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    Not really a concept, just a tweak to the Avalanche colors. Made the red brighter. Replaced steel blue with navy. Replaced the black with navy. Made the gray into more of a silver.
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    Good riddance. Not only is it racist, but it's a bad logo, too.
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    I just saw VT highlights, I hadn't seen their 2018 jerseys. I like the template, seems like a nice mix of traditional "hoops" on the shoulders with a modern twist: However, I'm not so sure about #3's tackling technique against FSU.
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    Makes sense to me; here you go! I also came up with a new idea for my Winnipeg home jersey, since, a while back, @BellaSpurs and @ThierryH14 rightly pointed out how convoluted it was. This new one has a brick red sash flanked by a simpler wheat pattern. Hopefully it's a bit better! C&C and suggestions for future teams appreciated!
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    Thanks! I implemented the updated “Old English C,” and it really improved the look! I’ve updated the original, and I’ve got a comparison here: Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from with that. I wanted to create an A’s/Royals hybrid with more elements from the team’s pre-relocation history (brighter blue shades, scripts, and that format of “KC” logo). I couldn’t really see the Athletics adopting too many hallmarks of the Monarchs, especially when the A’s had a successful history of their own to fall back on for their identity. Don’t worry, you’ll get a nice touch of Monarchs for both alternate takes! Thanks, I had a feeling you’d like the “I can’t believe it’s not Neutraface” road uniform! I’m definitely going to bring in a gold cap for a future update of the SD Athletics. The Blues will be up later today!
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    From insider source: Miami Heat Vice jersey will be in black this season, with a Vice themed court! ?
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    I still don't get it why they can't send Wahoo to plastic surgeon and fund him a face lifting to being a less offensive? Wahoo=Cleveland Indians, you can't erase that from history.
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    None of that had happened in this tread yet. You're the one bringing all that up now.
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    Royal blue is far and away the better look when compared side-by-side.
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    I like the Oilers in orange. I think the design is just as good, if not better than their classic blues, but people are (rightfully) biased towards the blue because those are the jerseys they won 5 cups in. However I still think the orange is a better look for Edmonton. There are 7 Canadian teams, four of which would be wearing monochromatic blue and the others red. The orange separates the Oilers a bit, gives them a bit of distinction, and this is the McDavid era, not the Gretzky era. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it having a distinct aesthetic. Also as perhaps another unpopular opinion, that thing about every Canadian team being in blue or red is why I would not be upset if the Canucks went to green full time and the Sens went back to black.
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    If we don’t get the Wichita Cowardly Lions, than I’ll be seriously disappointed.
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    That's the best Lions concept I've ever seen. Using the Gothic D for Detroit should be mandatory, and you really tied it together with your more heraldic looking lion. This is a fantastic series thus far!
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    Love the locks in the stripe on the home. Away is great as well. No complaints with the Fury.
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    The logos look really nice! I am very excited for this series! I think the logo on the Braves home is way to big. Also I'm not a fan of the lack of other colors on the Jersey. Even just a little bit of black and yellow could make this whole set pop IMO. The presentation is really well done, and looks clean, but I like to see the pants and socks on a hockey set. It really completes the look. I assume blue pants for this team, but often the color of pants can make a set.
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    The hat logo works surprisingly well as a main crest. I wonder if there's some way to incorporate the neon green without making it look too gaudy.
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    The Jets became better upon suggesting green numbers with black trim on the whites. Before anyone can complain about mismatching shades of red on the white throwbacks, that actually happened. http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=teams&team_id=ARZ
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    These designs have all been really, really solid. Keep up the great work! Any chance we could see a version of the White Sox based on their '83 look, but with the batterman holding a hockey stick instead of a bat?
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    I like your Jets concept. For real. I like the black numbers on the white jerseys, but I think majority would prefer green numbers with black trim. It's just personal preference. Great job!
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    ??? That Surfin' Stomper is a lot of fun, as is the SD logo and yellow jersey! I'm curious about a yellow, blue-brimmed SD cap for the blue alt... The Kansas City A's look really good, though I agree with @coco1997 about the C. That powder blue looks really good, and gotta like a colored-sleeves jersey like your Monarchs throwback. The KC hat is nice (more interesting than the A at this point... ?) Honestly, KC just really looks good in double blue, so I imagine your upcoming Blues will be good!
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    This thread is full of unforseen comedy.
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    Wazzou going with the traditional grey/crimson/grey combo: Without looking at all of their combos from last season, I believe this’ll be their first time wearing traditional grey/crimson/grey with this latest uniform set. If I remember correctly, they wore crimson/crimson/grey and dark grey/crimson/dark grey last season, but not the traditional combo.
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    I like the blue socks with red stripes a lot, certainly a lot more than one pair of red socks and one pair of blue. I think the red block C would be perfectly fine if it had a white outline, though. Not sure about blue undershirts, because I really like the blue jersey over red undershirts for the Tribe, and so do they because they wear it a lot. It'd help if we could get the Red Sox to go back to navy blue undershirts.
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    They need some kind of logo on the sleeve, but I'm struggling to think of one that would pass all the current tests. The issue with not changing their name is that they're doomed to be essentially logoless / mascotless forever. I definitely wouldn't want them building their image around some other unrelated creature, like how Syracuse used a literal orange for Orangemen, and how my alma mater adopted a bear to be their mascot while still using the name Indians. If they did change the name, I think Spiders is the only good choice I've heard. You can do a lot with Rockers, but it seems too minor-league to me for some reason. Spiders is totally unique in major sports, has a ton of great logo options, can be played-up all over the park (have a spider web thing that can "catch" home runs), and can make for fun (albeit scary) mascots for the kids.
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    Yes, let's not let factual statistics get in the way of personal anecdotes!
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    Thanks! I've already done the Browns in several variations. I've also got an Expos concept from my previous thread, which I'll repost here when the time comes (chronological). I'll do a few further variants on them (e.g., one with the "elbM," one with something from the rejected name list, etc.) Thanks. This one (in this post) should be the last of the A's for a while. Before getting into the project, I had no idea about how thoroughly that asshat Charlie O. Finley pimped out the A's to literally every viable market that didn't have a team. I'm legitimately sick of doing A's concepts, as it gets hard to make this damn team look different for each location. Luckily, the 1970s/80s will only have three relocation destinations for them (New Orleans, Chicago, and Phoenix). After that, it's just San Jose and Portland (that last one based on hella loose rumors from our Portland MLB thread). Thanks! The primary logo was a joy to create. I did consider angled scripts, but I prefer the straight across. It looks more like a surfboard/surf shop graphic that way. Still, angled scripts look pretty good here. Yeah, that's not happening. I'm sorry, but unless there's verifiable evidence of a team attempting to move to a location, I won't put it in the series. It's a historical exercise that tries to remain grounded. Thanks! It's goofy, but I love a good dollop of goofy. Thank you! I'm contemplating how to handle the Expos' potential relocations, and I've decided to follow Stadium Page's listings of Portland, Norfolk, and Northern Virginia. I'll probably combine the two Virginia locales under the state name and go with something state-related. In the "modern age of branding," I doubt the Expos name would really work anywhere else. Ha! Thanks. I did think about light blue as a more prominent accent, but I don't like adding additional outlines that would muddle up a look/blur with the royal blue or background color. My early version of the A's had powder blue as the blue shade, but I rejected it for looking too washed-out. Thanks! Anyway, it's on to the least-beloved defunct team, the Kansas City Athletics! KANSAS CITY ATHLETICS, PT. I - Kauffman Coughs up a Modernized Classic When analyzing why the A's failed to gain traction in Kansas City and are the least well-remembered relocated team, there are two easy targets to blame. They are: Asshat Owner #1 - Arnold "Yankee Fetishist" Johnson As stated previously in the thread, the Athletics left Philadelphia as the result of family squabbles and financial problems within the Mack family, leaving them in the position for Arnold Johnson (owner of Yankee Stadium and Blues Stadium - home of the Yankee affiliate Kansas City Blues) to buy the team with the assistance of the Yankees' lobbying (also helped by squabbles within the various Philadelphia-based syndicates vying to buy the A's).1 While he sold his Yankee Stadium property, Johnson found other ways to benefit New York for his own gain. His ownership period of 1955-60 saw the team turn into an unofficial Yankees minor-league team, as the A's performing 16 trades with New York (including the infamous Roger Maris exchange).2 There were also rumors about him trying to move the team to Los Angeles, but that petered out around the time he died in 1960. Johnson was one of baseball greatest villains, crippling a team for the "greater good" of the Yankees. Hearing about these shenanigans/obvious collusion makes it all too apparent why baseball faced popularity problems outside of New York (the 1950s were anything but a golden age for the sport). Arnold Johnson/Yankee owners Del Webb and Dan Topping's actions make the Stanton trade look like child's play. After Johnson: Asshat Owner #2: Charlie "O Great this Pompous Chode" Finley (Source: a movie that sort of misses the point of the original book) While Johnson may put the Jeter group to shame, Charlie O. Finley makes guys like Stan Kroenke and Austin Precourt look tame by comparison. If this series has demonstrated anything, it's that Finley had very little confidence in the Kansas City market. He straight-up said this: While it was stated under duress (fighting with the AFL's Chiefs and Kansas City over his lease at Municipal Stadium), Charlie O. clearly had no intention on ever staying in the market.3 While he set the stage for successes in Oakland (rebuilding the minors - something Connie Mack never did, upgrading the identity by adopting the green/yellow color scheme, and doing silly promotions), he also sowed the seeds of instability under his watch (managerial shake-ups, exacting his abrasive personality on everybody around him, being cheap, etc.). He left after the Truman Sports Complex received approval, getting what he wanted all this time, for better or worse. However, what if a certain owner came in to stop the bleeding? Meet Ewing Kauffman, Kansas City-based pharmaceuticals magnate whose wife Muriel wanted him to find a hobby.4 Let's assume that his wife inquired about buying a team earlier, throwing a dump truck full of money at Charlie O. to f--k off. What if he and his people reshaped the team's visual (and competitive) identity? The Kauffman ownership would undo much of what Charlie O. did to the team's identity. Kelly would leave the identity in favor of royal blue (288 C), with yellow-gold remaining as an accent (to prevent the Midwest Dodgers look). Much like the Royals, the team would experiment with powder blue road uniforms, cursive scripts (modernizing the Johnson-era look - Old English + cursive - without the stigma of his crapulence), and asymmetrical stripes (a 1980s/90s development, reinstated during the '00s - with a placket variant), all while maintaining Mack-style traits (the white elephant, Old English insignias, and a home uniform with the "A" crest) and not veering far from their core look. The primary logo is a "royal" crest, featuring two baseballs, an Old English interlocking "KC," and the slightly-updated white elephant from my Louisville/Seattle concepts. The insignias are the secondary and tertiary logos. The wordmarks include both cursive and Clarendon Condensed marks. EDIT: I updated the Old English C, thanks to @coco1997's suggestion. Here are the original images: logo sheet, home and road, alternates one and two, and the dugout jacket. EDIT #2: I updated the Old English "KC" and the elephant in the primary logo. Here is a comparison, and here are the second set of images: Logo Sheet, Home and Road uniforms, Alternates set one and two (with throwback remaining the same), and the primary dugout jacket. The home and road set features asymmetrical stripes on the sleeves, trousers, and placket. I assumed that it would be a 1980s creation, as a means of modernizing a pullover/sansabelt-era look. The primary is on the sleeve, while the tri-stripe (from the '20s-'30s Philadelphia teams) is on the socks. The home set has the "A" insignia, while the powder blue-tinted road uniform displays an Old English/cursive "Kansas City" script. Wilson Varisty numbers pair well with Rawlings Block NOB's. The alternates include a powder blue top with the "Athletics" script. It's a little homage to the first KC A's team (the only honor Johnson was worthy of), paired with the 1970s "glory years" powder blue. There's no yellow-gold jersey, as I'm really sick of featuring them thought that management wouldn't want to indulge in a Charlie O.'s B R A N D of Fort Knox Gold. The "KC" cap has a gold bill, pairing well with the blue jersey. The second set of alternates include the "KC" cap on the home uniform and a 1942 Kansas City Monarchs throwback. The jackets are pretty simple, highlighting the sock striping pattern on the trim of each uniform. The Kansas City Athletics were not beyond redemption and could have turned their identity around to produce a fantastic look. C+C is appreciated, as always! For the first alternate take, put on your red shoes and dance the... 1Robert D. Warrington, “Departure Without Dignity: The Athletics Leave Philadelphia | Society for American Baseball Research,” Society for American Baseball Research, accessed June 25, 2018, https://sabr.org/research/departure-without-dignity-athletics-leave-philadelphia. 2David L. Fleitz, “Baseball Almanac - The Corner of the Dugout : The Yankees and the A’s,” Baseball Almanac, accessed September 7, 2018, http://www.baseball-almanac.com/corner/c042001b.shtml; Jeff Zimmerman, “Valuing Trades Between the Kansas City A’s and New York Yankees,” Royals Review, July 12, 2010, https://www.royalsreview.com/2010/7/12/1565414/valuing-trades-between-the-kansas. 3John E. Peterson, The Kansas City Athletics: A Baseball History, 1954–1967 (Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 2012), 179. 4Max Rieper, “Fifty Years Ago Today, Ewing Kauffman Became the First Owner in Royals History,” Royals Review, January 11, 2018, https://www.royalsreview.com/2018/1/11/16878996/fifty-years-ago-today-ewing-kauffman-became-the-first-owner-in-royals-history.
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    Close, but not quite. The actual inspiration for the yellow comes from a long line of military history. I wanted to combine two eras of the Chargers' history by utilizing elements from the curved lightning bolt logo and original Los Angeles Chargers logo featuring the horse head. Therefore, my first thought for the horse was the historic knights and cavalry units used by practically every nation known to man. Eventually, I scrapped the idea of having someone riding the horse, and just included the horse/lightning bolt combination. The yellow bolt portion is meant to double as a stylized version of armor/covering that were traditionally placed upon the heads of horses during battle as well as during jousting matches. In many such instances, these covers would also cover the mane of the horse, which is the intent here. Obviously, the design isn't perfectly accurate regarding the head covering, but I feel the stylized version gets the point across. Speaking of which, I have a new updated version of the logo that I think is a bit cleaner and gives a better look at the horse.
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    I'd love for the Vikings to break out those jerseys but then I'd just get pissed off at how the satin/matte helmet shell will ruin the look.
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    This set is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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    They added a ton of uniforms that have been missing for years. I really like the addition of home and away versions for some of those classic sets. Unfortunately they also scrapped a lot of alternates that I liked using. Hopefully 2k20 will go overkill and add every possible uniform combination from each team's respective franchise. I can dream, right? ?
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    That gold circle around the Knights logo is so obtrusive and unnecessary.
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    And I'd be pretty skeptical of that argument for a whole laundry list of reasons, if anyone is actually making it! Look, I know it's purely a matter of personal preference, but I think they've done really well with their visual identity to come up with something that's both true to Miami and unique in the wider landscape, and I just think the name is a wholly expected swing and a miss on at least one, probably both of those qualities.
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    They usually wear white or columbia at the beginning of the season due to the heat. They've done it consistently for the past few years now. In fact, one of the few times they wore the columbia over white was in an early game in Miami a couple of years ago.
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    Are you happy, America? Are you satisfied that there are now three raccoon-based Minor League Baseball teams but not one team named ThunderSharks? ThunderSharks!
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    FINALLY completed this logo. Personal logos always take the longest time as I'm never happy, but i think I have finally put this one to bed.
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    Hey, the Dead Wings didn’t ruin the Red Wings’ traditional look. The 1990s-‘00s Blackhawks didn’t trash their iconic set. No amount of terrible teams hurt the Rangers’ uniforms. The current Devils wouldn’t have ruined Brodeur’s uniforms (post-Lou management did).
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    Aunt, balls, uncle; they did win and now it's associated with some of the best hockey of all time.
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    Mouth looks strange, the white line across its jaw line and the way it’s angled. It’s a good idea but it’s roughy right now, needs a mane too!
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    Nice cleanup. It actually came out pretty clean.
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    New titans'... concentrate on he Columbia blue, add a Greek pattern.
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    We will start this series in the East with the Atlantic division which consists of the Norfolk Neptunes (Redskins), Orlando Thunder (Dolphins), Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (Panthers), and the Richmond Bulldogs (Steelers). Our first team is the Norfolk Neptunes who were originally a franchise in the Continental Football League from 1966-69 and the Atlantic Coast Football League from 1970-71. They are the minor league affiliates of the Washington Redskins.
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    Don't forget about this classic too. A shame they neutered such a great brand.
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    Here's the Nuggets court in NBA Live 19. The entire branding as a whole is a complete downgrade.
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    Supposedly the new unis were about to be rolled out a few months ago at the "Taste of the Jets" event that they did but were held off for some reason. Here's another concept that I've seen kicked around Somebody asked Darron Lee on twitter if they're "fire" and he commented that they're better than "fire"? which worries me because athletes love ridiculous stupid uniforms
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    Totally changed the look of the logo. Would like to get everyones thoughts?
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