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    I'm not from Seattle and they weren't my favorite team, but I'd be really offended if the Thunder wear a Sonics throwback,
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    As a former Nordiques and Expos fan I'd be totally pissed seeing the Avs and Nats wearing my teams very "local" and distinctive uniforms as throwbacks...
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    Man, ASU looks HORRIBLE. Looks like one of those generic football teams you see in a Hallmark movie where the costume designer has never watched a lick of collegiate or professional football.
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    One final indignity for the Chargers, the Rams eat their thread.
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    I'm having trouble finding pictures, but in 2004(-ish?) the Brewers wore Milwaukee Braves throwbacks... against the Braves. I'm fine without the photo evidence because I hated it. More recently, they've thrown back to the American Association uniforms, when the Brewers were the Braves top affiliate and patterned their uniforms after their parent club. I like this much better.
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    Hi, I am a resident of Southern California. Your first bolded statement is incorrect because the second statement applies to the Chargers and Clippers. The Clippers could win 10 titles in a row, and the headline wouldn't be "Clippers win!" It would be "Lakers eye 17th title." Yes, the Clippers were the better basketball team, but the Lakers still drove the conversation. The Chargers aren't bad right now either, but its the Rams that are the talk of the town. I went to last weekend's Chargers/Rams game. There are Charger fans. But the franchise kicked San Diego on the way out, and Los Angeles doesn't want it either. Nothing against Chargers fans or their passion for their team. All angst from all sides is directed at Spanos because the Chargers are now a team without a home.
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    I've observed it before, that despite them being defunct for 20 years the Whalers have as big a fan base, if not a bigger (or at least a louder) one, than the team they turned into does.
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    This just rubs me the wrong way. Just a cash grab so fans of other teams who will likely never have to worry about relocation can buy this for nostalgia purposes. I know the Canes own this history, but it still feels wrong. Maybe there’s Whalers fans who will buy it just to replace an old worn out jersey but man would it mess me up to give money to the franchise that skipped town. I guess if you weren’t from Hartford that wouldn’t matter much but still.
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    As much as I like these this doesn't feel right at all... Carolina should leave Hartford alone.
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    Why do I get the feeling, if its the whale, that they will add some stupid hurricane design element and fork it up....
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    Please be this one....
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    New week, new post! Time for the Chicago White Sox. The Chi Sox designs try to to bring back their famous 80's uniforms with a twist: the front chest band uses the same style than the pattern from the sleeves and pants, inspired by this jersey. I decided to try a new colour combination, going for powder blue and deep navy blue. I also decided to use the batting man logo on the front for the second design.
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    Should have worn them against Vancouver
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    Indianapolis Colts to Baltimore Colts, twice
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    That's a pretty big hypothetical scenario. Especially for one that didn't even happen. Put two teams in the same market long enough and the law of averages will dictate that occasionally little brother gets the upper hand. But the Clippers moving to LA right as "Showtime" was making the Lakers an A-list phenomenon and arguably THE "glamour" franchise in all of pro sports turned the Clippers into a pop culture punchline. Even after Magic retired and the Lakers fell into their lean years in the 90s, mainstream sitcoms still made Clippers jokes. By now, the Mets or Jets becoming the dominant team in New York, or the White Sox becoming Chicago's main baseball team are all more tangible scenarios than the Clippers overtaking the Lakers in LA; which feels like a pipe dream by comparison.
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    San Francisco Giants -> New York Giants Part of a 1912 throwback with the Cubs 1924 with the Nationals/Senators (This was throwback to the 24 Series) This happened in 91
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    LA Dodgers & Atlanta Braves as the Brooklyn Dodgers & Boston Braves Oakland A's as the Kansas City A's Oakland A's as the Philadelphia Athletics Baltimore Orioles as St. Louis Browns
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    Give me the Oakland Seals in game action, or the UCLA-striped Golden Seals. The Barons throwbacks can be for their outdoor game in Columbus that will happen when I huff a canister of rubber cement. Anyway, this doesn't have Pucky, so piss on it.
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    If the Dallas Stars ever try to bring out a North Stars throwback, that myth of "Minnesota Nice" will disappear faster than you can say Norm Green.
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    The only thing that would make those better is a corresponding move back to Hartford.
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    haha Jerry Richardson must be spinning in his grave.
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    ⚠ SPOILER ALERT ⚠ Starting with the regular season, all jerseys will have clear side panels.
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    Thanks! The designs don't have to be mandatorily one-colour, but I think that's what Nike'd do. The pants can be interchangeable, but I'm avoiding using white pants to make something different. Here's the Orioles set with the pants changed: Thank you! Well, I think one man's meat is another man's poison. The designs are heavily inspired by Nike's soccer style, which I reall like. Thanks! The striping pattern comes from Nike latest designs. As I said, I'll avoid using white pants, except for certain teams. As for the striping, I wanted to focus the designs on the front patterns, that's why I've removed it from both sleeves and pants. I also tried to combine it with the Aeroswift sleeve pattern, and they didn't look very good together. I completely forgot about Red Sox's custom numbers! Here's the corrected version:
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    No one here in LA wants the Chargers
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    The irony is strong with this one.
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    Of course, the Winnipeg Jets could always turn around and kick Atlanta's fans in the nuts by wearing Atlanta Thrashers throwbacks...at a home game...against the Calgary Flames...who kick Atlanta's fans in the nuts again by wearing...Atlanta Flames throwbacks.
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    Not to be forgotten, the Brewers have worn Seattle Pilots throwbacks a few times (though not recently)
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    It's about as big as Hartford's, with only slightly less passion...
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    LA Clippers as the Buffalo Braves LA Lakers as Minneapolis Lakers Kansas City Chiefs as Dallas Texans Los Angeles Raiders as Oakland Raiders
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    It's a beautiful sweater but it shouldn't have been made or worn in games. It's in bad taste, and they're rightfully getting killed on the twitter machine...
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    When can we expect the Cleveland Barons throwback for the Sharks?
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    I know this drives this board crazy but my impression is outside of CCSLC a lot of people feel a team's history belongs with the city and the fans, not the franchise. I can see how Whalers and Hurricanes fans would both be conflicted about this.
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    <Insert sandard "Can we move them back to Connecticut?" inquiry.>
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    The Canes are going to make so much bank from this, but the fans in North Carolina (yes, they exist) are pretty upset with this believe it or not. They've always wanted their identity to stand apart from Hartford--there's a reason Brass Bonanza didn't win the goal song vote this year. (Personally, I find nothing wrong with this, I'm a throwback fiend.)
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    This is wonderful! I love to see anything that reinforces the acknowedgement of franchise lineages. This approach used to be the standard one. But a lamentable recent trend towards a lack of respect for the facts of history has rendered this approach exceptional. So congratulations to the Hurricanes for bucking that trend and doing the right thing. (Of course, the Hurricanes are doing this primarily in order to sell jerseys. Good for them; I hope they sell a million of them. The only important thing is that the kiddies learn the actual history.)
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    Tulane going green/black/black tomorrow: The helmet design is new, with an oversized angry wave logo on both sides made up of seperate decals for the eyes, mouth, and crest of the wave:
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    1. That's perfectly OK. 2. That's not fair at all. Plenty of modern uniforms have made the best list over the years. The Vikings have spent the better part of every season since they switched in the top 3 every week. The current Seahawks have been on the best list more times than the Rams throwbacks have. Even the lowly Bengals have made the best list a few times. Why? Because I liked how the match up looked. While we're here, define the rules of how well or how poorly uniforms "go together."
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    Sorry, it took so long, but here it is again, lots of little tiny tweaks and changes. I also used the majority of suggestions, good design doesn't happen in a vacuum.
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    Also, I guess there was an assumption that Jacksonville would change its name with the move, but they decided "Ah, screw it, 'Tea Men' plays pretty much anywhere "
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    TBH those all look like rejected minor league team names/logos. It's much more likely that whoever moves in retains their previous name.
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    It is, true. It's just that when your criticism is "your opinion sucks, make it more like my opinion!" then it's like...what do you want? What makes it official? Anyone can start a thread like this. Hell, anyone who posts here opens their posts up to criticism. My only point is that your specific criticism seemed kind of hollow. "Make your opinion more like my opinion." Which isn't really all that constructive, as far as criticism goes.
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    Barcelona's modernizing their crest for next year, too. Blessedly minimalist on the logo graphic explainer copy.
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    Pulled from Reddit/MLS, here's a scan of NASL logos from the 1981 season from Italian magazine "Guerin sportivo." It's a real shame the Cosmos couldn't ever play ball. NYCFC is great and all, but it would have been really nice to have the Cosmos in MLS. Also, DIPS!
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    Coyotes moving to Hartford E5
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    Make the helmet solid garnet and that would be a much better look. From the neck down, it's not that bad.
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