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    In other news, I'm glad D. Rose had his career-high night in the Wolves' black throwbacks that are so much superior to their current bland bottom-of-the-league unis. This uniform design is special and feels the way the Wolves should look.
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    Video with some really nice insight into the design of the Thunder’s new City set: This uniform, and all of the explanations of the different design details, is really refreshing. Whereas many of these alternate uniforms are often full of Nike-speak, this is an example of one that was thoughtfully and carefully crafted with specific design inspirations in mind.
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    My city edition winners so far: 1. Brooklyn 2. Denver 3. Oklahoma City All three are just excellent.
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    Trying to draw broad stereotypes about this community is always the sign of a very, very weak argument.
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    Is "Brooklyn Camo" a thing or were they just too cheap to get the Coogi license?
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    Indeed that is a premature assumption. ?
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    Discrimihater was and is a concept artist ahead of his time.
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    That bucks jersey really reminds me of abstract art. I like it, and it'd go perfectly with hipster fashion nowadays, as well.
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    That wouldn’t surprise me at all. We think of surveys and feedback as a starting point of the process, but they can also be used to decide direction or courses of action during it as well. Or to judge how they’re doing so far.
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    TOO MANY REVEALS! SO MUCH TO CRITIQUE!! *Brain explodes* Honestly, a side from the Nuggets, Thunder and 76ers.. this year city edition were overall terrible. My Bulls is ok not bad but not awesome. Should have kept the "Chicago" script bit that's just me.
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    Can't unsee the target logos
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    Like @FinsUp1214, I too hail from the south of Provo. Unfortunately, I didn't appreciate the rich Jazz basketball culture in Utah until my late teenage years. Because of that, my most nostalgic Jazz memories come from the 2008 and 2009 seasons. The powder blue alternate and green throwbacks hold a special place in my heart. I know the rest of that set probably sits lowest in most people's Jazz uniform ranking, but that's what I will always associate my primal love of the NBA with. That spark turned into my passion.
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    Weirdly enough I think this might be the Canucks worst uniform; its their worst colour scheme coupled with their worst logo. Yet every time I see it I feel a little bit of nostalgic warmth for when I was a child and first started watching hockey, The West Coast Express, etc.
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    The uniform that makes me overcome with nostalgia is the classic A's set. I grew up a Yankee fan. But there was no way not to love the mustachioed A's. During the latter part of the Lean Years, the A's took me through the fall. And even after I developed a strong preference for button-down / belted uniforms and a dislike for coloured jerseys, I maintained a love of this brilliant look. When I actually saw them play on television it was usually in black-and-white, as I didn't have colour TV until I was in high school. But from my baseball cards I knew exactly how glorious they looked. Second place: It was rare to catch a glimpse of this uniform in action when I was a kid; Net games were on only once in a while on New York's channel 9. And even then I was seeing them only in black-and-white. But somehow the brain compensates; when I think of watching the sports highlights on the evening news, the memories come in colour. And then when I got to high school, there was a life-size photo of this guy on the gym locker wall: alumnus Billy Schaeffer, in his beautiful Nets uniform. The Nets returned to this look in the mid-1980s, so I got to see it in action plenty of times as an adult. But the sight of it still brings me back to childhood. Honourable mention: I was a Yankee fan, but I loved the Mets' classic look. After unfortunate flirtations with silly racing strips, unnecessary tails, and hideous black, the Mets are back to looking right. Almost. The one element that would make the Mets' road uniforms perfect would be the use of varsity numbers. I know that it is strange for a team to have different number fonts home and road. But the differing number styles are those which go best with the team's two distinct lettering styles: standard block numbers with the home cursive lettering; varsity numbers with the florid serifed road letters. And the varsity font looked absolutely spectacular from the back, especially with no player names foul up the presentation. So it's no coincidence that I consider the 1973 World Series the most beautiful uni match-up of all time, and why this picture strikes me as one the best-ever baseball shots:
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    Stop acting like a b...., ok? You've got right with NBA leaks, but it doesn't mean that you're alpha and omega now. Instead of, you became super annoying, so if you wanna blame someone for this hate on you, blame yourself and your attitude. Over and out.
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    Disagree completely, there are no Tigers in Detroit, Bears in Chicago, Rams in LA, Pirates in Pittsburgh, etc.. a great brand is a great brand, regardless of local ties.. sure, it can certainly work, but often feels too forced and cheesy.. Especially more modern examples.. maybe i feel better about some of the older ones because i'm more used to them, but either way, i don't think it's a critical part to building a strong identity/brand.. in fact, i'd say it's often more of a hindrance.. also, some might argue that the Lakers' brand is one of the strongest in all of pro sports - and it fits your "absurd" definition.. so, even then i don't mind it, because it still contributes to the team's identity by linking it to its past.. at the end of the day, i think if a brand is executed well with colors/logos/uniforms, and has some success, it'll gain fan support and be a strong identity.. i don't necessarily think regional character plays a significant role in that..
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    This is why forcing each team to change every year (and making teams ask for "exceptions" to keep them longer) is ridiculous...
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    Worth a try. The team would still have the same nickname, just spelled differently (Sens vs Cens).
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    The T-wolves Prices set just dropped and the video is one of the best reveals you'll ever see:
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    They broke the trophy. Time to curse this team once again!
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    Too many sympathetic vibes to Red Sox Nation in this thread. That should reset that! Stop throwing full beer cans at your MVP, you dumb South Shore townies!
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    Penguins Honour Shooting Victims With Jersey Patch Tonight October 30, 2018 - 20:50 PM The Pittsburgh Penguins will honour the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, which happened in the Squirrel Hill neighbourhood of Pittsburgh. For tonight’s game against the New York Islanders, the Penguins will wear a patch on their right […] Read More...
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    It doesn't really matter, but I put big money on Chicago once Peterman was announced as the starter. Only 10 points? Peterman will create that many points for Chicago by himself.
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    Also, the Redskins' 1930s throwbacks were worn in 2012; they were previously worn (with some modifications) in 1994.
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    Right. It will be that same design but in black according to the sheet going around 10+ pages back. I don't think that changes my ranking much.
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    From Zach Lowe's article this morning about the T'Wolves' Prince jerseys. So we'll see these once again ...
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    BRITISH COLUMBIA LIONS For the Lions, I make my own attempt at updating their logo. The cat was drawn by me and the lettering is based on their wordmark. That's it for the league proper. I'll start on the extras next. If anyone has any name ideas for that Saskatoon club, I'd love to hear them.
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    That reminds me to add Orlando Thunder to my list!
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    Im gonna miss the Vsr4 helmet era. Its the quintessential football helmet and its bitter sweet that its the final season with them. Theres only a handful of players still wearing them (Antonio gates, Thomas Morstead, Adrian Peterson, Ted Ginn, Colt Mccoy). There maybe some more but not too much anymore.
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    I wish the Ottawa Senators would change their name to the Centurions. The Roman theme has the potential to be far more distinctive than any barberpole or “O” variant used by either the original or modern team. Just go all-in on it. The name Ottawa Senators should occupy the same historical dustbin as the New York Americans, Philadelphia Quakers, and Quebec Bulldogs. Sure, they won a bunch of Stanley Cups, but they didn’t have the power to outlast the Great Depression like the six surviving pre-1967 teams. Let the name fade into the past, while keeping their color scheme and minor allusions to that history.
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    I'm surprised Bears-Jets didn't make the cut.
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    That H-Wings logo is a little bit too close to comfort to the Air Jordan wings logo IMO. Almost like another advertisement
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    Nuggets Bring Back the Rainbow With New Uniform November 1, 2018 - 13:50 PM The Denver Nuggets are bringing back the rainbow skyline. Unveiled this morning at midnight Eastern Time (and also why this article is coming nine hours later), the Nuggets new “City Edition” uniform takes some heavy inspiration but features some necessary […] Read More...
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    Looks good BB...The numbers seem a little cramped up on top of the shoulder with a large area of empty on the upper arm... Maybe the numbers could slide down onto the arms.
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    It's one thing for one guy to do that but I just kept scrolling and there just kept being a new person at the podium and a new horror show quote! Yikes!
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    I like the font. It feels like a hybrid between gothic and modern styles, which is right about where the Ravens branding should be IMO.
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    So wait, they have all of the iconic quotes from Edgar Allan Poe to choose from and they chose that?! Quoth the Raven "Nevermore" would at least be a cheeky reference to their defensive prowess...
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    The Bucks jersey is actually pretty neat in a very oddball sort of way. Still, it makes me mad that they replaced the cool Mecca-inspired court in the old arena and replaced it with a terrible one.
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    I don't think Nike has looked cheaper than it has since taking over the NBA. Not only were the original jerseys ripping, and the pieces (such as the single-colored arm hole loops and collars) look lazier, but every city edition uniform is looking worse and worse. I get the court idea here, but it doesn't work on a uniform. It looks like it was actually stitched as different colored pieces like that. I have not seen a single addition from Nike since the season started that looks remotely good. I miss Adidas -- the NBA used to be my favorite league to follow from a uniform standpoint, but now it's an eyesore.
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    The only thing "fire" about those bucks jersey's are. Is they should "lit" a box of them on "fire" and never wear them.
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    Ugh, boring. I'd love the Spurs to do something with Fiesta colours or the old George Gervin style jersey with San Antonio across the front in black with a white outline.
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    Disagree completely, a team's nickname should be a homage to the city/state/region's character. Whether thats geographical, cultural, etc, it doesn't really matter. That's the entire point of a nickname. Its bad enough when you get generic ones like "Bulldogs" or "Warriors", even worse when they kept a nickname from a city where it no longer makes sense, like Utah Jazz. Imagine for the sake of argument the Colorado Avalanche or New York Islanders moving to Kansas City. "Kansas City Islanders" or "Kansas City Avalanche" is a bit absurd. Also I never understood what was so great about the Houston Oilers identity. The colours were pretty unique, beyond that they had a clip art oil derrick for a logo and a a generic striping pattern. Nothing about it screams "untouchable" or "iconic" to me.
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    I thought the black triangle was just a neat way to "memorial"ize their logo... then it clicked. It's truly a great memorial patch. Also, 5,000,000 bonus points for not using PITTSBURGH STRONG.
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    For logos, you did a great job with Rittner Buam (huge improvement, good color change), Jesenice (well-executed idea), and Kitzbuhel (really classy logo, with a great color scheme! My favorite so far). Not feeling Asiago's logo (a slight downgrade from the clean lion silhouette logo), KAC (as clunkly as the original, I feel), and Pusteria (the wolf's head is kinda undefined, and the text is illegible on the roundel). EKZ's logo is a bit plain, but alright. For uniforms, Rittner Buam is a huge upgrade (the curved striping is cool), as is Lustenau, Jesenice (love the shoulder gears!), and Kitzbuhel. Asiago's patterned striping is awesome but the color balancing needs some work. Fassa still looks good but both the logo and uniforms are a slight downgrade*, as I liked the colors in the wings and the chest stripe. Same with Cortina: the logo is better but the font is worse, and their current gradient jersey is really cool*. Overall, good work, and big improvements from the originals. Thank you for removing all the jersey ads; that really gives the teams some character. *if you ignore all the ads on the originals.
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    Detroit uniform updates: -Darker blue -fixed striping and number size issues -new throwback logo
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    The back of UCF's space uniform! That name font! ?
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    Oregon Jumpman alts are going to have to grow on me, like the rest of the set. The shoulder logo is the most puzzling addition to me, but at this point nothing REALLY shocks me anymore. Would have loved to see the "Jumpduck" used instead.
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    Every time a new Nike jersey is revealed.
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