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    Guys, I think DeFrank is Jon Gruden.
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    gonna miss this guy...
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    What a waste to see this go away. That new blocky wordmark clashes horribly with the rest of their entire brand. The Brooklyn experiment can't ever seem to get out of its own way.
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    So now some teams will have 5 uniforms? Three ain't enough, they need five.
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    There are three other teams with red & black. Heat are creating an identity that NO other major sports team has. Only a Miami team could make these colors work. I love it to death. I'll have to make a more informed decision on the official release, but I still like the white unis better. I was hoping for more than just changing of the colors, like some pictures or more icons or something.
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    And here's the Bears! Not too crazy with one of the most classic uniforms in the NFL here, just keeping it clean. For the home and away, chose a curve block wordmark to make it more classic, also kept the iconic number font. Move the shoulder stripes on the bottom of the shorts. Also created a navy & orange throwback, used an old Chicago script here. Thanks for reading!!
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    Playing in Staples for the first time, based purely on design these are the best jerseys the Lakers have ever had. Now get the black off the purples.
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    Just have a membership fee. Give leople like 20 free posts just so they know what they’re getting, then charge an annual fee. Anything to get rid of this nonsense. Just while typing this, a Honda Insight car raced across my screen, a nut border formed, and I had to wait for a Planet Fitness ad at the bottom to go away because I can’t submit a post while there’s an ad there. I am willing to pay in order to enjoy the site again.
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    The OP asked why nobody's corrected this error. Well, the problem is that it's not an error. It's currently the fashionable choice. 25 years ago the metallic pants were the fashionable choice. I prefer the dazzle fabric because it's matches with the helmets better. That doesn't mean people who prefer matte materials are wrong, I don't get why you prefer the helmets and pants don't match when they're clearly supposed to be the same color, but that's up to you to reckon with. It's funny, I remember getting excited when I got to 8th grade because the 8th grade team's uniforms had the shiny dazzle fabric shoulders and metallic black pants. When we were in 7th grade we had to wear old matte jerseys and pants. Today the kids would probably think the exact opposite. Fashion is cyclical and this is one of those things. I think we've reach Peak Matte helmet and are starting to move back to more traditional gloss helmets being the preferred helmet finish. It's a matter of time before shiny pants and jerseys come back as well. That will probably happen once Nike decides it's time to bring it back. And if you want to talk about performance I refuse to believe uniform manufacturers couldn't make a metallic dazzle fabric that stretches and breathes if they really wanted to.
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    The biggest issue is really just the Buccaneers, isn't it? Everyone else, I could probably learn to live with, but Tampa's pants going from shiny to matte made the color go from cool to vomit.
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    I'm really fond of the Cubs' number font, though -- it's a bit dated but also kinda charming, unusual, and somehow feels very Chicago.
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    After seeing the Grizzlies' new navy jerseys in-game, it can be said with certainty that they are trash. So is the Nuggets' new regular set, but that was already established during the release. No red visible at all on the navys.
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    I keep getting these absolutely crazy ads that originate in the bottom of the screen and end up surrounding my entire page every time I click to a new page. Is this a new board feature or is there something wrong with my phone? I post almost exclusively on my phone.
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    I'll still take these Nike jerseys over the sleeved crap from Adidas.
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    Yeah this should be what the Miami Heat look like from now on. They have a home, away, alternate, recolored logo, and a court design. Might as well go ahead and make that happen. That is so Miami and it’s perfect.
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    I wonder how these decisions are even made sometimes. Are the meetings full of yes-people? Is there no one sitting in on these meetings to explain why something might be a downgrade? p.s. This is a rhetorical post.
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    That lightweight argument is as much nonsense as the Sharks' not wearing hem stripes for extra speed is nonsense. The .02 ounce difference between these pants have no actual impact on performance. It's all marketing that gullible people buy into.
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    What initially started as a quick test to see what the Rockies would look like with white numbers instead of black turned into a full concept as the game stretched on for 13 innings, including a new primary logo that combines the elements of the old primary logo with the ubiquitous Colorado CO from the flag. Changed the wordmarks to a sans serif font that matches the logo better. Road pinstripes because why not. Template by @rsaline
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    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I miss the shiny metallic pants many football teams used to wear. I know this is a few years late, but why haven't teams fixed this error?! A google search led to this article, which has MANY links and interesting bits about Notre Dame's pants specifically (and also lists other schools that went away from that style). https://www.onefootdown.com/2015/4/6/8213323/notre-dame-a-history-of-the-fighting-irish-football-pants This picture in particular was weird (half metallic half matte pants): To me there is no contest, and I don't understand why teams went away from the metallic, ESPECIALLY when the helmets now clash with the pants
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    My comment was the NHL playoffs were needlessly complicated and then this. Top 8 teams from each conference seeded 1-8. Done. Easy. Plz give me $1,000,000 because I just made your postseason more watchable.
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    The Blue Jackets alternates turned primaries were brought up as an improvement, but there is something I miss about the Jacket's original look with the neon stick and Stinger on the shoulders.
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    A blue alt for the Cubs is fine, they just need use the proper logo:
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    I love hearing tidbits like these, I think I speak for the whole board when I say any other behind the scenes info or designs would be greatly appreciated, like the Fanbranz prototype Oilers designs like last year.
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    The NHL's playoff format is inscrutable to me and I'm not willing to learn. Of the four "major" American sports, the NBA does it the cleanest. Top eight in each conference. Done.
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    The Cubs' color balance is pretty perfect as it is, and their number font is recognizable at a distance without being superfluous. Frankly, any change to their uniforms at this point would just be change for the sake of change. Leave 'em alone.
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    To me the entire point of an alternate jersey should be to showcase an aspect of your team’s identity that is downplayed by the main set. Whether that’s a colour change, logo change, throwback or whatever is to be determined, but it should be markedly different from the main uniform. That’s why this new Isles third sucks. It’s the same colours as the home uniform, with way worse striping. It’s the same logo with a bunch of details stripped away. You look at it and go “What’s the point of this”?. I know the point is obviously cash and selling merch, but from an aesthetics perspectives it’s pointless, why would I want a third that’s nothing more than a downgraded version of the original.
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    Yes that happened 2 years ago, and was a big mistake to match it to the jersey rather than changing the jersey to match the pants and helmet
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    I think it's wonderful when teams name the same color totally different things. Color names are fun. I'll never forget the fun I had coming up with the color names for my proposal to change my high school mascot, designed entirely by @BrandMooreArt. Sapere blue? Aude orange? Let's get funky with it.
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    Thanks to the 1 helmet rule, we'll never again have a fun season long event like the AFL 50th Anniversary.
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    Well you mentioned 1995. I rather have 2018’s sensibilities rather than 1995’s sensibilities because, hot take alert, 1995 alternates were terrible. I know we’ve been in a period of 1990s nostalgia for a while now, but really. Very few designs from that era were “good.” None of the good ones came from the NHL’s ‘95 alternate program. Now is the ideal somewhere between 2018’s sensibilities and 1995’s? Probably, but it probably skews closer to 2018 anyway. And given a choice between the two? I’ll take 2018 any day of the week.
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    I wasn't a fan of white yokes prior to the Adidas jerseys, and I'm really not a fan now. The dimpling really stands out on the white and at a distance makes the white look dingy. Meanwhile, is anyone else disappointed with the crop of alternate/special jerseys that have been released so far? With the exception of Winnipeg and Carolina everything we've seen so far is either a re-release of pre-Adidas alternates (CBJ, Avs, Caps, Flames), a throwback/fauxback (Canes/Whalers, Kachina Coyote, Devils, Blues), or a retread/mashup of a previous design (Ducks, Flyers, Sharks, Islanders). When you consider how the alternate jersey program started back in the heady days of 1995, the current crop seems downright conservative (read: boring). To be clear, I'm not advocating for the return of Burger King and Wild Wing (at least not in an official alternate jersey capacity), but I would have preferred a bit more experimentation than what we've been treated to so far. Even the two (truly) new jerseys feel unpolished in their execution. Back when Carolina released their alternate someone mentioned that it was designed in house. Is Adidas not providing design/branding support? That would certainly explain a lot.
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    Notre Dame is the most interesting case for sure. I think I like the matte pants on them. One, their helmet finish is so unique and perfect for them, but there is no shiny fabric (maybe lamé?) that could even approach the same look. I’d rather the pants be intentionally different than failing miserably to replicate the helmet. Plus, I think the matte pants look traditional and fit the ND brand, and they also match the gold on the jersey pretty well. The Notre Dame helmet is a truly iconic, special piece of equipment, and I like that it stands alone, unique from the gold that you find on the rest of the uniform.
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    Found in Tbilisi Georgia (the country) Caucasians don’t really love soda, but coffee flavored - whether Coke or other- seems to sell OK.
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    Eh, I think you're letting the type of Brewers fan most likely to show up for Cubs games skew your view of the entire fanbase. Sure, there's a brobag element, but overall, Brewers fans are a pretty middle-of-the-road crowd. The team has been the most mainstream form of entertainment in SE Wisconsin for just under 50 years... it's basically a sports version of what you'd find at Summerfest. Anyway, #WinOneForUke. He's 83... let him finally live his dream of calling a Brewers World Series win.
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    I don't really mind it either but it still weirds me out. What i do mine is the black side panels on the purple uniform. If they wanted to mess around then they shouldn't have done it on an already established look.
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    Just because they can doesn't mean they should... especially when it leads to the awkward phenomena we've seen over the past several years where 80% of the fans in the stands are wearing a totally different brand than the one on the field. It's not like you see LA fans wearing Brooklyn gear in the stands.
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    This is a great colour scheme. I wish they'd make a new alternate around that but without the wavy stripes and numbers.
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    Wish the Rockies would use white numbers with black outlines though. Black on purple is hard to read.
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    They brightened the color ever so slightly and it turned into a massive improvement. They didn’t resort to changing their whole set. If only there was a certain green NFL team from NY that would do the same with their color....
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    There could be teams that wear 7 or 8 different jerseys this year. This is kinda getting ridiculous. I guess Nike needs to sell some merch!! And with all those choices they still can't give the Lakers "gold" unis...SMH.
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    Playoff jerseys? I didn't heard about this idea. Is it confirmed or is it rumor?
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    This will be the first time since 2015 that we have worn our (theoretical) default combo.
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    I agree with Saints/Giants, Browns/Raiders, and Vikings/Rams being on the best list. However, I'm not especially a fan of Jets/Jags and Texans/Colts. My problem with the Jets/Jags game is that it just looks so boring. The Jaguars uniforms lack any kind of defining characteristic, and the Jets green looked washed out in the bright sunlight. I'd argue this was the most neutral game this week. For Texans/Colts, the yoga pants from Houston preclude this from making my list. That uniform becomes unbalanced with blue socks and pants, and while the Colts blue jerseys look brilliant in the sunlight, this is just enough to keep the game off my list. I think you missed two games that should've taken their spots. 49ers at Chargers The 49ers have classic uniforms that look especially great when wearing their red jerseys. The Chargers wore their best white uniforms. To me, this is easily above both the Jets/Jags and Texans/Colts games. I'd even put it ahead of Vikings/Rams and Browns/Raiders. Chiefs at Broncos The Broncos brought out the all-blue alternates for just the right occasion. When the Chiefs go R/W/R against the Broncos B/O/W, the combination of orange and red on the field looks garish to me. Instead, this uniform matchup does a great job at contrasting the teams' colors in a striking way. I know many aren't a fan of the Broncos uniforms, but I've always enjoyed their home combinations. The Chiefs always look good.
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    I have the opposite opinion regarding the pants. I think it balances out the uniform and makes the whole matchup look better. Especially in the Houstion vs Indy game when the Colts are going WRW vs NWN and they have similar shirt designs.
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    Count me in as someone in favour of matte pants.
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    Thanks for checking in, Mr. Knight.
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