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    Oh, wow. The Thunder did something right. This uniform not only looks good (from the given images), it's much better than that stupid gradient/oversize logo grey uniform from last year. Bravo, OKC ?
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! If I have time later on in the series, I'll do a creamsicle version of this Bucs set. Tried the stylized horns look for the Rams. I think the simplicity of that concept is what makes it pop, and the extra detail kinda bogs it down. Stripes and numbers on the Bucs unis would use the same material as the currents. Next up, the New York Jets! Now that the Sam Darnold Era has officially begun, the Jets need a bold new look to complement the revitalized franchise. Since the Jets are due for new uniforms next year, this concept doubles as a prediction. I'm going for a combination of eras here. Kelly Green makes its long-anticipated return, along with a revamped version of their sleek 80's & 90's logo. The logo is reinforced on the sleeves, similar to oldschoolvikings' Jets concept. The form of the jet happens to cradle the swoosh quite nicely, so I could totally see Nike going in this direction. The helmet is inspired by their color rush look, complete with a metallic helmet decal. A distinct yet traditional custom block font takes cues from the logo. C+C is appreciated!
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    When your marquee design element is gigantic numbers, you’ve lost your way.
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    Here’s some better looks at the Ducks’ green uniforms in action Saturday: I thought they looked great all things considered. After seeing both the green and yellow sets on the field, I think the green set is a little bit better as a whole, though I’d say the yellow helmets are slightly better than the green helmets. That said, the anodized satin finish on the green helmets continues to look absolutely beautiful, but the green wings could stand to be a little more visible. Once the sun came out on Saturday, they were slightly more noticeable, but they could still be made a little less subtle. Still, I thought they looked great overall, as did the whole uniform. The yellow cleats provided some nice contrast against the all-green combo as well. Entering week three, it’s expected that the Ducks will go all-black this Saturday. Several players were already posting shots of the new black cleats on their Instagram stories yesterday, so it seems like a safe bet that they will indeed be debuting the new black and neon set.
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    Oregon's uniforms aren't necessarily bad. They're just not as good as Oregon is capable of making them.
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    I still like this hat best (though the squatchee should be red to match the bill but other than that). There are just enough details (the outline, the wideness of the letter, the rounded inside corners versus sharp-angled outside corners) to make it an interesting enough monogram that the current block C lacks, which could have been typed right out of Sports Font Serif.ttf.
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    awaits “Wayne Gretzky was Actually Bad” in the NHL thread
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    That’s not only great looking, but everything that the whole “City edition” concept ought to live up to. I’m shocked that such a thing would come from the Thunder, honestly.
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    Just read an article from OKC paper. They confirmed these are legit and will be worn this year
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    Of course it’s all opinion, but this is a message board after all. Opinions are free game to be disagreed with. Otherwise what’s the point of discussion? So we can all circlejerk eachother for having opinions? Nah. If you put your opinion out there everyone else has the right to say “I don’t agree and here’s why...” On the topic of the Islanders’ 2007 set. “Ignoring the front numbers and the phantom yoke...” This is right up there with posts about how the Tampa Bay Bucs’ uniforms are good if only you look past the horrid numbers, too big helmet logo, and bad pants stripes. Would the Islanders’ 2007 set look better without the phantom yoke and front numbers? Sure. It’s immaterial though because the uniform had them. So we can only judge the uniforms on what they were. Not on a hypothetical “better” version. As for the Penguins and Red Wings’ contrasting sleeves? Context, man. Those teams established those looks as their own. You even had people calling for their return in Pittsburgh after the team dropped them. To the point that they eventually relented. The Islanders didn’t have that history with contrasting sleeves. They already had an established look when they went to them. It just felt off. Like when the Flyers once tried a sweater with a traditional shoulder yoke. The idea isn’t inherently bad, but it’s not a good look for this team. And of course the Isles made it worse by adding the phantom yoke and front numbers. Which cluttered an already busy design. Not to mention the “tapered to conform to the Edge template” stripes @Morgo pointed out. It’s just a bad look, in my opinion. I miss the four stripe alternate logo Another sin of the 2007 set? It killed the previous set. The 2007 set was so bad it just killed off any interest anyone had in the navy and orange colour scheme. The Islanders could still very well be wearing the pre-Edge update of the Dynasty look had the 2007 change not occurred.
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    Not sure if it's been mentioned here, but the first Color Rush appearance for the Browns is week 3. They will be worn twice. Not great, but a million times better than the normal brown jerseys.
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    That's just fugly. That uniform design is beyond worn out.
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    I don't think it would stay afloat if there were two tiers. The US and Europe are two different things. The US is spread out a lot further. Like the guy said above, goodbye to municipalites doing any funding. Look at how much money Carl Linder III just spent to get FC Cincinnati in the MLS. If they were to get relegated in a year or so, goodbye FC Cincinnati. What the MLS has now is not broken. All else fails cap the league at 32 with 16 and 16, and top 8 making playoffs. Keep it as an East West Final.
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    Apparently the Alouettes knew early on that they would suck this year, so they decided to look as badly as they play.
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    It's too bad Ohio State already owns (and owns) the name because the Cleveland Buckeyes could've been a good solution to the team's problem. This logo would still be a good jumping off point for a new look, and that first hat in particular.
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    I love that shade of blue
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    Sarcasm, young Skywalker.
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    Thanks! I'm in good health and yes, the lists will be back this season. I was working on week one earlier this evening. I should have them ready for Tuesday.
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    From insider source: Miami Heat Vice jersey will be in black this season, with a Vice themed court! ?
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    The Brewers have been involved in two of those. In 1993 they did a home-and-away throwback series with the Texas Rangers with each club using one set of uniforms, so they wore gray at County Stadium. And then in 2013 they planned to do the same with the Twins. The Milwaukee half of the home-and-away series was cancelled, but not before the Brewers had been outfitted as the team in white. This time the Twins were the home team in gray. I’m really disappointed that thise beautiful 1948 uniforms were never worn at Miller Park, but that was the same year they did the 1913 TBTC game and all their other alternates and reportedly that’s where the Brewers decided to draw the line.
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    those sound terrible. i never thought i'd say this, but nike has given me jersey fatigue.. yearly new uniforms (+ the dumb names for each uniform and sneak free for all) that are not tied to a team's identity/history is head-spinning. - a lifelong nba fan who has always had an interest in uniforms
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    Next up: St. Louis Blues C&C appreciated!
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    That doesnt surprise me. They are a perfect fit for the USL D3. I can see a few other USL clubs dropping down, like many of the MLS 2 clubs and maybe two or three non MLS 2 clubs. Rumors are that Minnesota and Dallas will form MLS 2 clubs to play in the league. Penn FC is also rumored to drop down.
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    Didn’t I just say how dumb I thought it was that Bergevin basically had a job because he spoke French like 3 pages ago in this thread? If that doesn’t say something, then what does?
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    Agreed. I’ll add that the AL and NL need their distinct umpires back. As well as separate league offices.
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    Just what the NLL doesn't need, its very own Columbus Crew situation with an old-guard club playing an entire season as a lame duck.
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    A little tidbit: After the National League contracted following the 1899 chaos, the remaining assets of the Spiders were sold to the owners of the team that would eventually become the Indians. So, while the franchise never played under the Spiders name, (and the two teams actually existed concurrently for several years), the Spiders were officially absorbed into the franchise before it began play as a charter member of the American League.
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    Cutting down the loop of the J so it's not as high up does make it look a little bit better.
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    Appreciate the feedback! I really like how Boston came together myself too. I like Miami but wasn't totally thrilled about it. I've taken your advice and reworked the logo a bit. I also have put together a pants and socks template I'm going to be using for all the updates. My plan is to reveal all the original sets and then go back and post updates based on the critiques before I reveal some new teams I have been working on. Again thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely be using your suggestions to improve these.
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    That is absolutely amazing and easily the best uniform they've ever had. I would love for them use this as a test for a Native American themed rebrand.
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    Nebraska wore a throwback uniform in 2009 that mimicked the 1960s look (300th Consecutive Sellout Game). But no, the jersey numbers were always a rounded serif type of font while the helmets were sans-serif. Side note, Nebraska first wore an alternate uniform in 1923 when they hosted Oklahoma. The modern notion of specific Home & Away uniforms wasn't exactly a science back then. Since both teams normally wear red, Nebraska opted for blue jerseys out of courtesy to the visiting Sooners.
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    My wife doesn't usually comment on uniforms, but she saw the Titans uniforms and immediately said, "Uggh, I hate those numbers."
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    I can't wait until Starr/Unitas are done playing. I can't wait until Bradshaw/Staubach are done playing. I can't wait until Montana/Marino are done playing. I can't wait until Aikman/Young are done playing.
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    They could do better than that, actually. They could have a situation as one that happened around 15 years ago with the flag football league I operated; one in which I sat down and wrote the entire, 108 page rule book (it was pocket size and in 12 point font, so it wasn't that involved), taking pieces from NIRSA flag football rules, and the rule books of Arena Football, the CFL, the NFL, the old USFL and the XFL... they could have a guy on hand who could provide them with the same answer I did when a player came to me questioning the application of a rule I'd called during a game: "Hmmmm... let's see what I wrote..."
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    Don't group the Eagles with those two. Cardinals have piping and bad color patches under the armpits, and then theres the white jersey. Falcons, not as bad as the cardinals, but again has piping which dates any jersey to the 2000s, with bad sleeves. Eagles, really is just the clunky number font with the drop shadow, there is no piping, so I don't think its that bad. And while I am a fan of their old kelly green, I also really like the midnight green.
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    Yeah, that seems a particularly silly reason not to adopt the name. That was before the freaking American League was founded - how much relevance can we expect that to have today?
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    I only saw parts of a few games, but SF/MIN looked good. CAR/DAL was OK, but just too much blue. PIT/CLE sucked because the Browns (even though they were in their least-offensive combo), NYG/JAX sucked because Jax didn't wear their actual team color anywhere. I didn't think the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles/ATL was that bad - in fact, I thought it was an above-average matchup - but I know that both - especially the Falcons - don't get much love here.
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    Here's some collages of the progress I've made so far... 2017-18 SEASON 2016-17 SEASON NHL100/Centennial Classics COMPLETE COLLAGE
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    I just saw VT highlights, I hadn't seen their 2018 jerseys. I like the template, seems like a nice mix of traditional "hoops" on the shoulders with a modern twist: However, I'm not so sure about #3's tackling technique against FSU.
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    They need some kind of logo on the sleeve, but I'm struggling to think of one that would pass all the current tests. The issue with not changing their name is that they're doomed to be essentially logoless / mascotless forever. I definitely wouldn't want them building their image around some other unrelated creature, like how Syracuse used a literal orange for Orangemen, and how my alma mater adopted a bear to be their mascot while still using the name Indians. If they did change the name, I think Spiders is the only good choice I've heard. You can do a lot with Rockers, but it seems too minor-league to me for some reason. Spiders is totally unique in major sports, has a ton of great logo options, can be played-up all over the park (have a spider web thing that can "catch" home runs), and can make for fun (albeit scary) mascots for the kids.
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    None of that had happened in this tread yet. You're the one bringing all that up now.
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    Good riddance. Not only is it racist, but it's a bad logo, too.
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    I doubt it. Liberty green has too much blue in it. Generally, multiple shades are best when they’re the same base color, just lighter and darker.
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    Hey all! Decided to do a fun jersey series during this NBA offseason. These fun alternate jerseys I will be making will all reflect the team name and team name only, as you will see, quite literally. I will be moving down in order of division in each conference and in order of city name in each division. I will kick this series off with these three teams: Boston Celtics: The same look as the Celtics' mascot Brooklyn Nets: Quite literally the weaving of a basketball net. New York Knicks: Since many of you may not know what a Knick is, its short for Knickerbocker, which is an older term for a New Yorker. Thus, the retro vest and tie top and brown pants. More will be coming soon if y'all like this series idea! Template credit to therealpepman
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    Vikings fan saying "whatever washes away his time in our colours". The more teams the better. I hope he plays for all of them. #26 on Washington is Clinton Portis to me anyway.
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    Without even considering the changes to the areas you can't see in these pictures, it's amazing what a difference a few thousand gallons of black paint and green outfield wall padding can make in making a stadium look so much more intimate. The improvement is significant.
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