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    Dude, you are all about dogma. Like I admire your commitment to Esperanto, but the utter dedication is nothing if not dogmatic.
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    And that’s where we know you aren’t actually serious. That’s like saying there’s no difference between pride and arrogance. Or hunger and gluttony. Or curiosity and obsession. It would be a sad, lonely world if what you suggested was true, when you and I couldn’t enjoy or even take pride in our city’s wonders without somehow necessarily also endorsing the institutionalized racism that has stained it.
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    Hey all! I've been wanting to do a series regarding the NFL that was a no-rules free for all where team history doesn't matter, and everything is brand new. So instead I decided on the current series, based upon the idea above, but with a few rules. THE RULES 1. The uniform must be brand new. The design may never have been worn previously by the franchise. 2. A team's uniform must be "drastically different." i.e. Obviously different to the average person on this site. 3. Elements may be taken from current or former uniforms, and may be mixed and matched, so long as a new uniform is created. 4. Logos may remain the same. This is mostly a uniform project. With that being said, get ready to see some of your favorite untouchable uniforms get touched a lot! First up, the New York Jets! Since the Jets are receiving a new design next year, it felt fitting to begin with them. For the Jets, I decided to follow the path well travelled, and create a double green look, to symbolize the two general eras of Jets football. The main feature of the uniform is the shoulder yoke/ucla stripe combination upon the shoulders. This combination pays homage to the current and Namath era looks while being unique in its own right. The away uniform features a double colored yoke, with the sleeves a dark green, and the shoulder area the kelly green color. The decision here was mostly for color balance, and because I simply liked the look better than a simple mirror of the home uniform. The helmet features an updates "JETS" plane logo featuring the new custom wordmark. In my mind when I think of jets, I think of the Nighthawk Stealth Bomber. Therefore, I wanted to take the angular look of those jets, and incorporate them into the lettering as well as the speeding jet in the helmet logo. Finally, the helmet, pants and socks all feature a Dark-White-Kelly-White-Dark color scheme.
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    Funny that the bottom-right panel on that photo is Steve Prefontaine. You know, the guy from Oregon. I get the Nike connection with Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, but Pre is such a uniquely Oregon element, it just feels wonky on something about Minnesota.
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    Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has a good case.
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    Leinie's wordmark, I've always thought, would look beautiful on a baseball uniform.
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    I personally like straight maroon without any light blue. I agree with others that maroon was always a good look for them. This is what I remember as a kid. The 90's uniforms were cool at the time, and there weren't as many red uniforms as there is now with the addition of the Nats, Angels, Rangers, Twins, Indians since then. I don't think many would be upset over the switch back to maroon at this point. .
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    There's never been a more appropriate user name juxtaposition than "who do you think" and "dont care" talking to each other.
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    With the naming of all the AAF cities but the delay in their identities being delayed, I developed my own ideas for the league. All 8 teams as follows:
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    Hornets made me proud.
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    The Sharks really should embrace that lineage.
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    Here is the North Division jerseys. The North Division saw some slightly more significant changes than the Pacific. Four out of five teams, Calgary, Edmonton, Minnesota, and Winnipeg made big changes to their jersey designs. Edmonton's new home jersey is now black, while the bear paw logo has been modified. The old Alberta Map logo has been restored on the pants. Calgary is bringing back an updated version of their old horseshoe logo on the shoulders of their new jerseys, while Minnesota returns to a more traditional jersey design while retaining the familiar buzz saw logo. Winnipeg has kept the previous jersey design but will now use the logo from the red alternate uniforms as the primary logo. Milwaukee will keep their design mostly intact, only adding a new bike logo to the pants. New Uniforms Logo Changes Upon seeing initial feedback on the Pacific Division and realizing how much black there is in the rest of the league, I also decided to keep Vancouver in red with the gradient look after all. I've updated the Pacific Division post to reflect the changes.
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    I like the striping better on the black socks. But yes, the socks need to be yellow.
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    September 21, 1948 The National Driveball Alliance's expansion committee voted to grant the league's very first expansion franchise to construction magnate Frankie Alexander, who will own and operate the franchise slated to represent Cincinnati, Ohio for 1949. The new club will fill the void left by the Albany Trappers, who ceased operations after finishing 1948 with a 1-9 record. Here is how the divisional alignment will look for next season... Eastern Division Brooklyn Coasters Montreal Voyageurs New York Heroes Toronto Titans Western Division Buffalo Lakers Chicago Gaels Cleveland Mad Hatters Cincinnati (Expansion)
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    I knew this design would "ruffle some feathers". I apologize for that terrible joke, I've been a dad for 10 years... Up next are the Riga Capitals
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    Member has been suspended for violating the ban on politics and trolling. The length of the suspension will be announced when all votes are received.
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    I hope these changes are what you all were referring to, I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. Below I have also decided to post some options that I think could be used for the baseball and softball teams, the logo at the top are possible hat logos and the script below it is what would be on the jersey. I will have a white and a navy option because those are the colors they use. Here are the current uniforms: Let me know what you think, cc is appreciated!
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    Here's the seventh team, only one more to go! Team: Salt Lake Hornets Located: Salt Lake City, UT Owner: Teddy Yampa Colors: Green, Dark Green, Tan Teddy Yampa is one of the leading investors in Utah. He owns multiple businesses, and had large investments in many others. He is the 4th richest man in America, and he hopes to grow his wealth by owning a team in this new, up-and-coming league. One of Yampa's biggest local investments is in Smith Beekeeping, who supplies 63% of America's honey. Because of this, and the fact that it is the Utah state insect, Teddy Yampa will call his team the hornets. Logos Uniforms Field C&C on the Salt Lake Hornets is appreciated + encouraged!
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    I always said if anything like the Penn State thing ever happened at OSU then I'd put the priorities of the victims ahead of football because football isn't important. Urban's gotta go. College football needs to get smaller than it is. The wide receivers coach was making over 300 grand. WHY THE :censored: does the wide receivers coach make over 300 grand? The whole damn thing sucks so hard. Incidentally, I was actually encouraged by how small the rally in front of Ohio Stadium was yesterday. I was concerned it'd be a bigger turnout. It looked like the very same type of visibly stupid looking a$$#oles who annoy the piss out of me and give the rest of us a bad name. It looked like the people who make me not want to attend OSU games. It looked like the fans who boo 19 year olds when they're not beating Bowling Green by enough points. I'd be very surprised if half the people in that crowd have a degree from Ohio State University.
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    And no, I have no plans to do uniforms but if I do, I doubt I'll post them.
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    Sup y’all? So it’s been a minute since I’ve been here. I’ve had work, coaching my little brother’s baseball team, my own baseball workouts, family vacations, and several other projects all keeping me plenty busy over the past month and, unfortunately, my time has been taken away from here, but after some persistence, the next team is finally complete. As those of you who have been following this may know, I had some sketches for Carolina, but hadn’t finished anything: Well now I’ve finished them and here they are: Helmet: High gloss black finish with a blue facemask. The logo is a little oversized, but I feel they can pull it off. The center stripe is from the pants. Jerseys: Black, blue, white. A slight evolution of the current design, I chose to keep the over the shoulder stripe, but taper it to a point in front and back (like Houston) and remove the outline of it, and filling in the sleeve cap. For the font, I don’t like how the wordmark font translates to numbers and anything I tried seemed to cliché (claw marks and the like), so I kept a traditional block font. Pants: Just two pairs, silver and black, both with the current stripes. Not really a fan of the white or blue pants they have, so I dropped them. Socks: Very unique socks here. Three pairs, black, blue, and white, all with the jersey stripes, which creates a split colored sock for the blue and black pairs. Not making sense? Good thing I have pictures Combinations: No limitations on pants and jersey combinations, but socks are strict. Socks will always be the same color as the jerseys to have stripe continuity with ONE exception: the black jerseys-black pants combination that must be worn with blue socks—don’t need to overdo the black. I guess you’ll be wanting to see pictures now, so here: Thoughts?
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    Why no love for the cool statues on Hope Memorial Bridge (near The Jake), the Guardians of Traffic? That could make for an excellent ASG logo.
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    Look, while this is a big improvement from where you began, this concept is still very crude. There is a lack of color balance between the wordmark/numbers, trim, and side striping. To go along with that, the numbers are much too large. Anyhow this concept is already incredibly similar to the late 90's early 2000's look. I would suggest injecting a little more creativity and time to improve a quite frankly, very simple concept.
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    Well I'm back from vacation complete with a brand new sunburn! Oh well, it was a good time. Anyway, this is the first batch of new uniforms. I'll be releasing them one division at a time, starting with the Pacific. Changes were very minimal in the Pacific Division. No new logos, most teams just adapted their existing uniform designs to the new template. Because the changes in the Pacific were so minimal, I will likely also post the North Division later today as well.
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    We need a yawn emoticon. Until then I guess will have to do.
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    And here's the most rumoured 8th team: (Ottawa) Fury FC!
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    I’ll go one further and say that the Ravens’ entire look is really good, especially with white pants. Across the board.
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    Thanks. I appreciate all the feedback. I might go back and fix that up. Up next we have the Valmiera Wizards
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    Actually, my example of the Phillips/PSV connection is rooted a lot deeper than just a sponsorship on the front of the jersey. If you trace back PSV's roots it started as a club for the workers at the Phillips plant in Eindhoven, so while the sponsorship was very long standing, it also had deeper meaning. In this case, the sponsor was literally the reason the club exists. We do not need anything. Sorry if that comes off as hostile to start. I don't mean for it to be. You have your feelings on jersey sponsorship (and you are entitled to them) just as others are entitled to theirs and this will probably be a never ending topic on the sport. My 2 cents? If it means I only have commercials at half time, then I'm cool with jersey sponsorship.
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    The replicas are a trash bin though.
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    Yeah...not really feeling this. It looks great, don't get me wrong but Rutgers should only wear red helmets for one thing. Also, using the striping pattern named for a school in the same conference is a questionable decision at best.
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    THIS IS VOL 4 VOL 1 VOL 2 VOL 3 VOL 5 Wow, this may be my best work ever. Thank you all for the feedback to get me to this point on this concept.
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    So Rutgers looks like the bastard child of Nebraska and Wisconsin with Northwestern stripes thrown in for kicks. Way to distinguish themselves in the B1G....
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    Their new wordmark is even better, too! (I just wish their beer was...)
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    I didn't notice this until you mentioned it. It really is a massive downgrade.
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    Actually, that IS a sports logo now...for Vernon Hills HS in Illinois.
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    Always thought the deer crossing symbol would look cool on the side of a football helmet
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    It's been years since I've posted a bunch of concepts, and I don't know if I've ever designed a whole league. That being said, this is my interpretation of my ideal-looking NHL. I've used my own template, based on the current Adidas jerseys. I'm a traditionalist, but pretty much every team has had at least a tweak or two, and some teams a major overhaul. I will give a description of what I changed for each team. The teams will be posted alphabetically by division, with a couple surprises at the end. Starting with the Atlantic Division... Boston Bruins Changes: modified number font (I hate the diagonal 2). Also added a gold alternate. Buffalo Sabres Changes: Removed silver and front number. Added "B-sabre" shoulder patch. Detroit Red Wings Changes: Wheel logo is on helmet instead of word mark. Florida Panthers Changes: Modified crest. Changed striping to older style. Moved numbers to sleeves. Added more blue to look, including blue alternate with "leaping Panther" crest. Montreal Canadiens Changes: Added fleur-de-lis shoulder patch, as they currently represent all of French Canada. Single color outline on road jersey numbers. Ottawa Senators Changes: Return of laurel-leaf striping. Added gold color to uniforms. Used more Roman-style font (inspired by Binghamton Senators). Barber-pole alternates. Tampa Bay Lightning Changes: Return of silver and black. Modified crest. Toronto Maple Leafs Changes: 70's-era maple leaf shoulder patch. Modified jersey hem striping.
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    I hate that the entire logo is slanted, and all the white space is going to look terrible in patch form. Also probably the sparsest All-Star Game logo in decades. Not in a good way, either. That reveal video was strange too. They showed all these elements of the city skyline, guitar strings, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jacobs Field... and then used exactly none of them in the logo. I was thinking while watching that video "how many elements can they possibly cram into this logo?" and was surprised when the answer was... none. The video teased something dramatically different than the end product. The baseball seams forming a guitar is rather inspired, but I really liked what they had going with the guitar string motif, and it wasn't leveraged at all.
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    Long-time lurker, first-time commenter...LOVE what you're doing with this league! As a Wisconsinite, my question is, any chance some more Wisconsin border cities may join in the future alongside Superior? (La Crosse and Hudson are two which come to mind)
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    Unfortunately, the Phillies have basically adopted light blue as a throwback color, so I don't think the gray and maroon roads will ever see the light of day again. It's a shame, too, because they are better than the powder blues.
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    Oh, Milwaukee summers are fine, you big baby. We're by a big lake! Go to St. Louis in July, it's like crawling up a fat guy's ass.
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    Towards the end, the did not have a fanbase. THere's a few really good stories about the end of the A's in Philly.
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    Of course having a semipro basketball team, the wingfoot would be a great mark.
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    I'd argue that the either the Baltimore Colts or Cleveland Browns hold that distinction, but other than that...
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    Pennsylvania should have dealt with their Sandusky the way we dealt with ours. Would anyone have had a problem with Pennsylvania's Sandusky being sliced into three or four pieces and distributed throughout the state?
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    The logo for Grand Central Terminal, whether classic or modernised. The Van Halen logo
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    That is subtle AF, but they did a good job.
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