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    Out of the frying pan, into the fire. One bad owner to another. Still, deal with that later. Live to fight another day.
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    I dare people to stop quoting 15 big-ass images in every post.
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    He did however return from retirement just to play in the 1992 All-Star Game which took place in Orlando. Not justifying it, but I'm just saying there's a weird coincidence here. I definitely don't like this jersey as much as the Black Mamba jersey but I'm also not mad at it because as stated before in this thread by me and several others it's just an alternate. This City stuff isn't so bad, I mean seriously, think about what was worn in the past....
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    It seems like an overwhelming majority of people on this site insist on all 30 teams having just two uniforms - one light (strictly referred to as the "home" uniform and worn for all 41 home games), one dark (strictly referred to as the "away" uniform and worn for all 41 away games) - with designs created multiple decades ago that will never be changed. Obviously this is a bit hyperbole, but for the most progressive professional sports league on the planet it baffles me how seemingly regressive and closed-minded so many people on this site can be. I'm not suggesting all new design is good design; however, certainly not all change can be this bad. For example, I understand the uproar over the Lakers' new purple Statement Edition uniform -- the black side panels are unprecedented, without reason, and inconsistent with the white Association Edition and yellow Icon Edition uniforms. But I don't quite get the backlash over a Magic Johnson "Lore Series" City Edition uniform. What is a Magic Johnson tribute uniform *supposed* to look like? Should it just be a carbon copy of an exact uniform he wore? I personally don't think so -- that's what Classic Edition uniforms are for, after all. Anyways, all that said, I think these will look surprisingly sharp once we see them in action.
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    Because at least Adidas had the good sense to not ruin the base uniforms of classic teams. People would like the Lakers Magic jersey more if the traditional road purple hadn't been ruined. And Nike's the one who put that black stripe on the side for reasons no one will or should ever understand. On the other hand, the Cavs won a title in basically their worst look ever, so maybe that means good things for the Lakers this year.
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    I think a fun photo essay would be LeBron James in every jersey he ever wore, especially the ugly alternates foisted on him because of who he is. It's less an issue now than it was his first go-round in Cleveland, but man has he been in some clunkers. Jordan wore a couple of Bulls uniforms, the black alt, and the home/road Wizards and Bullets throwback. Larry Bird was just in green or white, right? The legends got to maintain some dignity.
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    I mean yeah. There are only so many ways to interlock a B and a C. I went with this style of lockup cause it reinforces the helmet and road striping at some of the overlap points. Any resemblance to actual logos, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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    Putting aside the, uh, merits, of this particular design, I do very much like that the Lakers seem to be taking the city edition gimmick and turning it into their own new tradition to honor past greats. I'm curious to see how they keep it going and represent guys like Kareem, Shaq, Jerry West, etc. visually in the future. And I'd like to see how other teams can use their city editions as more than just a cash grab, to do something unique to spotlight local or team history for a season.
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    WASHINGTON NATIONALS (former San Diego Padres) - National Fatherhood This one was a bit of a rabbit hole to climb down, but it produced some fascinating results. It's been widely reported that the San Diego Padres almost moved to DC in the 1973-74 offseason. Owner C. Arnholt Smith was looking to sell the team due to financial struggles and in anticipation of the IRS charging him for tax fraud. Joseph Danzansky, President of Giant Foods, made an offer to buy the Padres for $12 million and move them to DC. The move was nearly successful, with the NL unanimously approving it and Topps designing their 1974 set with it in mind: The team even developed a road uniform that fit with the stylistic conventions of the early/mid-1970s while also replacing the brown & yellow banana set with a traditional navy & red:1 However, it was not meant to be, as the team would have to pay off the hefty amount of money left on their San Diego Stadium lease (15 years' worth).2 Couple that with an $84 million lawsuit from the city for breaking the said lease, and you've got a problem. The sale fell through, which allowed Ray "The Founder" Kroc to buy the Padres and keep them in San Diego. However, what if the relocation went through and Washington got a new team? How would their appearance change as they chased trends and updated their look upon moving to the Navy Yard Stadium? Going off of this Washington Post article from 2016, I figured that the most likely name for the team would have been "Nationals."3 I could only find one source for the "Stars" name that's been often reported by historians (based on a guess made by Ebbets Field Flannels' Jerry Cohen).4 Danzansky's son and Peter Bavasi cited the "Nationals" name as the leading candidate, so it seemed the best idea and more distinct than "Stars." Their colors would still be navy & red, and unlike the modern Padres, navy & red wouldn't be an issue. The basic structure of this design is that of the 2004-2011 San Diego Padres. with a few cues from the 2005-2010 Nationals thrown in. Drop shadow would only appear on white and grey backgrounds, with navy backgrounds featuring basic outlines (and some allusions to the shadow split in the star/letter design). The Astros' 2013-present block font is the base, as a modern block style that fits with the prototype and the modernish font I call Petcopark.ttf. The primary logo uses a home plate backing (Padres) with a new take on the three-star pattern of the DC flag. The secondary is my modernization/de-North Starized version of the prototype cap logo, while the tertiary is an update of a supposed Sen(ationals)itors design. The uniforms borrow from the Padres' 2004-2011 set, with some adaptations for navy/red. A cursive script is on the home uniform, complete with an inverted tail. I used the 2005-2009 Nats' arching pattern on the road uniform, which is my way of mimicking the bowtie wordmark. The numbers are double outlined block standard, a la the 1991-2003 Padres. I added a sock stripe pattern meant to mimic the asymmetrical pattern on the sleeves and pants (no red/navy touching). The navy alternate sheds the drop shadow and adds the tertiary patch, akin to the Padres' old navy alt. A fauxback to the 1974 uniforms is the second alt, with an appropriate cap and an adjustment to the sleeve patch. I based the script off of the 1974-77 home look, which fits well with the "cursive/fancy at home, block on road" pattern used by the Padres throughout their history. The primary dugout jacket features the cap logo on the front and the primary on the back (with the tertiary on the sleeve), while the fauxback utilizes the prototype's "Washington" wordmark. It was surprising how well the Padres' formula worked for the Nats. While I would never want the current team to adopt anything that resembled this set, I liked dissecting the 2004-2011 Padres' identity and figuring out what made it work. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, a funny little twist! 1 Author's Note: When we say we want the Padres to bring back brown & yellow, the 1972-73 banana peels aren't an option. 2 Credit to @bosrs1 in this CCSLC thread about the Washington Padres. 3 Jake Russell, “San Diego Padres Were Once so Close to Moving to D.C. They Had Uniforms and Everything - The Washington Post,” The Washington Post - D.C. Sports Bog, June 16, 2016, https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2016/06/16/the-time-the-san-diego-padres-were-this-close-to-moving-to-d-c/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.12b3e5479833. 4 Jerry Cohen, “The Washington Padres? – RULE 19 BLOG,” Rule 19 Blog - Ebbets Field Flannels, accessed October 11, 2018, http://web.archive.org/web/20150309095357/http://www.rule19blog.com:80/?p=31.
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    Lesser of two evils......errr.....idiots.
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    Yes - and you notice that every so often teams feel the need to test the boundaries before returning to the established aesthetic. In other words, this picture actually supports my argument.
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    It's an inaccurate rendition of the jersey below. There is practically no chance that the Jets new road jersey was leaked on a Marvel comic (?) cover in October.
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    It sounds like the best possible deal for all involved. Congrats Crew fans. I'm happy for them. Next step is for Columbus to upgrade that stadium. At least install some proper seats!
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    I've come all the way back to the beginning and re-refreshed these concepts: Primary: This time I based the image off of their current logo, but I took the B out and altered the look based off of raven reference photos. I removed the red, all the white except the eye-shine, and changed the gold to a more vegas gold color. Secondary: I updated the secondary to work with my updated primary for the Ravens. The star shape is the shape of Fort McHenry and I used a heraldic styled raven for the center.
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    That resemblance is way overblown. I don't think it was intended, nor do I think it's compelling. I really don’t think that the Brewers would keep a logo around just to appease one of their sponsors. It's not as though a Miller owns the club.
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    That definitely falls into the "what the hell were they thinking?" category, though it probably made some sense at the time.
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    Just to echo what a lot of people are saying, I remember Warren Sapp was upset when the NFL realigned and Tampa Bay was taken out of Green Bay’s division. The Packers had been their biggest rival to that point. By far.
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    Exactly, which you'd think for a jersey honoring Magic it should be more 80's-ish, no?
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    ACC American Atlantic: Boston College | Clemson | Florida State | Louisville | NC State | Syracuse | Wake Forest West: Houston | Memphis | Navy | SMU | Tulane | Tulsa Coastal: Duke | Georgia Tech | Miami | North Carolina | Pittsburgh | Virginia | Virginia Tech East: Cincinnati | UConn | East Carolina | Temple | UCF | USF Big Ten Big XII East: Indiana | Maryland | Michigan | Michigan State | Ohio State | Penn State | Rutgers Baylor | Iowa State | Kansas | Kansas State | Oklahoma West: Illinois | Iowa | Minnesota | Nebraska | Northwestern | Purdue | Wisconsin Oklahoma State | Texas | TCU | Texas Tech | West Virginia C-USA Division 1 Independents East: Charlotte | FAU | FIU | Marshall | Middle Tennessee | Old Dominion | WKU Army | BYU | New Mexico State | Notre Dame | UMass | Idaho* | Liberty (2019) West: Louisiana Tech | North Texas | Rice | Southern Miss | UAB | UTEP | UTSA MAC Mountain West East: Akron | Bowling Green | Buffalo | Kent State | Miami (OH) | Ohio Mountain: Air Force | Boise State | Colorado State | New Mexico | Utah State | Wyoming West: Ball State | Central Michigan | Eastern Michigan | NIU | Toledo | Western Michigan West: Fresno State | Hawai'i | Nevada | San Diego State | San Jose State | UNLV Pac 12 SEC North: Cal | Oregon | Oregon State | Stanford | Washington | Washington State East: Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Mizzou | South Carolina | Tennessee | Vanderbilt South: Arizona | Arizona State | Colorado | UCLA | USC | Utah West: Alabama | Arkansas | Auburn | LSU | Ole Miss | Mississippi State | Texas A&M Sun Belt West: Arkansas State | Louisiana-Lafayette | Louisiana-Monroe | South Alabama | Texas State East: Appalachian State | Coastal Carolina | Georgia Southern | Georgia State | Troy Special Events Army/Navy Game Alright everyone. This is the big one. I've had the bits and pieces of this one working for two and half years and I finally feel ready enough to get this one out to the public. This project began when I wondered one day what would happen if Nike did something ludicrous and somehow managed to get apparel rights to every single FBS level team. Of course this is seemingly impossible in the real world, but it was fun to think about. Then I took it one step further. Not only would get every FBS football team, but if every FBS football team also had a Division 1 basketball, baseball and hockey team for Nike to get their hands on. So the goal here is one, to actually finish this idea, but more than that, is to see if I can create a unique identity for 130 some teams across 4 different sports. This means that some traditional looks will be changed slightly and some might change drastically. Nevertheless, I'm excited to get this off the ground and share it with you guys. Teams will be posted as I get them done and will be done in a random order I have created with some help from the internet and first up is the Ohio Bobcats of the MAC: (I also will create one of these cool team headers for every team). Ohio's sports have a rather laid back and simplistic look to them. Even with adidas/Russell at the helm of their apparel, they don't have too crazy of a look and I kept that in mind as I designed their uniforms for this. Keeping that in mind, I left their football uniforms pretty much the same as they have been the last couple years. Biggest change here is the addition of real pants stripes as opposed to no stripes or very short stripes. I limited black to an alternate set that would hopefully be worn separately, but in the current state of college football we all know that wouldn't happen. The hockey uniforms are very similar to how the football uniforms go. I did consider shoulder logos for them but I didn't keep them, as it just didn't feel right to me. Baseball uniforms again are very simple and consistent with the rest of the uniforms. Biggest thing here and across the board is that there is no longer a "grey away" designation. Unless a team has grey in their set, I won't be giving a team a grey uniform for baseball. Basketball is consistent with the rest. I didn't want to go full Celtics with Ohio, so the double stripe pattern is on the shoulders and the collar trim is a solid color. On the shorts the waistband is striped and the hem is a solid color. C&C is welcome as always. Given the larger nature of this thread, I'll try and get the next team up as soon as I can.
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    There is a local reference they could use if they ever go that route...
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    Lil Duval and one of the kids who survived Colombine are the only two Jags fans in existence that I am aware of. Never in my life have I met a Jags fan nor can I recall ever running into anyone on the streets rocking some Jags gear. If and when Khan moves the team (more when at this point) I sadly don’t foresee much of an uproar. Even with all of Jacksonville’s growth it’s still only the 40th largest metro area in the country with a ton of transplants, and in that region, you’re going head to head with college football for entertainment dollars. I’m not usually an advocate of teams moving, but if I was in Kahn’s shoes I’d probably be looking to pull the plug to.
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    Not yet. Precourt and Austin will more than likely get their team in the form of expansion. It just wont be the Crew moving to Austin.
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    Pretty much has come full circle. If it wasnt for Art Modell moving the Browns to Baltimore creating the Modell Law that the state of Ohio used to sue MLS and the Crew, the team would likely have not had time to find current Browns owners to buy the team. Columbus is a split market between the Bengals and Browns but I think many have now become Browns fans thanks to this.
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    Looks like Miami's Vice unis will only be worn about a quarter of the games. ? I don't get it. They're so popular, it should be at least half.
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    That Utah stripe is incredible. Their overall uniforms are ugly, but I think they have something to build on with their regular Utah stripe and this one. More teams need to focus less on following trends and more on finding a simple, iconic aesthetic that can be built into the uniforms, like what Utah has, UNC's argyle helmet stripe, Georgia's silver pants with the red-white-black stripe, etc
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    I don't think anyone had any misguided notions that the team was going to stay in Jacksonville once Wayne Weaver sold them. St. Louis was the projected landing point when the Rams left, now it's London based on what Shalid Khan has been up to. But I don't think that team moving anywhere would be all that big a surprise. Khan just had to give it enough time to say, "Hey, I tried to make things work in Jacksonville, but this team can't be economically competitive with the other 31 here," without looking like, well, a Stan Kronke (sp?)
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    I think OP was referring to..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coach_(TV_series)
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    There tends to be some discrepancies on the mothership when it comes to NBA dates (especially pre-1990 NBA), mainly because there hasn't been as much research done compared to pro baseball and football.
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    Honestly if this lawsuit comes to fruition and the Raiders do leave early I think Sam Boyd's the only place that makes sense - anywhere else would be a disaster of a season, and if all of that lines up I honestly think the NFL will cave and just let them play there, despite all of its issues. Although as I say that, a lame-duck year in San Diego like Cosmic suggested would be a disaster that'd be worth it just for the image of the Chargers having to return over the bridge they detonated 2 years ago...
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    Again, I'm in favor of a name change, but it's really easy to say that it wouldn't be a huge loss to anyone when you aren't a fan of that team. Spiders just doesn't work for me, not sure how Indians comes off hokey while Spiders passes the smell test. I've seen solid logo concepts but as a name I don't love it. BUT, I do essentially agree that they should just move forward. My hope is that they'd either try to keep a jersey set that provides continuity between identities while changing names/logos OR they go completely different and try to go for a color scheme that is unique both in MLB and the city of Cleveland (none of that "Baseball Browns" crap).
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    Seulement le LNH condamné would forget to translate the words in parentheses.
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    Yankees-Royals in the 1980s
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    I agree with SabresRule. ANYONE. BUT. BOSTON. Astros Brewers would make an interesting World Series.
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    The Bengals used to look like this. It's much better than their current get up.
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    Panthers and Dolphins got it right when they first met in 1998:
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    You can tell the difference in the colors by the helmet sheen.
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    The Penguins unleashed their new alternate upon the world, and while it's not awful, I think it could use a little tweaking. Here's how I'd fix it, along with a new secondary logo highlighting their championships, along with the stars from the Steelers logo to create a unified city identity. Any thoughts?
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    Oh, it wouldn’t be a permanent solution AT ALL. It’s a way to ease the transition away from the name and to brainstorm an appropriate replacement/focus group several options (logo variants/color scheme changes or redistribution/etc.).
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    Seeing these warmups really make me miss the individual team designs of yesteryear ...
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    How did I not pick that up since I've watched at least part of almost every one of their games this season (if not all of them)? And I agree that it looks better.
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    I was going to post last night that the problem had all but gone away, but today has been worse than ever. Almost every click has generated an ad that blocks button clicks. One literally came up right right before I could hit “submit reply” on this very post and I had to wait a while for it to render and then X out of it.
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    Yellow helmets, ugh. Not a fan.
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    The Brewers/White Sox used to be a huge rivalry. My dad would tell me how the crowds would get so rowdy at County Stadium and Comisky Park. He made it sound as if there was such a blood hatred between the fans of both franchises that he wouldn't have felt comfortable even taking me to a game between them. Part of it could stem from the Wisconsin/Illinois and Milwaukee/Chicago blood feud between the Packers and Bears. But now a days it is almost far removed from the collective consciousness of both fan bases, as the Brewers main rival is the Cubs, and tied for that is the Cardinals. And even White Sox fans root for the Brewers, because they don't particularly care for Cubs fans.
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    Nah, gotta do what we gotta do with Minor League Hockey: Put all the games in Upstate New York So one week at Ralph Wilson, another at the Carrier Dome, another at the Kopf, another in Albany, play the day after Cortaca in either Cortland or Ithaca depending on the home team, another in a temporary venue in Lake George.. see, we're going pla[/gets sacked for making this joke again]
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    How about the Oakland Raiders of the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh? ?
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    I’m hoping for the same, if only because every time a sub-.500 team makes the postseason, every sports media outlet in the country suddenly runs 5 stories about “Why the NFL Playoff System is Flawed” and “How to Fix the NFL Playoffs.”
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    I really like the Lions new endzone. Very unique compared to what they have been sporting the past few years. And SF needs to keep this endzone. Only thing better is the endzone in red.
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    I had whiskers initially but they mess up the outline. What if I meet you halfway?
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    I wonder if it's a mandatory change or optional change? Knowing that the 'ol mighty dollar means everything in the league, I wouldn't be surprised if it was mandatory.
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