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    Playing in Staples for the first time, based purely on design these are the best jerseys the Lakers have ever had. Now get the black off the purples.
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    I'm really fond of the Cubs' number font, though -- it's a bit dated but also kinda charming, unusual, and somehow feels very Chicago.
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    That lightweight argument is as much nonsense as the Sharks' not wearing hem stripes for extra speed is nonsense. The .02 ounce difference between these pants have no actual impact on performance. It's all marketing that gullible people buy into.
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    The Blue Jackets alternates turned primaries were brought up as an improvement, but there is something I miss about the Jacket's original look with the neon stick and Stinger on the shoulders.
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    A blue alt for the Cubs is fine, they just need use the proper logo:
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    Yes that happened 2 years ago, and was a big mistake to match it to the jersey rather than changing the jersey to match the pants and helmet
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    I think it's wonderful when teams name the same color totally different things. Color names are fun. I'll never forget the fun I had coming up with the color names for my proposal to change my high school mascot, designed entirely by @BrandMooreArt. Sapere blue? Aude orange? Let's get funky with it.
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    Well you mentioned 1995. I rather have 2018’s sensibilities rather than 1995’s sensibilities because, hot take alert, 1995 alternates were terrible. I know we’ve been in a period of 1990s nostalgia for a while now, but really. Very few designs from that era were “good.” None of the good ones came from the NHL’s ‘95 alternate program. Now is the ideal somewhere between 2018’s sensibilities and 1995’s? Probably, but it probably skews closer to 2018 anyway. And given a choice between the two? I’ll take 2018 any day of the week.
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    Found in Tbilisi Georgia (the country) Caucasians don’t really love soda, but coffee flavored - whether Coke or other- seems to sell OK.
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    Eh, I think you're letting the type of Brewers fan most likely to show up for Cubs games skew your view of the entire fanbase. Sure, there's a brobag element, but overall, Brewers fans are a pretty middle-of-the-road crowd. The team has been the most mainstream form of entertainment in SE Wisconsin for just under 50 years... it's basically a sports version of what you'd find at Summerfest. Anyway, #WinOneForUke. He's 83... let him finally live his dream of calling a Brewers World Series win.
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    Just because they can doesn't mean they should... especially when it leads to the awkward phenomena we've seen over the past several years where 80% of the fans in the stands are wearing a totally different brand than the one on the field. It's not like you see LA fans wearing Brooklyn gear in the stands.
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    They brightened the color ever so slightly and it turned into a massive improvement. They didn’t resort to changing their whole set. If only there was a certain green NFL team from NY that would do the same with their color....
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    This is their grey! There are many others like it, but this one is their’s! Without them, their grey is useless! Without their grey, they are useless! ? Just accept that they call their shared grey shade a silly name and move on. It’s no different than giving a car or a computer a name. “Dodger Blue” is just a non-unique usage of 294 C, but nobody tries to lambast them for that name.
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    For me, the top 3 are: 1. Rams/Vikings (2 best helmets in the NFL plus that California sun lighting, man…) 2. 49ers/Chargers (nice, bright, contrasting colors with that California sun lighting, man…) 3. Saints/Giants (I feel the Saints could be one of the only teams that could have a third jersey that’s primarily white, just use that original brassy gold that us Saints fans on this board love so much)
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    But, as @Gothamite pointed out, the script is based on a style of branding that actual beer companies have moved away from. So how it could be considered a good look for the Brewers is not registering with me. For instance, when the Brewers adopted their current look, Miller Lite's (which the uniforms clearly took their share of inspiration from) branding looked like this. Now, Miller Lite cans look like this. It's hard to not draw a parallel between this and the Brewers uniforms. Especially when the Brewers wore the uniforms that inspired the current "retros," Miller Lite cans looked like this.
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    Of course. I don't know why that should seem so strange. The Nike matte material often looks lighter under certain conditions. That's why the Packers have refused to adopt it. Their green, after all, is the same color as the Jets'. But Packer fans would flip to see this at Lambeau:
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    Ok we’ll they are also stretchier, more form fitting, more comfortable and allow greater range of motion easier than the old pants. Dazzle twill is just obsolete to today’s materials, teams don’t want to wear them for the the performance aspect of them, other than the few teams that care more about the aesthetics and keep the dazzle twill.
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    The manufacturers can’t make the lightweight faberics with the shimmer material. It’s been discussed a multitude of times here.
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    Who's that loungin' in my chair, mm-hmm
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    Don’t the Blues only exist because the Wirtz family wanted to unload the aged St. Louis Arena on some schmucks?
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    Eh, I think the Cubs' uniforms peaked in the 1930s. That's damn near perfect. Even the numbers are an improvement: simple, elegant, yet distinctive. Even their road jerseys were better. I really hate the sort-of-arced-sort-of-arched "CHICAGO" mark they use today. Pick a style and run with it, you monsters. But nothing can improve upon the 1937 beauties:
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    You can't separate Chicago from St. Louis. Stick with eight-team divisions.
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    the Patriots are a good example of doing it right. when they re-did their uniforms it was the right time to write in the "new century" story. same for the Rams and "New Millennium Blue" i think it is? if you start with the things, moods, words you're trying to express visually and arrive at a color that makes sense there, thats good design, and it definitely helps sell the idea to the client. i only suspect "wolf gray" is a Nike tactile and the digital value that matches it closely happens to be the same as those other teams. the NFL has fine tuned the team colors starting last year i believe, so if you really dig in, you'll probably see a lot more matches in color where there were difference before. i'd bet the Giants didnt match the Seahawks exactly until recently, at least in tactile (pants) color
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    I know it's not actually true, but it feels like the only pictures in existence of that Cardinals v Orioles-Dressed-As-Browns game feature Sidney Ponson.
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    I'm saying do it any way you want; just make it so that any team is only competing over the course of the regular season with 3 other teams for a playoff spot, rather than in a division with 7 others in a format where the deck is stacked against certain markets. My case against what they do now is best exemplified by the Metropolitan Division. Of that division's eight teams, five are in not major markets, but super markets (as opposed to supermarkets) which, while they can't offer players too much in direct compensation thanks to a salary cap, can offer them options to seek millions in other ways (endorsements, etc.) The sixth (Pittsburgh) has developed a winning tradition that is attractive to players along with the ability to be a big fish in a small pond, which can be equally attractive to players. By contrast, Columbus and Raleigh, each of which are great cities in their own right, stand no chance of developing into consistent playoff participants. Those markets' fans have zero incentive to see games unless their teams for some reason get hot and contend for one of the two coveted 'wild card' slots, because three of those other six teams in their division are guaranteed to have locked up those the division is guaranteed. So when Seattle's added? Keep the Metropolitan Division. Put the three New York area teams in there along with, say, a Boston. Go to an 8 division format of 4 teams each. Each division champ is guaranteed a playoff spot. From there? I don't care. If you want to make it so the top two in a division qualify to make your field of 16? Fine. If you want to allow all four teams from the same division to qualify? Fine. I just think the 4 division alignment and playoff format was a bad idea from the beginning, and I'd really like to see it end. If expansion to Seattle gets it done? I say, welcome, Seattle!
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    Is this a possible look at the Thunder’s fifth “playoff” jersey? IIRC a picture of a Westbrook statement shirsey preceded the statement’s reveal last year.
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    This is for 2019-20, but LIU-Post and LIU-Brooklyn are combining their athletic programs. https://www.newsday.com/sports/college/liu-post-liu-brooklyn-1.21416636 RIP Blackbirds.
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    I wish the lightning would just say something about the alternate....anything is better than nothing.
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    The Cubs should have solid color numbers and names. Blue or red, but they don't need an outline. There are so many little things the Cubs could do to give their uniforms more of a classic feel. The current set seems a little dated (80's/90's) to me. Don't even get me started on the awful 80's version of the primary logo with the super thick blue circle. Dial it back a bit with the weight of that stroke.
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    They certainly did. My favorite was Adidas somehow managing to foist four variations of green jersey on the Celtics in the later years.
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    Because they don’t have a good head-to-head record against every other AL playoff team his year.
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    Unpopular opinion: I don’t mind that yellow.
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    That’s a rather NFL films-style romantic view of the league. No, the NFL is a multi-billion dollar entertainment enterprise. Of course they alter game photographs.
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    Reposted the Bulls with fixed striping to fix consistency and to keep the dark gold over the "athletic gold" ... that should be done.
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    While doing research lately for a somewhat unrelated project, I noticed there aren't many train-related team names in sports. This surprises me because the train industry is such a large part of US history and was very relevant at the time many sports teams were formed. The name "Trains" hasn't been used and seems like an odd name for some reason. Yet there don't seem to be common alternate options. Off the top of my head: Las Vegas Locos (Locomotives) - UFL Purdue Boilermakers - NCAA Round Rock Express - MiLB Denver/New Orleans Zephyrs - MiLB (branding ignored the train-inspired name) Bloomington Thunder - USHL (branding was train-themed despite the name not necessarily being train-related) Omaha Golden Spikes - MiLB Hartford Yard Goats - MiLB We supposedly almost had the Houston Railmen at one point. Others? All of the names listed seem fairly unique. Why isn't there more common train-themed branding?
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    Am I the only one that thinks their "Royal" blue is too light? I don't know why it bugs me so much, but it's definitely better than the white with gold. I love it when they wear the throwbacks, but something with that blue just seems off, like it should be a little darker. I know lighting will affect pictures, but even watching the game live, that blue just seemed too light. I mean, look at the two. Pretty big difference to me.
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    much like nike bringing about their minimalist design trend being an obvious attempt for them to stay ahead of the fashion/design curve, I thought they would have trotted out metallic sheen by now as a new design element for whatever their next generation cutting edge fabric is. Anecdotally the high end women's athletic brands seem to have been on the shiny/metallic trend (90's baby!) for over a year so the tech is definitely out there. Maybe adi will be the 1st to jump back as they have embraced the faux mesh pattern with their throwbacks.
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    And, ironically enough, the men who most likely have the least interest in it. Few active players can afford to have an emotional connection to a team, much less a uniform. That's the nature of their profession. If you're looking to give weight to opinions, I'd put current players very near the bottom of the list.
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    KDubK, NicDB, Sec19Row15 or whatever, half of Gothamite, and that one other guy. There used to be the CCSLC's answer to Rachel Dolezal, illwauk.
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    I like the concept of the "Atl" script, but it just doesn't work here. I also want to like the "Atl" hat, but it just doesn't feel right for some reason. I do agree with trying to incorporate the Tomahawk on the jersey script, I think that will help. Cool idea though!
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    There was talk back when the Astros moved to now-Minute Maid Park that they considered a rebrand to the South Texas Railmen but they decided against it (thankfully)
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    Evergreens, Rainiers, and Seals are my short list. If they were called the Sockeyes I'd never be able to refrain from calling them the Suckass, and if I can't be mature enough to handle that, think of what real idiots would do!
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    London Knights: We may or may not take issue with a pro team named the Knights, but if you ask us nicely - Foley: What's that? We can't be just the Knights? Oh well! I guess we'll have to name ourselves the Golden Knights instead! London Knights: Wait, we haven't even - Foley: GOLDEN KNIGHTS!
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