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    That makes two years in a row! This was last year...
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    A better look at the Helmet with stripe:
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    Reminds me of when the 49ers switched to black QB jerseys with illegible numbers shortly before unveiling an all-black uniform (with illegible numbers). The Ravens did the same as the Jets this offseason so it may just be a trend (although the Ravens already are a black team).
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    To me this says pacific northwest better than anything they wear now But I also accept them as a goody uniform team. And their fans love and embrace the goofiness. With the Seahawks there will never be a permanent return to something clean and traditional (unlike the Falcons who I believe will eventually return to something nice) And the majority of Seahawk fans do not seem to be clamoring for it either fwiw this is my favorite current Seahawks look. Not just as a road look but of all their combos (9 I believe) I just think they need gray pants at all times
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    Not sure if this is any indication of anything but...the Jets did away with the red non contact practice jerseys and went with a black non contact practice jersey (with green numbers) No idea why the change. I mean aren't' all our bodies conditioned to see red and pull back the reigns? Not that anybody is going to be putting their helmet between Darnolds shoulder blades at practice anyway. You do that and you're cut on the spot This is just weird
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    Yeah I get the wordmark thing. I think it looks off above Diggs' 14 so I'm leaving it off of this concept, but it might make its way into the final. True. It's almost more of a forum blue. Either way, I'm not that concerned about it, cause in real life it would look different in every photo anyway. I tried it out. The helmet looks great on its own but it doesn't fit as well with the rest of the uniforms. Good suggestion though! Next up is the Baltimore Ravens. This one's a little unconventional. I'm going for a dark, gothic look for B-more, complete with a shimmering, art deco take on raven feathers for the shoulders. The raven's eye and the swooshes have a yellow-red gradient, a reference to the colors of the Maryland flag. Pants and socks could be mixed and matched. They'd probably go monochrome once at home and at least once on the road over the course of the season. The font is an adjusted version of 'Avenged for Yourself'. It's definitely not your standard block, but I think its perfect for a modern gothic look. C+C is greatly appreciated. Happy Labor Day everyone!
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    The Brooklyn Cyclones were named for the famous Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster. IMO, they have one of the best team names in Minor League Baseball.
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    Correction. The Jags look mediocre to severely bland while the Titans look like they were designed as a joke and not as real option for an nfl franchise. I’ll never understand the love for these jags uniforms, they had a perfect identity prior to 2009 and they completely the bed on each attempt to upgrade. Yes I know someone is going to say the helmet is beautiful and I concede but the rest is just unforgivable from a design standpoint.
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    So, does Nike meet with a team and say, look, you’ve got two choices...nothing or everything? The nothing choice is no stripes, number outlines, and bare minimum or you can have everything. Yokes, gray, silver, abstract stripes, chrome, and an unreadable, I mean unique font.
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    Celebrating the move back to Actual Long Island by wearing the version of the logo that gets rid of Long Island. Excellent barnding!
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    Stunningly awful. If Darnold lives up to his potential, whatever uniforms they go with will define the era, much like Brady and the current Patriot uniforms.
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    Unless you actually need to read the numbers. Really need to question the logic of changing the "no-hit" color to black. Anyone know what color their offense wears in practice? I'm really hoping it's white and not green.
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    The 2001 Terps would like to have a word with you lol Honestly the helmets are the worst part of the set. If they returned to the pennant decals on a white, black or even a red helmet it would be a huge upgrade in my book.
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    So, I’m back, it’s been a couple a weeks since I’ve even signed in. I’ve got good news and bad news. Ill hit y’all with the bad news first. I’m gonna stop the open branding aspect of this project, sadly. Now that school has started and especially since soccer is full swing I practically have no time. So I will continue to post teams as I do them when I have time. Good news is I finally have the means to make logos on stuff on a computer, I’m actually downloading gimp as I write this so hopefully in the future once I’m confident in my skills I’ll mske the jump from hand drawn to computer. That’s going to be a big change for me that took some time to think over but in the end I can always switch back but I feel this will elevate my work and make it much better. So I’m sorry if you were really attached to the open branding part but for right now it’s best to leave it where it was. I’ll have Atlanta up soon, I’m reworking Houston because I don’t really like where it was. Thanks for putting up with me! Sorry for the break aswell.
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    That "5" looks horrible. Also number 52 looks like 2 cobras having a face-off
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    My favorite Seahawks unis, by far, were the ‘02-‘11 set. I loved the lighter shade of blue that they used and it had the perfect amount of that bright green.
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    Agreed. Seeing a lot of people "warming up" to them on social media. Might as well be warming up to a root canal or IRS audit. Those uniforms are horrible any way you slice it.
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    FCS North Dakota State University with an entirely new set. Needs a few tweaks but overall I think its an upgrade from the paint in the panels look from last year. https://twitter.com/NDSUequipment/status/1035683123873370112?s=19
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    Every time they've changed clothing suppliers they've had a major rebrand. That's part of the problem.
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    Unless I'm delusional, it's seems as though CFL teams struggle to find a solid identity and go through constant changes.
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    The helmet looks much better with the stripe than without. I was looking at game footage on YouTube going back to 1997 and from what I saw they had the helmet stripe from '97 to 2002, no stripe in 2003 or 2004, the stripe returned for 2005-11, no stripe from 2012 to last week, and now it's back for today.
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    Ah I see. Well, I guess this is a European rink? There is a lack of a trapezoid and also appears to be European due to width. The net on the left actually looks smaller than the net on the right to me, but it may be optical. Also the dimensions of the net seem off, but I am not sure if European creases are bigger (they may be). Is there a particular reason that there is a rectangle around the rink?
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    Seems like a steady changeover to kelly green in a lot of promotional marketing material regarding the team. Other than that, nothing.
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    You’re joking, right? That’s not even the worst jersey the Islanders have ever had.
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    I know it's not baseball, but the structure of the Los Angeles Kings' former farm system was always one of my favourites. Los Angeles KINGS Manchester MONARCHS Reading ROYALS Themed, professional names, with the last two even being alliterated. Solid effort across the board.
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    Did someone say the Seahawks?
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    Kansas football heyday...........I'll never not love this picture.
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    Oh look, the highlighters are playing.
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    Just match the pants stripe with the helmet/jersey stripe. I really dig that font too, it’s unique to NDSU and I’m glad they kept it. So close...
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    Here's the Nuggets court in NBA Live 19. The entire branding as a whole is a complete downgrade.
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    If only UNC could/would just put stripes on the pants that match the helmet stripes, I'd rate their uniforms as a perfect 10. As f now UNC's uniforms are about a 9.65
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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good the Bolts look in this photo?
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    There is nothing wrong with the Hurricanes logo.
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    Having a predominantly grey logo on the white jersey wouldn’t be optimum, nor would relegating the two main team colors to outlines. There’s not really a tidy solution for them, but I think it would be better to leave the logo pure and free of outlines, keeping it blue and green on white, and maybe going to a grey tail/white W color scheme on the blue jersey, using the uniform as the platform to incorporate the blue and green.
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    But who has sex with the chicken? Something's missing!
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    Assume space travel is just as efficient as driving / mass transit is now, and intra planetary travel (including local moons) is just as easy as driving to the mall. There's people living on every planet and moon of our solar system. There's a league where there's one or more teams that represent each planet of our solarsystem. Earth has two teams Team A plays in Tokyo, we'll call them the "Earth Ham Fighters" Team B plays on the Moon. Should / could Team B be called the Moon Marinerzz? Or the Earth Marinerzz? Jupiter has only one team, but it plays on Io. Can that team be named Jupiter 84679951 (the area code there)? Or would it have to be named Io 84679951? I'd argue in either case that naming the moon teams after the planets is the right thing to do, because The moons have no meaning or name value to anyone outside of their immediate local planetary area The planet has the gravitational pull that keeps the moon in orbit - the moon couldn't function independently, and has little gravitational pull of its own. LA is Jupiter Anaheim is Io. Anaheim has no significant MSA that I'm aware of. Without the LA MSA, it would be a small market. It needs the rest of the LA MSA to be viable, much like a moon.
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    One thing with Oregon's contrasting nameplates is that it makes everyone look like they all have the same long name. With noncontrasting nameplates, you can tell the length of everyone's name pretty clearly.
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    Ah, Mark Richt’s overhyped team laid an egg on national television against a lower-ranked opponent. Imagine that. I truly believe that last year will go down as UM’s peak under Richt. His second year was his best at Georgia, though he somehow stuck around for 13 more. I could not have been happier when he got fired and feel more validated every week. It’s a real kick in the balls that my “other” team hired him and I get to relive his sanctimony and gimmicks one more time. Nice to see LSU looking good though. Very much looking forward to the Dawgs’ trip to Baton Rouge for the first time in TEN years thanks to our needless conference expansion.
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    Precisely. I understand the need to generate revenue through merch sales, and doing that can involve implementing new elements over time, updating old ones on a regular schedule, changing color schemes if you can, and other methods. But to "Brandiose" your team is to openly admit to your (sometimes long standing) fan base, "We're here to make money off of you and this is a way of doing it." And no matter how clever you do it, no matter how much overall merch you actually sell from it (no one here will deny that the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are moving product better than the Jacksonville Suns ever did), there's a portion of your actual fan base - the people who show up and buy tickets to your games, the people you rely on for repeat revenue - who you alienate with total rebrands. It's inevitable.
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    Always enjoy the original content. Thank you!
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    Panthers have no need for white pants. Other Panthers thoughts: I'm now of the mind that they should switch their helmet to black. This is a first for me, as it would allow for any color pants to be worn with any jersey and still look good They have no need for white pants at all, regardless of helmet color. If they are insistent on sticking with silver, then they should burn the white pants right now.
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    Notice something, Ravens, Saints, Titans, et al.? The pants are a dark color, and the socks are a lighter color that contrasts well with the dark color. Pay attention!
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