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    You can’t say that the Ducks uniforms look like “practice jerseys..” .. because their current practice uniforms are an infinitely superior version of what they just unveiled.?
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    I got you: These things are hilariously bad. Looks like what you wear to a Halloween party when you forgot to make a costume and all you could find was a green tshirt and some colored duct tape.
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    Now I want pizza and pant stripes.
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    It is an interesting question. Short answer: college football and lower levels, yes... we're all numb. I think there's still some nerve in the NFL due to their restrictions and tradition that when someone takes a design "risk" it gets blowback (Browns, Titans, Bucs) and programs where they loosened the restrictions (like the Color Rush program) were not well-received. Also, every change has a semi-permanence to it (5 years or longer), so there are more consequences. I could get worked up over the Oregon uniforms, or I could just wait until they release some new uniforms for the bowl game with normal-sized numbers. That's why everyone has become desensitized to uniform design: everyone knows that a school is going to change their uniforms again in a year or two when the coach leaves, a new template is unveiled, or they switch apparel manufacturers. Everything has moved to the same culture that soccer kits have: if you don't like a school's uniform, you complain and wait for the next one, which could be just around the corner.
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    These uniforms' natural habitat is a dumpster fire.
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    Considering that's Little Caesar's, less is definitely more in this case.
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    I think you could maybe argue that the overarching element for the Jaguars could be the color teal, but yea it’d be hard to justify that since they chose black as their primary home jersey and their away has basically no teal at all.
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    My first impression is that it looks like adidas’ take on the Oregon uniform. right now, I think the only thing I really don’t like is the numbers, but that’s enough to ruin it. One element, the most crucial element, is absolutely clownish. It feels like such a reach for a new idea, its absolutely comical in its size, and I have concerns over the effectiveness of the number. It’s so large I think the number may wrap around smaller players and with no TV numbers to fall back on, I expect there to be problems with refs on the field. This isn’t the first uniform to be sans TV numbers by a long shot, but you’ve always had the front and back or helmet numbers that were legible and a sort of visual safety net. And what in gods name is this “flying toward tradition” copywriting!? This was the same school that said “tradition never changes, champions do”. The school that said tradition was for old people and use their uniforms as a reflection of their innovative coaching and brand....yet they’re still reaching for new ideas in the uniform. This is the first time I can say Oregon is in an identity crisis and just by the jersey numbers alone, have an unpleasant uniform design.
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    Dare I say they look like "practice jerseys"? ?
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    I think it depends on the uniform. If the helmet has a tasteful stripe and is the same color as the pants, a matching stripe down the leg looks great. I think where that can go wrong, though, is when you then try to do too much on the jersey or socks. As you said, less is more, and my opinion is that most uniforms don’t necessarily need extra decoration on the helmet, jersey, and pants (and socks if applicable). UCLA looks great with only the jersey having stripes. Colorado looks great with no stripes. Michigan’s helmet carries their entire uniform, and very well. It’s because what is there coordinates well with everything else and has enough presence to eliminate the need for extras.
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    The Lakers' recent re-design was a bit unexpected for me, and I'm rather conflicted with what was unveiled. With Magic playing a prominent front office role and LeBron coming to town, a modernized version of the Showtime-era uniforms makes perfect sense. However, a number of details feel a bit overthought. Let's start with the good. The crewneck collars are a long-awaited change, the lack of side panels on the Association and Icon Edition jerseys eliminates a bit of clutter, and the vertical drop shadows offer a cleaner take on the previously angled design. The gold looks better than last year's mysterious shade of banana yellow, and unifying the colors of the wordmark and numerals on each jersey helps give this set its own identity without straying far from the team's historical identity. Speaking of not straying far from the team's historical identity, let's now move on to the bad. That starts with the purple Statement Edition uniforms with random and unnecessary full-length black side panels. I actually don't think they're as offensive as everyone believes them to be, but it's a change that lacks purpose and reason while taking away from what could have been a very nice traditional purple uniform -- for a team like the Lakers, just don't overthink it. Another design detail I feel was overthought is the triple stripe trim on the Association and Icon Edition uniforms. Including the base color of the uniform as the outermost stripe just seems to add a bit of unnecessary clutter. (Oddly enough, they got this part right on the Statement Edition uniforms....weird.) To improve this set, I think only two significant changes are necessary: 1) make the trim a double stripe pattern, eliminating the uniform's base color; and 2) make the Statement Edition uniform consistent with the design of the Association and Icon Edition uniforms. The double stripe trim pattern creates cleaner borders, especially once the colors are flipped to reduce the muddling that occurs when white and gold touch. This color distribution also allows for the trim to border the side panels on the shorts without causing conflict. The consistent Statement Edition uniform simply preserves the Lakers' identity while adding a bit of flair for the LeBron era. To complete this set, I also designed a City Edition uniform. This one is far more out there than the other three uniforms, but personally that's what I prefer City Edition uniforms to be -- fun, unique, full of character, at least noticeably different from the rest of the team's uniforms. They aren't the Kobe-inspired City Edition uniforms from last season, but they still incorporate animal print. Specifically, the influence comes from the obscure giraffe logo of unknown origins adopted by the team for a brief moment in the early '60s. It was recently discussed on the Sports Logos board here, and I found a very thorough write-up on Reddit that can be found here. Basically, this logo appeared on a few merchandised items in the early '60s, while a text-less version appeared on a number of Fleer basketball cards. There doesn't seem to be a definitive origin or history of the logo, but it's weird and it's fun and I figured I may as well try to create a uniform based on it. So, we have the classic 'Los Angeles' script - arched - along with giraffe-print side panels, stars, and black and pink accents. The giraffe-print side panels are also a subtle way to incorporate another mysterious element of the Lakers' historical identity, that of the aforementioned multiple shades of gold. Anyways, it's weird and obscure, but hopefully fun and unique. Thank you for taking the time to read my analysis and explanations -- any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! Los Angeles Lakers Association Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers Icon Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers Statement Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers City Edition Uniform Concept
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    Yup, my favorite scene in Rudy is when the student pep squad is painting these:
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    Notre Dame should ALWAYS wear gold helmets. I don't care if they are metallic, matte, patterned, whatever. They need to be gold. This isn't Arkansas imitating the Cowboys, or MSU imitating the Patriots. They threw away ND's brand and replaced it with the Yankees. Almost as a "what if the Yankees were a football team." Just seems like a huge swing and a miss.
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    NEW YORK KNIGHTS Founded 1953 Based In East Rutherford, New Jersey Home Field MetLife Stadium Head Coach Jim Novak Offensive Coordinator Wayne Sherman Defensive Coordinator Juan Rivera General Manager Pat Caldwell Owner(s) Clay Tidwell Colors Navy Blue & Silver MLF Championships none Overview: The Knights have done a fine job building around QB Drew Rodgers who many consider the best in the game. RB Travis Price is a tough grind it out runner with some break away speed. WR's Houston Haywood, Amare Thomas & Turner Hill all bring something different along with TE Chad Stewart who is a huge target in the end zone. The defense was really special last season but earlier in the season lost a lot to injury. The leader of the defense LB Leon Jack was out for 8 weeks & Ray Rucker missed the first six weeks of the season but by the time the playoffs came around they really jelled. The last four years the team has worn the throwback uniform that everyone seems to like so they debuted new uniforms in April before the draft inspired by them.
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    They look palatable here, but that could be from the photographer having them crouch down and lean in with those 'football stances' to effectively mask the size of the numbers. For anyone interested, here's what reducing the number size a smidge might look like --
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    That’s a good point. Their teal is the overarching identifier, which is why the T/W/B jersey/pants/socks combo is so very, very good. And why all their other looks are so bad.
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    It’s not dumb. The elephant symbol exists because John McGraw called the A’s a “white elephant” in the 1900s/‘10s. Connie Mack then turned it into a symbol of team pride. If the elephant isn’t white, then it misses the point. The current A’s have made the mistake of coloring it green, outside of a few BP caps.
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    I can no longer see the vision Nike has for Oregon. These try so hard yet completely miss the mark. Nothing about these scream “the future of football uniforms” to me. Oregon used to set trends, now they just try too hard. I was disappointed by the Webfoots throwbacks, I thought that was a low point in Oregon unis, but these take that spot.
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    Thanks for the comments guys! Glad to see a positive response towards such a major change! Next up are the Tennessee Titans The Titans kinda stole my thunder with this one. I came up with this design long before the new redesign as a modernized update, so technically the sword shaped yoke was my idea! My version is a split blue/white yoke on a sky blue uniform. The stripe design continues onto the helmet and the pants. The uniform also features a custom number font featuring curves and sword inspired points on verticals of the numbers. I also changed the logo, as the flaming thumbtack just feels a bit too 90s for my taste. I decided to make the logo a Spartan helmet with a sword behind it, similar to the design that Army uses.
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    Team two, and the first casualty of the complete rebrand, the Kansas City Chiefs. While attempting to come up with a striping pattern for the Chiefs, I ultimately came across an idea to combine the letters KC with the arrowhead imagery the team has used for years. This created the stripe, which depicts and arrow hitting its target. This design is utilized on the sleeves and the pants. From there I created an entirely updated primary logo, which updates the arrowhead design, making it sleeker and more angular, while implementing a more abstract KC. The primary logo, custom number font, and the stripe all feature a black outline and drop shadow, while the socks and collar feature a design based upon the stripe. The color balance of the uniforms was specifically selected to avoid bleed. Yellow is notorious for bleeding with red and white, so I increased the use of black from merely a logo outline to being a major part of the design overall. I specifically chose to not include red or white the same portions of the uniform (besides the swoosh) simply because I've always liked designs that don't include each color but still works together.
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    The 1980s Atlanta Falcons set tends to get lost in the shuffle among good, classic sports uniforms; they're quite good, I feel.
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    I legit LOL'ed when I saw the pinstriped ND pants. That uniform is a mess. Realistically all they had to do was - Use their normal uniform template of G/N/G - Use the Yankee style script on the jersey - Replace regular ND logo on sleeves with the one from the Shamrock Series helmet.
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    Here's Sporting Kansas City: I also recorded a timelapse of how I make my concepts: What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    There is no way that is true. Oregon even themselves label it as "Traveling Storm"
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    Man, those uniforms are so bland that even the unique gimmick of comically oversized numbers can't make them interesting. Also, it's bad enough that contrasting nameplates have become a fad in hockey... please tell me this awkward, ugly design element isn't going to cross over to football now.
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    Excellent retort, just saying something is dumb and should be the way you want it is the way to win any arguement. Anyways the elephant needs to be white, because they were known as the white elephant by John McGraw way back in the 1900’s. Making the elephant any other color totally takes any meaning away from it.
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    Helmet- I hate the wings always have. The O on the side is tradition and great. Jersey- I like the Plaines of them clean as far as wings and extra designs go. But numbers ruin it. The number font is fine, make it smaller, take out the odd line in the middle and change the black or grey numbers from the yellow jersey to green and I would love these, also keep the name played classic and mono to the jersey colors. Also don't mind them doing black and I know even since like 2003 or so they had black in jerseys. But I don't like the black mixed in with the yellow and or green sets. The green and yellow sets would be great of they were mirrors of eachother with no black in any and the other changes as mentioned above.
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    Funny you should say that because a couple of Oregon players tested out the oversized numbers on their practice jerseys during fall camp last year:
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    If it's yellow then there's no point to having the elephant in the first place
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    Sometimes. Maybe. And sometimes less is just less.
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    Oregon should be setting the trends seen throughout the country. With this set, they simply followed trends. That is my biggest issue with the set.
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    I turn 18 in three days. These suck really really really bad
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    I want to know what is wrong with me. Why do I have a thing for these old shoulder sleeves with logos in or ontop of them? Such a old school odd look, but the Donald duck through the O in the yellow stripes, and even the old school Pitt jerseys with the Script Pitt in them, and even though I get back lash from everyone in the panther boards. I love the look. I like anything old school college football. I even miss some the more old school cartoonish logos, just makes it more college atmosphere for me.
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    Me, too. I don’t care that MLS isn’t the Premier League. I don’t care that it’s not the best league on the planet. It’s really good soccer, and it’s local, and I love it.
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    I got your pizza covered
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    Well... yoga pants may be on the right track. Many players today wear long compression which covers the socks or even replaces socks: So... in a way, you guys are right. Some of these monochrome looks are actually "yoga pants". If we did find a way to separate the elements, the player would largely ruin it because of their tendencies nowadays. Honestly, I don't really like to complain about monochrome pants/socks, but I can definitely see your guys' point.
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    These seem to be a response to the no-frills attitude that Taggart, and now, Cristobal want for their teams. There's too many color and design inconsistencies, namely on the white and black ones, to say these are a complete improvement from what they've worn the past couple seasons. Seems the high point for Oregon's uniforms were the 2012-2014 sets.
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    Not to mention the last uniforms the Sonics wore were a perfect update of their awesome 80s look. (Still chaps my a** that Ray Allen was traded because George Karl couldn't do his job in Milwaukee.)
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    Yes, they most certainly do. Along with Seattle, Arizona, Detroit, New Orleans, L.A.C., Cincinnati, Buffalo, Miami, Tennessee, Houston, and Jacksonville, off the top of my head.
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    Im pretty sure that if the new sets have already been shown, then you wouldn’t have to ask about it, dont ya think?
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    Color it kelly green and it's perfect!
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