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    Hey all! I've been wanting to do a series regarding the NFL that was a no-rules free for all where team history doesn't matter, and everything is brand new. So instead I decided on the current series, based upon the idea above, but with a few rules. THE RULES 1. The uniform must be brand new. The design may never have been worn previously by the franchise. 2. A team's uniform must be "drastically different." i.e. Obviously different to the average person on this site. 3. Elements may be taken from current or former uniforms, and may be mixed and matched, so long as a new uniform is created. 4. Logos may remain the same. This is mostly a uniform project. With that being said, get ready to see some of your favorite untouchable uniforms get touched a lot! First up, the New York Jets! Since the Jets are receiving a new design next year, it felt fitting to begin with them. For the Jets, I decided to follow the path well travelled, and create a double green look, to symbolize the two general eras of Jets football. The main feature of the uniform is the shoulder yoke/ucla stripe combination upon the shoulders. This combination pays homage to the current and Namath era looks while being unique in its own right. The away uniform features a double colored yoke, with the sleeves a dark green, and the shoulder area the kelly green color. The decision here was mostly for color balance, and because I simply liked the look better than a simple mirror of the home uniform. The helmet features an updates "JETS" plane logo featuring the new custom wordmark. In my mind when I think of jets, I think of the Nighthawk Stealth Bomber. Therefore, I wanted to take the angular look of those jets, and incorporate them into the lettering as well as the speeding jet in the helmet logo. Finally, the helmet, pants and socks all feature a Dark-White-Kelly-White-Dark color scheme.
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    Just thought I'd post some ideas for some MLB teams that I feel have really missed the boat on having some sweet unis. I think the Padres are an obvious one so I'm starting with them. It's a throwback obviously, but with a few alterations/updates that I hope look nice. Cheers!
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    Man, that's gonna make it really hard to tell Joe Flacco apart from Lamar Jackson.
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    Re-working the Marlins is like shooting fish in a barrel (pun intended). Much like Tampa Bay, they had a cool animal logo and then they went and ruined it. Plus, they started out with a nice color scheme and then completely buggered that up too. Note: In next iteration I'll probably do a second cap style.
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    Another no-brainer (IMHO) is Tampa Bay. Honestly, you have one of the coolest animals in the world and you switch your branding to a starburst? And a crappy one at that! I'm not sure I love this design but I know I like it better than what they have today.
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    I hate colored football fields. Nothing says "rinky-dink program" better than a non-green field.
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    So, in order to keep you all on your toes, I'm going to release the teams at semi-random! Next up, the New Orleans Saints. The saints have always been almost there for me, and I think a few tweaks would make the current design great. I find that the Saints current gold is a little bland, especially compared to the color they used in the 70's/color rush game, so I wanted to emphasize that color, and emphasize it more. Most notably, white is completely removed from the home uniform, and all elements aside from the color of the away uniform are devoid of white. I like the overall simplicity of the Saints' current uniforms, so naturally I added a main element that was very intricate.The main feature of the uniform is a striping pattern inspired by the famous wrought iron fencing found in the french quarter. This detail is designed to resemble a fleur de lis (click image to see detail). The striping is featured on the helmet, sleeves, and pants, but not on the socks. I figure that the stretching of socks, and general inability by players to wear them correctly would ultimately cause problems with the design that normal striping wouldn't face, so the design was left off. The jersey number also is meant to emulate that wrought iron style.
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    Always liked the Phillies logo from the 70's so this is sorta throwback but hopefully modern enough updates.
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    I always tell people that by being both a cajun and an aggie, I'm lucky i even get my pants on right most days. That model must be a relative.
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    I hope you are all as excited as I am for this... About a year after starting my first USSL project (which you can check out riiiight here -->> http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/112765-us-super-league-champion-crowned/), I started working on the 2nd edition of (to my knowledge), the boards only US Champions League style project. I truly think that this is a huge improvement off of last year's work. I took your C&C into consideration for this year's edition, and made a few tweaks. The magic number of 64 teams remains the same, with the same format from last season. In the 2018-2019 edition, there are 26 completely new teams added, with at least one from each league. 11 teams received new kit manufacturers, which was my attempt to spice things up and keep a sense of realism. I'll be posting the teams in order of their finish in (simulated) league play from last season, instead of alphabetically. I'll still post a list of the teams with active links to their respective concepts though. And yes, there will be a voting system at the end to simulate the results once again. If you're unfamiliar with my previous edition of the League, I will have a brief description of the changes I made for the teams if they are a returning team. Also to refresh your memory, Olympique Detroit are last year's champions as the defeated Oakland SC in the final 3-2 (You can check out the full history of the league in my first project). Well now that all has been said that needs to be said, the first (of many) team is below. Remember C&C is always encouraged and welcome. Enjoy! TEAM LIST: Annapolis Militia SC Athlétique Club Louisville Atletico Santa Monica Austin Republic SC Beacon Hill Union Beaverton SC Bethlehem Steel SC Blue Ridge United SC Bridgeport Town SC Brooklyn Wanderers SC Capitol Hill SC Charleston Arsenal Dallas Rangers SC Dallas Sporting Club Daytona Racing Club Deportivo Miami Dorchester City SC East Harlem SC Fort Wayne Railworks SC Frontier United SC Hampton Roads SC Hartford City SC Houston Independence SC Hāle Pa'ani Waikiki Hunters Point SC International Gardens SC Kings and Queens SC Lake Erie SC Lauderdale Athletic Club Lincoln SC Manhattan Calcio Nashville City SC Newark Athletic Club North Star United Oakland SC Ocala Riders SC Oklahoma City Athletic Olympique Detroit Pacifica SC Peachtree SC Pittsburgh Ironworks SC Providence SC Puget Sound SC Racing Club Charlotte Real Palmas CF Rockies SC Rose City SC Roughnecks SC Royal Baltimore SC Sacramento Republic SC Saint Joseph SC Saint Paul SC Salt Lake United San Antonio Mission SC San Diego CF SC Cincinnati South Philadelphia SC Sporting Phoenix Sporting Shasta Tampa Bay United Toros SC Venice Beach SC Vulcans SC Willis United Annapolis Militia SC “The Midshipmen” Annapolis, MD League: Potomac Premier League Kits: Under Armour Colors: Navy and Gold Sponsor: U.S. Naval Academy Year Founded: 1935 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 1 USSL Rival: Royal Baltimore What’s New: New USSL team
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    Next up - Colorado. They have a pretty nice and unique color scheme butI find their current logos pretty weak, they could definitely use some beefing up.
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    Hartford's size is largely irrelevant. The Whalers would have done just fine with a salary cap and New England-wide RSN money. And WTIC would have had more than 2,000 listeners for games.
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    Hornets Go Full Retro, Unveil Throwback Court August 7, 2018 - 16:55 PM Just two weeks after unveiling throwback uniforms, a throwback court! This afternoon, the Charlotte Hornets unveiled the classic court the team will use during these throwback games, the design is based heavily off of what the club used at the […] Read More...
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    I'm glowing. Go on, Saints. Go and wear those gold pants of yours. Dazzle these eyes. And you, Jaguars. Yes, you. Do what’s right. You know what I am talking about. Do it for your people.
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    You're right about the Miami script - I'll try to update that when I have some time. Here is the closeup...
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    This may prompt some disagreement, but I think the late-90s New England Patriots are in this category. The uniform was modern, yet the colors were balanced really well. Yes, the enormous Flying Elvis on the shoulders was very 90s, but despite that, the uniforms weren't garish or overdesigned. And the sublimated vertical stripes on the jersey were a great touch that, to my knowledge, hasn't been repeated in any other football uniform. That said, the Patriots started a dynasty pretty much immediately after changing from these to their current uniform, and it's hard to do a throwback to royal blue when your current uniform uses navy blue. Plus, the Patriots already have a beloved throwback with the Pat Patriot-era uniform.
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    What in god’s name is on Joe’s chest? Also, fwiw, Harbaugh has always had this thing about “playing like you practice” or whatnot. Hence, practice in game jerseys.
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    Now if we can only get the Nets to do "What Could Have Been" Night ... Slightly joking, mostly serious.
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    It was a mistake. There’s no such thing as “fake news”.
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    I'm not, however, I'm about to go on tour with the National Guard Orchestra of Latvia during their North American tour, so I've been studying their culture. Up next we have the Liepaja Lions
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    The Jets USA Today blog had an offer for fans to design their ideas for what the Jets will/should do when they get new uniforms next season. This was my entry. The new Primary logo brings back a modified version of the 80s futuristic jet logo but places it in the oval that's been part of the Jets identity from jumpstreet. Double Green was a happy accident when I was trying to incorporate the Titans gold I selected the wrong oval from a previous layer and it showed a Kelly outline instead of Gold. The decision to use a Kelly Outline with Hunter interior rather than the reverse came from the Color Rush jerseys as a lighter outline seemed to give a sort of shine to me. The main inspiration from the color choices in the striping came from the Jets color rush which is one of the best in the league in my opinion. While the green pants are shown with the home greens, that would be a rarity to with but the road whites could pair with the whites or greens.
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    KSV Waregem Koninklijke Sportvereniging Waregem was a Belgian Football Club hailing from Waregem, West Flanders. It was founded in 1925 and it's colors where red and white. The club played it's home games at the Regenboogstadion. In 1946, the club merged with an other club from the region, Red Star Waregem and adopted KSV Waregem as it's offical name. From 1966 until 1996 the club played 28 years in the Belgian top flight, with only two seasons spent in the second division. The club had some European succes during it's time. The Logo Originally I wanted to go with the logo used during the 90's, because I like the simplicity and typography of it, but eventually decided against it because I couldn't make any changes to the existing design. So i went with the one used before. I used red and white as my primary colors and used gold as a third color. I included more text and replaced the ball with a more traditional representation. The Kits I modeled the home kit after the one used in 85-86, like then the kits are manufactured by puma so I tried implementing the style that the brand used now. The home kits is red with white sleeves and a white band running across the chest, it is worn with red shorts and red socks. The away is something more modern and is loosely based on West Brom's away kit. It's black with neon pink and a geometric pattern, it also boasts a monochrome club badge. It is worn with black socks and shorts. The sponsor is local beer brand Bavik. What happend to the club? In 1996, the club played it last season in the top flight, eventually they slid down to the fourth tier due to financial problems. In 2001 the club ceased to exist and the remnants merged with Zultse V.V to become SV Zulte Waregem who now play in the top flight. Map
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    My first and only game so far was Orioles/Mariners at Safeco in 2015. I’ve told the story before elsewhere, but long story short, my grandparents who live in West Seattle got us all tickets while we went up to visit them, and my grandma told us on the way to the game, “the Mariners suck this year so I’m really sorry if your first game is a dud” or something like that. Turns out, Hisashi Iwakuma threw a no-hitter and I’ve never seen my grandma more pleasantly shocked in her life. It was an awesome moment and I’ll never forget it.
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    Sup y’all? So it’s been a minute since I’ve been here. I’ve had work, coaching my little brother’s baseball team, my own baseball workouts, family vacations, and several other projects all keeping me plenty busy over the past month and, unfortunately, my time has been taken away from here, but after some persistence, the next team is finally complete. As those of you who have been following this may know, I had some sketches for Carolina, but hadn’t finished anything: Well now I’ve finished them and here they are: Helmet: High gloss black finish with a blue facemask. The logo is a little oversized, but I feel they can pull it off. The center stripe is from the pants. Jerseys: Black, blue, white. A slight evolution of the current design, I chose to keep the over the shoulder stripe, but taper it to a point in front and back (like Houston) and remove the outline of it, and filling in the sleeve cap. For the font, I don’t like how the wordmark font translates to numbers and anything I tried seemed to cliché (claw marks and the like), so I kept a traditional block font. Pants: Just two pairs, silver and black, both with the current stripes. Not really a fan of the white or blue pants they have, so I dropped them. Socks: Very unique socks here. Three pairs, black, blue, and white, all with the jersey stripes, which creates a split colored sock for the blue and black pairs. Not making sense? Good thing I have pictures Combinations: No limitations on pants and jersey combinations, but socks are strict. Socks will always be the same color as the jerseys to have stripe continuity with ONE exception: the black jerseys-black pants combination that must be worn with blue socks—don’t need to overdo the black. I guess you’ll be wanting to see pictures now, so here: Thoughts?
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    It's been a few months since my last thread, so I figured I'd start a new one. Hopefully I can keep this going for a while and maybe even finish it. As we all know, many of the recent outdoor jerseys have drawn plenty of criticism. In this series I'm revisiting every NHL outdoor sweater to fix the problems that ruined the uniforms. I'm starting with the most recent game and working backwards all the way to the first Heritage Classic in 2003. Here we go! 2018 STADIUM SERIES - ANNAPOLIS, MD WASHINGTON CAPITALS While the Capitals' uniforms weren't terrible, they could use some improvement. The "cummerbund" is no longer an issue and the white yoke is now red. I also added elements that represent the city of DC while also giving a nod to the US military. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS The original uniforms were hard to look at, especially in person, as I went to the game. I got rid of the white pants and added a few things here and there that again represent the city of the team and their country's military. C&C is welcome and appreciated.
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    They'd be considerably better off. More TV money, lower travel expenses, probably would have capitalized on the Bruins' downturn. And at the risk of getting too speculative, there's a pretty good shot that Karmanos eventually sells the team to some Connecticut-based hedgies and screws back off to Farmington Hills for good. Whether that ends up being better than Karmanos or the predatory auto loan man, we can't say for sure, but it's hard to imagine much worse.
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    Hartford is a bigger TV market than precious Las Vegas, so I don't see why they couldn't make it work. With at least an equivalent arena, does anyone think they'd be worse off than they are in Raleigh?
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    The six-time champions, and current champions of the Metropolitan League... Brooklyn Wanderers SC “Blue and Golds” Brooklyn, NY League: Metropolitan Soccer Association Kits: Adidas Colors: Blue and Gold Sponsor: Citibank Year Founded: 1925 USSL Titles: 6 League Finish: 1 USSL Rival: K&Q What’s New: Words on crest rounded better, Thinner stripes going to sleeves and back for home, black with sublimated bridge used instead of white used for away
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    It looks accurate to me. I think it looks off just because Nike moved the indent in the shorts forward, so the star is no longer centered over it like it used to be.
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    Those are patches players get for attending workouts, and OTAs during the off-season.
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    https://twitter.com/adidasFballUS/status/1026541564284174336 Miami Hurricanes new PrimeKnit
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    The only public monument commemorating the Philadelphia A's is the Connie Mack statue that formerly stood at Shibe Park / Connie Mack Stadium and now stands across the street from the Phillies' current park. On this statue is a plaque listing the members of A's Wall of Fame. (Logo-lovers' note: the "A's" logo on the plaque is an Oakland mark, not a Philadelphia mark.) There is also an historical marker at the site of Shibe Park. There was once a Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society; but it is now defunct. Still going strong, however, is a store called Shibe Sports, which specialises in old-time Philly sports, including the A's. It is located about a block away from the Mitchell & Ness store. I picked up a nice Philadelphia A's cap there. (I suggested to the guy in the store that they should sell Connie Mack-style straw hats.)
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    The Sixers had an awesome court too in the Iverson days
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    I'm happy to give ESPN $5/month once they provide an Xbox One app. It remains insane they don't have one yet.
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    He shaped the school's mission, his foundation is spending $2 million a year to help fund a public school, and he's guaranteeing these kids a chance at college — which, regardless of if it's his foundation or the university itself covering the costs, certainly would not happen without his name attached. A lot of children and their families are getting an opportunity they otherwise wouldn't if LeBron hadn't involved himself in a project like this. Stop trying to detract from a good thing.
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    ....what? This change is for 2019...
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    Im pretty sure that if the new sets have already been shown, then you wouldn’t have to ask about it, dont ya think?
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    I knew this design would "ruffle some feathers". I apologize for that terrible joke, I've been a dad for 10 years... Up next are the Riga Capitals
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    I love that they went with the '95-'97 court with the honey comb in the key area. Just got a retro-boner. ?????
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    No opinions on Winnipeg? Eh, fair enough, there have been so many good concepts posted recently to keep up with... Staying out in the prairies, here's Edmonton: The home is based on these NASL [2: Electric Boogaloo] FC Edmonton jerseys, which I like quite a bit. The away is an original NASL Edmonton Drillers fauxback. Quite a bit of good soccer history in Edmonton that I think is smart to maintain for a team in a new league. I'm not feeling super confident about my Edmonton logo... It is an attempt to bring back some of the old logo, and to focus on the Rally Rabbit. Let me know what you think. Please, any C&C on Edmonton and/or Winnipeg and/or anything else is greatly appreciated.
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    Dumb. I thought the whole point of Superhero night was supposed to be about superheroes, not veggie tales knock offs.
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    How is this? left is the original right is with the different hand
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