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    In a similar situation, in '94, the Yankees switched from polyester to cotton uniforms with disastrous results.
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    Here we are, 12th hole at PGA National...Tiger for the birdie to put him 2-under...
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    5 years ago I would have been pumped. But after seeing what has happened to uniforms in the NBA, and to a lesser extent the NFL, I'm concerned there I said it
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    The helmet just feels incomplete or unfinished. The 90's logo would have been perfect. Adding the jet to the new wordmark or helmet logo would have helped.
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    Well the Patriots dynasty rolls on. Congrats to the Pats for winning their sixth Super Bowl; only time will tell if they can make it seven under Brady and Belichick. We shift gears now and look ahead to Super Bowl LIV in Miami next year. Below is the design I made for next year's event down in South Beach. Let me know what you guys think and I appreciate the feedback!
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    Good thing the Seahawks don't play there; WRs would hate to play in a place with lots of drops and poor reception. (ducks)
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    In-depth analysis of a fictitious sports team appearing in a throwaway 30 second commercial about a state lottery is what makes this site great.
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    Reading this post, I can rest a lot easier at night knowing now that all of Blake Bortles’s games were actually just fixed.
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    We need a downvote button.
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    The CCSLC hating anything modern... And anything classic... And modern classics... Well, everything apparently.
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    "Earned. Not given." Coming February 2019, new NBA Given jerseys, for the 14 teams who didn't make the playoffs.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll add some other combos to the original post. I think yellow pants are more of a Rams thing, but I wouldn't mind seeing them on the Chargers a couple times a year as a callback to their history. Thanks! I'll put one together at the end. Next up, the Washington Redskins! While I doubt they're ever changing their name under the Snyder regime, I think removing the Indian head (which isn't particularly well-rendered anyway) is a logical step for the franchise. (This would also allow for a seamless transition to Renegades or Redhawks or what-have-you, if that's the eventual route they go) In its place is a new R logo. Its simple, inoffensive and has a lot more character the Cleveland Indians' block C. The helmets feature the new R, with a feather in place of a stripe, like they had in the 60's, but running front-to-back this time. The alternate helmet features a modernization of the old spear decal. The uniforms aren't too much of a departure from their current threads. A sharp new block font replaces the standard block. Yellow pants could be substituted for the primary pants a few times a year. I prefer the burgundy-over-white look, but I like the yellow as a change of pace. I also made the burgundy a couple shades darker to better contrast the gold. The scripts are an adjusted version of the Parkside typeface. Let me know what you think!
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    I appreciate all the feedback! Thanks. I got a little carried away with detail for the logo. Might end up streamlining it, depending on how much time I have. I get the criticisms. If I end up reworking the logo, I'll probably have to change the number font, and if it ends up as more of a block font it'll probably have a red stroke. A stroke just didn't work with this ornamental of a font. Until then, here are a couple of other jersey options, including the home w/ red pants. Thanks. Without the stripe, it just becomes a blue blob, which is probably a sign that the logo isn't bold enough. Next up, the Pittsburgh Steelers! I really like just about everything about their current identity, even their italic Futura jersey numbers. But in this series, no team is untouchable, so here we go. This concept is essentially a modernization of their 1967 "Batman" uniforms. The yellow yoke returns, with a notch added on each shoulder that's about the same width as their helmet striping. The Steelers are pretty much the ideal grey-facemask team, so I brought those back, and dropped the grey stripe from their simplified primary logo so the helmets didn't get too grey-heavy. The primary-colored star shapes from the logo are the most criminally underutilized part of their current identity, so they'll show up on the pants striping and back of the collars from now on. The alternate goes full yellow and black monochrome like their color rush, with a black-background version of their logo. I was really digging the black pants I came up with for the alternate, which got me wondering why the Steelers never wear black pants. Now they can for a handful of games every year. They'd look pretty sharp under the lights. I was surprised how much I liked the monochrome black look with the primary home jersey. The yellow yoke does a great job balancing the black. I also threw in some white pants for the road if it's really hot or something. I don't know if the Steelers are ever gonna make wholesale changes to their identity again, but in the event that they do, this is what I want to see. Let me know what you think!
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    There’s soccer club Young Boys, who play at Wankdorf Stadium (now Stade de Suisse Wankdorf), leading to headlines like this:
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    Oh no... This might be turning into a series. The worst logo in American professional sports is in dire need of something new. Prepare yourself for some logo-explainerTM nonsense. 6 red stripes for the 6 New England states 11 total stripes for the 11 revolutionary players on the pitch a shield reminiscent of the Massachusetts official seal, and so tall for @raysox an evergreen tree, because New England. is that a 3 pointed hat? look at that revolutionary as sh** font.
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    I can't believe they passed up on the OBVIOUS name choice..."Tenn SC" please!
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    Dumbest possible move in the wake of the Chargers leaving. Why wouldn't you sell people stuff that says San Diego on it? Here's kind of what I had in mind: Nothing outlandish, the colors take care of being weird.
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    Shameless self-plug: It definitely needs a font that invokes the Mission-style/Gaslamp Quarter architecture. Nothing too crazy, just a slight hint.
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    From the 00’s piping/5-color/yolk mess till today? They did not.
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    I actually prefer the Dodgers’ roads without the white outline. Sans-outline looks like classic Koufax-led Dodgers to me: Now all they need to do is drop the grey alt they’ve clung to lately and go back to the “Los Angeles” script road they’ve left behind, and they’re set again.
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    Totally expecting this for Kareem’s. ‘The sky of the LA sunset is an homage to Kareem’s signature skyhook. The color orange is also symbolic of a basketball, which is the ball Kareem used during his career as a Laker’
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    But didn't players wear really baggy uniforms in the 1990's? The style of the uniforms are going to likely change constantly, so that would mean you'd have to constantly change the logo... which would be super tedious to always do.
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    Howdy there! Been a whole while since I've posted here. But lately I've been drawing up some vintage-inspired pennant designs for all the MLB teams! I love how pennants play with color, fonts, and trying to capture the essence of a team with a few simple shapes. I've had fun exploring different ways to showcase a team and elements of their brand, so to speak. First up, my Jays and the AL East! Boston - kept this extra simple, loved the way the text flowed into the home plate. Blue Jays - Had a eureka moment when I realized I could get the J and the bird's chest shape to line up well. I'm biased but they have the best look in baseball, so it was fun thinking up a retro design for them. Yankees - I wasn't going to give these guys a good nickname. I tried giving it an almost authoritarian look, the pinstripes and font lookin like 1930s-were-not-messing-around-mobster aesthetic. Baltimore - Kind of just split this into three sections, playing with shapes and of course a nod to the awesome Maryland flag. Rays - Was so happy with how this one turned out. They have the blandest brand in the big leagues, I wish they never got rid of the Devil Rays name and look. So I combined a bunch of eras basically! Cheers guys!
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    Hi guys! Back with some more designs, for the AL Central. Really happy with how these came out. I think they're a pretty unique way to think about how their designs could have looked decades ago! Cleveland: Inspired by the flag of Ohio, I knew I wanted to stay away from any sort of Native American caricature, and I've always loved when they use feathers. Detroit: This tiger might be one of my favorite things I've designed recently. Might expand the concept a bit and throw him inside a D. I wanted just boom, in your face classic design with big lettering, kind of a callback to the team's long history. Fun fact the tiger design initially started as a tattoo I wanted and sketched out for myself - then I thought it'd be a perfect fit to try out in this simpler vintage style. Add a ball in his mouth and voila, he's ready for fetch! Chicago White Sox: This was a toughie, but I was inspired by their diagonal blackletter font treatment, and always loved their kind of flying sock concept. Four stars for the flag of Chicago and boom! Kansas City: Wanted to keep this one simple, loved the nickname Crowntown. Honestly even though this KC monogram is so simple I love how the two letters look together. Minnesota: had played with ideas of little twin characters on here, but ultimately scratched it. Went with some more Minnesota imagery, which oddly is something they kind of haven't done in their brand a lot (unlike the Wild and Timberwolves do) - so I wanted to bring in that northern starry night flair. Knew I wanted to do a cool script font as the focal point because I just love their script so much, and the layout of the letters just lined up perfectly, with the cross of the "t" and dot of the "i" creating the perfect ball and bat. Thanks for stopping by, up next is the AL West!
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    Hey, look, it's every single Cardinals concept ever made on these boards!
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    Continued to be wildly baffled by how bad this looks
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    Ahhh, it's leaked. And my god --- it is worse than we ever, ever imagined.
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    I am actually a civil engineer, but I've had an interest in graphic design since high school. When I was in college I was able to take a graphic design class where we had to create a fictitious company based on an essay we wrote. My essay was about the impacts of concussions on football players and other athletes, so my fictitious company manufactured football helmets. I chose the name "Rampage" based on the headbutts of big horn sheep. I produced the identity below (shown on some sample business cards), in addition to numerous other alternatives. After I showed off to @dsaline97, who is an actual designer, he said it would be a cool logo for the LA Rams. So I've come up with a few instances of how my concept could replace the existing helmet logos the Rams have. It wouldn't work on uniform elements, but I think it could look cool on apparel or print/digital graphics. It could also make for a nice Colorado State shirt. I like how the angle of this logo emphasizes forward motion, which was also important for my fictional company, and also hearkens back to the old Rams logos used from 1946-1982. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Criticism is welcome, but I won't be making any changes. Oh yeah, and I also got a t-shirt made on Cotton Bureau!
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    This isn't terribly surprising given the weather in Michigan lately. The D tends to shrink when it's cold out.
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    So i've been quiet about this for a few years because I didn't want to make enemies in the industry I was trying to break into, but check this out. I applied to the United Soccer League in 2016. Did some test graphics for them (which they wanted built in indesign, big red flag). Here's one matchup graphic i made with the assets they gave me. In my in person, the designer Enrique Alvarado said he liked what I made but would maybe move the USL logo to the bottom corner. Totally reasonable, i was scared to break from brand guidelines and put it on a busy background. So imagine my surprise when this is their playoff graphics I didn't want to get into a fight but this really hurt me, because 1. I didn't get the job and 2. it looked worse! My friends took it upon themselves to go after him on twitter and I stayed out of it, all he replied with was some laughing emojis. They asked if i was interested in a position in 2017 which i turned down because I was with the Rays, and still had a job opportunity at Under Armour open. But mostly I would've socked him in his face when I saw Enrique. Since then, a close friend began working there and apparently he got fired (which is why the position opened up) and the mood seems to be that he was genuinely awful. There's some crossover in twitter followings so people will tag us together if it's about soccer design and I still absolutely hold this grudge. So if you're reading this Enrique, kiss my ass
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    He's been dead for two and a half years, your window is closed, and don't give his legacy Timberwolves Stink. Go away.
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    Half of MLB was formerly an "alternative baseball league". The American League is the most successful alternative league ever. It just happened to start 108 years ago.
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    Every NFL team should only wear the first uniform they ever wore no matter how long ago that was or whether it looked good because history is static and can never change or be updated
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    Can’t wait for the Diamond, League, Major, Town and Worthy of October “Editions”
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    Nope, not really. Especially considering those two alternatives.
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    I'm thankful for people knowing the difference between "your" and "you're".
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    Ignoring the black outline phase in between: The same idea/profile, but with simple detailing and fewer jagged points. Also, the Orioles combining a long history of cartoon bird logos into one:
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    Anyone else getting a "The More You Know" vibe from this?
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