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    "...and that's the story of how I showed those jerks on the sports logo message boards that I'm as real as it comes." "OK, sir, but like I said before, we can't serve you at the drive-thru window if you aren't in a vehicle."
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    The. Angels. Are. Not. Leaving. The. Los. Angeles. Metropolitan. Area. They. Are. Not. Giving. Up. A. Two. Billion. Dollar. Television. Contract. Stop. Assuming. They. Are. Going. To. Vegas. Or. Portland. Or. Montreal. It. Is. Not. Happening.
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    Mid the Marlins change to navy and red, so help me God...
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    That Titans set really does get worse every time I see it. They really crapped the bed with this redesign. At least when the Bucs wear white pants, it’s not total garbage in my opinion; there isn’t a single combo the Titans have that save that set in any way. It’s all bad. My 1-3 best are right along with yours. Excellent, excellent looking games. I even said last night watching the 49ers/Packers, “that’s what football should look like”. Panthers/Washington was SO close to top five. If only Carolina went with white pants instead...I just couldn’t come around to that super mix-n-match combo of theirs. I’m admittedly a sucker for Washington in white pants, so I was pretty happy about that combo. They looked sharp for sure. And oh hey, remember when Cardinals/Vikings used to be a killer matchup? Man, I’m so done with the Cardinals looking like they fell out of page 64 of the Russell Athletic catalog. No way an original franchise should look like that.
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    @Teal going from a suspended account to an informed insider is a comeback story for the ages.
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    Peter Angelos, attorney at law.
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    Oof! Abandon a team name that has graced Syracuse minor league baseball for 77 years (87, if you count the decade under the SkyChiefs sobriquet)? Check! Unveil an uninspired - and visually clunky - primary logo that seemingly attempts to position the franchise as enjoying some sort of (non-existent) statewide appeal or relevance? Check! In other words, the Wilpons have hit the ground running when it comes to replicating their spotty track-record as owners of the big-league Mets with their newly-acquired Triple A franchise. Frankly, they'd have been better served doing something as simple as retaining the current Chiefs logos/uniforms while adopting the Mets color palette. Barring that, simply render the Chiefs name in a Mets-style script on the front of the home jersey and go with the road uniforms that they've just unveiled. As for a logo, copy the layout of the Mets primary mark, but place the name Chiefs over a silhouette of the downtown Syracuse skyline.
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    Anyone interested in this template?
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    Nah. We really don't think of them at all. I kid, I kid... ?
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    We didn’t call you a troll. We called you annoying (like you’re being right now) and we legitimately questioned the graphics because Oklahoma City is spelled wrong on the content you posted. If you’re right, cool.
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    I'll start by saying I'm in favour of Anaheim being used as the geographical identifier and I think it can be after so many years of being used as one, but it is definitely a Disney creation. Last season the Ducks put a bunch of old newspaper articles on their website ahead of this year's 25th anniversary from back when the team was announced. A few of the articles talk about what this new team will be called, including one where "Anaheim" is discussed with an Angels spokesperson being asked about it. I crudely cut and pasted it together here. Another article (which I linked to them above, they're all very interesting) talks to Eisner and then a Disney spokesperson after the team was conditionally approved but before it was official. One of the conditions of the official approval being Disney needing to get a deal done with an arena in Orange County/Southern California with the now-Honda Center being built for reasons unrelated to the Disney expansion team. (I like how [Disneyland] is added in before Matterhorn. Was the writer worried readers would think you could see it from the actual Matterhorn?)
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    Well, there's your problem right there. Never take Reddit seriously. Never think that a group of Reddit posters, no matter how large they seem, represents any significant number of people in the real world.
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    If that is indeed the new Marlins logo, I'd have to see it enlarged and in its official capacity, of course. One of the things I recall about the Blue Jays logo was that while it appeared flat, it looked really good on caps because it has raised embroidery and other details that didn't translate into a digital graphic. Curious if the new Marlins logo would do something similar.
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    Probably the most accurate description of that combo I’ve seen. I like the Jags’ redesign, and thought I’d love this combo, but I change my mind every time I see it.
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    That is awful. I looked at the calendar to make sure it was not April 1 even tho I knew it was 5+ months away.
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    We have. ——— Look, the Angels aren’t moving to LA proper. There’s no space and no one willing. I actually think it could be kind of detrimental considering that large majority of the fan base they’ve built is to the South (OC) and to the East (Riverside) of DTLA. And I’ll guarantee the majority of those people aren’t driving up to LA for 81 games a year. The City of Industry/Grand Crossing idea is interesting, but that 57/60 interchange is its own special kind of hell without something actually going on there. Elsewhere in the IE would be interesting too, but again, you start to alienate the core of Angel fans that currently exist in OC. Taking the 91 out of OC at 5 pm any day of the week again is a special kind of hell. The only in-OC/non-Anaheim option that was ever sort of seriously pursued was Tustin. Which I mean there’s space to do it and it’s actually closer to where I live, however, Tustin also isn’t coughing up any public dollars and putting a professional stadium in Tustin is... weird. Just weird. You’re really getting into suburbia at that point. And if anything, it’d give them even less claim to “Los Angeles” than they already have. So, it’s Anaheim or bust, I think. I probably overreacted in the first post because I was kind of seeing red, no pun intended. Something will get worked out. Whether it’s upgrades or building in the parking lot, something will happen. But if not, really, kick rocks Arte. It’d be one way to kill the baseball in this sports fan.
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    My first thought was it may be a Morehead City Marlins logo recolored, but I was mistaken: In doing a google image search of “Marlin logo”, I cant find anything that looks like that and could’ve just been stolen and recolored. I’m not at all jumping on a “this could be it” wagon, but I’m still really wondering where this would’ve come from. What makes me really hesitate to buy it is that in honestly looks like something designed in the late 2000’s to me, which made me think it was a logo that already existed and the only other Marlins team I could think of is Morehead City (unless there’s a small university/college nicknamed Marlins I’m unaware of). What does get me wondering just a tiny bit, however, is the color scheme: it does look like the light blue with black, and if that’s a kind of pink I’m seeing, that’s kinda Vice-ish if you ask me. Not exactly the right colors of course, but close enough for me to make the initial connection. With the Heat going Vice crazy lately, it’s possible the Marlins could piggyback this go-around with their own version. But again, that’s purely 100% just throwing something out there and thinking out loud. I’m not really buying it outright right now, I just find a couple of things interesting about it is all.
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    If this team moves to Las Vegas I'm done with all sports forever.
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    Yes. I'm all for originality in names but the latest trend of random food item and animals needs to die a horrible death.
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    I’ve seen people on this forum claim they found dazzle more comfortable than matte Nike materials. They’re not wrong. You’re not wrong. It’s just clear to me at this point that neither is objectively more comfortable than the other, and people need to stop brandying their personal experiences around as if they were universal truths.
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    I'm back. For the first time ever in one of my concepts, I used a professional looking PSD mock up (done by an amazing member on this forum) on an actual designing/photo editing software(Affinity). I started playing around with all the options and then decided to make an actual concept. Vision: I wanted to test my skill when using an actual photoshop program, and to make my work more polished and clean compared to my old work that was sloppy. For the actual concept, I wanted a modern vintage look for a very classic NFL franchise. I decided to use a darker burgundy and a darker gold than what the Redskins use in the NFL. I felt it helps give the vintage vibe I was aiming for. I tested some wordmarks for the uniforms across the chest and they looked just awful, so I went with my other plan which was to use a customized alternate logo. For the number I decided to use a drop shadow instead of a traditional outline, I was inspired by being teams that are unique such as the Lakers. This is also the reason I decided to do straight nameplates instead of a curved one, I noticed football is the only sport that doesn't use curved, so I used them on this. I didn't want these to be that similar to any other uniform. I highly enjoy the look myself. I hope you guys do as well. Thanks. *I understand the MLB logo is unfortunately missing. I saved my PSD file earlier and when I opened it back up for some reason the outlines were all over the place, so I made the decision to forgo the MLB logo in order for a cleaner presentation. Thank you.
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    I am very disappointed with what has leaked thus far. The marlin looks good, but the heavy use of black has me concerned. The fans have been clear on what their preference in. Someone said it looks like what New Yorkers think Miami is and it’s appropriate. I’ll withhold full judgment until the whole set is released. I’d like to believe in a perfect world this was a planned leaked to make last minute tweaks based on the reaction— which has been overwhelmingly negative down here.
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    If the Chargers move to Las Vegas to freeload off of the Raiders' new stadium, it would cement the Chargers as the most pathetic franchise in the NFL.
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    Not a terrible look, but I would have liked to see some crimson since Gameday's finally gonna be in Pullman. A little ode to "Ole Crimson" would have been a nice touch.
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    Seriously. When you look at the QBs in Ravens history, he's on top and it's not even close. Only other ones that I can even think are significant are '06-'07 Steve McNair and '00 Trent Dilfer (LOL). I guess Testaverde in the early years was there too, but he didn't do anything significant IIRC.
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    OH GOD I hope so!!! Looks like it could be a muted version of it
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    I’m a huge fan of the Chicago Athletics look, the simple forest + white color scheme immediately has a classic feel to it that works perfectly. I’m not entirely sure on how I feel about the Seattle Sox, I will always love that scheme but something seems “missing,” I guess. If you could, I’d love to see how that set would look with striping similar to the real-life Sox away uniforms, like you tried with the Germanic Milwaukee Sox. I feel like that would help put the concept over the top but I would understand if you want to keep the headspoon piping. The Toronto Giants look great all-around, a pretty perfect blend of the Jays and Giants. Either of those color schemes would be fantastic, black/orange & royal/kelly are two of the best schems out there.
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    The double-blue option seems way too Tampa-y to really be taken seriously.
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    It’s absurd to think the Angles would leave, considering that it’s been proven that teams can make tons of money in the LA region even being second or third fiddle and not trying, as long as they have a nice lease somewhere (see - Clippers). Unless the owner had a personal reason to move the team, it’s difficult to envision him making more elsewhere, especially Vegas.
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    They're created probably, but not formally released. When I used to work for the Blue Jays in Florida, we had the graphics around the September/October timeframe to prepare marketing collateral.
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    If you want to test yourself, make a wordmark based on the ‘R’, or use their current wordmark if you want to get rid of the redskins logo. I know you tried out some wordmarks, but I don’t know if it would look that bad. As for what the Yankees do, their cap logo and jersey logo are the same concept, but relatively distinct from one another. If you want to go that route, that would also be interesting.
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    I agree with every entry and its placement, but I was hoping to see the Bears make the worst list as well for their inexcusable orange jerseys.
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    Great start. I like the old school Celtics font across the chest, and I love you put the Yankees NY back on the Knicks uniform. My only complaint is there is no NBA logo on the back. My advice would be just putting customizing the template with the NBA logo as a permanent layer. Good work!
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    I'm pretty impressed Boston's in white and Philly's in blue.
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    I do not trust the Marlins to have a logo that is mostly black. They seem incapable of not letting that spiral into black tops for 100+ games.
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    I like the jersey style! The logo looks very Howard Bison: So it's like they're getting Howard back for using the Bills logo...
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    You could even count the M and I twice to get MIAMI.
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    Ugh. No thanks. That “M” was clearly designed to be part of a word mark (a bad one at that), not to stand on its own. Which is why it can’t.
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    Well, that's definitely an unpopular opinion ...
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    I kind of like them too. They're not the Lakers, but as a uni, they look spiffy.
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    As someone who once had a girlfriend who lived in this neighborhood, this cracked me up to no end for some reason. Actually, "London Jaguars" would make perfect sense, given the automobile company's history. They could actually go full-bore and do some kind of tie-in with them, rather than the adversarial relationship their then-owners had back in '93. Whenever a London team plays at home, it'll be scheduled to play in a 10AM or 1PM USET slot, guaranteed. That's the biggest logistical hurdle of all: time zone differential. Other than being tried as a one-off just for the sake of novelty, a London-based team could never play a home SNF, MNF or TNF game. Honestly? If not for Baltimore, Modell doesn't relocate, but is rather forced to sell the franchise unless a new stadium deal emerges in Cleveland. He bought that team with OPM, operated it for decades based on what he could borrow, and even the move to Baltimore merely postponed the inevitable. Financially despite all the fan loyalty, the Browns were on their asses financially because Modell was always strapped for cash, taking from Peter to pay Paul. IIRC part of the Baltimore move included an immediate cash infusion (by loan or otherwise) of somewhere between $50-150 million; money Modell needed to keep afloat, right then, right there. He also never really consulted with his fellow owners or Paul Tagliabue about what he was doing before he pulled the trigger on everything. Fart was well liked within the inner circle, and while he caught almost all of them completely unaware when he pulled up stakes, the owners decided to back him in the ensuing storm rather than do what they could've easily done - forced him out.
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    ...and powder blue. ? I know I was in royal, yellow and powder!
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    I think just the opposite: I'd say that the Raiders could be a huge draw anywhere. Whether they could make money is another story; that depends on matters that we don't have access to. But they could fill any stadium in any city in North America, including cities that already have NFL teams.
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    That resemblance is way overblown. I don't think it was intended, nor do I think it's compelling. I really don’t think that the Brewers would keep a logo around just to appease one of their sponsors. It's not as though a Miller owns the club.
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    Found in Tbilisi Georgia (the country) Caucasians don’t really love soda, but coffee flavored - whether Coke or other- seems to sell OK.
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    But zero is less than nine?
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    Is Robby Gould giving the Dr. Evil look into the camera?
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    Some #not94Niners uniforms slipped into the video.
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    98% may be bit of an exaggeration; Apparently, the key is... yellow.
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