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    Golden Knights are now 0-5 since Imagine Dragons had their pregame performance before Game 2
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    A SECOND gray uniform for the Pistons? I don't understand why it's so hard to bring this beauty back: Hopefully this ridiculous GFGS trend dies out soon.
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    The Cavs really have no idea what the hell they're doing. For the life of me, I will never understand why they moved away from the jerseys from LeBron's first stint.
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    i dont think thats as bad as having a ghosted/reverse logo though. #FlyingGhostOfElvis
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    some uniforms. figure out the reasons why I did things, it can be like a puzzle or something.
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    They had the perfect set when they won it all ...but they ruined it by wearing sleeved jerseys.
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    ASU always puts the manikin in front of that Sparky fathead, and he always appears to be forking it in the arse. And I don't blame him... totally unfair how he got yanked off the helmet.
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    I like ya Crabcake, and I’m legit happy that the Caps won the Cup. It’s great to see long-suffering franchises rewarded. And like the LA Angles? I’ll always appreciate you guys for stoping a great evil from winning it all. That said? You won the Cup. You’re not allowed to complain for five years. Anyway the first two nights of the season... Leafs win! Woooo! Seeing the Sens lose is always fun, so thanks Blackhawks. Nice to see that the Jets don’t seem to be a one season wonder. Good on the Ducks. John Gibson remains my man. Go Rangers (Kitchener edition)! you Knights. No more free rides. Time for you and your fans to know the true misery that comes with following this G-dforsaken league. I hope Gritty kills your mascot in its sleep.
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    I made a wordmark similar to the numbers (it pisses me tf off that they use their old wordmark/font for everything) and took heavy inspiration from @mcrosby @nate.sweitz and Thomas Hatfield (I know he's on the boards but I forgot his username) for a logo or whatever. Probably gonna be a new NFL series or something.
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    Something about the way the letters and numbers crunched together on such a big body, especially without a side panel makes this uniform look like a pajama to Marc Gasol. Space the numbers from the wordmark PLEASE! Is the extra room for ads or something?? Ps. Took me 30mins to post this because of the pop up ads on this site! ????
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    I designed dozens of signs for lobbies and offices and waiting rooms similar to this when I worked for a signage company so I have a weird bit of expertise here. It's not any easier or harder. These things are cut by a computer and a machine and the installers use a pattern when they put it on the wall. It's the same amount of work either way. If you're worried about the "floating star and empty face", which is what their logo is, then another way to handle that would've been to use multiple layers, with the base layer (the hat and face outline) being a darker color metal and then place the face, star, and flag trails on top of it using a lighter color finish, rather than incorrectly ghosting the logo. The other option is you take a piece of metal that's cutout in the shape of the whole logo, with the outline, and then you place another sheet of a darker color with the face, star, and flag trails removed and place that on top which allows the brighter color to show through. Basically the way they did it was the worst option. I've only ever seen the Patriots logo used that way, which leads me to believe that's how they wrote their guideline. Merchandise dating back to the debut of the logo pretty much exclusively uses the official logo with the outline where the face and star is a lighter color than the background except for fashion caps and the like where the rules were broken for a specific design choice, which wasn't the case with the locker room fixture.
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    I kinda like the Braves but :censored: them for wearing their God awful blue set yesterday, I'm glad they got their ass kicked in these. As for the Brewers WTF? You made it there in your throwbacks and wear your (not that good) colored alt at home for the series opener while handling athletic gold towels to your throwback wearing fans? What a missed opportunity...
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    I'm just happy the team dumped the worst road jersey in franchise history by the time they won the series. The jersey doesn't use their trademark font, employs a generic block script for the team name (even if it had a historical precedent), and features placket trim that appears nowhere else in their look. I know we throw around the accusation of something looking like a "cheap knock-off" repeatedly, but this is the only uniform set that really deserved it.
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    Sadly, this is exactly how a lot of people look in present day San Francisco.
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cavs Fanatics mashup jerseys return ... those were kind of fun and fit the essence of the City Edition jerseys.
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    The Brewers are wearing the retro pinstripes again today. Second day in a row, not in their regular schedule but because of the link to past success. I'm not usually a fan of alternates in big games - on the biggest stage, you wear your best look. But in this case, the alternates are the Brewers' best look.
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    With that tiny wordmark and sky blue color he look like Oliver Miller on this picture, but Marc isn't fat.
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    that enormous gap in the side panel on the Michigan jersey ruins it.
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    You literally just raised a Cup banner! Complaining about getting 3 of four points and scoring 13 goals in two games.... come on now.
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    Consistency would be nice because in this case there literally is a right way and a wrong way. Now, I haven't seen the Patriots Brand Guidelines, but I'd be willing to wager that wall-mount violates their own usage rules. The watermark in the corner on the video is how it's supposed to be seen and that's because it shows the face as a face with its contours and shadows and not a photo negative of a face.
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    So I know Chris needs ad’s to generate revenue for the site, that’s fine. But these new ads that completely cover all borders and won’t let you even click on anyting till you “x” of the ad is a tad annoying to say the least and ruins this site. Plus some cover like like 25% of the dang page. Just trying to help with feedback.
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    It’s not nearly that simple. There’s certainly a lot of analysis And math involved in determine the fee and any potential plans, then the technical factors involved with implementing them. You say $20, and while that might work, it also might not even be close to equaling the lost revenue, considering only a very small percentage will likely pay it. Of course, if there were also the free plan, that could actually work to the relatively small number that will pay could actually benefit the site, provided the absurd ads don’t drive the free people away. Just saying, it’s not reasonable to expect to hear “ok, just pay $X and the ads will go away” any time soon, unless it’s been in the works already for a while.
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    Compare the installed logo to the bug in the corner... Someone didn't Do Their Job.
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    I really, really like the black and white versions of the Vice uniforms. The pink looks garish in the leak, but hopefully better in real life. I hope the Heat keep the existing red/white/black as the primary identity, though. There's always this clamoring for the Heat to use the Vice color scheme from seemingly everyone but fans of the team. It wouldn't be the end of the world, but "Heat" seems to require the red and gold elements from the primary sets. I'd be way sadder if they ever dropped the flaming T wordmark, though. It's cool to see the font from the old Miami Arena resurface, but the Heat wordmark is perfect as it is. I'll preorder any jersey that combines that with the Vice colors. Considering there's only a cyan one left to release in 2019-20, assuming they just keep recoloring, that should have to happen sometime soon.
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    What about Memphis? They've never worn Vancouver throwbacks.
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    8 straight winner-take-all playoff losses for the A's. Incredible. If they were an NFL team they'd be the Cincinnati Bengals. See ya again in 4 years with another group of randos who somehow won 95 games. Yankees-Red Sox Resurrection might be fun because these are all new players, kind of fun players, and because this will only be a 5 game series instead of a dreadful 7. And because these are two of the best teams in baseball and this series has been foretold all season long so it kind of feels like it should happen. But it'll only be fun if I ignore the uniforms and ignore that every single fan of both teams is an awful, despicable person who isn't due one more single good sports memory for as long as they live. That might be hard to do. I'll hate watch this series and probably have fun.
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    Live your best life, Brew Crew. Make the change.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Paso_Locomotive_FC El Paso Locomotive FC is an upcoming American professional soccer team based in El Paso, Texas. Founded in 2018, the team plans to make its debut in the United Soccer League in 2019. https://www.eplocomotivefc.com/crest
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    I had whiskers initially but they mess up the outline. What if I meet you halfway?
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    Yeah, at least two of the three goals Ward gave up were unforgivable, but when you think of it as a 59:57 shutout, it's not so bad!
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    There are, of course, multiple ways to play the game, and there is the whole idea of "playing to your strengths" and if being a home run hitter isn't one of them then you shouldn't do it. Obviously I wouldn't disagree with that. I was taking the piss on baseball players and analysts alike taking a very simple method and making it sound like some incredible scientific discovery. Truthfully, and I'll actually kinda tack-on to what Ice Cap said above me, but I would've loved to see the game as it was played when stolen bases, hit-and-runs, and just generally base running supremacy was a more prominent aspect of the game. They say everything is cyclical and what was once popular and has died down will come back into fashion eventually, but I can't be sure to what degree these ever will anymore, especially the first thing I said there. We're seeing more home runs hit than ever before from more players than ever before, and I can tell you just from personal experience that I know I get annoyed when someone gets thrown out at second base trying to steal when Stanton is at the plate because, well, actually because of two things now that I think about it; 1) anyone on base is obstensibly "in scoring position" when Stanton is at the plate and 2) it opens up first base. Which is something I've always thought was kinda silly; you were perfectly willing to pitch to this guy beforehand, but now that someone has gotten further along on the bases, you'll put an extra person instead. I mean, beforehand second base was conceivably the "open" base. I'll say this much - the Astros last season were a home run hitting team much like anyone else, but from their 2015 playoff team to their 2017 World Series team, something they had also managed was cutting their team strikeout rate down considerably. Home runs are on the rise but so are strikeouts, and I can understand the drag it can put on the sport when you're seeing relatively so few balls in play. The Astros being able to buck the trend was one of the reasons they were such a good offensive team last year. I don't know what their team strikeout rate was this year and how it stacked up compared to the rest of league, maybe I should check. (ESPN didn't have strikeout percentage but Houston was #29 overall in team strikeouts this year. #30? Cleveland. Hmm.) In any case, would there be parts of this game that I kinda wish weren't so numbers-driven? Probably, yeah. But once something becomes "by the numbers" there's really no going back on it. Everyone, in baseball or just life in general, wants to be as efficient as they reasonably can be. Quantifying information in baseball helps produce more efficient ideas and outcomes. The key word is "reasonably", because not everything that sounds good as a theory works out well in practice, at least, not when done in massive samples. I've learned that just from my own ideas and things I try. It's no secret anymore that MLB juices their baseballs, so being such a homerun-driven league really isn't going to change anytime soon. If MLB were to take a more radical step of deadening their baseballs, maybe some of the more now-archaic aspects of the game have a chance to see a bit of a revival. I'm not sure I would count either of those happening anytime soon, though.
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    At this rate, would anybody be surprised if teams ended up with 14 different jerseys? One for each day of the week, a white and dark version. With teams getting 5 or 6 jerseys, it's getting even more ridiculous than last year when they got rid of home and away.
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    This kids, is what we call over-saturating the market. Then again, you can shove Marvel into literally anything and people will eat it right up. Also, there's a real irony in baseball pushing away grey while every other sport embraces it.
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    The latest rumor on r/Sixers about the grey City jersey actually makes some sense... I'be interesting to see if anyone else has heard of something like this. And apparently this shirt is on Lids: https://www.lids.com/philadelphia-76ers-ben-simmons-nike-nba-mens-marled-player-t-shirt/21068128
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    This guy gets it. I remember watching Arkansas State in white-black-white vs. South Alabama in matte navy-white-navy, and it was weirdly confusing to watch. It was almost like watching a negative version of each team.
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    I don’t. There’ll just be way too much red IMO. Don’t get me wrong, red/white/red is a pretty solid and traditional road look for the Utes, but with how often they’re mixing and matching these days it just seems like a really puzzling decision to wear it on the road against Stanford, who, assuming they don’t break out the black alts, will be in their traditional cardinal tops. If I were the Utes I would’ve gone red/white/red last week in Pullman since the Cougs went grey/anthracite/grey, and gone with the black helmets and/or pants this week down at the Farm.
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    It's one of those things that baseball people say to try and make the simplest sport in the United States sound more complex than it actually is. I mean, launch angles and the whole "flyball revolution" thing. You know, flyballs, the only way to hit home runs. Home runs, of course, are a good thing. I'm glad it took baseball players 115 years to figure that one out. And I guess I actually mean that in a non-sarcastic way too, because there have still been people in the sport who talk about home runs as being "rally killers" and generally trying to find ways to make it sound like being a home run hitter is Actually Bad. It's pretty odd because you would surely think the sport with the most brain-damaged analyses of how the sport is played today would either be football or hockey and yet here we are.
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    That’s the problem - gold looks amazing rendered in metallic thread and seen in the sun. It looks drab in virtually every other circumstance. Most of the time it’s closer to beige.
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    I'm never a fan of zombie eyes, but beyond that, this does a great job of combining the old and new, picking the best elements from a franchise whose design history is very hit-and-miss.
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    I was thinking more like a Packers tribute. What’s the percentage of Packers/Bears fans in Milwaukee? Like 99/1 right?
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    I would love it if the Cubs could use this throwback road jersey as their full-time road uniforms. Maybe with blue cap/red bill, a red number on the front too along with blue NOB, red number on the back. I also love the blue alt jerseys, but would prefer to keep them on the road as it currently is. Home whites only at Wrigley.
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    The original Mr. Met was a bit terrifying. He disappeared during the 70s but made his return thanks to a fan letter in the mid-90s. Thankfully that incarnation of Mr. Met didn't last long and we soon got the version we all know and love. Mrs. Met also went through a few changes. She was originally known as Lady Met. Like her husband, she disappeared but took longer to return (possibly raising the kids). She made a brief return in the mid-2000s even appearing in a few ESPN commercials. Not sure where her hair went during this period. She was officially reintroduced in 2013 (with hair again) where she still makes appearances to this day. I think Mr. Met enjoys having her back.
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    Hate that whole uniform: the separation of blue and red, the awful arced/arched city script, the white outlines on grey, that stupid dumpster bear, and the red bill. Royal blue crown/red bill would be good for the Rangers, but not the Cubs. Teams should only have one hat. Overwhelmingly the best script the Cubs could wear on the road, not sure what this 1937 curved underline business is all about.
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    Full agreement. They ruined the purple uniform. Hopefully the City one is also purple and an improvement over that atrocity
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    So now some teams will have 5 uniforms? Three ain't enough, they need five.
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    Gophers' new hockey uniforms for 2018-19. Look Gopher football, school colors only!
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