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    are we just going to forget that the Marlins have a history of being a pinstripes team?
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    It's a beautiful logo, but it doesn't make much sense for Austin. The logo belongs in Oakland, and the team belongs in Columbus.
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    After a short delay, I present you the Baltimore Ravens. I hate the Ravens current look. The logo, the number font, the use of black pants with black socks, I'm just not a fan overall. For this entry, I decided to go with a theme surrounding real ravens. For those who are not aware, Ravens have iridescent feathers that appear purple, hence the purple and black color scheme. I wanted to emphasize that with this design. The main feature includes a "feather" pattern on the sleeves that transforms from purple to black and back to purple. The design is meant to be subtly darker/lighter than the main jersey (see below for a closeup, or you could just click on the image I guess. You do you). The number font is inspired by the current font, but is a bit beefier, which I like a little bit better. The specific shade of purple was chosen specifically to blend with the black to further create that dark, iridescent vibe while still having the numbers be legible. The helmet is designed to feature the colored fleck material that was utilized by the Jaguars back in the late 2000s. There's nobody better than the Ravens to wear this type of helmet. Three pants options are available, black, white, and purple, and are interchangeable. The black pants do not feature any stripes because I liked the simultaneous consistency between all black elements not featuring stripes, and the inconsistency between pants that the Ravens already have. There are not black socks because even in my fantasy world NFL, someone would still abuse them. Finally, as is obvious, I removed entirely the red and gold from the uniforms; they interfered with what I was going for. Thanks for the patience on this guys! I'll give you a hint that tomorrow will be a bit more subdued. Edit: Also, go check out OhioSportsMan61's series of a similar name! Gotta spread the love of messing with teams' identities!
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    Brad Daugherty wore #43 because he was a big Richard Petty fan.
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    It is not a horrible look.
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    I'm starting to like powder/sky blue and bright gold
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    The Buccaneers' warm grey labeled as pewter looks terrible. I don't care what pirates drank out of. The Bears' uniforms don't reflect picanic baskets. Tampa's only colors should be orange and red.
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    I think that the enlargened stripes look much better than the Brodeur era stripes. These have a little bit more pop of color (on the arms and socks of course). I think if these had a tail stripe, and a slightly more rounded yoke, these would have been a good update to the previous jerseys.
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    and every concept I've seen that tries it looks like a big brown muddy doodoo mess. Red and black or red and green. Pick one. Don't Chargers the Devils.
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    I've never heard that before - do you have a source? I'm curious because cannons and cannonballs were never made out of pewter. Pewter would be uniquely unsuited to making weapons, since it is relatively soft and has a very low melting point. If the Bucs are going for that, they shouldn't call it pewter.
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    I just feel like I need to add this every time I see it, even though I’m petitioning an empty sky, it makes me want to yell everytime I hear the term “Christmas Colours”. I am so sick of hearing about how red and green are “Christmas colours”. There are like 2 teams in every major league that wear orange and black, nobody complains about those being “Halloween colours”. A bunch of teams wear red and gold, I don’t hear any complaints about those being “McDonalds colours”. Colours can represent more than one thing. Why don’t people get upset at Italy or Bulgaria or Belarus or Turkmenistan for using Christmas colours on their flags? If you associate a certain colour scheme so strongly with a specific holiday that you can’t see past it when a team uses them it means it should be used more often, not less.
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    Guys, I marked up a concept for the Browns that is more coherent than their current look and, to me, really represents the franchise.
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    Honestly, I don't hate the logo. Austin Athletic should've been the name, though Columbus Crew should've been the name, though.
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    how does one negative-like a post
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    Indeed. David Puddy knows that you gotta have green in there.
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    I'm just laughing at all the people thinking Oregon somehow "brought sexy back" with clean, simple design and not a lot of frills. I mean it's not like anyone else has already been doing this for a hundred years.
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    It really is fascinating how quickly old uniforms become new again in sports fashion.
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    2016 was a very good year. Outside of that? Oregon didnt have their first 10 win season until the 2000s right? Historically, I’d consider Oregon lucky to win 8 games. Sure they had a great 5 year stretch, but they’ve been mediocre/bad in the PAC12 for 2 or 3 years now. Maybe they turn it around? That’s fine by me. I just hope they turn it around uniform wise. You’re just bringing up the uniforms with poor design and cluttered piping, in the NFL no less. These uniforms are not uncluttered. The massive numbers and large “O” on the pants kill that argument. I sure as hell hope this isn’t the way uniforms are trending, because I’m taking the uniforms of 15 years ago with modern materials over what Oregon has here any day. Now are these uniforms the worst in CFB? No. But they are BAD.
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    Pacifica SC “The Humpbacks” Seattle, WA League: Cascadia Premier League Kits: Umbro Colors: Green and Blue Sponsor: Starbucks Year Founded: 1954 USSL Titles: 2 League Finish: 1 USSL Rival: Puget Sound What’s New: Blue sleeves with wave pattern across for home, Navy with wavy rain pattern instead of white for away
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    I don't think soccer nicknames are meant to be used in the same format as "Yankees" either though - unless it is actually part of the team name itself like Queens Park Rangers. From my observation it is usually Manchester United or the Red Devils, rarely Manchester United Red Devils.
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    The stripe helps a lot, in comparison to teams like the Ravens and Saints. Still, it can be a little much when players wear mostly-purple long socks:
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    MLS: so organic. I don’t really buy the fan-made nickname idea as part of a brand. If you talk to a non-soccer fan in Seattle but ask them if they’ve been to a Sounders game, I suspect they’ll at least know what you’re talking about. Can we say the same about the “Pigeons”? If you ask about the Reds in Toronto, will they ask you if you took a wrong turn in Ohio (or Liverpool)?
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    Yeah, I stayed in Waikiki when I visited Hawaii last year. Isn't Waikiki really small though? I suppose it doesn't matter in the end, in this alternate universe they probably just built a soccer stadium on a site where they built some hotel in real life.
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    Waikiki is basically Honolulu’s downtown, as it has all of the high rises, nightlife, restaurants, etc. in the city. At least, this is what I remember from visiting Hawai’i 5 years ago.
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    These things are a bleak reminder that football’s popularity and profitability has warped where decency and humanity fall in the overall ranking of things.
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    Love the red and green colours, hate the dated striping. I wish the Devils would just take their cup winning set, replace black with green, and go with that full time. Looks as bad as it did the day it was unveiled. Just putrid.
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    Love the home and road. Darker red is fantastic and agree, the logo really pops now. The alt reminds me of the Cavaliers newer alternate (whatever they call it). I think maybe if you made the bottoms of the arms and hem red it'd give it a little more... I dunno. Something. Could also make the bottom parts of the pant stripe red. Cant wait to see the rest!
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    Blue and black? That sounds boring as all hell.
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    True, but their last set wasn't meant to be all-white and they did it anyway.
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    I'm on the fence about the shoulder yoke, but I have to admit the monogram looks damn good like that. Stunning, even.
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    No, it doesn't. The white outline is totally unnecessary.
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    Alright, I’ll duck the incoming rocks hurling at me and say this. This devils jersey is lame for a new third. They’ve done it plenty of times and have dropped green decades ago. Would much rather have a black third that is new and unique to the franchise. If you want red and green, then ditch black. All these new thirds are throwbacks or already have been worn as a previous alt or one-off...and a frankenduck.
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    I don't think that's City on the County Stadium wall. The bottom serif of the T is too big and the R has a diagonal line instead of a right angle. No matter.
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    I made the "CB" more symmetrical and thicker, and wove the laces in between with brown lines dropped at the bottoms for contrast. Here is a look at the other logo I'm working on. Very rough, but it's basically a "Cb" in the shape of a helmet. The "C" is formed by the outline of the shell and with the helmet stripe. The "b" is supposed to work as the face mask.
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    Though I despise this team with every single atom of my being, you amaze with your designs!
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    I've done a 360 on it. I still hate it.
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    So I took in the Titans vs Buccaneers game here in town last night--some might call it the "Ugly Bowl". Now that I've gotten to see their road and home looks in action (and neither combo was monochrome, imagine that!), I can say that, at least from a distance...and I know this is only because I'm kinda betrothed to Nashville* now...that the look is kinda maybe starting to grow on me....but with that said... - from certain angles, the overall look appears really clean. But then I see those double-gray sword yokes and whatever that's supposed to be on the pants and they just look all out of place--especially with the white pants. - That logo was NOT made for a dark background. And the fact that they changed the keyline on that helmet logo to gray when it appears it's still white everywhere else is really peculiar. - Speaking of peculiar helmet decisions...1/ that helmet stripe really isn't even necessary, but even if it had to be there...why is it white/gray on the helmet when the sword yokes and whatever that's supposed to be on the pants are both double-gray? Don't get it. - On the topic of the gray...it completely detracts from the Columbia blue accents on the uniform. That's unfortunate too...and annoyingly frustrating being that the Columbia blue is the one color the Titans are immediately identified by. - The numbers, while still ugly as sin, read really well on TV. Guess there's something to be said for thinning out number widths some... - This by way of my nine-year-old son, but upon seeing the Titans' new uniforms, his words: "Those are ugly. I like the older ones better...those were cooler." (Looks like I may be raising a future uni-nerd of my own!)
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    So, you should seriously trademark that KC logo. That is freaking SICK, and I could totally see it selling to any franchise (down to high school level). It is very catchy and easily identifiable. I am very impressed!
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    Next up is Seattle: What do you think? C&C Appreciated! Also, there's only a few teams left. Which division (MLB, NFL or NBA) of the league should I do next?
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    2017 NHL100 Classic OTTAWA SENATORS Not too happy with what the Senators did with their original uniform. Not that it was bad, it just wasn't creative. This would've been a perfect chance to try something new for a change. Silver is also featured prominently throughout the jersey honoring both the NHL's centennial year and the history of hockey in Ottawa back in the days of the Silver Seven. MONTREAL CANADIENS Similar things can be said about Montreal's original uniform. It wasn't ugly but it lacked creativity and looked too similar to their current road uniforms. This would've been a perfect opportunity to switch things up...why not go blue for a game? Color vs. color matchups are always fun to watch.
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    Nope, that’s even worse. Pointless clutter is pointless.
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    Next up is my concept for the other New York team. Once again, I edited the soccer components out of their logo, and used a double striping pattern to match the logo. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    Next up is the other LA team, the Los Angeles HC. I changed "Football" in their logo to "Hockey", and used a simple striping pattern matching the shield. I went with all-gold striping on the home jersey, and added white to the numbers. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    Green with a side of green and a splash of green.
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    I've mentioned it about 1,000 times on here before, but dark green and light blue.
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    If no one has anything to say about the Fire, I'll go ahead and post the next team: the Columbus Crew. First, I got rid of the "SC" from the name and logo. I kept yellow as primary, but made the checkerboard pattern more subdued, and added black and white striping over it. I used simple two colour names and numbers. Like Nashville in the NHL, I gave them a yellow helmet to wear at home. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    Next up are the Chicago Fire. I decided to replace grey with powder blue from the Chicago flag, which I added as a hanger effect. The striping also takes cues from the logo, whose six points represent the six pointed stars on the flag. Like my Atlanta concept, I kept the cuffs and hems red on both jerseys. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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