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    Husker fans call it the "Surrender Whites". Traditionally Nebraska has worn red pants with the road uniform since the mid-1960s. During Tom Osborne's entire career, they wore all-white uniforms only four times, once for the 1991 Citrus Bowl against Georgia Tech (tied for most points an Osborne-coached team allowed in a game), and then they experimented with the look again during the 1992 season, wearing them three times, losing twice. The third one is the most ignominious, as it came against an Iowa State team that finished 4-7. It was arguably the worst team Osborne ever lost to in his entire career. Two weeks later against Oklahoma, the red pants came back and the Huskers won 33-9. If you ever have a conversation with a Nebraska fan about all-white uniforms, this game will almost inevitably come up. Nebraska didn't wear the combination again during Osborne's career.... and you could say the next few years went okay. Then in 2002 this happened: This was the 7-7 season which is the one that broke the 9+ win streak and was the really the most tangible evidence that the program was in decline. So these were scapegoated heavily and thrown onto the trash heap. In 2003 they reverted back to the "normal" uniform and went 10-3. Then during the god-awful Bill Callahan area and various times afterward, Nebraska started doing it again. Another shameful episode was the last game of the 2007 season when they gave up 65 points to Colorado, which ended up being Callahan's pink slip. They also tried it a few times in the Riley era, most recently in the Music City Bowl a couple of years ago where they were hammered by Tennessee (who wore god-awful monochrome gray outfits). I believe Nebraska's overall record in the "traditional" all-white uniform (counting 2002 but not the alternates) is something like 4-13 overall since the red pants were first introduced in the 60s. So Nebraska's poor overall record in those (as well as a couple of infamously embarrassing performances in them) has contributed to this culture. Many will also say monochrome red is cursed. It was only done one time, against Oklahoma in 1986, and the result was a blown 4th quarter lead when Oklahoma scored twice in the last 90 seconds. They never did this again: Since Nebraska has more or less sucked the last 15 years after being elite for a generation, along with the recent tradition of adding a (usually terrible) alternate uniform, a lot of that talk has kind of subsided a bit. One could argue that this abomination was successful since they actually won (and to date it is our only win over Wisconsin since joining the Big 10).
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    If this was Royal Blue and Kelly Green, akin to the T-Wolves 1989-1996 set, it would be a perfect new Uniform, unlike our current Nike "Seahawk" Unis Also, found this on the Timberwolves Subreddit, might not be legitimate though. Pants: Collar Area:
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    Hearing Nov 1st for the Marlins unveiling.
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    I like this idea a lot. The white ones would look even cooler because they'd remind you of the throwback whites so much. Rough mock up:
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    What the Niners should really do is take those throwbacks and use them as inspiration for a new uniform set. This is just a concept I made up myself, but I think they could maybe look something like this.
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    So now we have both sides of the State Pride helmet sorted out, just thought we'd see it on top of the uniform it belongs to. Up next is Colorado State's future conference mate? Texas Tech: I love the GUNS UP motif. Under Armour has done a phenomenal job with the Red Raiders and I wanted to continue down that path with Nike in this universe. I don't like how Tech decided to change away from the proprietary font recently, as I feel that it takes away from a concise look. Despite my not having anything against them, there are no more grey uniforms for any team. Nothing against the color, just didn't want to clutter the selection up. Football - There really isn't a whole lot that is different here from what they wear now. The obvious change is from UA to Nike and with that comes a template change. The UA template comes with the pointed shoulder design which really helps sell the GUNS UP stripe, and Nike doesn't have that. So that shifted the design of the stripe from a pointed design to one that is a bit straighter that ends on the sleeve caps. The helmets I don't think change a bit from their real life counterparts. And I don't think the pants really do either. Hockey - Texas Tech is one of the few colleges that I've so far come across that has both a roller and ice hockey team. And both look really good on their respective surfaces. Here for ice hockey, the uniforms come over to the GUNS UP side. On the sleeves, I used a straightened out version of the GUNS UP stripe. On the hem, it's basically the same thing just on both sides of the jersey. I also added in the football style stripe to the shoulders. Interlocking TT on the chest of all three jerseys. Pants have the same stripe as the football pants. Socks match the hem stripes from the jerseys. Baseball - I tried to do the same thing I did for hockey with the football style GUNS UP stripe, but it didn't work out or look right. That being said, the hats are black/black and red/black with the interlocking TT. Slightly smaller striping on the sleeves and around the collar. Home whites are pinstriped. Pants feature a similar pants stripe to the other 2 sports so far. Basketball - Basketball had the same issue as baseball, but this time it was really no issue. I found this with Auburn, and I found it here but I love the "incomplete" look of the striping around the collar that UA is becoming more and more known for. It worked with the motif I thought. so the collar and shoulder striping both are incomplete and don't go all the way around. Arched Texas Tech and Red Raiders on the red uniform. Hem stripe is the same as the hockey hem stripe. Shorts stripe, thanks to the cut of the shorts, became half GUNS UP stripe, half pants stripe which I thought really, really worked. C&C welcome!
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    Bills lose 37-5 to Colts. Next up... Patriots on MNF.
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    Dallas vs. Washington is nice. I’ve been so glad to see the burgundy/white and white/burgundy combos come back. Not that the gold pants are bad at all, I just think these other combos look so much better. I hope they keep this up all year long.
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    That helmet stripe looks very.......phallic.
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    Washington v. Dallas looks beautiful. Why can't the Cowboys wear these pants full-time?
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    I'd like to see the Rams keep this color rush uniform permanently. Make the pants stripe solid navy. Make the socks navy with gold highlights or add navy stripes to the gold socks. Please make this monochrome look the primary uniform. Athletic gold with navy highlights looks awesome, is fairly unique, and it sings So-Cal!!! Throw in a white pair of pants and a navy jersey to mix things up now and then and call it day. https://mobile.twitter.com/RamsNFL/status/1054115519668805632/photo/1
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    And yet... Here we are. --- But yeah, the whole of Southern California is a giant urban sprawl. Technically, it's all one thing. But as others have pointed out, with the sheer amount of people and the geography, there are different areas that present different challenges of getting to one place or the next. And along those lines to address something in the quoted post, there isn't a market from the border to Santa Barbara. San Diego is significantly separated from LA culturally and with one big geographic barrier: Camp Pendleton. While there's plenty of mingling between Ventura/LA/Orange and even San Bernardino and Riverside counties, that doesn't happen between SD and OC. That 20-mile buffer zone does a heck of a job breaking up the humanity. Anyways, honestly, the Chargers best bet was to take a page from the Angels/Ducks book and claim a part of the sprawl that claims its own identity and feed off that. But they're making the mistake that the Angels/Arte Moreno tried and might try again of taking on a bigger battle they have no shot at winning. They're both on a lower rung than the big brother team, and that's fine. Just accept it, embrace it, do your best with it. You can do pretty well with even a slice of SoCal.
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    That’s two weeks in a row Carolina ruined a potentially great uniform matchup with their pant choice.
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    I really hope the Warriors update their mark with this in mind. Moving back to San Francisco, it makes much more sense to change the silhouette to something more reminiscent of the western span of the Bay Bridge rather than continuing with the Oakland half of the bridge that currently anchors their logo. The illustration style is also much more timeless, and I prefer the symmetrical composition of the twin bridge towers with the number centered below.
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    I've been working on painting logo blocks for an MLS standings board. I had created an NFL version of this a few years back, and since Minnesota United is now in the MLS, I thought it was time to make an MLS one. I underestimated the detail on these logos and the difficulty of painting them with acrylic. NFL logos aren't as detailed as MLS logos. I fact that didn't cross my mind until I started painting. The blocks are 5.125" x 2.5". In hindsight, I wish I had used oil paints as I think it may have been easier to get more precise colors when mixing and easier to work with the fine detail. All in all I'm pretty happy with them, though. Up to this point, I think I've spent about 50 hours on this project. Next step is to stain the board, paint the MLS logo, and get magnets attached to the board.
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    Guessing the Marlins bring pinstripes back
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    PSLs are one-time revenue; you can't compare the numbers to teams who are in the middle of their stadium life cycle.
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    The yoke should definitely by blue.
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    Never mention the 1985 World Series again! Thank you?
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    Let's build that proposed open air stadium on St. Louis' river front and lure the Jags out of Jacksonville. What could go wrong?
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    So is Urban Meyer gonna report THIS beating???? I’ll see myself out now....
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    Its odd seeing the Steelers without their usual sleeve stripes, but its just so well executed that I don't mind the change. Nice set, nice series!
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    Has anyone noticed the new weird rear collar tags on the CCM AHL jerseys? It would also appear that all teams are now using a faux lace collar. Also, are the Laval Rocket the only team in any pro league that uses just one set of numbers for the backs of all their jerseys, home and road?
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    A high price creates the perception - even if subliminal - of a superior product. A low price can mean inferiority. Many top brands never go on sale, and are excluded from general store sales, because they don't want their image lowered by being part of a 40% off blowout sale, or a BOGO or something. In this case, with the difference so drastic, the Chargers absolutely should have forgone the PSLs altogether. Whether they market the move as a shot at the Rams, or simply as a good-will gesture where they never actually reveal the actual value they've assigned to it (hey, we're giving you a $1k PSL for free!) that would have looked better than just saying that their tickets aren't worth nearly as much as their daddy's. And right now, the Rams are their daddy.
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    And it looks like they’re putting the script logo on both sides this time!
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    Any of these minor leagues should actually have tryouts nowish. If this were the NFL, they would be having the draft right now; plenty of time for undrafted free agents and such to latch on. I don’t understand why these AAF rosters are supposedly locked down so far ahead of time. It makes sense that these guys are wanting to try out now... there’s finally team names, a schedule, etc. Even if the AAF doesn’t get many players this way, it’s a way to get on the local news.
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    With the lack of gold, LSU looked more like TCU.
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    Along those lines - maybe I'd get my own arena sponsorship deal, which includes a photo of me (probably doing the Buddy Christ) right on the ice / court. Why not? I'm rich goddammit, and that's the kind of stuff rich people do.
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    Champagne celebrations in baseball are banned unless you won the World Series
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    Since the Dodgers are going full wrestling heel this is pretty appropriate.
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    Again, I would need to really see the official logo, caps, and jerseys before commenting. But if I were to compare the leaked logo to the 2012 logo (no jerseys), I would say they are pretty much equal. My issues with the 2012 logo are mainly the appearance of the Marlin and heavy use of orange. The slight rainbow scheme is a little uneasy on the eyes (I like it when logos have a clear dominant color), but at least that logo has color! I think I would consider the leaked version to be an upgrade if they added more color to it, especially on the Marlin. Even if it's that boring blue color instead of teal. The crude oil look of the whole thing is what drags it down. It also looks like a logo you would see in a Sega Dreamcast game, but I could overlook that if it at least popped color-wise!
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    Not going lie, that piqued my interest. Fleet haven’t revealed their prices yet, but I suspect they’ll be comparable seeing as their stadium is one of the two largest in the league
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    Snyder did the right thing. Raiders fans shouldn't work where people can see them.
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    Ban public funding for privately owned stadia
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    The "goofy" names were fun early on, but now it's basically how you describe it - pick two things, throw them together, and boom, we have a name. I am a little surprised that the Mets were so quick to cut loose a name with some history. Syracuse has been the Chiefs for as long as I can remember, but I'm OK with Minor League clubs taking on the name of the parent club. Especially if it means less names like "the Heaving Bread Loaves" or whatever bull- name Brandiose comes up with to add the Brandiose Extended Universe. There was a short time when Syracuse went with "Sky Chiefs". Supposedly, the name change was because the team was being pressured by the local indigenous peoples to lose the "indian" logo they were using at the time. If memory serves, the name change took place right about the time when the whole "goofy" Minor League identity thing was starting to take off. There was a name the team contest and Sky Chiefs was "chosen" as the winner. But I always thought that Sky Chiefs was essentially a compromise choice designed to appease the alleged pressure from the local Indigenous Nations and long time fans of the name Chiefs who were pitching a bitch over the "PC" thing, etc. Whatever the case, it was a pretty weak identity and I don't think it lasted all that long
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    Well, there's your problem right there. Never take Reddit seriously. Never think that a group of Reddit posters, no matter how large they seem, represents any significant number of people in the real world.
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    Lol I wish! Here I tried the white inside the shield but I think I prefer the original. Here is the first team from Lynchburg, VA. I forgot to mention, the team names in this league will just be the city name. Lynchburg has a purple and orange color scheme reflecting the "purple mountains majesty" seen in the city's geography and orange representing the town's famous sunsets. The logos reflect the city's Christian heritage. The primary logo is a lion, which I tried to do some highlights on but i think it needs work so I'd definitely appreciate suggestions there. The alternate features the mountains and sunset in the circle with the overlayed cross. Inside the cross is an L for Lynchburg and a 7 for the city's nickname "the city of seven hills." The wordmark is a simple script font.
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    I like the jersey style! The logo looks very Howard Bison: So it's like they're getting Howard back for using the Bills logo...
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    The Jags looked beautiful in black and teal today. Too bad they sucked so hard.
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    That moment where you officially feel old ?
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    Thank you! Time for Detroit. The Tigers set feature a subtle tiger pattern. I decided to use the "Tigers" wordmark, apart from the traditional road script.
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    On a side note, I'll never understand the appeal/popularity of this place. Overpriced, mediocre chain food. Any locally owned sports bar has better wings and beer on game days.
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    This is the item description for an "authentic" Dolphins VSR4 that Riddell is selling. (Emphasis is mine) "The ultimate football helmet collectible! The on-field helmet worn by players for over 25 years and still going strong. Polycarbonate size large shell, steel, polyvinyl coated Z2B (running back / quarterback) facemask. 4-pt. chinstrap. Official team colors and decals. The autograph helmet of choice for over 15 years. Not to be used for play. Approx. 10" tall.Item # 8004724" THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!! THE SAME THING YOUR FAVORITE PLAYERS WEAR!!! btw, you totally can't use this for actually playing football. http://www.riddell.com/miami-dolphins-vsr4-authentic-helmet.html
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