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    The circumstances surrounding that historically bad season were a bit extraordinary, though. You can’t really hold it against the players when their owners intentionally set them up to fail and they played over 70% of their games on the road. I don’t think anyone wants it erased from history. They just don’t want it defining the future.
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    I find these comments really annoying. Either say what you think or don't. But don't wait for others to have opinions you won't. And don't root for conflict that hasn't happened yet.
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    Arizona’s blue helmets today with the all red A look awful. Who signs off on something like that?
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    Wait until the blind community sees this
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    Thanks for the feedback. Next up, the New York Giants. This is essentially a modernization of their 1971 uniforms. Striping consistency is restored, with the exception of the home jersey, which remains stripeless. Grey pants would be worn the majority of the time with this set. White pants could be substituted a few times per year. The primary logo depicts an interlocking N-Y with a G and the Empire State Building as a backdrop. I figured since 'Giants' probably refers to their skyscrapers, they should have some kind of reference to it in their logo. The red G with a blue border is also consistent with the striping. A simpler version of the logo appears on the helmet. For some reason, anything but a plain white logo looks weird on their helmet. C+C is appreciated!
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    The last thing we need is another Philadelphia Eagles. I'm still hoping Philly ditches the black for silver.
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    They could give the spider mascot a native headdress and have it hold 8 tomahawks. Everybody wins.
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    That doesn’t really solve anything, though. It’s just finding a new culture to hijack.
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    To each their own. I think it’s one of the very best road looks in the league precisely because of its no-frills/all-business demeanor. The block C the team is using dates to their original uniforms from the turn of the century, and they didn’t regularly incorporate red until the mid-1930s, so I think they do have the precedent to pull off a simplistic, historical, blue-dominant look with the pieces they’re using. They’ve changed and evolved so much over the years that, in my opinion, they can’t really be locked into a specific color hierarchy like some teams can. Heck, the uniform you posted there had blue letters with red trim (like they wear now) for several seasons before it had red letters with blue trim. I’d actually prefer they not use red as their main color if they’re going to continue to be called the Indians. It rubs me the wrong way and it’s not essential to their identity that they be a red-dominant team the way it might be for Boston or St. Louis. As a fan and an enthusiast of the team’s history, Cleveland teams with an equal or dominant red presence will always be associated with Chief Wahoo to me since the color shift and the introduction of the mascot happened around the same time, so I’m fine leaving that for the history books. Of course, if I had my way, I’d change that blue to black and let them be the only true black and red team in baseball. Then I’d start incorporating spider imagery and ultimately make people forget they had any attachment to such a common, antiquated name like Indians in the first place. ?
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    Finally people with vision impairments will be able to tell which team is which.
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    And it looks terrible since there is no white in the helmet or jerseys. Should have gone with yellow pants.
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    Not really a concept, just a tweak to the Avalanche colors. Made the red brighter. Replaced steel blue with navy. Replaced the black with navy. Made the gray into more of a silver.
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    Thanks guys! Must've been thinking of Marshall Faulk. I'll fix it in a sec. I'm not sure why I never double-checked my jersey numbers. Next up, the Detroit Lions. For Detroit, I've attempted to combine elements from their current look and their iconic 90's set. The Lions have featured a northwestern stripe on their uniforms and a blue-white-blue stripe on their helmets and pants for a large portion of their history. Because of changing jersey cuts, their sleeve striping was truncated for most of the 90's, creating a new striping pattern. I've attempted to build their new identity around an adjusted version of this stripe that's consistent with the helmet and pants. (If you didn't like the approach to striping consistency I took with the Vikes, you probably won't like this either) With the exception of the logos, white and silver don't touch. This creates a sharp consistent look across the set. Silver pants could be worn with the road jersey a couple times per year for a classic look. The alternate is a modernization of their 60's uniforms, The logo combines the blue lion with an old-english D and L. C+C is appreciated!
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    The Cavs did a uniform inspired by the Guardians of Transportation statues last season, and all teams have done merchandise with that theme as well. Those statues are by far the most popular piece of Cleveland iconography amongst locals, and they anchor the bridge that crosses the river and ends right at the main corner of the ballpark and arena. Spiders is my favorite name, but Guardians is a close second if they ever change it.
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    It really is quite puzzling why Arizona continues to think "We should stay away from our best look ever"
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    You know what, after all this time, here's Ottawa! After reading this article, I now hope (but don't expect) that Ottawa can stick it out in the USL, and avoid threatening the US & Canada's wonderful sharing of leagues. However, this is just a concept series, so I had fun with the Fury as a member of the CPL! The logo adds two pieces of Ottawa symbolism to the identity, while keeping the flame imagery: the Peace Tower, and the grenade from the Ottawa coat of arms (a good representation of fury, IMO!) The font is TW Cen MT. The home jersey, partially inspired by the 2014 home, uses a center stripe in the style of the Rideau Canal. The away incorporates the symbol and colors of the spirally Ottawa flag. Same deal, school is in, so it might be a while again, but I'll try and get you a couple more teams to wrap this up. Suggestions for Saskatoon and/or Thunder Bay (or somewhere else) are appreciated. Please, let me know what you think of Ottawa or any other team!
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    I hear that they're not worried about a sleeve logo for next season as they will be wearing the All Star Game patch all year. Look for something new for the sleeve in 2020.
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    Booger City Snot Rockets has a ring to it.
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    For the ones that want them to change the actual team name, would putting CLEVELAND on both home and road jerseys be an acceptable compromise? I know it's not good enough if you're in that camp, but considering the likelihood of a full change is slim, maybe doing something like what the Texas Texases do would be ok.
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    I personally love the cannon logo, I think it looks great on the front of a jersey. The hat on the otherhand, looks off IMO.
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    Yeah, but when combined with the block C, it looks so bland and uninspired. I’d call it the worst road uniform in the majors. Cleveland doesn’t have the historical clout to pull it off. Besides, it doesn’t fit with their historical color balance (navy and red co-dominance, with a bit more red than the Red Sox): A cleaned-up version of the cursive “Cleveland” script (like the 1948 home script), or even a red with navy outline block “Cleveland” would go a long way to improving the look.
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    The only big takeaway here is that the road uniform is even more devoid of personality. At the very least, a red bill on the cap and this script would spice it up: A bit of character goes a long way.
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    Good riddance. Not only is it racist, but it's a bad logo, too.
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    I think this board's long-standing membership is no longer greatly stirred by anything Cleveland/American-Native-logo-related in terms of outrage. It's all been done before; it's all been said before. It's tired. I'm tired.
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    Guys this is what happened I have the inside scoop from a reliable source. Stupid Guy running Operations: "I have a really stupid idea how about we remove the paint colors from our Jazz basketball court. Sheep Exec 1: Oh that's a great idea! Sheep Exec 2:Oh wow yeah that's the new trend! Common sense Exec 3: How about we just keep it the same and not have a boring ass Court like Denver Nuggets New Orleans Pelicans and a few other teams?"Or we can change the colors to the Stockton-Malone years? *Executive 3 is promptly thrown out the window*
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. While I work on the Ravens, here's the LA Rams. My thinking here was to split the difference between the 80's Rams and the 50's Rams, combining bold, modern color blocking with a more retro logo set. Athletic gold returns, complemented by a new dodger blue. The primary is a compromise between their 50's and 60's logo and their current ram head. I also created an LA monogram and a vintage-looking leaping ram logo. Home and road pants could be mixed and matched every once in a while. C+C appreciated!
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    Sorry to be so late to the party here, but everything so far is really impressive! Top notch stuff! Cincy's jersey set is really good, and I like the helmet either way. I love the pants striping. Good number font too. My only suggestion is to add a black pants option for the away and alt. The logo's shape in the bottom left is a bit off, but otherwise solid. Nothing too far out with Minnesota; the striping is solid, jerseys are solid. Logo is good but I don't like the teeth. IMO, the wordmark could be composed of straight lines like Norse runes. Baltimore's purple wing striping is really great! The subtlety of the red & yellow is well executed. I think the purple is the strongest jersey there. The black still looks too Raidery, so I'd try purple pants with the original jersey. I like the helmet with the purple stripe. The wordmark retains the Gothic/horrory vibe, so good work there; you ought to put it on the jersey! The Rams jerseys are exactly as they should be (mid-point blue color is ideal), and the number font really elevates that set. The logo is a good combo of the current and original. I don't like the leaping ram's proportions--its hind legs and torso are too stubby. Good Lakers-esque wordmark. That NYG logo is PERFECT. Pure quality. The Giants need to adopt that yesterday! I'd like it on the helmet, but the "NY" works... The jerseys look good with gray pants, too, but I prefer the white pants. Finally, Detroit's jerseys are fine, no changes necessary. The logos are really clever (the alternate logo looks like the Detroit flag!), but I feel there's some execution issues. The curls on the D take up space a bit awkwardly, especially the one with the tail. The alternate logo's head looks too big for its body, and the left front leg is too small compared to the rest. Sorry to be nitpicky! Really outstanding work! I look forward to seeing your much-needed improvements to TB & JAX.
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    I’ll give you dull, but how is it uninspired? It’s pretty clear what it’s inspired by. Or is that just a silly buzzword used to say it’s not exciting enough for you? ?
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    Makes sense to me; here you go! I also came up with a new idea for my Winnipeg home jersey, since, a while back, @BellaSpurs and @ThierryH14 rightly pointed out how convoluted it was. This new one has a brick red sash flanked by a simpler wheat pattern. Hopefully it's a bit better! C&C and suggestions for future teams appreciated!
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    oh yeah, not enough contrast. wish they wore the desert Swarm white ones.
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    I still don't get it why they can't send Wahoo to plastic surgeon and fund him a face lifting to being a less offensive? Wahoo=Cleveland Indians, you can't erase that from history.
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    The worst team in MLB history should not be brought back.
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    Pro-tip (which I'm breaking by posting this response, but I'm doing it anyway!) Rather than revive a dead or dormant thread by commenting on it, send a private message to the creator expressing your excitement about it and wish for it to return.
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    I've floated this opinion before on the boards, but I'll do it again anyway -- the '48 Indians are both the club's most recent World Series winner and featured the best look and balance the team's ever had. Take the old Wahoo off the sleeves and this would instantly be one of the better sets in baseball, IMO: I still lament that the Tribe went away from the wishbone C hat logo in the '70s, because it's the best hat they've had, but now there's no way they'd ever be able to get it "back" from the Reds. I'd love to see them try a hybrid of the Reds' and Cubs' "C" logos to try something unique. But to me, this is the perfect color balance for an Indians jersey and shows how much stronger the road jersey would be with a red bill. But I don't really like the block "C" for this purpose, which is a little tricky.
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    Nothing too major, but at the bottom of the second Orlando graphic, it says "Norfolk Neptunes".
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    None of that had happened in this tread yet. You're the one bringing all that up now.
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    Part of me is wondering if the whole “Rock ‘N Roll” theme of the All-Star Game was an attempt to experiment with a new direction/name for their identity, which may or may not involve ditching the name. The Dolans would be smart to assume that people will call for the name to go next. Cleveland Rockers (what I’d assume they’d go with) isn’t too bad, but I’d rather have Spiders or Guardians (after those cool statues that are within a few minutes’ walk of the stadium).
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    So they’re going to miss an easy victory-clinching field goal, take a knee instead of going deep to try for a late win, and blow a franchise-defining game against an inferior opponent? (I’m sorry. I’m still bitter we didn’t get Broncos-Vikings in the Super Bowl that year. Would’ve been incredible.)
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    I'm going to go grab my popcorn, this thread is going to be fun ...
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    Then you must like pretty much ever Viking uniform in their history! ?
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    Royal blue is far and away the better look when compared side-by-side.
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    I like the Oilers in orange. I think the design is just as good, if not better than their classic blues, but people are (rightfully) biased towards the blue because those are the jerseys they won 5 cups in. However I still think the orange is a better look for Edmonton. There are 7 Canadian teams, four of which would be wearing monochromatic blue and the others red. The orange separates the Oilers a bit, gives them a bit of distinction, and this is the McDavid era, not the Gretzky era. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it having a distinct aesthetic. Also as perhaps another unpopular opinion, that thing about every Canadian team being in blue or red is why I would not be upset if the Canucks went to green full time and the Sens went back to black.
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