    In a perfect world, Milwaukee's stadium grounds and festival grounds would swap places, and the Brewers would be playing in an awesome Lakefront facility that's a cool hybrid of what they have in Seattle and San Francisco, with enough space to accommodate tailgating. But beyond that pipe dream, my beefs with Miller Park are pretty minor. The upper deck is too high and Bernie's stein is gone. Otherwise I can understand why it was built the way it was. Not like a brewery and a bunch of freeway spurs make for a neat backdrop, hence the huge walls. Unless a better, more centralized location is chosen, I'd be surprised if calls to replace Miller Park came anytime soon. To where a run like Dodgers/Angels/Kaufmann is not out of the question.
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    I'll see your Knight (you're on my turf now!), and raise you a Stevens Transport: This one I've also always liked, in a soccer-badge kind of way: Then of course, there's the outfit I started out with, with it's NASCAR-ish look and finish: Actually, there's a good number of trucking companies out there who really do value their branding-which I'll gladly take over the ones that straight-up ape existing sports logos. And it's a couple of them out there, one of the most egregious being... (How they've not been taken to task over this yet is beyond me. And there's another example out there even more egregious than this...)
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    Maybe Scott Walker will close a couple universities to build the Brewers a new park in Waukesha.
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    Aside: You have some amazingly weird ideas. Just really out there. Then again, I have an aversion to front numbers, and don't understand why they're required for national teams, never mind in some other leagues/competitions (JLeague and AFC Champions League come to mind).
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    One of the best uniforms Adidas has designed in quite some time. 9/10
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    These are number outlines away from being a solid set.
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    All those things still exist, they just weren't shown in the video
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    This is actually really pretty good. Could you try using more of a woodmark? It would look better than the logo.
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    Their new wordmark is even better, too! (I just wish their beer was...)
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    I'd just go with orange with white outline.
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    I'd say the view is half the attraction to many modern ballparks (Pittsburgh and San Francisco immediately come to mind). If the baseball season only ran from June to early September, I might agree with you. But wintery weather outside of that time frame isn't out of the question in Wisconsin. I remember going to some brutally windy April games at County Stadium where I'd be shocked to learn they even sold enough tickets to pay for the light bill. The big walls at Miller Park stop the wind (and snow, when it happens) from ruining the fan experience. I would also imagine most Brewers fans don't mind watching a game in the shade after tailgating considering Milwaukee summers are some of the most clingy and unconfortably humid you can ever experience. I know everyone loves to romanticize fans braving the elements, but at modern ticket prices, I actually like knowing I'll be fighting the weather on a very limited basis. Is Miller Park perfect? Not at all. But even the aforementioned parks in San Francisco and Pittsburgh have their flaws. We probably won't see eye to eye on this one, but I just can't buy the narrative that Miller Park is a terrible place to see a game.
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    Nebraska with pants stripes was one of the best looking teams in the country, but given the reason for removing them being a throwback to the Scott Frost era, I’m cool with it because it really shows the new mentality of this program.
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    Or you could have a stand alone logo for the helmet that resembles the Tuskegee Airmen medals and keep the roundel logo for other applications.
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    I apologize you take my comments that way. I know in the past I have sounded very arrogant, but I can't go back and change that sadly. I am trying to humble myself now, which I why I have not got into any arguments with someone in the comments for the first time ever on one of my posts I believe. Thank you for the criticism. I appreciate the insight.
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    Next up are the Nebraska Cornhuskers... C&C Welcome.
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    I though chromed out gradients died in the early 2000’s
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    1. No. Not "One Carolina." Two, very separate, very distinct Carolinas, and honestly there should be three. There's one North. One South. And if someone someday decides to split North Carolina at a point just west of Greensboro? I'd vote for that in a minute. 2. That panther looks like it's squatting to take a giant **** on western North Carolina, which meets with my general approval. No. There's nothing in the NFL's bylaws, operations manual or playing rules that mandates that teams use any specific markings other than those lines and markings required in the playing rules (hash marks, lines every five yards, numerals every ten yards, the arrows, etc.) When it's a postseason game however, the league governs the game and in those cases, it imposes its own guidelines. Teams are "requested" to do things such as the "Opening Weekend" or "Thanksgiving" graphics, and all do, but that's not mandated.
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    This is true. I see plenty of Braves caps in Milwaukee, and there’s a definite degree of nostalgia for them. It’s why the Brewers playing in the NL doesn’t bother me. What I find kind of surprising is that the Philadelphia A’s don’t seem to be all that popular in vintage merchandise and public memory. Given their successes, there has to be some market for it, right? My guess is that the A’s 1970s dynasty and the Phillies getting their crap together in the late-1940s (as Connie Mack went super senile) hurt the Philly A’s long-term.
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    That is hardly a compelling argument. ?
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    I'd argue that the either the Baltimore Colts or Cleveland Browns hold that distinction, but other than that...
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    The Supersonics were arguably the most "established" team to relocate since the Brooklyn Dodgers. They won a world championship in the '70s (a dark night of the soul for the NBA but a championship nevertheless), had Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp in the '90s, and were generally a contending team with a passionate and savvy fanbase. Anyone could see that the Supersonics were righteously screwed when the team was sold to the businessmen who were underwriting the Hornets' visit to Oklahoma City, David Stern not allowing George Shinn to sell the Hornets to them when he wanted to. Crewcut Clay and his goons demanded a free arena in Renton that would have been exorbitantly costly to taxpayers and a logistical nightmare, and then bailed because they claimed they technically tried, even though it was an obvious fox-in-the-henhouse scenario from the outset. Sonicsgate says it all better than I can. Whaler nostalgia is mostly about how idiosyncratic the whole team was, with its clever logo, goofy theme song, losing nature, dumpy arena, grim city, and that they were the only team in town, the NHL having a lot of those until killing off three of them in a row. I know that as an NHL fan, I love the league's weirdness -- God knows there's a lot that frustrates me about the league, but deep in my heart I dig the insularity and just-below-the-mainstream feel relative to the other three. And of course, the Whalers were another team that was done dirty by ill-intentioned owners and a league that didn't want them: a group of local bidders was turned away in favor of Michigan businessmen who wanted to move the team to suburban Detroit to stick it to Mike Ilitch. The fanbase was challenged to buy a sufficient number of season tickets to save the team, they did, and then that still wasn't enough. So that certainly engenders sympathy. But I think most of us romanticize the NHL as a tightly-knit, mostly regional league where everyone hates everyone else, and having Hartford tucked in there with New York, Long Island, Newark, Boston, Buffalo, Montreal, and Quebec City helps with that. I was even listening to "Rhiannon" while I wrote all that, just like that scene early in Slap Shot.
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    When your bling is iced out but that :censored: melting from all your hot bars, you got the drip. Just another word for immense swag. Guy 1:"Yo, that new rapper got the drip." Guy 2: "For real yo, he drippin."
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    I have to question a world where "IronPigs, Flying Squirrels, Chihuahuas, and Jumbo Shrimp" are now considered "Classic Minor League Team Names" by their contemporaries.
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    I actually really love the Baltimore Ravens number font. Fits their identity perfect imo.
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    I'm actually impressed, you managed to top your first bad take with an even worse one.
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    i think the cities shouldn't pay for new stadiums. if anything, upgrade them (or have MLB pay for the upgrades). have a fund that each year a little bit of money from the league goes into it (say 5% of what each team makes, or the league) and when things like this happen the league can help pay for it.
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    I think it at least gives teams the theoretical ability to go after copyright infringement. If you are selling a green-and-white jersey with block numbers and sleeve stripes, the Jets can't prove that it's theirs, as opposed to any other green-and-white team or just a custom design from the Eastbay catalog. But if the team's jersey includes the logo or wordmark, then the legal case is easy. As you mentioned, it's anyone's guess as to how much this is actually enforced.
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    Bring back the black yokes of the old alternate on these: Navy, Black & Red would make the Jackets unique IMO.
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    The plain-navy BOSTON jerseys were fine. The only problem was when they went with navy socks.
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    Great name, great color scheme, great logo. Very creative!
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    Tom, what did you think of the new Dolphins uniforms? Will you be doing those next or another team?
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    Also the St.Petersburg Ambers. St.Petersburg has a rich history in the zar empires and in the 19th century the zar was gifted a room entirely made out of amber by the prussian emperor. After the so called amber room got stolen during WWII it was lost and it remains one of the most mythical treasures in eastern european history. I really enjoyed working with the color of amber and I thought a deep brown color would match with it nicely. I think this might be one of my favorites yet. Also it will give you a Padres retro vibe for the nostalgic people among you.
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    Honestly, number 1 makes the diamond pattern work IMO. The splash of red makes the logo pop.
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