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    Retro as in they messed up and need to get that jersey back into the rotation ASAP.
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    Don't forget about this classic too. A shame they neutered such a great brand.
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    Here's the Tigers: What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    Here's the Nuggets court in NBA Live 19. The entire branding as a whole is a complete downgrade.
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    "We completely botched this new era and the new jerseys so we're bringing back the old ones as an apology." Seriously, their new orange jerseys just aren't working out for me. They are awful. Should've stuck with the previous set.
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    Wow, look at those awesome plain lanes! Welcome to the bigs, you've made it, here's a rec center with a food court around it.
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    Also colors on dark backgrounds will look brighter than colors in on white backgrounds
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    GROUP B 1. Racing Club de France Status: Active in National 3 (Fifth Tier) League Titles: 1x Runners Up: 2x Racing was founded in 1882 as a multisport organization in Paris, France. It was one of the founding members of Ligue 1 and is one of the oldest football clubs in France. It won 1 domestic title and finished second twice. While in the top flight until the 1960's, the club slid down to the second division. In 1982, a plan was hatched by a wealthy industrial to create a second big team for the Capital. Racing merged with Paris FC and became Racing Paris 1. In 1984, the club moved to the top flight after a lengthy absence. After parting with Paris FC, the club took on it's original name again. Racing had a few season in Ligue 1, before financial woes made them request relegation to the third tier. While climbing the ranks again Racing almost found itself back in the second tier by 2004 and a resurrection seemed plausible, but continued mismanagement cut the dream short and Racing was relegated to the fourth tier. A season later saw them play in the National 3, France's third tier of amateur football, and the fifth tier on the national football pyramid. 2. Preston North End Status: Active in The Championship (Second Tier) League Titles: 2x Runners Up: 6x Founded in 1880, Preston was one of the founding members of the football league and where during the beginning of the professional game in England one of the first top sides. It won the league during it's inaugural year, becoming the first champions of England and by extension the first of it's kind in the world. During that season it also won the F.A Cup. Being the first club who did the double, it won the latter without conceding a single goal and where the original Invincibles long before Arsenal claimed that title. After that period the Lilywhites did not have any more succes until 1937 when the club won it's second F.A Cup. Until the 1960's the club was a regular in the top flight but began slipping down the pyramid ever since. It has spend 19 of the 47 seasons since 1970 in the bottom two divisions of English Football and was on the verge of folding due to financial mismanagement. Since 2015, the team established itself as regular in the EFL Championship. 3. R.A.P Amsterdam Status: Defunct since 1914 League Titles: 5x Runners Up: 3x R.A.P was founded in 1887, as members from three Amsterdam cricket clubs, RUN, Amstel, Progress formed a new football club R.A.P. They where the first team to win the Dutch Championships during the amateur era and during this time assumed their dominance by winning the title 4 more times and it won the domestic cup once. Just before the start of WWI, R.A.P found itself in dire straits and merged with fellow Amsterdammers Volharding and became VRC. After a few seasons this club abandoned football all together and focused on Cricket. 4. Kjøbenhavns Boldklub Status: Active in Københavnsserien (Fifth Tier) League Titles: 15x Runners Up: 13x KB is one of the oldest football clubs on the continent, with roots dating back to 1876, when the sport was first played. They are still to this day the record title winners in Denmark with 15 won. In 1991 KB and B 1903 merged their professional football teams and became FC Copenhagen, Who have become a top club in their own right. With 12 titles they are set to overtake KB's old record.
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    Stunningly awful. If Darnold lives up to his potential, whatever uniforms they go with will define the era, much like Brady and the current Patriot uniforms.
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    So, I’m back, it’s been a couple a weeks since I’ve even signed in. I’ve got good news and bad news. Ill hit y’all with the bad news first. I’m gonna stop the open branding aspect of this project, sadly. Now that school has started and especially since soccer is full swing I practically have no time. So I will continue to post teams as I do them when I have time. Good news is I finally have the means to make logos on stuff on a computer, I’m actually downloading gimp as I write this so hopefully in the future once I’m confident in my skills I’ll mske the jump from hand drawn to computer. That’s going to be a big change for me that took some time to think over but in the end I can always switch back but I feel this will elevate my work and make it much better. So I’m sorry if you were really attached to the open branding part but for right now it’s best to leave it where it was. I’ll have Atlanta up soon, I’m reworking Houston because I don’t really like where it was. Thanks for putting up with me! Sorry for the break aswell.
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    Tbh, I would love to see the orange jerseys as the retro jersey and worn four times a year with the blue back as the primary home.
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    I'm not sure exactly when they started, but the Ravens have had black QB practice jerseys for at least two years now. This is a picture of Ryan Mallett from 2017 training camp. I still don't like these because the purple numbers are practically invisible.
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    I really miss the sky blue/gold Carmelo era identity.
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    I liked what Miami did last year with the turnover chain, I felt it was a fun way to celebrate a turnover. But other copies have really been too much and it’s just lost the special feeling. Like the turnover throne, really? That doesn’t seem a like little too much, Boise?
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    By the time the 901 becomes obsolete (if ever), it will just be the team's name. Or are we mad at the NY Rangers for not changing their name, now that some guy named Tex doesn't own them?
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    JACKSONVILLE Even before the redesign, my Jacksonville concept has already stayed this way (except for the numbers). Initially, I had no idea on how to redesign their football uniforms, so, I went to everything that the Jacksonville Jaguars wore throughout their history. Apparently, the design of the Jags' old, gold-less uniforms is the one that's perfect for the redesigned logos, due to all those waves on them. Also, I'm not a fan of the Dolphins' current gold helmets, because it's as if they wanted to look like Notre Dame. Therefore, green helmets are back. And finally, for the helmet decals, instead of the new JU logo, I went with a somewhat oversized dolphin logo.
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    Personally, I hope the Jets go back to the 87-89 set with the lighter green sans black, which has been hard to find actual pictures of: These have a shade of green that pops, there's 0 black muddling the look, the design could work with the green or classic white helmet IMO & it'd be a nice change that wouldn't upset fans.
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    I was just about to post the same thing. All I see is the Lookouts logo sans eyeballs.
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    I prefer for a minor league affiliate to adopt an identity that is unique from that of its parent club. That said, there are a few MiLB teams that successfully pay homage to their big league partners' branding, while simultaneously putting their own, market-specific spin on things. My personal favorite in the latter category? The Lakeland Flying Tigers.
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    This is a dark period for monikers in MiLB right now. In an attempt to garner attention (and merchandise sales), too many teams are opting for ridiculous, asinine names and logos. Teams should be looking to the culture and surroundings of where they play for inspiration. Instead, they let outsiders force cartoony, moronic names and logos on the fanbase. Case in point, New Orleans. If you polled the locals here in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish (where the team actually plays), you will find the overwhelming majority of the fans despise that idiotic "Baby Cakes" name. There were several other names (honestly, none so good), but the out of town general manager and ownership, along with a certain San Diego based graphic design company, decided this was a fantastic name for the rebranded Zephyrs. But, no one in New Orleans knew what a baby cake was, other than a name for a mobster's mol/girlfriend. The GM explained that he couldn't call the team the King Cakes, because, when Googled, it wouldn't be on the top of the page. Plus, he always hears locals calling each other "baby". So, he mashed the two. Unfortunately for the locals, the merchandise seems to be selling, just not locally. People aren't going to the games, but some one in Des Moines is buying the cap, and that means money for the team. Hell, even the sports casters don't call them the "baby cakes", but just Cakes. They don;t even have a jersey with the "Baby Cakes" wordmark. But, I digress; after two years it still irritates me to no end. As for parent club names, I do mind those. But I like it more when a minor league teams makes it their own: different script, different logo. Think St. Louis and Memphis; Chicago and South Bend; Cleveland and Kinston.
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    Retro to 2 years ago.
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    When you have a bounty on your head but you're also dyslexic
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    The Colorado Rockies and California Angels have had two-letter monograms that look just fine. Of course, for both of those teams, using a second letter for the nickname was not necessary. But the Cyclones could not have used the Dodger-style B by itself; they had to add a second letter if they wanted to use that B. To pick a letterform that is stylisitically consistent with the B (such as the C on the Kansas City A's cap) is not too much to ask.
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    I think you're exactly right, and that's going to be my barometer for City Edition uniforms going forward -- if it could be another alternate uniform, it's not it. I appreciate the input! Here's an updated and/or finalized version of the Celtics' City Edition uniform. The original waistband design was over-engineered and way too busy, so the engravings and repeating patterns were removed in favor of a single ceiling tile design as the belt buckle logo. I think this makes for a cleaner transition from jersey to shorts, plus it balances the colors a bit better. Also, the goofy looking basketball logos I totally forgot to explain in my previous post have been removed (sidenote: they were originally designed as a basketball-themed reference to the two large, ornate chandeliers on either end of the building lobby, but I think the execution fell way short of the idea). Hopefully this creates a more concise and refined City Edition uniform that captures key elements of the landmark while remaining presentable on-court. Boston Celtics City Edition Uniform Concept
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    It's a good look, no question. But it's also Week 1. Still got a few games left to pick from.
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    From what I remember, the reason the 49ers went black on the field was because the players liked the black practice jerseys so much.
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    It didn't help that adidas got halfway through the last redesign then gave 4 teams the same outfit.
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    It looks so much better with that single yellow stripe.
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    I honestly think this is the best looking matchup in college football. Yes, I'm a Cal fan from the Bay Area who now lives a stones throw away from Chapel Hill. No, I swear I'm not biased...the two blues are so great when they contrast.
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    I’m a student at Austin Peay (and actually designed some of the baseball team’s new uniforms). This uniform set is years ahead past uniforms the team has used, and the red jerseys are actually a really good look. The “Gov Head” logo, which is underused compared to the “AP” and “Gov Head and Shoulders” (actual name) logos, along with the black outline on the AP, are the most questionable aspects. There’s also word floating around the football team of new black elements being added to the set, assumed to be debuted at the home opener next week that has been touted as a black-out.
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    I grew up in a family that held season tickets to the Whalers for the entirety of the franchise's existence, both in the WHA and NHL. With the exception of my maternal grandfather and a couple of my uncles, everyone within our corner of Whalers fandom preferred this color scheme and ranked these uniforms the best that the team ever donned. To each their own.
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    The Hockeytown font always reeked of 90's ESPN2. Promote Hockeytown elsewhere in the arena. Go nuts. But don't make it tire tracks running over your beautiful logo. That logo at center ice needs to be untouched
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    The Eagles win one Super Bowl and BBTV becomes Charlie Kelly
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    The 2001 Terps would like to have a word with you lol Honestly the helmets are the worst part of the set. If they returned to the pennant decals on a white, black or even a red helmet it would be a huge upgrade in my book.
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    That "5" looks horrible. Also number 52 looks like 2 cobras having a face-off
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    All area codes originally had a 0 or 1 for the middle digit. This was to signify this was an area code during dialing for the switching system as opposed to dialing a country code or a local interchange code. As for area codes being brands, it was a big deal to Cleveland in 2016 during the Cavs run to a title as Cleveland's (and originally all of northeast Ohio's) area code was 216. Columbus is 614 and Pittsburgh is 412. Northwest PA is 814. I know Dallas and Fort Worth are 214 and 817. Then came the age of the page and secondary lines for dial-up internet and the number usages skyrocketed. You had new codes. Eastern Ohio branched from 614 to 740. Western PA outside Pittsburgh became 724. And the 216 first splintered with Youngstown getting 330. And then the area between Cleveland and Youngstown and everywhere else became 440. And then the overlays. Luckily, they were introduced into this area just as the dial-up boom declined for broadband, so most hardly anybody has an overlay and probably not needed today. And with the landlines going away, it's not as important. Yet, my cell # matches this to a T: https://xkcd.com/1129/
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    Seeing Oregon's uniforms in action does nothing to change my assessment of them. They look absolutely wretched. Arizona continues to look bad as usual (as does the play on the field, but given that that was Sumlin's first game and he still has yet to really hit the ground running recruiting-wise and is still stuck with RichRod's :censored:ty recruiting, I'm not going to act like the sky is falling like some Arizona fans) and I really hope that there is going to be some kind of change next year.
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    That makes two years in a row! This was last year...
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    Dallas looks spectacular. I love what you did with the striping and you even managed to salvage the script logo on what would make a great alternate should they not go the throwback route.
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    D-II West Chester has a new Helmet this year which a nice LSU "parody", but DAMN they forgot to order new uni's to match.
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    WTF does that have to do with liberalism or conservatism?
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    I don't know about this. In areas that have multiple area codes, there seems to be some level of prestige attached to having the OG area code.
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    I actually like this better. The original city concept just looks like another alternate uniform, while this is based off of an actual city landmark.
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    I was totally expecting the 1985-96 purples, but I was holding out for these purples since it's what the Jazz wore during their first couple years in Utah -- and this will be their 40th anniversary in Salt Lake City. Oh, well, I can't complain too much. I love the look. Now just give us a dang green jersey!
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    Just be happy it's not sponsored.
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    After a short delay, I present you the Baltimore Ravens. I hate the Ravens current look. The logo, the number font, the use of black pants with black socks, I'm just not a fan overall. For this entry, I decided to go with a theme surrounding real ravens. For those who are not aware, Ravens have iridescent feathers that appear purple, hence the purple and black color scheme. I wanted to emphasize that with this design. The main feature includes a "feather" pattern on the sleeves that transforms from purple to black and back to purple. The design is meant to be subtly darker/lighter than the main jersey (see below for a closeup, or you could just click on the image I guess. You do you). The number font is inspired by the current font, but is a bit beefier, which I like a little bit better. The specific shade of purple was chosen specifically to blend with the black to further create that dark, iridescent vibe while still having the numbers be legible. The helmet is designed to feature the colored fleck material that was utilized by the Jaguars back in the late 2000s. There's nobody better than the Ravens to wear this type of helmet. Three pants options are available, black, white, and purple, and are interchangeable. The black pants do not feature any stripes because I liked the simultaneous consistency between all black elements not featuring stripes, and the inconsistency between pants that the Ravens already have. There are not black socks because even in my fantasy world NFL, someone would still abuse them. Finally, as is obvious, I removed entirely the red and gold from the uniforms; they interfered with what I was going for. Thanks for the patience on this guys! I'll give you a hint that tomorrow will be a bit more subdued. Edit: Also, go check out OhioSportsMan61's series of a similar name! Gotta spread the love of messing with teams' identities!
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